Jul 13, 2012

The Coming of the Millennial Kingdom and New Jerusalem - Part 2


1- We will Always be with the Lord - (Jo. 14:2-3,1 Thes. 4:17)

2- New Jerusalem will descend from the Heavens above. (Rev. 21:2, 10)

3- The light of the city will be like a clear, precious crystal. (Rev. 21:11)

4- The city will be bounded by a great high wall (appx. 216-240 ft. high Rev. 21:17) that will presumably be of the clear Jasper noted in vss. 11 and 18. It will have twelve gates, three on each side of the city. Each gate will be inscribed with the names of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, and each gate will have an angel present. (Rev. 21:12-13) We can infer from this that individuals can come and go through the gates between earthly Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem.

5- The wall of the city has twelve foundations, each bearing one of the names of the twelve apostles. (Rev. 21:14)


6- The city will be roughly 1,500 miles square, that is, both length and height! (Rev. 21:16)

7- The city will be made of a gold so pure that it appears as glass, including the streets. (Rev. 21:18, 21)

8- The foundations will be composed of twelve different precious stones (Rev. 21:19-20) and the gates of pearl (vs. 21).

9- There is no temple in it, because the Lamb of God and the Lord are the temple (Rev. 21:22)

10-The Glory of God and the Lamb will be the light of the city. (Rev. 21:23) The light will be so great that the gate of the city will never be shut. (vs. 25)

11-The nations which are saved shall walk in the light of the city. (Rev. 21:24)

12-The nations shall bring their glory (praise) and honor to the New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:26) Only those written in the Book of Life may enter the city. (vs. 27) It is clear that there will be some sin on the earth, as vs. 27 excludes those who have committed certain sins. This would not be the case if there was no sin on the earth during this time.

13-A pure rive of the Water of Life (Is. 55:1-5, Ezek. 47:1-9, John 4:10, 14, 7:38) will flow from under the Throne of God and of the Lamb. (Rev. 22:1)

14-The Tree of Life will grow on either side where the Water of Life flows. (Rev. 22:2) The Tree of Life will bear twelve different fruit, one for each month, and the leaves of the Tree will be for the healing of the nations. The fruit is food and presumably life-giving, but may have many other unknown qualities.

15-Believers will be “kings and priests” (or perhaps a kingdom of priests). (1 Peter 2:5-9, Rev. 1:6, 5:10, 20:6)


There is a difference between the earthly Jerusalem which will be renewed and rebuilt, and the heavenly New Jerusalem which will come down from heaven. The two have many similarities in scripture which point to the possibility that they are joined at the top of Mount Zion. However, the earthly Jerusalem will have a fully functioning temple, while the New Jerusalem will have no temple. Here are some similarities mentioned in prophecies below.




New Jerusalem

Jerusalem (Renewed)

Rev. 22:1-3, 10

Ezek. 43:7

Rev. 22:5 (King)

Ezek. 43:7,9 (King)

Rev. 21:23-24 (light)

Zech. 14:7 (light)

Rev. 22:1-2 (water)

Zech. 14:8, Joel 3:18 (water)

Rev. 22:2 (Tree of Life)

Ezek. 47:12 (Tree of Life)

Rev. 21:26 (accessible to the nations)

Is. 2:2 (accessible to the nations)

Rev. 21:27 (entry only to the righteous)

Ezek. 44:9 (entry only to the righteous)

Rev. 21:4 (God will wipe away all tears)

Is. 25:8 (God will wipe away all tears)

Rev. 21:18-20 (the city is adorned with jewels)

Is. 54:11 (the city is adorned with jewels)



In scripture, the New Jerusalem and Jerusalem the earthly city would appear to be inseparable, centered around the Throne of God.

1-Both are referred to as the Throne of God. (Rev. 22:1-3, 10, Ezek. 43:7) 2-Both thrones seat a King who will live forever. (Rev. 22:5, Ezek. 43:7, 9) 3-Both throne rooms will display the Glory of God. (Rev. 21:23-24, Zech. 14:7)

4-Both thrones will have water flowing from them. (Rev. 22:1, Zech. 14:8, Joel 3:18)

5-Both thrones will bring life and healing. ((Rev. 22:2, Ezek. 47:12)

6-Both throne rooms will be accessible to the nations. (Rev. 21:26, Is. 2:2)

7-They may be entered only by the righteous, while the unrighteous will be excluded. (Rev. 21:27, Ezek. 44:9)

8-Both thrones will swallow up death and wipe away tears. (Rev. 21:4, Is. 25:8)

9-Both will be adorned with costly jewels. (Rev. 21:18-20, Is. 54:11-12)

It would therefore seem safe to conclude that the New Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem are joined on the top of Mount Zion at the Throne of God and of the Lamb.


The temple is built during the 45 day restoration period mentioned in Dan. 12:11-12. The temple is described in great detail in Ezekiel chapters 40-48. As redeemed believers, we no longer have a need for the temple. Paul wrote that the purpose of the law and the original temple was to teach, not to cleanse and redeem. (Rom. 3:20) Only Jesus Christ could redeem. (Heb. 10:4, 10)

Those dwelling on the earth during the Millennial Kingdom will not all be faithful and obedient, as seen in Rev. 21:27 and Ezek. 44:9. We know that at the end of the Millennial Kingdom many on earth will rebel against God. (Rev. 20:7-9) So just as the Temple was an instrument of instruction during the period of the Mosaic law, so it will once again be an instrument of instruction to mankind teaching the need for obedience and the price of sin.