Mar 13, 2015

Morning News Show Sees UFO and Russia Builds UFO-Like Drone

The good people of Oklahoma could use something to take their minds off of the latest news about racist fraternities and this may do the trick. A local television morning news program broadcast a UFO flying over Oklahoma City and none of these crack journalists can figure out what it was. What it’s not – at least not yet – is a new monster drone unveiled in Russia that’s sure to have Muscovites calling in UFO sightings.


The UFO was seen speeding across the pre-dawn sky on March 12th on KOCO 5 News in the Morning. The superfast UFO is reminiscent of the still-unexplained hypersonic one spotted flying over Silicon Valley last week and the story is similar to the one about the UFO seen on an Argentine newscast (later revealed to be a hoax). In an unusual twist for UFOs on TV news shows, KOCO 5 actually admitted on its website that they saw this one but have no idea what it was and asked viewers for their input. The comments ranged from meteors to alien spacecrafts with no consensus. Oh, and no comments from any military or government agencies.