Jul 14, 2014

Neutron Star Inbound to our Sun?

There is a language warning that naturally follows Mr. Thornews around, but if you aren't deterred by that, watch and wonder...


https://www.youtube.com/THORnews Is a Neutron Star inbound to our Solar System? WTF is that on NASA's Stereo Ahead HI-2 Camera? Watch from March 25th to July 6th (The latest update) and watch this thing grow with one hell of a bow shock. WTF is that? It's not a lens flare or swamp gas or hair on the lens. It looks like a Neutron Star to me, I could be totally wrong. It could be a rogue planet or a Joke Astronomers and Science are playing on us but it's weird especially if you tie in the STEREO satellites malfunctioning as this thing starts to grow and move. I found the Comet ISON V in the Hubble images, I discovered we haven't taken a picture or photo of dwarf planet planetoid asteroid #1 celestial body Ceres for over 10 years, but maybe this is my greatest discovery. (or tied with the Coronal Crown Cavity aka the baby Sun) I hope it doesn't kill us all. That would totally suck.
I don't want DOOM. I've got a good life I'd like to find love, so....
Let's figure this out Astonishers.
I'll do a more comprehensive video on this subject
this weekend.
God Bless Everyone,