Nov 27, 2014

My hometown, Ferguson Missouri is DESTROYED -- Opinion and Commentary

A message to the main stream media, police, law enforcement, government (local , state, and national).... also to my viewers, protesters, and even the lawless rioters :

As most of my viewers know by now, I grew up in Ferguson, and live in St. Louis -- and they know I'm extremely concerned with the police state problems we've been seeing GROW in the United States over the past several years.

I've been smeared across the world by "big brother" , main stream media, and even shills online who cannot stand the information I bring to the table. In the past I've covered controversial topics like weather modification, and false flag attacks (LAX, boston bombing, Ottawa parliament, Rogers Retribution, Sandy Hook etc)

Being someone who has been an outspoken critic of this developing "new world order" police aggressiveness , now I speak to my so-called peers...... protesters who are upset with the system.... people who do NOT want to hear about any more people being shot by police over petty things.

Whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, and several other races have been on the receiving end of serious wrongdoing by police over the past few years.
MRAP military vehicles, over armed police, NSA spying, government encroachment upon our rights ... all signs of a developing police state.
Meanwhile, we have out of control mobs on the streets , destroying things, stealing things, and being generally lawless.... doing these things under the banner of being "protesters" demanding some kind of "justice".
You LOSE the right to peaceful assembly for justice, when your assembly is not peaceful and committing unjust acts against fellow citizens.

It's called rioting when its midnight, and the group is mixed with people who are looting, burning, throwing things, and shooting guns... this not 'protesting' !
Protesting at midnight in a burned out neighborhood destroyed by rioters multiple times? Protesting on South Grand where its mom + pop shops along with racially diverse people??

DESTROYING shops on South Grand? huh?
Out of control mob screaming something about "democracy"?
They're out pushing "democracy"... er.. MOBocracy...
They don't realize we're not a democracy, we're a republic who elects LEADERS democratically... but our laws are made by people who are supposed to sometimes DEFY the will of the people to protect the rights of even 1 person.
Democracy is 51% vs. 49%... i.e.. MOB rule.
Democracy is how witch hunts begin. No joke. A mob "votes" to do something, and if the majority say yes, they do it.
If you disagree with the voting mob majority, they kill you or ignore you.

Democracy is not freedom, its rule by a majority over a minority.
How is that good?!
So, when they're out there screaming THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE... they're right. A mob denying evidence , while destroying things, and demanding somekind of unattainable "justice" for Mike Brown, who tried to grab a cops gun!