Mar 22, 2012

Is mysterious rumbling noise in Wisconsin spreading?

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March 22, 2012 – WISCONSIN – The strange sounds heard over three straight nights in Clintonville, Wisconsin, have now been reported 70 miles to the south in Montello. What are they? Also, officials in Montello are reporting an unidentifiable slimy sludge has invaded the waste water system, never seen before. Can it have something to do with the weird booming noises residents of both towns are reporting? In Clintonville this evening, a town meeting is being held with city officials doing their best to answer questions and allay fears. But, they admit, so far they have no explanation for the mysterious, thunderous booms shaking the ground in both far-flung towns. Residents are bracing for another sleepless night, even for those not in the affected areas, because of the unease and fear this phenomenon is causing. Why is it happening only at night? Are aliens starting to work the night shift? Some believe it indicates the strange sounds are a result of some human activity which someone is trying to shield from the public eye. Possibly for illegal reasons? It wouldn’t be the first time that greedy, uncaring people put others, and the environment, at risk purely for personal gain. Unfortunately, it’s a story which has repeated itself over and over. At least in some scenarios, aliens who visit the Earth in a UFO have benevolent reasons for disrupting the lives of unsuspecting citizens. If it’s found that a group of people is doing something harmful, without thought to serious consequences, sleepy towns in Wisconsin, like Clintonville and Montello may wake from peaceful slumber in a mighty nasty mood. –Gather