Sep 5, 2014

Was Solomon's Temple Actually Located South of todays "Temple Mount"? Have We Been Looking in the Wrong Location?

I had other articles set to go tonight, but this is a stunning development both in our understanding of biblical history and prophecy, as well as the actual locations of biblical events, both Old and New Testament.  Of the people I have learned from and read over the years, none is more respected than Chuck Missler.  The other adventurer here, Bob Cornuke, won me over that the true location of Mt. Sinai is actually on the Arabian peninsula, across the Red Sea from the traditional site in Egypt.  I've climbed the traditional site in Egypt and Cornuke is correct, it simply doesn't fit the description in the Bible. 

If they are right, IF they are right, this is a gamechanger for our understanding of prophetic events.  This means the third Temple could be built at almost any time, without concern for Islamic protests related to the proximity of the Dome of the Rock.  It's a little long, but well worth the time...fascinating stuff!


Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen explore the answers to your questions. With special guest speaker Bob Cornuke.This session was broadcast LIVE on the 27th of August, from the Briefing Room at the River Lodge in Reporoa, New Zealand.

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