Jun 4, 2014

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (5) - May

Large scale disasters continue to strike with regularity causing catastrophic damage to multiple areas leaving hundreds of thousands displaced. . Also included are some dramatically breathtaking weather events caught on video.
Rare, strange, unusually extreme and biblical weather conditions have taken place the past week or so..
Thanks for watching and stay safe! Have a plan in order!
(1) Full Tilt - Ethos
(2) Switch Trailer Music - Existence
(3) Clearspeaks Music - Uprising
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*This series does not mean the world is ending! These are documentaries of series of extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. If you are following the series, then you are seeing the signs. It's more than one video!
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Thank you to the ones that film and the news channels that cover these events! I don't own any of these videos.
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