Aug 16, 2012

The Centuries Old Prophecy of the Coming Union of the United States and Mexico

I would not usually pay much attention to occult prophecies, yet this one seems to be taking place as an astonished and apathetic nation watches.  What's of interest is that this prophecy was published in 1915, but apparently is much older.  It is from the Rosicrucians, a society even more secret than their brother Freemasons.  And, in keeping with their secrecy, the revelation of this prophecy was not an accident, but rather intentional.
Teotihuacan - The Temple of the Sund

It's been partially fulfilled in what is spoken of the Great Seal.  Mr. Clymer revealed in 1915 what was on the reverse side of the seal, even though it was not publicly presented on the dollar bill until 1933.  We are currently watching an obsession with Mayan prophecies, as well as the systematic elimination of the southern border between the Unites States and Mexico by the Executive branch of government.  My point here is that even pagan prophets are right on occasion (see Baalam) and this certainly bears watching.  It should also be noted that the plan for a "New World Order" is exactly what is prophesied in the Bible, both in Psalm 2 and the Book of the Revelation.  It is coming.  The only question is when.  Watch and pray...

Quetzacoatl, the Feathered Serpent god

"More than a year ago, Grace K. Morey, the author of the article, "The Great Seal of the United States and Its Mystic Significance", prepared a sketch for a short primer of the Illuminati teachings … If the student will give serious study to the article on the Seal of the United States, he will find that on the reverse side of the seal which is as yet uncut, there is to be found the Pyramid, but with the capstone as yet not placed, and thus he will see that the Philosophy of the Illuminati is the absolute and undeniable Philosophy upon which these United States are founded as is clearly indicated by ... the drawings of the reverse side of the United States seal. And thus it would appear that the Unseen Hierarchies which shaped the foundation of the great Republic which must some day rule the world, are the same Hierarchies which gave us the Soul Science Philosophy as taught by the Illuminati. And now let us look into the future, not far, but just beyond the line. We find that scholars condemn the design of the reverse side of the United States Seal, that it has never been cut but has remained hidden as though it were something to be ashamed of. However, though this appears the truth, it is not the truth. The reason why it has never been cut is because the time is not yet as the cap-stone has not yet been set. And what is this cap-stone? My reader, prepare for a shock. When Atlantis ruled the world, that which is now America was connected with Egypt by what is now Mexico, and in Mexico, in the territory of Yucatan, there is a Pyramid in which the Fire Philosophers worshipped God as Divine Fire and Life in like manner as did the Initiates of Egypt, for the two were then one. America is not complete, and will not be complete, cannot be complete, until Mexico is again part of America as she was in the long ago, and when Mexico is once again a part of the United States, then will the cap-stone have been set on the Pyramid and the reverse side of the United States seal will be cut. May it not be long until the Holy Pyramid shall be completed and may it be completed without the shedding of blood."

R Swinburne Clymer (1878-1966): Clymer was the leader of an occult society calling itself the The Fraternitas Rosae Crucis who claim, among others, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln as its past masters. Based at Beverly Hall in Quakertown, Pennsylvania one of its precepts is that America is to be the centre of the New Order of the Ages and thus the centre out of which all Spiritual Wisdom and knowledge will come in the future.