Jul 29, 2014

FLASH: DoD “Releases” Eisenhower Briefing Document

Fascinating that this mysterious piece of paper, maybe forged, maybe not, just found it's way into a Freedom of Information Act release....go figure...
by Joseph P. Farrell

Red Ice Creations, the website of Mr. Henrik Palmgren, is reporting in an article authored by the well-known researcher Nick redfern, that the US Department of Defense apparently released the well-known Majestic/MAJIC-12 “Eisenhower Briefing Document” as a part of a larger FOIA document release. Here’s that link:

Roswell, UFOs and Project Pandora

If one goes to this link,

FOIA Request Service Center

and then click on this link

Project Pandora PDF (“Operational Procedure for Project Pandora Microwave Test Facility PDF” on the DoD Foia request page),

and then go to page 449 of the PDF, voila! There is the Eisenhower Briefing Document, with a big handwritten-scrawl across the title page stating “This cannot be authenticated as an official DoD document. DoD FOIA Office.”

Oh really!? As readers of my book Roswell and the Reich will recall, researcher Stanton Friedman makes a very plausible and well-argued case that it is authentic, and researcher Dr. Kevin Randle a very persuasive case that it isn‘t. So what’s going on here!?

Scenario One: the document is authentic, but is not a DoD document, and somehow got placed in this particular file, coming from some other department of government, i.e., the celebrated MJ-12 itself.
Scenario Two: the document is not authentic, and was somehow placed in this file by someone with access to it, i.e., it was planted for whatever reason, either to lend credibility to it, or for some other purpose. But the bottom line is that someone had to have access to do so, which in the general context argues that, even if a fake, the document possesses some authenticity, some kernel of truth, whatever that kernel might be.

Scenario Three: whether authentic or not, the “release” of the document as part of a larger document may indicate that an attempt is being made to create a “slow drip” release, a “slow drip” sort of “disclosure”. The whole question here is, if it’s authentic, then the document, is a “slow drip disclosure,” means they’re trying to accustom people to an ET/UFO reality, and if it isn’t, then the purpose would be to keep the meme alive.

There are, of course, any number of other possible scenarios, but the bottom line is, this is one to watch.

Read this article at - http://gizadeathstar.com/2014/07/flash-dod-releases-eisenhower-briefing-document/