Mar 19, 2015

“The Coming Technocalypse: CERN, Quantum Computing, And Particle Teleportation”

As we rapidly approach the scientifically-prophesied year of singularity in 2045, we look at our modern technology and wonder where it is headed? The scientific discoveries made today will become the norm and lead to commonplace devices tomorrow. What might these devices look like? Where will they lead humanity? Can we trust in our own human innovations to save us; or in believing that, are we already doomed?

Science and technology are heading into unknown realms. Even though the ones in charge admittedly don’t understand the full consequences of their research, they still continue in their pursuits. They are on the ultimate quest of discovery and no one will stand in their way. In a strange way, we as Christians might be able to understand their passion, at least to a certain extent. We are on the quest of the Great Commission, and nothing, be it torture nor death, will stand in our way. Our mission is set forth by Jesus Christ for the betterment of mankind and eternal salvation of their souls. Therein lies the difference. The goals of innovation outside of God are the physical betterment of mankind, as determined by man himself, and the extension of physical life with no regard to the human soul and spirit. At times we can benefit from these innovations, at other times they bring in a moral dilemma: where is the line?

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