Jul 25, 2012

Are You Ready For 150 Days of Craziness?


Whether we believe the Mayan Long Count Calendar's accuracy or date (Dec. 12, 2012) is not really the point.  Untold millions already believe it is true.  And this will have wide ranging effects on a world that is at it's tipping point.  We are now 150 days and counting from the Mayan "end of the age", and more significantly, we can tie in many links to Biblical prophecies.  For example -

- One of the first major signs mentioned is the White Horseman, in Rev. 6:2.  The White Horseman is a "conqueror", one who topples leaders of nations.  If we look specifically at the Mediterranean Sea nations, almost every single country has had their leader ousted through scandal, election or overthrow by NATO forces (see M. Qaddafi, H. Mubarak) 

- The next sign is the Red Horseman of Rev. 6:4.  He has the power to take away peace and make war.  While we haven't seen open war between nations yet, we are in the middle of a cyber war involving the U.S. and China.  And Syria, one of the last Mediterranean nations not to fall, has become the lynchpin to World War 3.  Russia and China along with Iran have come down firmly on Syria's side, while NATO forces have joined with Israel in opposition.  With British and Russian troops (and probably U.S. special forces) already on the ground inside Syria, it would seem a major war is a matter of when, not if.

- Among other signs we see the stage set for widespread famine (the third horseman, Rev. 6:5-6, as major grain and rice producers in the U.S. and Australia lie under massive droughts, or are still trying to recover.  Other nations like China and India are having problems simply feeding their own, with major issues of failed GMO crops in India and flooding in China.  With many African nations still struggling under poor leadership and no organized agricultural plans, this situation will continually worsen.  Note also in the passage in Revelation that the famine is linked with the worthlessness of money.  The world wide financial crises scream for us to beware the third horseman.

- Other signs include the continued onslaught of old diseases (like Tuberculosis and plague) along with new ones (pick a bird or swine flu) and emerging threats like the chimera/nano disease Morgellons.  These signs are preparing the way for the fourth horseman, which includes pestilence.  (Rev. 6:8)

- Throw in miscellaneous events that are lingering, like the coming London Olympics where many have already spoken of terror threats linked to the belief that Iran or Israel will ignite a massive war during the games.  And how about an American election featuring two horrible candidates, the political identical twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Will we even have an election by the time November arrives?  Throw in extreme weather events and the occasional mass murder for political motives like the Aurora shooting, and we have all the makings of 150 days of crazy.  All of this chaos working perfectly for those "powers behind the scenes" desiring a world descending into chaos so that they can bring in their savior.  The time is getting close, so close.

We will revisit the topic in 50 days, God willing.  Remember always to watch and pray.  "Look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near."  (Luke 21:8)