Mar 17, 2013

Will Washington DC, Vatican City and Jerusalem Host the Revealing of the Antichrist?

This is about a lot of things that the average person never notices. Why are Egyptian stelae set up as "national" monuments in countries around the world? And always near domes? Before I understood the occult significance, I used to think "why would the 'Washington' monument be this strange rectangular spike, with no pictures or words from Washington himself?" Because it has nothing to do with him. Neither does the one in front of St.Peter's Basilica in Rome have anything to do with Peter.  Same with the ones in London, New York, and many other cities. They are part of elaborate occult rituals, massive alchemic geometry, meant to open portals for fallen angels and pave the way for the coming of the evil one. Get ready, because it won't be long now.
Exo-VaticanaBy Cris D. Putnam

In both Apollyon Rising and Petrus Romanus, a synchronicity between Vatican City and Washington DC was suggested concerning the eschatological beliefs of the Occult Elite pertaining to the return of Apollo, whom they believe will rule a final earthly empire. The capitols in both cities feature an occult architecture between a dome (feminine) and an obelisk (phallic Egyptian symbol of fertility), which seems to suggest a sorcerous birth. Our present investigation has yielded another link between Vatican City and Washington DC—a ufological one. Some readers might be familiar with this old photo seen on various UFO websites:
This photo clearly shows St. Peter’s obelisk with a formation of UFOs in the sky above. However, what most websites do not say is that the photo is not genuine, but rather was created as an illustration by the Italian weekly, L’Europeo, for a story that ran on February 3, 1957, describing an actual sighting that occurred on November 6, 1954, by an Italian government official, Console Alberto Perego.[1] This illustration was created based on Perego’s eyewitness testimony, and it was never represented as an actual photo of the event. However, this was a real event with lots of supporting evidence.

On November 6, 1954, Italian diplomat Dr. Alberto Perego reported seeing a fleet of UFOs over Vatican City to numerous agencies including the Vatican and its astronomical observatory. The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (or NICAP) was a civilian UFO research group active in the United States from the 1950s to the 1980s. They preserved the following record:
According to Italian diplomat Alberto Perego, at that time working in Rome (he was later attached to the Italian Consulate in Belo Horizonte, Brazil) hundreds of people watched a display of numerous small lights like “white spots, sometimes with a short white trail” which formed and reformed in rough geometrical patterns resembling successively the letters “V” and “X”, then separated into two “serpentine curves” which moved off in different directions.[2]
Perego published his testimony along with diagrams of the formations in books published only in Italian, but, fortunately, also in English for a 1985 issue of Flying Saucer Review (the article is included on the free data DVD provided with the first release of Exo-Vaticana when purchased from He indicated they flew in formation directly over the Vatican:
At noon, a large formation of twenty machines, the largest formation I had yet seen, appeared from the East, flying towards Ostia, and almost immediately after that I saw a similar night of twenty more coming from the opposite direction, i.e. from Ostia. The two “V”-shaped squadrons converged rapidly until the vertices of the two “V”s met, thus forming a perfect “St. Andrew’s Cross” of forty machines, with ten to each bar. The convergence occurred at an estimated altitude of 7,000 or 8,000 metres over the Trastevere Monte Mario district of Rome, and consequently right over the Vatican City itself.[3]
A few days later, Perego went to the Vatican Observatory, where his sighting was corroborated. “Then I visited the Vatican Observatory at Castel Gandolfo, near Rome. There the Director of the Specola Vaticana, Father Zilwes, informed me that at about 11:00 a.m. on November 12 a Brazilian priest who was on duty in the Observatory had seen some strange objects pass twice over the Observatory, very low at terrific speed, and with no sound.”[4]

Thus, it seems the Vatican astronomers have been aware of the UFO reality for much longer and to a greater extent than formerly admitted. But this is where the story gets even more bizarre, because the article we extracted this testimony from was titled, “‘Great Crosses’ Over Rome and Washington, D.C., in November 1954.”

