Mar 2, 2013

Sleep Paralysis Causes and Cures - Let's Start with the Son of God

I myself had episodes over the course of some 20 years of my life.  It's quite terrifying in the moment, even though I never saw anything demonic in my experiences.  What I felt was that I was trapped between being fully awake and the dream state.  I would hear a rushing sound in my ears, and I would try with all my might to move, but I could barely move at all, and what I could move was very slow. 

Nevertheless, as I grew in Jesus Christ I learned to "cry out to Jesus".  Nothing quite like that.  All living things must bow down before the name of Jesus Christ, whether it's someone raised in Islam who calls Him Isa, or someone raised in Hebrew who calles Him Yeshua.  His name saves and delivers.  Just believe on the only Son of God!