Aug 4, 2014

There are Now a "Staggering" Number of Believers in China: Missionaries Share Incredible stories and Statistics

Caroline Anderson – Baptist Press

"It's all a God thing; it wasn't our doing that caused a wave of change. We were just there on the front row, or second row, participating in the joy." -Missionaries to China since 1989
BP Photo-Hugh Johnson(China)—Alexander and Maggie Kirkpatrick (their real names are not being used for security reasons) have served in East Asia for 25 years. When they first arrived in Western China, it was 1989 and the region was considered the "wild west" for many Westerners. But since then, they say the growth of Believers they have witnessed is "staggering." (Photo by: Hugh Johnson/via Baptist Press)
"The day where we arrive in a city and we go for months and months and never find a Christian are really gone," said Maggie. "That is a major, major God-thing... we can find the results of evangelism and discipleship, even in some of the most far-flung places."

The history behind the seeds of Christianity that were left in the remote area of China they served is fascinating and highly relevant.

When they first came to Western China, Maggie said the Church was still recovering from Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution. It was difficult to find anyone who believed. "It took time and relationships to find some of those people," she said. "It is many of those people who believed in the early days who are now taking the Gospel forward in China.

"Interestingly, as we've won new people, we began to discover more and more about the Church that was left here after the Communist takeover. A number of those networks from prior to 1950 are still alive and well and spreading the Gospel not just to China, but all over the world."

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