Jun 10, 2012

What Is Happening on the Indiana/Michigan Border?

Mystery booms, explosions in the dark, trees snapped in half, radiation spiking off the charts, military helicopters patrolling....what is happening on the Indiana/Michigan border?

‘Shaking Booms’ Snapped Trees in Half Days Before Indiana Radiation Incident

By Mike Barrett
Contributed and Originally Appeared on Natural Society
radiationsymbol 235x147 Shaking Booms Snapped Trees in Half Days Before Indiana Radiation IncidentIt was recently reported that a rather significant, concerning, and mysterious spike in radiation occurred in the north Indiana / south Michigan area, causing widespread alarm throughout the nation.
Not only are the reports of the radiation spike concerning in of itself, but the appearance of military helicopters, aircraft, and Department of Homeland Security hazmat fleets is also generating some raised eyebrows.
Reports are continuously coming out updating on the event occurring throughout June 6-7, with locals reporting on a series of explosions, house-shaking rumbles, and even large trees being completely snapped in half on a clear day just days before.
The thunder-mimicking sound led some locals to believe that explosions took place in their own basements; planes breaking the sound barrier, earthquakes, and extremely powerful fireworks were ruled out – so what could it have been?
Could the shakes and loud sounds have been a result of a terrible fracking incident? In the past fracking has caused concerning explosions both in Pennsylvania and Nixon.
As for the radiation spike reaching levels as much 7,139 CPM without warning, which is over the average of between 5 and 6, what could be the true cause?
One network responsible for the increased level measurement went on record (after removing the live measurements abruptly) stating that it was a unknown fluke in the system of which the operators are unsure of the origin.
Of course this would not make much sense as a number of different privately owned radiation measurement facilities had confirmed the readings — even some private enthusiasts. But let’s say that it was a fluke — why the sudden interest of military, government, and the abrupt eruption of unheard of ‘shaking booms’ rocking the incident zone?
It seems that extremely large amounts of radon is one possible answer, with high radon levels existing in St. Joseph County — the area in question.