Nov 29, 2013

Update! Proof of ISON survived & WTF is that giant thing following behind ISON?

Leave it to thornews to provide surrealistic humor and some interesting insights because he always gets an amazing amount of photos and info...whatever the "thing" behind ISON is, doesn't it look like Yoshi in 16 bit technology? NASA & ESA & Professional Astronomers declared Comet c/2012 s1 ISON DEAD after Perihelion. Then, the Stereo Lasco and SECCHI cameras started to show something emerge. Dirty Snowball dust? Dragon Skull? Who knows but as spaceweather said. SOMETHING survived. It looks big and the latest reports are that it is brightening.

Plus! WTF is that crazy unidentified shape thingy entering frame left as ISON leaves on frame right!!?!? I'm sure it's a cat galaxy or sequester swamp gas or an angelic artifact but I would like to know, ya know? Awesome!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I'm am trying to learn about the Heavens.

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