Mar 4, 2016

Justen Faull and the CERN and NASA Connection

More interesting stuff, this time connections between NASA (the Department of Defense), wormholes and the CERN particle collider.  Pretty weird, but he has his facts in order.  Strange days indeed.... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Tonight we welcome host of the Fourth Watch Radio program, Justen Faull, to talk to us about his research into the surprising connections between CERN and NASA. With CERN creating portals and NASA studying portals, is it any wonder there would be a connection? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:37 – Justen Faull Clones
3:54 – Research into CERN and NASA
7:00 – Connection of CERN to NASA
26:55 – CERN, NASA, and the Rapture in Prophecy
1:09:24 – Viewer Questions
1:09:57 – CERN and Setting Dates
1:14:22 – Other Colliders, Hollow Earth, and Supernatural Encounters
1:27:11 – Justen’s take on Bigfoot
1:30:46 – Paranormal Experiences after CERN
1:43:58 – Fallen Angels and CERN
1:49:10 – End of Viewer Questions
1:49:28 – Contact and Web Info
1:51:17 – Justen’s Final Thoughts
2:00:23 – Conclusion