Dec 19, 2014

Remember that Pre-Election Ebola Scare that Dropped Right Off the Radar Afterward…?


If you lived in the United States during the past three to four months, you probably remember the big Ebola Scare of 2014. You’ll recall how strange it seemed that the Obama Regime was doing little to nothing to stop the spread of the disease inside the country by taking the necessary steps to restrict travel to the infected area in Africa, and you’ll probably also recall how the American television and radio media drew almost daily if not hourly attention to this fact in the weeks prior to the congressional and state (s)elections occurring round the country as voters piled into the voting box to register their votes into computerized results which could then be adjusted to fit the predetermined outcome….  Then when the pre-arranged dust had settled, the Republithugs had swept the Dummycrooks out of the US Senate, and captured several statehouses. Amid all this typical American pre-(s)election theater, in my opinion, a bit of media-driven social engineering to achieve a particular result, which it did. And the Ebola story was the instrument.
Then, it dropped right off the radar, which, of course, it would not have done, if the oligarchy was really concerned about it, which they’re not, and perhaps this is why:
Evidence shows MIT had cure for Ebola back in 2011
Now, ponder that one for a moment. Consider the sweeping implications of these allegations:
“A major breakthrough out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows incredible promise as a cure for virtually every kind of viral infection known to man. But the mainstream media has chosen to stick with hype, fear and, more recently, the ominous threat of martial law when it comes to dealing with alleged viral threats like H1N1 and Ebola.
“Scientists from the school’s Lincoln Laboratory basically came up with a method of targeting viruses that destroys infected cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed, similar to how antiviral nutrients function. But here’s the kicker: The discovery was made in 2011, three years before the current Ebola outbreak, though it hasn’t received any media attention whatsoever.
“Published in the journal PLOS ONE, a groundbreaking study on this novel therapeutic explains how existing antiviral medications are scarce, and many of them largely ineffective. Viable treatments for the common cold, for example, are practically nonexistent, while newer diseases like SARS are regarded by public health officials as basically untreatable.
“‘In theory, it should work against all viruses,‘ stated Todd Rider, a senior staff scientist from the Lincoln Laboratory’s Chemical, Biological and Nanoscale Technologies Group and inventor of the technology, to MIT News.” (emphases added)
And how does that work? Very simply:
“So what is this mysterious technological advancement? The paper calls them DRACOs, which is short for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizers. In essence, it is a substance that induces apoptosis, or cell death, in cells containing viral dsRNA, the double-stranded RNA produced by viruses for the purpose of replication.
“Human cells are naturally pre-programmed to create special proteins that destroy these dsRNA strands, but viruses can mutate to outsmart and bypass this safeguard. This is where DRACOs come in, adding an additional protein into the mix that triggers apoptosis in infected cells. This combined approach is not only effective against virtually all tested viruses, but it also eliminates the possibility of viral resistance.”
Here’s the best part:
“The best part about DRACO technology is that it leaves uninfected cells alone, which can’t be said for the array of pharmaceuticals currently on the market, including chemotherapy drugs that kill everything in their path. Tests conducted both in vitro (in a test tube) and in vivo (in living organisms) show that DRACO is capable of killing the H1N1 influenza virus without causing any harm.”
But not surprisingly,
“…DRACOs have received little media attention since they were first announced. Though they obviously require much more extensive testing to ensure safety, DRACOs appear to have taken a back seat to vaccines, which are the only type of intervention that government health officials seem to care about these days.”
We tend to think of hidden technologies and science as being restricted solely to the sphere of space technologies, or advanced exotic energy technologies or directed energy weapons. But we’d do well to remember, that the existence of black budgets, hidden systems of finance, off-the-books hidden technologies and hidden physics also implies hidden medical technologies and science, and, should these things occasionally rear their big-pharma anti-vaccine heads in public, they are quickly and quite decisively ignored, for the implications of those technologies – DRACO being a case in point – are sweeping: One does not hear of electro-magnetic medicine (think only of Royal Ramond Rife or Alain Priorie here folks)or any of these technologies for a reason, for the oligarchy is heavily invested not only in oil but in pharmaceuticals.
Imagine a technology that would render vaccinations against various viruses from the cold to all types of flu to measles, HIV, Ebola, Marburg, and so on, entirely ineffective. It would mean, likewise, the annual virus hysteria over the favored “disease of the moment” – SARS, bird flu, swine flu – would cease to be of any social engineering utility to the powers that be. We’re watching, in other words, the slow dissolution of the old playbook of fears-to-be-trotted-out-every-so-often. and the rise of new fears.
But the next time they trot out the Most Favored Virus before an election, remember to ask them about the progress of DRACO technologies. Chances are, SeeBS, Faux News, and the other lamestream media haven’t even heard of it. After all, they didn’t mention a peep about it during the Ebola hysteria.