Feb 14, 2012

Dormant volcanoes in Western U.S. waking up?

Add in a 5.6 that just occurred in N.California.  This info courtesy of sincedutch.wordpress.com.

In the past 24 hours — FOUR SEPARATE DORMANT VOLCANIC SITES in the Southwest USA have shown activity!
Starting in southwest Utah– 2/12/2012 (yesterday) — a swarm of earthquakes near the Markagunt Volcanic Plateau.
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Location37.853°N, 112.456°W

Official USGS stats and coordinates:
Google earth screenshots of the area below clearly show a volcanic / lavic field :

then — same day 2/12/2012 (yesterday)– activity moving to south California — very close to the border @ the Table Mountain volcanic chain.
Here is the link to my full post on this from earlier:


Location32.776°N, 116.108°W

Official USGS stats and coordinates:
Google earth screenshots of the area show another dormant volcano very close to the epicenter:


Ancient Lava Fields

Both of the Table Mountains are the remainder of an ancient volcano, and ancient lava fields can still be found all over the mountain. Part of the Lovejoy Formation, the mountains are believed to date back to 14 million and 39 million years ago.[1]
then — same day 2/12/2012 (yesterday) — activity moving north to Central California –at the Volcano Peak lavic fields:

Location35.920°N, 117.723°W

Google earth screenshots show YET ANOTHER dormant volcanic field / lavic field very close to the swarm epicenter:

Now move forward into 2/13/2012 (today).. and we see further movement NORTH — in North California — at the Clear Lake dormant volcano chain — and also directly underneath a geothermal plant:

Location38.790°N, 122.745°W

Official USGS statistics and coordinates:
Google earth screenshots clearly show a dormant volcanic chain AND a series of large geo-thermal power plants:

This amount of 3.0M+ earthquake activity occurring near dormant volcanic chains in the southwest USA — from Utah — southwest to the border of California and Mexico — then northwards into central california near Volcano Peak — then further north to the Clear Lake volcanic chain…..
This says to me, be aware of the situation, be prepared for larger movement on the west coast , specifically near these dormant volcanic sites.
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