Jul 15, 2012

Meet the Ruling Faces of Evil - Part 2

More of the fantastic photo compilations of zengardner.  See the whole bunch at http://www.zengardner.com/meet-the-ruling-faces-of-evil/                                                                               

Ouch…that hurts the eyes…

“And if that light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness.” Wow. Hillary is something else.


“How YOU doin?” Mafia boys: Robert DeNiro type Egyptian puppet Mubarak, and the Masonic ‘pretend bad guy’ Putin–all in the game. (posted before Egyptian takedown)


I know. Icy, like the country. Remind you of a wolf?


Putin rival and Rothschild agent, notorious Russian oligarch Boris Berezovski. Pleasant fellow.

Vladimir Lenin looms large. Ruthless comes to mind. You’d hide your children if you saw this guy on the street. In retrospect, an obvious demon. Then, just another “charismatic leader”.


Zionist manipulating media mogul Rupert Murdock. A face you can trust.

(Using an open hand, cover his mouth and above, leaving only his chin frown….see the alien?…….freaky!)


More media mogul madness. “Mouth from the South” eugenicist Ted Turner implodes. Lovely people, I know.


Another mind-controlling media behemoth, Viacom, also sports a friendly face for its head, Sumner Redstone. Lizards unite!

Now we’re getting honest…this could apply to several mugs you’ll see here. Kaa-reepy. Entities with no empathy, just a lust for power and control and the execution of the plan that benefits them and theirs, whatever the cost to anyone else. “It’s just business.”


Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. Keep an eye on him. “A man of fierce countenance” for sure. Scary.

That shot could be a Big Brother billboard very easily. Amazing.

Speaking of which: Orwell’s famous predictive programming image


You could replace that image with most national leaders today. Orwell was “on the take” and prepping us for today, btw, like Aldous Huxley. Read their books again and see if your skin doesn’t crawl.

This one’s clinical. Young psychopath in waiting. Very troubling, and revealing.

Seems Tony hadn’t quite perfected his lying smile yet, like here:


Mr. Teethy Smiles (don’t forget the eyes) – Sun symbolism and all to go along with his switch to Catholicism. Strange, occultic badass in a shiny suit. How they LOVE bold disguises!


Life imitates art—-or which way is it again? Whatta smile!

David Rockefeller just plain can’t smile. What lurks in there….whew. Another Batman character pales in comparison.

Don’t worry, he’ll pay. They all will…and so will we. Sow love and truth, it comes back quick!


Earlier Rockefeller powerbroker/bankster/Illuminist. Nelson in offical White House photo. Evil’s not a happy place.


Strange memorial: Think Time Magazine (founded by Bonesman “Baal” Henry Luce) had an “inside” message? Very creepy death mask with very “pronounced” shnoz message to the “brethren”? How they honor their own.


Speaking of Bonesmen, here’s “Temporary”…..son of “Magog” his father…(I kid you not)…with fellow bonesman John Kerry..and we weren’t supposed to question this?


How they love to be cloaked in the flag. The smirk of assured confidence…so they think….


A couple of evil crows for the ages. Never mind Skull and Bones ‘Magog’ George, even the neocons fear Barbara, alleged daughter of Aleister ‘Crow’ley.


“Dad, is that you?”. Mr. Evil Eye himself, Aleister “The Beast” Crowley.

Barb’s frisky unwed mother, Pauline Pierce, did hang with him and the OTO gang, for real.

Wondering yet? (Go here)


Nice face. Freemasonic master magus of the 33rd Degree, General Albert Pike, sporting Baphomet symbol.

You’ll find a statue ‘honoring’ him in Washington DC. After all, our government was founded on and is laced with Freemasonry.


Speaking of Freemasons, here’s neocon John Bolton giving a sign.


Take a good look. This former UN Ambassador is gonna have war with Iran if he has to do it himself.

And he wants to be Prez. Wound’t that be ducky.

Now a trip back in time again…

Léon Trotsky and Jacob Schiff: communist birds of a feather and Rothschild agents……and….


Meet the (agent) father of the parasitic Federal Reserve–Paul Warburg. Nice to know the forefathers of our slavery.

And another old cronie from hell, below….


Pol Pot, mass murderer of millions in Cambodia. Cooly evil. There is no empathy with these entities. They are not one of us. Do not expect any form of guilt, remorse or ability to reason.

As for modern mass murdering, now sanitized by fake ‘science’…


A world that exalts evil. Wicked Monsanto corporation’s CEO Hugh Grant being lauded for their genetically modified Seeds of Deception and attempt to take over the world’s food supply. Backwards world. Corporate evils on the rise.

Robber Bankster Richard S. Fuld lying before congress about his 500 million dollar takaway from Lehman Bros before it went under. A pure breed of greed rules Wall Street. Everyone knows it, but….


Speaking of mind control…..all that crazed ambition takes its toll–or more than meets the eye?

…”buzz–click–whirrrr–rebooting…please wait..instructions forthcoming..”