Dec 3, 2014

Is It Possible To Go Above Low Earth Orbit?

Very interesting questions posed here about the battlefield we will all witness in the near future....the wars in the skies...revolutionary info for our view of the upper atmosphere...does this prove that what we saw in the Apollo landings was not what was actually taking place?  Many questions from this revlelation...

This clip looks into a new plasma field in space as well as the Van Allen plasma belts. I ask – How is it possible for metal space craft, astronauts and satellites to pass through these plasma fields? How is it possible that we have sent endless vehicles into space including the Apollo missions and never known about this “GLASS PLASMA WALL” located 7,200 miles away? How is it possible to send radio signals through plasma belts back to earth? My conclusion is that it is not possible and we have been lied to about space and our human abilities to go into space or send remote vehicles.

Link to MIT plasma shield article:
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