Jul 11, 2014

Killer Quake on July 12th?

I think the method behind this prediction is sound, but whether it comes to pass or not is an "iffy" proposition.  It is something interesting to watch for...

Will a large earthquake take place in the United States on July 12, 2014? More specifically, will a quake that will be big enough to kill someone occur between 4:45 am – 7:55 am, or 4:45 pm – 7:55 pm, on the West Coast, in southern California, this coming Saturday?

Earthquake predictor David Nabhan thinks so. In his book, Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight: Times and Dates When the Next Great Tremor Might Strike, Nabhan set down the date in print (along with September 9, 2014, as well).

Nabhan's book notes that every earthquake that was powerful enough to be a killer within a 70 mile radius of Los Angeles' city center (between 1933 and 1994) struck within a tight 3 hour window at dawn or a corresponding time interval at dusk. Furthermore, 66% of these events took place within 36 hours of the precise instant of a new or full moon. Other regional examples followed this same pattern.
The Great San Francisco Earthquake (1906) clocked in at 5:12 AM; Loma Prieta (1989) struck almost precisely 12 hours later: 5:04 PM.
Anchorage was destroyed on Good Friday, 1964 at 5:36 PM--47 minutes away from the exact moment when the Moon entered the greatest extent of it's fullness.
The last Big One on the Southern San Andreas (1857) hit Fort Tejon in the early morning.
The May 2, 1996 magnitude 5.4 Seattle earthquake, the largest in that city’s history since 1965, rocked the Puget Sound area no more than 9 minutes outside the time and date forecasted in David Nabhan’s first book....Nabhan suggests there is fairly solid evidence to support the hypothesis that solar and lunar tides working in tandem might actually have a hand in at least helping to trigger tremors on the West Coast. Source.
Needless to say, Nabhan gives himself only a 24 hour range, instead of a 36 hour one, if he predicts for exactly July 12th. But I guess one has to begin somewhere.

The Super Moon of July 12 (which happens to be my birthday) appears to be a powerful one, so perhaps those earthquake preparedness kits would be a good idea for California and Alaska residents. Shop today for water, canned goods, batteries, and first aid equipment. Be careful. Be aware.

I am skeptically open-minded about such predictions, having even written a tribute to Iben Browning upon his death, and a more recent posting on Browning's forecasting.  Of course, debunkers are dubious of such predictions. So, a doubting individual who works in the field of geophysics and I have a bit of a wage in play. 

I don't gamble, but Tim Bergmann (PhD, Dr. sc. ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, birthday July 13th) wrote me: "My offer: if there will be an earthquake with a Magnitude more than... let's say 5+... during July 12th, I'll give you 500 US$.... if there is no earthquake of that Magnitude (or higher), you'll give me just 1 US$. Deal?"

So, the understanding is as follows: Any magnitude 5 or above earthquake anywhere in the USA during the 29 hour period (taking into account all four times zones on the mainland and the two in Alaska and Hawaii) of July 12, 2014 -> $500 from Dr. Tim Bergmann to Loren Coleman. No earthquakes of 5 or above on July 12th, Coleman gives Bergmann a dollar plus, I will throw in an autographed book.

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