May 31, 2012

Avengers, Transformers (Shape shifiters) and Eternals

Or how redundant symbolism reveals prophecy and the coming new world order.  We are being prepared through movies for supernatural, world changing events.  You have watched the movies, but are you ready for the reality?

The cave paintings are no more truthful than the moving image, the artist sees the truth behind the truth"
George Lucas

Miok (Michael) challenges the Fallen Angel © Neil Hague 1997

Themes found in Comic books, graphic novels and movies especially in recent years can be traced back to the myths and legends of the ancient world. I am a big movie ‘watcher’ and therefore after reading material and being immersed in symbolism I cannot help ‘seeing’ the themes jump out at us, intentionally so!

Its going to be long one so brace yourselves!

The battle’s between a (serpent) monster and a (Sun) hero is one common theme found throughout the world’s mythology. So are the battles between an alien invading force and a native race that lives in harmony with its environment the James Cameron movie Avatar in recent years expresses this concept very well. The most common legends include a 'force for good' versus an 'invading terrorizing force' that wants to take a planet or civilization for its own ends/needs. These dual forces have been depicted as a Saint George figure versus a Dragon/Serpent and this theme can be seen again and again through the stories of Indara and the Vritra, Apollo and the Python, Jehovah and the Leviathan, along with many other opposing pairs. Among the serpent-destroyers were also said to be other ‘saint’s such as St. Clement, the vanquisher of the Dragon of Metz and St. Marcel the deliverer of Paris from the ‘monster’ along with St. Romain whose exploits were immortalized over the ‘gargouille’ of Paris as do many other German, Spanish, Russian Saint Michael figures across Euro-Asia. The same ‘Characters’ can be found in places like Central America and in the Far East too.

What I have found fascinating are worlds and themes found in comics (now turned into movies), especially those that hint at ‘hidden knowledge’ tapped into by the visionary artist/writer of such amazing narratives. As Victor Hugo once wrote,

“All letters began as signs and all signs began as images”

The creator of such Graphic Novels and Comics like Jack Kirby and others were tapping into themes and ideas that spoke of a far deeper layer to the usual hero themes. One example is Kirby’s narratives
for a series of stories called the Eternals (below).

Reptilians versus Nordics and the battle ground as always is humanity (piggy in the middle).

The Eternals is the story of the ongoing conflict between the different breeds of mankind, overshadowed by the creatures that experimented with prehistoric ape-men and created them. In Earth’s prehistory, Kirby imagined huge armored alien Celestials that came to Earth and used proto-humans to bring forth two other species: the Eternals, who were generally beautiful, immune to natural death, and possessed superhuman powers; and the Deviants, whose inability to breed in a consistent form produced generations of endlessly varied, grotesque monsters.
The Eternals became the basis for human myths about gods and angels; the Deviants gave rise to myths about devils and demons. Myths they say? I'll come back to this later.

Another character created by Kirby was the Saturn-like figure called Galactus whose origin within the stories concerned an ancient planet called 'Taa' ('Ta love', if your from Yorkshire in the UK), whose resources and life force was diminishing. It was a ‘dying - dead’ zone and so one Taa scientist in the story decides to mount a final space expedition into the heart of a star, to go out in a last blaze of glory, as it were. In Kirby’s story the radiation of the star killed everyone aboard the craft except for that ‘one scientist’, who somehow survived and evolved into a new form of life. You could say he was a kind of ‘otherworldly’ Six Million Dollar Man – Sauron figure who after incubating for eons (within a spaceship), eventually emerges as the 'godlike' and control hungry Galactus!
His ‘eternal opponent’ is Thor, the younger Scandinavian Jupiter figure.

Saturn and Jupiter battle it out as ‘Galactus and Thor’, or any other combination we see, as the gods or the ‘planets personified’.

I write about this in great detail in my book Journeys in the Dreamtime.

Kirby's Galactus is an evil Gilgamesh- Saturn hero 'personified'

In Scandinavian mythology for example Thor is said to go fishing for Vritra a 'great serpent', which lies at the source of major rivers, seas and power of the oceans. He is a 'electromagnetic' sun god challenging the power of the Moon over the oceans...The Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh also depicts him (the Sun) struggling with a serpent at sea, while been pursued by the angel of death.

In many ancient cultures there are dragon myths

which record a ‘sky god’ defeating an

Earth-threatening monster and making the world a safer place for mankind.
However, when you look closely at these themes quite often there are contradictions at play.

Watchers, Wizards and Mutants have Landed!

I recently watched the movie The Avengers Assemble and wasn't shocked to be reminded of the endless connections to the same themes that crop up in other movies of the same ilk almost every year now and of course the connection to ancient myth will become obvious as I proceed. Of course this Marvel Comic turned film weaved together several threads and themes that are tied to other comic book movies, not least the movie Thor released in 2010.

In short the Avengers Assemble plot surrounds an invasion by the God Loki (below), for Loki, see also Lucifer, the trickster and the half brother of the God Thor. Loki is a god of fire, the bringer of chaos and mischief who was said to have made a ‘pact’ with what Norse myth call the Frost Giants who opposed Asgard (one of the Nine Worlds) and the balance of the Universe. Like the Haokah (or unnatural god) sometimes depicted as a clown in several Native American tribes, 'Loki' can ‘shapeshift’, and command the power of being in ‘several places at one time’. Lets say that he uses the holographic nature of reality to deceive and manipulate those that are not fully aware!

