Jul 18, 2012

The “Green” Agenda Is All About Mass-Sacrifice

This is an excellent take on how the ruling class still listen to the Serpent's temptation in the Garden of Eden to "be as gods" (Gen. 3:5).  Those pushing the "Green Agenda" are actually pushing for mass murder of "useless eaters" all over the world.  The Lord predicted this in the last days (Rev. 6:8, the fourth horsemen Death and Hades).  The mass murders of recent historical revolutions, France, Russia, China, etc., should teach us that we in America will not be immune from what is to come. 

Jurriaan Maessen
“Environmentalists” of all descriptions, many of whom slither self-righteously through the echelons of the scientific community, are keen on blaming man for all woes. Countless demographers, climate scientists and philosophers have thrown all of their weight behind the giant task of reducing the world’s population by all means necessary. Pretending to stand up for the planet, the global elite has declared man enemy and will stop at nothing to make sure the bodies will be piled up high. What the eco-fascist demands is sacrifice, preferably mass-sacrifice- not just in the form of “personal carbon quotas” but, even more disturbingly, in the shape of a mass-culling of the overall human population. As the global warming hype has now been thrown back in the trashcan of historical frauds, the global elite is resorting to ever more desperate attempts to keep up the appearance of scientific dignity.

The lust for blood is more ancient than the lust for knowledge. If there is one constant in human history, it’s the practice of ritual sacrifice. Priests of power within any system, be it tribal or otherwise, have been in the habit of “satisfying the gods” with some kind of offering placed humbly at the deity’s feet. Without plunging into an endless anthropological exposé, archaeological excavations from Germany to South-America and ancient Mesopotamia have sufficiently revealed that it was primarily blood-offerings through which elites throughout the ages have sought to satisfy the gods. Such practices were very much common- just as common, in fact, as the clapping-in-irons of free men.

As long as man walks erect, the tribal strongman communicated in the most effective of languages, namely symbols, images- which have a way of carrying whatever message deep into the minds of the tribe-members. Since the emergence of mathematics, the usual symbolic imagery, designed to influence emotion, has been broadened with the help of formulas, equitations and diagrams, appealing to the intellect as well. Some tireless advocates of science’s virtues are so much in love with their particular scientific subfield that they mistakenly consider themselves to be somehow immune from co-opting. In their illusionary intoxication they claim that science smothered mysticism with a rag drenched in arsenic. They are wrong. And they are lethally naive. The truth is, ancient and unquenchable blood lust has finally found its natural expression in the language of science.

Long before the Western scientific method was ever developed, elites have sought to defend their supposed greatness with the help of some special appointment by whatever god that happened to be in fashion. In sketching out the contours of the scientific dictatorship, this notion should be well understood. If we are to successfully engage these serpents on the information-battlefield, we should know where its fangs are placed and what exactly is the measure of its toxicity. Perhaps the symbol of a three-headed snake approaches the subject more accurately. But there is no need to further besmear the symbol for the sake of the analogy.
Robespierre leads the slaughter in the French Revolution

So without further insulting the magnificent snake, were the “gods” in the old days still an untouchable outside force, and the priests but mediators communicating their commands, in the course of the centuries the elites have substituted the divine countenance for their own. That means elites no longer acted as intermediaries. Instead, they had toppled the gods of old, and demanded offerings of blood in their stead. But the contrast is superficial. Regardless of the question who occupies the god-seat at any one time, the offering has remained the same throughout the ages. “Let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeois”, Vladimir Iljitsj Lenin confided to a Bolshevik newspaper in 1918. ” More blood, as much as possible.”

It is this quiet, unspoken belief that by bringing about mass-death, a bloodthirsty elite gains divine powers, as they safeguard their claim to rule. It’s the ancient principle of the hunter, acquiring the life-blood of the prey- and growing as a result of it. This principle is then projected according to the hunter’s stature. Small offerings by petty local players, massive offerings by global ones. By ending life of the slave, by drawing his blood, they acquire more life for themselves. Those in the god-seat do not satisfy themselves just with power, they seek to rule with the powers attributed to a god: power over life and death. And that means: life for them, death for us.

To quench this mortal thirst, the global elite uses any trick in the book, co-opts any branch of human inventiveness, in order to effectively communicate the desired offerings. Here is a fairly modern example with complements of Paul Ehrlich and John P. Holdren:

Human Impact (I) on the environment equals the product of population (P), affluence (A: consumption per capita) and technology (T: environmental impact per unit of consumption).

Perfect logic you would think. So was the eugenic formula of the Nazi’s, who made their physicians carefully measure the distance from nose to lower forehead- deciding on the basis of the outcome who to sterilize or put to death. Entire diagrams and statistics were calculated into existence with the specific purpose of building a scientific foundation for future mass-killings. Clever students were commissioned to devise ingeniously complex formulas of death. But this does not polish away the black diamond shimmering at the core: a religion of death, moving all the key-points of the scientific architecture, and polishing all action in such a way, as to convince the smartest minds to join in.
Bolshevik massacre in Ukraine, 1919

But the formula presented here is more than just some cynical ruse to convert the finest minds in science. It also represents a belief-system that formulas inherently carry power, as do symbols and words. This power is then transferred from them to those they seek to subdue. A strange plot, and an ingenious one at that, seamlessly following the rules of mass conditioning, and injected by the thinnest of needles. For the trick to have any effect, the global elite must be in control of certain key-points in the overall infrastructure, not necessarily all points. If we are to understand anything, if we even wish to, we must trace their footprints and enter the labyrinth with the strongest fishing-ropes tight around our waists. It is easy to get lost here, after all, especially considering the thick fog that envelopes it. But with an ounce of diligence and a gram of courage we will learn that their countless disguises are as manifold as those ceremonial masks from sub-Saharan Africa.

It wasn’t necessary to slander the snake to make the point. We face an enemy discouragingly massive in scope. But, to make it rhyme, there is every reason to hope. The obvious attempts to “control fertility” are meeting with more resistance than they must have expected. The eugenicists, posing as environmentalists, are being exposed at every turn for what they are: members of an elite death-cult, celebrating death with the assistance of science, under cover of science, while they attempt to quench their thirst for blood with the motto: killing one may activate a cell; killing many, revitalizes the entire body.