Jul 7, 2012

4500 record highs broken: Jet stream pulled up towards Canada, ‘out of whack’ says U.S. meteorologist

Just a reminder.  The patents on HAARP and applicable to all ionospheric heaters states that one of the primary functions is to direct or redirect the jet stream.  Sure comes in handy for causing droughts or derechos, doesn't it?

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July 7, 2012CLIMATE - It’s not that the Midwest hasn’t been extremely hot before, and it’s not that it hasn’t been incredibly dry. But it’s unusual for a vast swath of the Midwest to be so very hot and so very dry for so very long — particularly this early in the summer. The current heat wave — which is spurring comparisons to the catastrophic heat of 1936 — is “out of whack,” meteorologist Jim Keeney said Friday in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “Even on the East Coast today, temperatures are 100 or above” — basically, Keeney said, the heat wave extends from Kansas all the way to the East Coast. “It’s a good chunk of the eastern half of the country, barring the far northern states, of course. So it’s pretty intense.” Temperature records are being broken and residents are suffering in what Keeney called a “corridor of extreme heat,” generally through Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and into western Kentucky. Heat records are being shattered as are records for the number of days in a row the temperature has hit 100 or higher, he said. Take St. Louis, for example. The last time the city was this hot for this long was in 1936, said Keeney, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Central Region Headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. Then, the city recorded 13 days in a row of temperatures 100 degrees Fahrenheit or over. That devastating heat wave of the mid-’30s killed thousands of people and destroyed many crops. The culprit in the current wave is a dome of high pressure that has been hovering over the eastern part of the U.S., said NWS spokesman Pat Slattery in an interview with The Times on Friday. “It’s kicked the jet stream way to north, in some places into Canada, so there’s no way for the normal rotation of weather systems to get here into the middle of the country, which would bring us some moisture. So drought becomes more and more a major factor.” –LA Times Weather Channel

Chemtrails and HAARP Associated With April 2011 Tornado Swarm

By Harold Saive
Unusual Atmospheric events were noted by many who logged their observations in sufficient detail to be of value.
DUTCHSINCE was able to assess features and make forecasts from Intellicast and other weather products before he lost electricity in Missouri.
In Florida, I was able to look at the mid-day MODIS satellite image from 4/27/2011.
Both videos were made independently and without collaboration. Taken together, the videos demonstrate very unusual scalar – MAN-MADE – weather events and represent a high probability of weather manipulation that had the result of increasing the severity, property damage and deadly aftermath of storms destined to be of lesser intensity if weather manipulation had not been involved.

This is Dutchsince coverage from 4/27/11.

Chinese Now Building Ghost Cities In Africa

Why is China constructing large, well-designed “ghost cities” that are completely devoid of people?
Now, the BBC reports a giant new Chinese-built city has been spotted in Africa in the outskirts of Angola’s capital Luanda.
What can money do for you?  How about having the President of Angola cut the ribbon to inaugurate an empty city in a dirt poor country
The city, Nova Cidade de Kilamba, was designed to hold up to a half million people and features 750 eight-story apartment buildings, 12 schools and more than 100 retail units, according to the report.
State-owned China International Trust and Investment Corporation reportedly took less than three years to build the city at a cost of $3.5 billion. It covers 12,355 acres.
BBC former Angola correspondent Louise Redvers reported that they discovered that the city’s buildings are completely empty.
The empty cities aren’t only in Africa.
WND and Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reported just last year that Google Earth photographs of China depict city after city of vast complexes consisting of office skyscrapers, government buildings, apartment buildings, residential towers and homes, all connected by networks of empty roads – with some of the cities located in China’s truly most inhospitable locations.