The daughter of Loki, the goddess Hel, (like the giant Haokah), was said to have a dual visage, pain and pleasure, hot and cold, power and magic. Being the ruler of dreams the Haokah, like the shamans of the ancient two-horned clan, were said to be able to ‘traverse time’ and move between different dimensions (realities). The same is said of the West African deity Eshu (above right), which the Yoruba people regard a trickster god. This particular figure was also capable of time travel, haunting gateways (portals) and changing into different forms – a common theme! In one Yoruba Poem regarding Eshu it says:

“ Eshu throws a stone today and it kills a bird yesterday”.

This particular phrase relates directly to the ability to travel back in time and suggest that those that can operate outside of ‘linear time’ are adepts at manipulating time. Eshnu, like Loki are ‘horned’, so is the Celtic god Cernunnos, (the hunter/shaman) was also said to be able to move between different worlds. By doing this it is said that these entities/gods were caught between both benevolent and malevolent forces, (often symbolized through having two faces) and therefore reflected the duality of life. For this reason the trickster gods are often associated with the Christian devil, Lucifer and their opposites, the savior ‘Sun’ god in many belief systems. Both are versions of the same archetype that carry symbolism that refers to the duality of light and dark forces.

n Norse myth and legend Loki is the father of Hel, (where the word Hell is derived) the wolf Fenrir (werewolves anyone?), and the world serpent Jörmungandr (a giant serpent that threatens the Earth). According to the myths Jörmungandr grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail (the Ouroboros)

As a result, he received the name the 'World Serpent'. It is said that when Jörmungandr lets go of his tail, the world will end!

Jörmungandr's arch-enemy is the god Thor, the brother of Loki…

God families can be so complicated!

Order out of Chaos

In the movie The Avengers Assembly Loki uses ‘mind altering technology’ to possess a scientist and an agent to aid him in opening up a ‘vibrational bridge’ (a porthole) in the sky that will allow the invading force, the Chitauri, to ‘fall to Earth’, or the climb down the ‘World Tree'.

Bridges and doorways are symbolic of the meeting of two worlds.

The invading reptilian army (the Chitauri) fall into the human world in the Avengers movie (right)

The ‘very reptilian looking’ Chitarui descend through a port hole, or 'hole' in sky that is created through harnessing 'Fukushima amounts' and 'beyond’ quantities of gamma radiation contained in a 'otherworldly' cube called the ‘Tesserat’, which is stolen by Loki (below left) from the ‘World Government’ Agency called S.H.E.I.L.D. The plot also implicates the fictional billionaire and founder of Stark Industries "Tony" Stark also known as Iron Man (below right). His suit and his 'powers' are very symbolic of the advancement of ‘robotics, cybernetics and the huge push for trans-humanism by the elite today within the military-industrial complex.

True to the comic Loki arrives on Earth to bring about what ancient texts, like the British Edda the events known as Ragnarök, an apocalyptic ‘end game’ that involves several Gods (Superheroes) and humanity fighting a predator force.

The word "ragnarök" is a compound of two words, the first word in the compound, ragna, is the genitive plural of regin ("gods" or "ruling powers"), derived from the Proto-Germanic term 'ragen'. The second word, rök, has several meanings, such as "development, origin, cause, relation, fate and end." The movie doesn't disappoint in that department when it comes to the timing of Loki's arrival and the chaos that ensues.

Odin the 'one eyed' who is flanked by his sons Thor and Loki

The ‘Father’ of Humanity and his ‘cold’ Minions

Raised by his one eyed Father the Saturn/Sun God Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins in the related movie Thor), Loki is also genetically connected to the Frost Giants (evil forces) and their desire to control the domain of the gods and the worlds influenced by them. I feel that the legends of the Frost Giants (below) in Norse myth relate symbolically to the ‘Ice Rings’ of Saturn and the powers invested in what the Nag Hammadi (Gnostic) texts call the Archons.

The cold blooded (reptilian looking) Frost Giants

The Titans from the movie Immortals and the ever increasing 'machine-reptilian-like' world police force

The intelligence that dwells ‘on’ and ‘within’ the planet Saturn/Kronos (which has sought to influence the Earth – middle Earth), is very much, in my view, a metallic, robot, orc-like, ‘demonic vibration’ that has ‘fallen’ in frequency and needs to harvest other life forms (energy) for it's survival.

Saturn is the 'Death star' and the planet of contraction and as the 'Planet of Death' it fears it’s own end. It is also fuels the classic parasite (the ‘feeder’ and ‘hacker’) of other life forms. William Blake’s painting The Ghost of a Flea (Completed between 1819 and 1820) shows the ‘spirit of a flea’, as it could be seen in another reality. Many 'otherworldly parasites' such as the 'Orc, the Goblin and the ‘Titans’ (above left), when seen from another level of reality, manifest as the control system. The growing militarization of the police (above right) ‘globally’ are no more than the Titans' in uniform crossed with Batman…mmm wonder why? Its a 'state of mind' and it is coming from the same source of origin. Visually its getting easier to see today!