Mar 21, 2015

Malaysia Air 370 And The Other Disappearing Flight in the Pacific: Flying Tiger Flight 739, 1962: Eleven Points of Convergence

If you checked some of the cases of disappeared folks back down a few posts by David Paulides, you will see the other "coincidence" between these missing flights and the missing people.  That is nearly identical incidents happening in the same places by often decades apart.  Strange stuff....


As most readers here know, I am fascinated with the problematical disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370, which disappeared for causes still unknown, last year, on March 8, 2014. As such events inevitably do, the disappearance has spawned a number of theories, most of them in the conspiracy-theory venue, and most of them crazy and unsastifactory, not the least of which is the craziest theory of them all, my own "it just went 'poof'" theory.
Well, a regular reader here, Mr. V.T., came across a bit of information which he emailed me, and this information caused me to go internet surfing for more information.
It seems that in 1962, another flight over the Pacific ocean went mysteriously missing, and the attempts to explain the disappearance have, to this day, been somewhat wanting. Here's the Wikipedia summary of the event:

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

And another article:

Malaysia 370 is not the first: Flying Tigers 739 was

Now, you'll notice there are some very odd parallels of a rather detailed nature between the two flights and their disappearances:
  1. Both flights disappeared during calm weather during routine flights;
  2. There was no communication from the flight crew or pilot indicating anything untoward or threatening nature prior to the disappearance; communications, in the main, appeared to be more or less normal;
  3. Both flights are alleged to have had a passenger manifest of people connected, in some way, to the military(in the case of Flight 370 in 2014, there are persistent stories that approximately 20 of the passengers were connected with an American semiconductor firm);
  4. In the case of both flights, a few witnesses on a ship reported seeing an explosion(and notably, in both cases, the explosion was "sited" after the flights' initial disappearance;
  5. Yet, in both cases, no debris was ever found incontestably belonging to either flight;
  6. Both flights disappeared in the month of March (flight 739 on March 14, 1962, and flight 370 on March 8, 2014, exactly 52 years and 6 days of each other);
  7. Both flights' disappearances spawned a number of conspiracy theories;
  8. Both flights' disappearances sparked enormous international air and sea searches, which failed to turn up any debris;
  9. Neither flights' disappearance has been adequately explained along conventional lines, for all attempts to do so have some flaw and are, in the final analysis, inadequate;
  10. Both flights disappeared in the Western Pacific.
There are, of course, as many if not much more dissimilarities between the two flights and their disappearances, but it is the parallels that disturb, for ten points of specific convergence seems to be stretching the laws of random coincidence a bit too far.

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