Google image of China's empty roads
Images of these “ghost cities” – after countless billions of dollars have been spent on the towns’ design and construction – reveal nobody lives in them.
Block after block of empty houses and apartment buildings, glamorous public buildings, magnificent public parks and sports complexes, even art museums, remain entirely empty.
“The photographs look like giant movie sets prepared to film apocalyptic motion pictures in which some sort of a neutron war or bizarre natural disaster has eliminated people from the face of the earth while leaving the skyscrapers, sports stadiums, parks and roads perfectly intact,” Corsi noted. “One of China’s ghost cities is actually built in the middle of a desert in Inner Mongolia.”
Business Insider ran a series of photos of these Chinese ghost cities. One showed no cars in the city except for approximately 100 parked in largely empty lots clustered around a government building, and another showed a beautiful wetland park with people added using Photoshop.
At the time, China had an estimated inventory of 64 million vacant homes and was building up to 20 new ghost cities a year on the country’s “vast swathes of free land.”
Empty roads in Zhengzhou, China
Business Insider speculated that the Chinese need to put their money somewhere, so developers have decided to build, as a place to store the wealth, even if the Chinese building these cities do not intend to live in them and there is no prospect they can find renters.
ScallyWagAndVagabond.com quoted Patrick Chovanec, a business teacher at Tsinghua University in Beijing, who explained, “Who wants to be the mayor who reports that he didn’t get 8 percent GDP growth this year? Nobody wants to come forward with that. So the incentives in the system are to build. And if that’s the easiest way to achieve growth, then you build.”
The following are some photos posted on Facebook of the Chinese “ghost city,” Nova Cidade de Kilamba, in Africa:

Exposing the Vatican-Islam Alliance

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The Roman Catholic Church hailed UNESCO’s decision to grant the world heritage status to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. According to the Vatican authorities, the UN decision is a “diplomatic victory” for the Palestinian Authority. Last Friday, the United Nations approved the Palestinian bid to place Jesus’ birthplace on its list of sites of World Heritage in danger. Israel called the decision “absurd” and “a sad day.”
The Palestinian agenda at UNESCO is the de-Judaization of the land of Israel by Islamicizing the holy sites. Oras Hamdan Taha, the Palestinian minister who deals with antiquities and gets funds from UNESCO, made clear, “it’s writing or rewriting the history of Palestine.” Less known is that the Vatican institutions are collaborating with the Palestinian autocracy.
The Vatican already declared its support of waving a Palestinian flag over the Temple Mount in the heart of ancient Jerusalem. Next in line is Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, Judaism’s third most holy site, which for millennia has served as a place of longing, pilgrimage and prayer for the Jewish people. In 1996, Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority began referring to the site as the “Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque,” and this is how UNESCO shamefully listed it in 2010.
Chapel of the Nativity in Bethlehem Jerusalem

Many Catholic groups worldwide already embraced the Palestinian myth. Pax Christi, one of the most famous Catholic organizations, on its website, repeatedly calls the Jewish site a “mosque.” Then there is the Bethlehem University of the Holy Land, the only Vatican-run educational institution in the area and whose founding can be traced back to the visit of Pope Paul VI in the holy land in 1964. The Catholic University recently launched a project about the Rachel’s Tomb. The document calls it “a historical religious site for followers of Christianity and Islam,” whose location is “on Palestinian lands.” The Vatican institution seems to ignore that all of Rachel’s Tomb belongs to Area C, which the Oslo Accords gave to Israeli jurisdiction. The very title of the Catholic project, “Rachel: An Alien in her Hometown,” suggests that the tomb is a spot hijacked by the Israelis. The tomb, the Catholic report says, “is also known by Muslims as the Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque.” According to the Vatican university, the Jewish shrines are Arab treasures stolen by the Zionists and the Israelis are no more than invading colonizers.
A few months ago, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, welcomed enthusiastically the agreement reached between Hamas and Fatah, despite both the PLO and Hamas covenants’ call for the use of violence against the Jews. Last September, Patriarch Twal, named by Pope Benedict XVI, was at the White House for a meeting with the American administration — as well as for the purpose to support the PA statehood bid at the UN.
Last January eight Catholic bishops from Europe and North America, including UK Archbishop Patrick Kelly and French Archbishop Michel Dubost, visited Gaza under Hamas control. “I asked prisoners in the largest prison in Europe (in Evry) to pray for you,” Dubost told Gazans. The inference is clear: Palestinians are living in a big prison terrified by Israel. In the same period, Father Manuel Musalam, head of Gaza’s Catholics, met with Hamas leader, Mahmoud al Zahar, and declared that “Christians are not threatened by Muslims” but that everyone faces the same problem, that of Israel’s “humiliation.”
A few weeks earlier, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales offered the Palestinians another piece of powerful propaganda: the comparison with Jesus’ passion. “We are to be freshly attentive to the needs of those who, like Jesus himself, are displaced and in discomfort,” Archbishop Vincent Nichols said during his last Christmas Mass sermon at Westminster Cathedral. “A shadow falls particularly heavily on the town of Bethlehem tonight … We pray for them tonight” It would have been more in keeping with Nicholas’ mission to mention hundreds of Christians losing their lives to Islamic terrorism and oppressed by Palestinian dictatorship.

