May 5, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Gods of the Rising Technocratic Aeon

Great stuff on the future that's being prepared for us in these types of movies, movies that include curent technology and some that's not far away, if it's not here already...

Film poster. Image:
Film poster. Image:

By: Jay Dyer

Joss Whedon’s follow-up to The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, is setting new box office records for Marvel, and has roughly the same degree of critical response as the first.  A few days ago, I analyzed the first in anticipation for the follow-up that premiered in the U.S. this weekend, noting the A.I. takeover plot, and the sequel was even more esoterically themed and blatant in its presentation.  Hollywood is making it difficult for me not to write the same A.I. analysis over and over, but some new ground is tread here to investigate in the midst of the same pattern we’ve been witnessing of late, the extinction of man through mass depopulation and his subjugation and/or replacement with an A.I. control grid.

In Age of Utron, the Avengers team discovers genetic experimentation is still ongoing at a secret Hydra facility in Eastern Europe.  Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) explicitly references the U.S. and Nazi experimentation on humans and their importation into Allied nations following the War.  Recalling part one and Captain America: Winter Soldier, we are reminded that Hydra is the secret cabal that is running S.H.I.E.L.D. and NATO, much like the Bilderberg Group in our world.

Comprised of former S.S. like Prince Bernhard and corporate executives like Peter Thiel who openly advocates for transhumanism and mass micro-chipping, the fictional presentation of Hydra is spot on.
As a result of the human experimentation and genetic manipulation, Hydra has produced two new genetically-modified villains, the Twins, one of which is a babe with mind control abilities and some kind of explosive red glitz, and her brother, a Slavic Flash named Pietro.  Using her mind control techniques (as a product of mind control herself), Wanda Maximoff implants visions of the team’s darkest fears into each Avenger with the intention of dividing our heroes.  It is worth noting that Eastern Europe is actually the locale of numerous CIA “black sites” and mind control operations, dating back to World War II and through the Cold War.  See my audio summary here for more information on this:

 The MKULTRA/mind control is a common staple of Whedon’s science fiction works, from River Tam in Firefly to Hawkeye in Avengers and now Natasha Romanoff, too.  Romanoff we learn was an orphaned girl who was raised in Soviet Russia in a secret program to create programmed assassins out of young girls.  In the deep research I’ve done on various mind control programs over the last century, all of these elements are very real, with both Allied and Axis powers engaging in programs of a similar nature.  While it may seem unconnected, there is in fact a crucial link between A.I. research and the classic mind control programs, as MKULTRA morphed into MKSEARCH, which dealt with implantable chips and electronic control of motor functions.

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