Jul 5, 2012

London Olympics Whistleblower Reveals Himself, Continues Claims of Possible Evacuation, 200,000 Casket Linings on Hold

By Alex Thomas
The undercover journalist who recently exposed the widespread problems with the company leading security for the 2012 London Olympics has, in fear for his safety, revealed himself to be director Ben Fellows.
Commenting that he is now afraid for his safety, Fellows continued his astonishing claims that during his infiltration of G4s he learned, among numerous other startling things, of plans for an evacuation of London and that 200,000 casket linings that can hold four bodies each have been shipped into London.
In the article that revealed Fellows identity, Paul Joseph Watson quoted him as saying:
“With all sincerity I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger from G4S,”
“My only protection is to go public…. I have done nothing wrong and I stand by everything that I have said,” added Fellows.
[In regard to Andy Davies, Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent] “I sent him an email, I called, he wasn’t interested and he said there’s a media blackout on this kind of story, that nobody would be interested in running it.”
“I emailed Andy Davies on the 13th of June and pitched the story to him, he then called me back and we talked.”
The information released by Fellows in the last week at the very least needs to be seriously looked into and either further verified or debunked with actual evidence that does not include corporate controlled media propaganda.
A complete rundown of the claims made so far reads like a black op inspired by the popular TV show Jericho and the often speculated upon Operation Blackjack.
  • Lax security procedures that have possibly left the Olympics open to a terror attack
  • A plan for the full scale evacuation of the entire city of London
  • The purchase of 200,000 casket linings that are currently on standby.
  • G4S employees consider the public scum of the earth and routinely brag that they are above police control.
“In fact, I was asked to be a would-be terrorist on the final training day and I was given a knife, a gun and an IED, and on all three occasions throughout the day I got through the metal detector and I also got through the x-ray machine scanner,”
  • During his training he was asked to carry weapons through screening and was able to get them all past security on every occasion.
  • Most of the time in training was spent on the evacuation plans rather than the Olympics themselves
“The security guards used for the Olympics will be at the forefront of getting the public out of London.”
“They seem quite serious about it, they’ve spent a lot of time on this.”
  • Security uniforms are openly going missing
“They’re not training them properly…it’s quite open to a terrorist attack very easily and I don’t say that lightly,”
  • Employees of G4S have also been filmed taking pictures of secure areas and were just verbally reprimanded rather than further interrogated as to why they are taking pictures in a known secure area.

In a follow up interview conducted three days ago with Tony Gosling, Fellows revealed even more information as Gosling noted that this, “builds in room for a false flag operation.” (in the interview Ben is still using his pseudym Lee Hazledean.)
G4S are talking about ‘brand screening’ the spectators despite publicly saying it will not happen. Ian Horseman Sewell, MD Global Events has said they will not brand screen.
However during Lee’s training he was specifically told that if someone turned up in say a tee shirt from a company who wasn’t sponsoring the Olympics then he would need to tell them to take off their tee shirt and turn it inside out, get changed into another or go home and change, as a condition of entry.
If they turned the tee-shirt back the right way once inside the venue Lee was told they would be ejected from the Olympics.
The fact that security may be screening for people promoting the wrong corporations just goes to show how disgustingly corporate the Olympics have become.
This directly builds in room for a false flag operation. There is a sinister implication with non-British international firm G4S running the Metropolitan police force which of course is their ultimate aim as the New World Order security outfit of choice. Like the Nazi Gestapo who supplanted the German police in the 1930s.
Why have we allowed G4S to increase their contract from £86m to a staggering £284m and they still want more. There has been no proper oversight whatever by our politicians so why not?
Many questions have arisen in regards to why and how the Olympic stadium would be evacuated.
How do you evacuate the Olympic stadium? How do you evacuate the Olympic park? G4S trainers told Lee about evacuating London but not discussed what the emergency procedures are for evacuating any Stadium in the event of an emergency.
It is almost as though they want chaos. Remember Hillsborough Britain’s worst sporting disaster.
Now that Fellows has gone public and we know that the claims were at least coming from someone who so far has checked out in regards to who he is, this information needs to be further investigated on multiple fronts.