Drought Reaches Record 56% of Continental US

The United States is parched, with more than half of the lower 48 states experiencing moderate to extreme drought, according to a report released today (July 5).
Just under 56 percent of the contiguous United States is in drought conditions, the most extensive area in the 12-year history of the U.S. Drought Monitor. The previous drought records occurred on Aug. 26, 2003, when 54.79 percent of the lower 48 were in drought and on Sept 10, 2002, when drought extended across 54.63 percent of this area.
When including the entire nation, the monitor found 46.84 percent of the land area meets criteria for various stages of drought, up from 42.8 percent last week. Previous records: 45.87 percent in drought on Aug. 26, 2003, and 45.64 percent on Sept. 10, 2002.
"The recent heat and dryness is catching up with us on a national scale," Michael Hayes, director of the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said in a statement. "Now, we have a larger section of the country in these lesser categories of drought than we've previously experienced" in the past 12 years. [Extreme Weather Facts: Quiz Yourself]
The monitor uses a ranking system that goes from D0 (abnormal dryness) to D1 (moderate drought), D2 (severe drought), D3 (extreme drought) and D4 (exceptional drought).
At the lower end of the scale, moderate drought involves some damage to crops and pastures, and low water levels in streams, reservoirs or wells. Areas in exceptional drought would experience widespread crop and pasture losses and water shortages that lead to water emergencies. Currently, 8.64 percent of the country would meet criteria for either extreme or exceptional drought.
"During 2002 and 2003, there were several very significant droughts taking place that had a much greater areal coverage of the more severe and extreme drought categories," Hayes said. "Right now we are seeing pockets of more severe drought, but it is spread out over different parts of the country.
"It's early in the season, though. The potential development is something we will be watching," he added.
Further into the past, the United States has experienced some really serious droughts, including one in the 1930s, the Dust Bowl drought, and another in the 1950s, each of which lasted five to seven years and covered large swaths of the continental United States. Droughts are one of the most costly weather-related events in terms of economics and loss of life, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Between 1980 and today, 16 drought events cost $210 billion, according to a recent report.
While no single event like this year's extensive drought can be said to be the result of global warming, scientists say more extreme weather should be expected as the planet warms, according to a report compiled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2011. That year, there were 12 $1-billion disasters.
In particular, the report authors predicted that with climate change there would be an increase in certain types of extreme weather, including daily high temperatures, heat waves, heavy precipitation and droughts, in some places.
The U.S. Drought Monitor is a joint endeavor by the National Drought Mitigation Center, NOAA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and drought observers across the country.

Fukushima nuclear disaster was 'man-made' says damning new report

  • The operator of the power plant, Japanese government and regulators are all criticised in report by parliamentary panel
  • 'They effectively betrayed the nation's right to be safe from nuclear accidents' says report
  • The findings call for further investigation into the impact of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake on the reactors at Fukushima
By Anthony Bond

The nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan last year was a 'man-made disaster' and not completely caused by the devastating tsunami, a new report has said.
The Japanese parliamentary panel today submitted its final report on the catastrophe. The probe is the third of its kind in Japan since the world's worst nuclear crisis in a generation.
In a damning report, the Diet's Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission said:
'The TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident was the result of collusion between the government, the regulators and TEPCO, and the lack of governance by said parties.'
Damning: The nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan last year was a 'man-made disaster' and not completely because of the tsunami, a new report has said. Workers are pictured spraying water to cool down the spent nuclear fuel two weeks after the disaster
Damning: The nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan last year was a 'man-made disaster' and not completely because of the tsunami, a new report has said. Workers are pictured spraying water to cool down the spent nuclear fuel rods two weeks after the disaster
Devastation: The Japanese parliamentary panel today submitted its final report on the catastrophe. One of the damaged reactors is pictured
Devastation: The Japanese parliamentary panel today submitted its final report on the catastrophe. One of the damaged reactors is pictured