A US Navy commander based in Washington, DC, Alvin E. Moore, was working for the Scientific Intelligence Department of the CIA at the time. Not a man prone to fanciful imaginings, he reported a remarkably similar phenomenon involving flying saucers on November 9, 1954, over the US Capitol:
When I left the office at 5 p.m. I saw in the western half of the sky—and mainly in the southwestern quadrant—above the long, narrow, horizontal skyribbon—two huge X’s or crosses of pearly white vapor. I thought that in medieval days an observer of such huge crosses in the sky probably would have considered them an omen. They looked, however, more like X’s than crosses having right-angle parts; and I concluded that each of four flying saucer emissions of propulsion materials had crossed another to form the X’s above the horizontal ribbon-like line of gas or vapor.[5]
While we are not exactly sure what to make of all this, the parallel formations are suggestive, given the occult architecture of the two cities. Additionally, Gordon Creighton, the editor of Flying Saucer Review and the reporter who broke the story, has written elsewhere concerning UFOs, “I do believe that the great bulk of these phenomena are what is called satanic.”[6] Might these corresponding cities be the chosen locations where an Alien Savior stages The Revealing?
The Revealing is the name of our friend and colleague L. A. Marzulli’s third novel in the Nephilim series. The cover of that book features a fleet of flying saucers over Jerusalem. What most people don’t know is that the back story to the cover comes from a purportedly ancient text that surfaced in the late 1990s and made a brief splash in the media before disappearing into obscurity, the Angel Scroll. Scholars derived the scroll’s name from one of its verses, which describes a mystical tour of the heavens undertaken by the scroll author in the company of an angel with the obscure Hebrew name Pnimea. The text features accounts of a number of mystical, celestial journeys, in which the author is shown the secrets of the universe. According to the press at the time:
Rumors have circulated for years among scholars in the Holy Land that one of the scrolls—the religious writings of the Essenes found in caves near the Dead Sea between 1947 and 1954—made its way to an antiquities dealer in one of the nearby Arab capitols.
On Monday, the Jerusalem Report magazine reported that in 1974, Benedictine monks bought the parchment filled with 1,000 lines of Hebrew text, spirited it to a monastery on the German-Austrian border and secretly studied it. The monks were sworn to secrecy, but one—identified only by the pseudonym Mateus—broke the vow, bequeathing a transcript and his commentary to a German friend after his death in 1996.[7]
According to all available accounts, the Benedictine monks of the Roman Catholic Church have intentionally kept this scroll from public view. Believing it too important to remain hidden, German Benedictine, Matheus Gunther, reportedly said, “I promised that I would not carry the secret of this missing scroll with me to my grave.”[8] Accordingly, he had arranged for it to be publicized upon his death, which occurred in 1996. Dr. Stephen Pfann, a leading Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, examined the copies of the text and determined that it could be authentic. However, the promised scroll was never delivered for a true investigation. At this point, a hoax seems unlikely, because there was never a profit motive involved. Could it be that the Benedictines were able to stifle the revelation? According to Phann, the text is full of “divine chariot-throne themes with elaborate details of angels ascending heaven’s multiple gates.”[9] Dr. Michael Heiser, a colleague of Phann, was shown a copy of the text and used it as the “Apocalypse Scroll” in his novel The Façade. The line that inspired the cover of Marzulli’s book involved Jerusalem under attack by “thousands of sun disks.”[10] The Angel Scroll remains an enigma, but could its prediction of a UFO invasion over Jerusalem be the reason for its suppression by the Benedictine order?

Whatever the case may be, readers will come to understand the book cover for Exo-Vaticana is not simply the product of someone’s fanciful imagination. According to reliable witnesses and photographic evidence, something like what we have pictured has occurred more than once. The 1978 tri-papacy tangential to an extraordinary UFO display over the Vatican, along with its return upon John Paul II’s death, more than justifies the artist’s rendering on our book cover.


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