May 25, 2012

Planet X and the Lucifer Telescope - What, or Who Are They Looking For?

Astronomer insists there is a Planet X four times the size of Earth lurking at the edge of our solar system
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The hypothetical planet - four times the size of Earth - will float beyond Neptune and Pluto and cause disturbances in the Kuiper belt of asteroids

This headline is one of many recently that refer openly to "Planet X", a planet that sits beyond viewing range on the edge of our solar system.

A host of links below show that lots of money has been put into the search for this dark planetary body that may be affecting the orbit of everything in our solar system.  Is this the target of the Vatican's LUCIFER telescope in Arizona?

It doesn't look too menacing...

The LUCIFER telescope is supercooled, designed to see objects that emit little or no infrared radiation or light.  While the claimed development is to see distant galaxies being formed, the most obvious use is the search for a brown dwarf, a dense, cold, planet-sized body that has a strong gravitational pull.  It is one of a team of telescopes, including the intiguingly named satellite telescope WISE, a NASA creation also created to see dark, cold objects in the universe.

So what are they looking for?  Lucifer?  We know that a time is coming when the "dragon" will lose a battle in Heaven with Michael the Archangel and be cast down to the earth.  (Rev. 12:7-12)  However, I doubt this is what they are looking for.  There is something else mentioned in scripture that is coming to the earth.  Something that is headed straight for us, but might be visible with the right telescope. Wormwood. (Rev. 8:10-11)  Let me know what you think.