Disaster: Smoke is pictured ascending from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant's Unit 3 in Okumamachi, Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan on Monday, March 14, 2011
Disaster: Smoke is pictured ascending from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant's Unit 3 in Okumamachi, Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan on Monday, March 14, 2011
'They effectively betrayed the nation's right to be safe from nuclear accidents. Therefore, we conclude that the accident was clearly 'man-made'.
'We believe that the root causes were the organisational and regulatory systems that supported faulty rationales for decisions and actions, rather than issues relating to the competency of any specific individual.'

The nuclear disaster followed a 9.0 magnitute earthquake off the coast of Japan in March last year - the most powerful ever known to hit the country.
It led to a massive tsunami which devastated many towns and villages and led to almost 20,000 deaths.
Normal: The Fukushima plant is pictured before the disaster in 2008
Normal: The Fukushima plant is pictured before the disaster in 2008
Damaged: This picture 8 days after the explosion shows the crippled plant. The operator of the plant Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) was criticised in today's report
Damaged: This picture 8 days after the explosion shows the crippled plant. The operator of the plant Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) was criticised in today's report
An earlier report by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) had all but cleared the huge utility, saying the size of the earthquake and tsunami was beyond all expectations and could not reasonably have been foreseen.
But an independent group of scholars and journalists, who reported their findings in February, said TEPCO could and should have done more.
It also said that had the company had its way, its staff would have been evacuated from the crippled plant and the catastrophe could have spiralled even further out of control.
The findings published on Thursday call for further investigation into the impact of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake - as opposed to the towering tsunami - on the reactors at Fukushima.
Wrecked: Waves swallow a seaside village on March 11 after an earthquake leads to a massive tsunami in Japan. An explosion at Fukushima occured the following day
Wrecked: Waves swallow a seaside village on March 11 after an earthquake leads to a massive tsunami in Japan. An explosion at Fukushima occured the following day

Horrific: Local residents walk among destroyed houses and debris in the tsunami-damaged city of Rikuzentakata, in Iwate prefecture
Horrific: Local residents walk among destroyed houses and debris in the tsunami-damaged city of Rikuzentakata, in Iwate prefecture
'As for direct cause of the accident, the commission reached the conclusion that we cannot definitely say any devices that were important for safety were not damaged by the earthquake,' it said.
'We cannot rule out the possibility that a small-scale LOCA (loss-of-coolant accident) occurred at the reactor No. 1 in particular.'
Although many scientists and activists have questioned the dominant narrative that cooling systems were knocked out by the rising waters, the government and TEPCO have been unwilling to say the reactors could have been damaged by the initial earthquake.
Tectonically-volatile Japan has a network of nuclear reactors that, until Fukushima, had supplied around a third of the nation's electricity.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2169061/Fukushima-nuclear-disaster-man-says-damning-new-report.html#ixzz1zuHzfMFW

Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America

Warning shots will not be fired”
Paul Joseph Watson
A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.
The document (PDF), which is dated 2006 and was used for a self-learning course at the U.S. Army Military Police School at Fort McClellan, makes it clear that the operations described in the manual apply to both “CONUS and OCONUS,” meaning inside the Continental United States and outside the Continental United States.
The document outlines how military assets will be used to “help local and state authorities to restore and maintain law and order” in the event of mass riots, civil unrest or a declaration of martial law.
The primary function of military assets will be focused around, “breaking up unauthorized gatherings and by patrolling the disturbance area to prevent the commission of lawless acts,” states the document, adding, “during operations to restore order, military forces may present a show of force, establish roadblocks, break up crowds, employ crowd control agents, patrol, serve as security forces or reserves, and perform other operations as required.”
The manual also describes how prisoners will be processed through temporary internment camps under the guidance of U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations, which as we reported earlier this year, outlines how internees would be “re-educated” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.
On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a, “Warning shot will not be fired.”
The manual includes lists of weapons to be used against “rioters” or “demonstrators,” including “antiriot grenades.” It also advises troops to carry their guns in the “safe port arms” stance, a psychological tactic aimed at “making a show of force before rioters.” Non-lethal weapons and water cannons are also included.
The document also explains how the military will be involved in spying on and gathering information on dissidents to identify the, “Existence of persons, groups, or organizations which have distinctively threatened or are creating disturbances.”
“Crowd control agents” will also be deployed for the purpose of “reducing resistance,” states the manual, which also implies that troops will be used to confiscate firearms.
“Restrictions on the sale, transfer, and possession of sensitive material such as gasoline, firearms, ammunition, and explosives will help control forces in minimizing certain forms of violence,” states the document on page 40.
“Consideration may be given to evacuating sensitive items, such as weapons from stores,” the manual also states on page 27.
The document emphasizes how troops should make every effort, “to avoid appearing as an alien invading force and to present the image of a restrained and well-disciplined force whose sole purpose is to help to restore law and order with a minimum loss of life and property.”

