Jan 23, 2015

The twisted medicine of immoral America: Killing your baby is a choice; protecting your baby is a crime

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Throughout the history of collapsed civilizations, nearly all of them experienced a phase of rapid morality decline that preceded their ultimate implosion. The Nazi regime promoted the "science" of genetically-selected eugenics and mass death to "cleanse" the human race, for example, and then went on to commit heinous crimes against humanity, many of which were carried out by chemical companies that later became today's best-known pharmaceutical giants such as Bayer.

To any intelligent observer, the American empire today is also in the late stages of the decline of morality. America's Commander in Chief is an accomplished, masterful liar. America's financial system is run by thieves and crooks who call themselves "central bankers." America's Congress, with a few notable exceptions such as Rand Paul, is comprised of the hopelessly corrupt who desire power for themselves rather than defending the rights and freedoms of those they claim to represent.

But nowhere is the decline of morality more apparent and grotesque than in the realm of medicine, where the lives of children are systematically destroyed in the name of "evidence-based medicine" that's actually little more than a cartel of for-profit corporations seeking profit through the exploitation of human disease and suffering.

Killing your newborn child is a "choice"
Consider these irrefutable facts: It is not merely legal but actually a celebrated "right" in America today to terminate the life of an unborn child. Many abortion advocates not only promote third-trimester abortions where the child is indisputably alive, awake and conscious; they also promote post-birth abortions where parents are encouraged to have their children killed up to the age of three.

An article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, for example, argued that parents should be able to murder their children after they are born because it is merely a post-birth abortion. The scientific authors literally argued that "after-birth abortion (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled."

The twisted logic of such thinking is centered around the bizarre claim that infants are not "conscious" until the age of three, and therefore killing them is not really terminating a life. Some of these post-birth abortion advocates insist that parents who give birth to a child and then realize they really didn't want the child have the moral right to end that child's life as a "medical choice."

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