Aug 19, 2014

58 Pictures Displaying Angelic Activity on Earth

I don't have all 58 here, you will have to follow the link at the bottom for the rest, but the ancient reliefs are quite amazing.  We tend to think symbolically or "artistically" about angelic depictions, but the ancient ones are uniquely repetitive in certain themes and depictions.  If you look at the whole list, you will notice the objects certain angels seem to be holding, perhaps displays of energy or actual objects they carry.  The female angels carry different object than the male.  There is one object that seems to repeat, and it is often in the center of the depictions looking something like an ancient Christmas tree, at times with flowers around it, at times looking like a Tesla machine.  Interesting stuff, and it begs the question, will it be long before they are seen like this again?
By Minister Fortson
Is there any evidence of angelic activity on earth, outside of the Bible? It is my personal opinion that many cultures encountered angelic beings and recorded them throughout history. The following list of pictures represents circumstantial evidence at best, and I invite you to approach them as a skeptic. However, as you examine each picture, ask yourself the following questions:
Were all of these cultures attempting to make up similar stories or were they attempting to recount events they believed to be true? Why does every culture depict similar beings, even though they practiced different religions? Does it really make sense that all of these cultures would make up a similar representation as a metaphor for something else?



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