This 115 page manual represents a shocking new insight into how the U.S. military will be used domestically to violently quell unrest in the aftermath of a total economic collapse or other national emergency.
Preparations for using troops to deal with mass civil unrest on U.S. soil have been in the works for years.
Back in 2008, U.S. troops returning from Iraq were earmarked for “homeland patrols” with one of their roles including helping with “civil unrest and crowd control”.
In December 2008, the Washington Post reported on plans to station 20,000 more U.S. troops inside America for purposes of “domestic security” from September 2011 onwards, an expansion of Northcom’s militarization of the country in preparation for potential civil unrest following a total economic collapse or a mass terror attack.
A report produced that same year by the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Institute warned that the United States may experience massive civil unrest in the wake of a series of crises which it termed “strategic shock.”
“Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security,” stated the report, authored by [Ret.] Lt. Col. Nathan Freir, adding that the military may be needed to quell “purposeful domestic resistance”.
Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was established under the pretext of a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican/US border.
During the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987, however, it was revealed that the program was a secretive “scenario and drill” developed by the federal government to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, assign military commanders to take over state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens determined by the government to be “national security threats.”
With many Americans now becoming “pre-revolutionary” as a result of their fury at the Obama administration and equally unpopular lawmakers in Washington, potential civil unrest could spring not just from a poverty-stricken underclass, but also the shrinking middle class.
Perhaps that’s why the Department of Homeland Security is increasingly focusing its anti-terror apparatus on white middle class Americans, portraying them as domestic terrorists in a series of PSA videos. In addition, ‘Occupy’ protesters are also now being characterized as terrorists.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

NASA Concedes Space–Time Portals Exist


NASA finally concedes that what was once considered science fiction is now a reality. A recent announcement by NASA of an upcoming probe called MMS will study these Space–Time Portals.
Space–Time portals have been talked about for decades in science fiction and the alternative media communities have presented many theories on their existence. Something tells me that someday soon NASA will admit that Crop Circles are in fact made by Extraterrestrial Technology – but I digress.
The article posted June 29th on the NASA Science News site begins,
“A favorite theme of science fiction is “the portal”–an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers to distant realms. A good portal is a shortcut, a guide, a door into the unknown. If only they actually existed….
It turns out that they do, sort of, and a NASA-funded researcher at the University of Iowa has figured out how to find them.”
In the article, University of Iowa plasma physicist Jack Scudder describes the portals as X-points or electron diffusion regions. He goes on to say, “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

Read full article at - http://aliendigest.com/2012/07/06/nasa-concedes-space-time-portals-exist/

Jul 6, 2012

The Persecution and Death of the Disciples

The Crucifixion of Peter by Caravaggio
Paul's execution at Rome
Christian Persecution: A list of Early Martyrs Who Were Witnesses to the Life of Jesus
Here is an account of early Christian persecution, as compiled from numerous sources outside the Bible, the most-famous of which is Foxes’ Christian Martyrs of the World:

