Jul 28, 2014

The Search for Ancient Off-Planet Artifacts…and Crowd Funding

by Joseph P. Farrell

Regular readers of this site of of my books know that I am one of those who maintains there’s a great deal of indication of “strange stuff” on our celestial neighbors, the Moon and Mars particularly. Indeed, I’m one of those like many others in this strange alternative research community who thinks that “going out there and getting it” may have formed some part of the hidden agendas and motivations for the various space programs of the USA and USSR back in the days of the “space race”, including being a possible hidden agenda for the Apollo program itself. More recently, some researchers – this author among them – have commented on the growing race to commercialize space, and its consequences. One of these consequences is that commercialization, or to use that quintessential term of misdirection, “privatization,” will result in a new round of space secrecy. We’re all familiar with the allegations that NASA has withheld or doctored pictures from space, and particularly from the Moon or Mars. Now put that in the hands of a corporation with “proprietary rights” to whatever is found out there, and you can forget airbrushing (or obfuscating the pixels) of the “inconvenient thing” that might be photographed or encountered.

Now, it seems, some “mainstream” scientists are giving the idea serious attention, and want to use crowd source funding to pour through NASA’s photographic archives and look for more evidence:

Alien Artifacts On The Moon?

But this may be a case of “too little too late,” or, if one prefer, “we told you so,” for consider this statement:
“’In searching for artifacts, one is looking for ‘something fishy’,’ said Davies. ‘But ‘fishiness’ requires a human decision in advance about a signature of artificiality. There are some simple examples, like right angle edges. But we have little idea what million year-old technology might look like.’”
Really!?  Right angles!? and “stuff like that”!? You don’t say!  Why, here I thought that’s what people like Dr. John Brandenburg, Dr. Mark Carolotto, Richard Hoagland, Don Ecker, Allan Sturm, and even, heaven help us, Fred Steckling and George Leonard, and a host of others in an almost endless list had already been doing for the past few decades. So what this might herald is simply an effort to do the same thing that others have been doing, only now to give it official “scientific” sanction (apparently Carolotto and Brandenburg aren’t enough). Well….maybe….

But there’s another possibility. It’s one of those “impossible” possibilities in the coming new era of space commercialization. Suppose, for a moment, that someone founds a “Plymouth Rock Company.” Let’s call it the Cydonia Rock Company or the Tsiolkovsky Crater Company, and suppose they start selling shares at a euro per share… suppose they resort, in other words, to crowd funding to raise the money to build their own space probe with fancy cameras to “go take some pictures”… German or Japanese optics, Russian or French rockets, and just so things manage to avoid NSA snooping, non-American computer and telemetry systems, and a remote island in, say, Indonesia with their very own private bunker to collect and analyze the pictures, which they will release to all their shareholders and post on You Tube. Heck, why not build two or three probes, one for the Moon, one for Mars, and one for wherever else…? Nothing fancy… just some rockets, radios, and really good cameras to take some pictures. No need for radar tomography and all the other bells and whistles on “official” space probes.

Now, even if the radio signals were jammed, and no pictures obtained, that would be a big clue and confirmation that “Yes, folks, they really are hiding something. ‘They’ just interfered with our picture transmissions.”

…and oh yea, in case you haven’t been following all weird space pictures, right angles and “other indicators” of artificiality there are a plenty. Crowd-funded and “privately” developed space probes might finally pry the lid of space secrecy open a bit more.

And that, I suspect, was the “hidden text” in the Forbes article.

Yea… I’d donate a dollar or two to such a project.
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