Feb 23, 2013

Predictions of Major Earth Changes Beginning February 24th - Something Wicked This Way Comes

This guy is clearly an information addict, which is nice for us, because he did all of the research and we can just listen to the results.  One of the main results here shows major solar eruptions occurring on the last three years beginning February 24th.  Also major Earth-affecting solar flares occurring on March 9-11 the last two years.  This is then followed by auroral lights and major earthquakes in the following six weeks.  I have to say I'm feeling pretty confident in his forecast based on info gathered the last four years.  If you lack the patience or time to listen to his entire video, check out the info and link below.

I'm making a major assumption that the researcher does not.  The only body in our Solar System on a 365 day cycle is the Earth.  So, something is causing the Sun/Earth major interactions on the same dates each year.  The data supports this.  I can think of only two causes.  One, God is just making it happen.  Two, a major solar body, dark, cold and with powerful gravity has approached the Sun and Earth on the solar plane and is causing the effects annually on the same days as we approach it's closest point.  And God would be the cause of that anyway.  I'm not predicting Nibiru, but there is an object called Wormwood (Rev. 8:8 - 11) that is probably close to the Earth as I write this...

Forecast February-May 2013 for Earth Booms, 8+ quakes, Sun Agenda, Magnetic field.. all based on previous statistical history & predictions.

What you're about to read is a historical data and statistical based forecast.. along with accurate predictions I've previously made using the very data.

The information shows during a time frame of the past three years large earthquakes the SAME magnetic field anomalies, SAME solar/spaceweather reports and SAME Auroras occurred year after year.. all matching to the same day!

As for example on March 11, 2011 (Japan 9.0) and March 11th, 2012 Earth's magnetic field was sideways/backwards and spaceweather reports were nearly the same both years in a row.

The same kind of activity went for EVERY MEGA Earthquake three years in a row....

Also including: Earth's magnetic field doing the same thing to the day, along with the same "solar activity" and Auroras to the day. Sounds crazy but it's all going to be proven here.

I'm taking this thread very seriously so I will also be posting screen shots of previous predictions I've made that have come true in using this data and awareness of what's going on that isn't random.

Such as predicting on exact dates when geomagnetic storms would occur, including pressure on Earth's magnetosphere and increased specific auroras.

I also predicted days before hand exactly when NASA/NOAA would say there would be a "Solar eruption" to cover the actual different source that's sending charged particles directed towards the Earth which again is NOT the Sun.

My work is not based upon Calendars, galactic alignments, special zodiac dates, Timewave, fancy numbers, religion predictions or other "he said/she said" stuff.

I compile data and statistical information of things actually going on with the Earth.

Then I see if any of the data is NOT random, when it's not random then I use the patterns of specific changes to make a forecast.

In that people actually see for themselves I'm not making stuff up, they see exactly what I see, how I compiled and made a forecast.

I'm going to document everything here, all the data and predictions before making the forecast so you can see for yourself how very real all this is.. including the whole "Solar agenda" BS that is indeed going on.

This thread will prove something far larger is happening to our Earth/Solar System that we're not being told and we're shortly about to see the evidence on Earth once again in the coming months.

Starting off with the basics to help better understand the data I looked around these dates to find anything abnormal going going:

2/27/2010 - 8.8 Chile
3/11/2011 - 9.0 Japan
4/11/2012 - 8.6 & 8.2 Indonesia.

Starting in early 2012 Earth Booms globally were reported by the Media but didn't last the whole year through.

In 2012 Earth Booms were first documented and recorded by the Media in January:

Costa Rica [link to www.youtube.com]
Canada [link to www.youtube.com]
Wisconsin [link to www.youtube.com]
Canada [link to www.youtube.com]
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