Apr 17, 2015

Artificial Intelligence Is About To Take A Big Leap Thanks To IBM (Who Played Such An ‘Important’ Role During The Nazi Reign)


Artificial intelligence is not yet at the point where it can challenge the intellect of a human being, but that day might be closer than you think. Recent advances are transforming this technology into something that inspires both awe and fear into the general population. One company that has been working for some time to bring the controversial technology to the next level is called Numenta and was founded by Jeff Hawkins. Those names might not ring a bell to most since Numenta hasn’t made much progress in recent years, but that may very well change soon thanks to a bold new plan. Hawkins says that he wants to create artificial intelligence software based on the human brain and he now has IBM backing up the project.

The tech giant recently put together a team of 100 people to work together with Numenta at its Almaden research lab in San Jose, California. The group is currently known as the Cortical Learning Center and is attempting to bring artificial intelligence to the next level with the help of Jeff Hawkins. The plan involves building advanced pieces of software with algorithms that mimic the neural network found inside our own brains. The software will not be able to learn as fast as an actual brain since the algorithms are the equivalent of only about 100 neurons, but many are already calling this one of the most advanced machine learning program to date. What separates Numenta’s project from other artificial intelligence software is its ability to learn new things much faster than most of its counterparts.

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