Aug 4, 2014

The Satanic Roots of Feminism

    Interesting that one of the six core values of the Bavarian Illuminati was the destruction of the family unit, the better to destabilize the common folks at their roots...    
The Whore of Babylon in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"
The Whore of Babylon in Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”
By: Jay

While there are many anti-feminist bloggers, “men’s rights” activists and talking heads continually chipping away at the chief idol of our time (equalism/egalitarianism), few are aware of the origins of “equalism” and its hideous spawn, the feminist movement as a planned, engineered, and strategically deployed offensive, not just targeting women, but the entire populace.  And while the planned aspect of feminism may come up in rare instances, even more rare is any mention of the deeper occult agenda that is at root Satanic.  In this article I will analyze the origins and usage of the movement, its connections and deployment, as well as the larger goal of feminism and equalist thought.

Modern conceptions of egalitarianism arise from philosophical presuppositions that emerged in the Enlightenment.  From medieval nominalism came the modern tradition that objects in the world did not actually possess “natures,” but rather the assigning of such metaphysical categories and “essences” was strictly a human conceptual framework.  Thus, human nature was not an actually existing ontological description of something in the world, but rather a linguistic symbol that corresponded to a mental picture the tabula rasa mind had recorded, as the British empiricists further teased out the implications of nominalism.  In their day, it was still common to think “man” designated one side of the gender spectrum, and “woman” another, but we can see the seeds of a revolution of thought to come across the entire spectrum, as all ontological “natures” would have to be tossed away.

I often mention the Enlightenment’s universalization of human reason, which is likely becoming a bore to regular readers, but let me assure you, as the writer, I am just as nauseated by these ridiculous philosophies, but they are the unquestionable foundations of the whole modern world that must fall away.  What is meant by the universalization of human reason is the change in western civilization’s perception of anthropology as regards human nature itself.  Since the West developed without the Eastern idea of man’s nous as a higher faculty of point of contact with God, the Augustinian replacement became man’s intellect and reason.  What was  in seed form in Augustine then became the norm in Descartes and the British Empiricists.  For early Augustine especially, reason was the ultimate path to God, as man’s mind was the mirror refraction of the ideas in the divine essence.  By believing, man could cleanse his mind of fixity on the temporal and transient, and wind his way towards the eternal good.  This is why Augustine’s City of God contains the same “cogito” argument Descartes later rewords.  It is also why in Soliloquies, young Augustine proposes a form of empirical idealism that Berkeley would later formulate.

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