Oct 20, 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo hit by Microwave Pulse "anomaly" -- Weather Modification 101

Full website post with the links and animated .gif images from the CIMSS MIMIC TC / TPW:

Hurricane Gonzalo just hit Bermuda, their first direct Hurricane hit since 1922.

As it turns out, the storm was pulsed by a "microwave anomaly" off the Eastern shores of Florida , just before it made its path Northward towards Bermuda -- which in turn took a direct hit.

Sound familiar? If you've been paying attention since 2011, this is the THIRD HURRICANE to receive such a pulse seen on the Microwave Background Imagery.

Previous storms, Hurricane Sandy "frankenstorm" + Hurricane Irene BOTH experienced microwave pulse anomalies off the Eastern shores of Florida near the Caribbean.

The chances of THREE Hurricanes in a row ALL receiving a "microwave anomaly" in the same relative location, 3 years apart -- the "anomaly" ceases to be a coincidence, and surely appears to be man made weather modification being done real time using Microwave frequencies.