Jun 1, 2013

The Restless Church Trailer - The Fuel Project

I can't pass this up as it has two things I love, the fuel project and the beginning of their latest series titled "The Restless Church", and Jon Foreman of Switchfoot singing "Instead of a Show", a song quoting verses directly from Is. 1 and Amos 5.  We can see in this trailer warnings for the western churches (America, Western Europe) of three major threats:  the modernized church (exemplified in the emergent church and Joel Osteen), the fraudulent charismatics (Benny Hinn and those fakes who follow) and the traditional protestant and Roman church which is dead at heart, yet full of pride in it's traditions and self-righteousness.  May God bless us to give something away today, something that we hold onto but won't be coming with us to that great day we stand before our Lord in judgment.  Father God, prepare us for what's to come!

See more at - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFuelProject?feature=watch