Sep 20, 2014

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim Speaks of Her Prison Ordeal for the First Time

CBNNews Staff

"I relied only on my faith, and I knew that God would stand by me at any time and in any situation." -Meriam Ibrahim
CBN News: Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who faced a death sentence for refusing to convert to Islam, said she relied on her Christian faith throughout her ordeal. (Photo via Fox News)
In an interview on Fox News Channel's "The Kelly File," Ibrahim said she refused to recant her faith even if it meant death. [Watch that video here]

"Faith means life. If you don't have any faith, you are not alive," Ibrahim said. "It's my right to follow the religion of my choice. I am not the only one suffering from this problem. There are many Meriams in Sudan and throughout the world."

After Sudan's Islamic regime sentenced the pregnant Ibrahim to death for apostasy, she was forced give birth to a baby girl while shackled in prison.

"I was supposed to give birth at a hospital outside of prison, but they denied that request as well," she said. "When it was time to give birth, they refused to remove the chains from my ankles. So I had to give birth with chains on my ankles."
Ibrahim was eventually freed after an international outcry, but then Sudan blocked her from leaving the country even after its highest court overturned her death sentence in June.
She and her family then took refuge at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum.

They were finally able to escape to Manchester, New Hampshire, on Aug. 1.

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