Jan 6, 2015

President Obama and Pope Francis Team-up to Fulfill Prophecies of Malachi Martin

To catch up on just what the late Father Martin had said, check out his predictions here for the coming of one who would be Satan's representative to sit on the Papal throne...

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has emerged as a somewhat controversial figure. While maintaining semblances of the Catholic stance on social issues, Pope Francis seems to be more-malleable on these issues than any other Pope in history.
The Pope has struck a liberal tone on certain key issues and has even agreed to address the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics on the importance of combating climate change- a catch-all term favored by liberals to encompass any slight variance in weather.
The Pope is expected to address the United Nations in 2015 on the issue and call for a summit of world religious leaders from many different faiths to discuss the issue.
Further, the Pope was reportedly involved in the recent thawing of relations with Cuba, a nation that has been on-the-outs with the U.S. for a half-century due to the Communist dictatorship that infests the imprisoned island.
The Pontiff has also spoken-out against trickle-down economics, the economic policy that serves as a generator of economic growth and is aimed more at providing opportunities for the poor rather than mere handouts and government dependency.
As Pope Francis crusades for liberal political issues, it seems clear that Obama, who has served as arguably the most-hostile president to religion in history, has found a true ally and a way to help mend fences with Catholics who have taken issue with his extreme secular agenda.