Around 34 A.D., one year after the crucifixion of Jesus, Stephen was thrown out of Jerusalem and stoned to death. Approximately 2,000 Christians suffered martyrdom in Jerusalem during this period. About 10 years later, James, the son of Zebedee and the elder brother of John, was killed when Herod Agrippa arrived as governor of Judea. Agrippa detested the Christian sect of Jews, and many early disciples were martyred under his rule, including Timon and Parmenas. Around 54 A.D., Philip, a disciple from Bethsaida, in Galilee, suffered martyrdom at Heliopolis, in Phrygia. He was scourged, thrown into prison, and afterwards crucified. About six years later, Matthew, the tax-collector from Nazareth who wrote his gospel in Hebrew, was preaching in Ethiopia when he suffered martyrdom by the sword. James, the brother of Jesus, administered the early church in Jerusalem and was the author of an Epistle by his name. At age 94, he was beat and stoned, and finally had his brains bashed out with a fuller's club. Matthias was the apostle who filled the vacant place of Judas. He was stoned at Jerusalem and then beheaded. Andrew was the brother of Peter who preached the gospel throughout Asia. On his arrival at Edessa, he was arrested and crucified on a cross, the two ends of which were fixed transversely in the ground (this is where we get the term, St. Andrew's Cross). Mark was converted to Christianity by Peter, and then transcribed Peter’s account of Jesus in his Gospel. Mark was dragged to pieces by the people of Alexandria in front of Serapis, their pagan idol. It appears Peter was condemned to death and crucified at Rome. Jerome holds that Peter was crucified upside down, at his own request, because he said he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as his Lord. Paul suffered in the first persecution under Nero. Paul’s faith was so dramatic in the face of martyrdom, that the authorities removed him to a private place for execution by the sword.
The Martyrdom of Mark by Fra Angelico

In about 72 A.D., Jude, the brother of James who was commonly called Thaddeus, was crucified at Edessa. Bartholomew preached in several countries and translated the Gospel of Matthew into the language of India. He was cruelly beaten and then crucified by idolaters there. Thomas, called Didymus, preached the Gospel in Parthia and India, where exciting the rage of the pagan priests, he was martyred by being thrust through with a spear. Luke was the author of the Gospel under his name. He traveled with Paul through various countries and is supposed to have been hanged on an olive tree by idolatrous priests in Greece. Barnabas, of Cyprus, was killed without many known facts in about 73 A.D. Simon, surnamed Zelotes, preached the Gospel in Mauritania, Africa, and even in Britain, where he was crucified in about 74 A.D. John, the "beloved disciple," was the brother of James. From Ephesus he was ordered to Rome, where it is affirmed he was cast into a cauldron of boiling oil. He escaped by miracle, without injury. Domitian afterwards banished him to the Isle of Patmos, where he wrote the Book of Revelation. He was the only apostle who escaped a violent death.

The Truth About Mormon Religion - They Believe Jesus is Lucifers Brother

Some accurate videos on the origins and beliefs of the Mormon religion.  If you are a Christian, all you need to know is that they blaspheme Jesus Christ, making him Lucifer's brother.  Add in their occult origins and practices, fantasy faith and extreme racism against blacks, and you have a Romneyesque mess. 
This video is an anti-Romney political piece, but covers the racism of Mormonism in the beginning of the video. At 2:30 an excellent educational cartoon begins on the bizarre teachings of the origins and Godhead of the Latter Day Saints. Well worth the watch.

Jul 5, 2012

London Olympics Whistleblower Reveals Himself, Continues Claims of Possible Evacuation, 200,000 Casket Linings on Hold

By Alex Thomas
The undercover journalist who recently exposed the widespread problems with the company leading security for the 2012 London Olympics has, in fear for his safety, revealed himself to be director Ben Fellows.
Commenting that he is now afraid for his safety, Fellows continued his astonishing claims that during his infiltration of G4s he learned, among numerous other startling things, of plans for an evacuation of London and that 200,000 casket linings that can hold four bodies each have been shipped into London.
In the article that revealed Fellows identity, Paul Joseph Watson quoted him as saying:
“With all sincerity I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger from G4S,”
“My only protection is to go public…. I have done nothing wrong and I stand by everything that I have said,” added Fellows.
[In regard to Andy Davies, Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent] “I sent him an email, I called, he wasn’t interested and he said there’s a media blackout on this kind of story, that nobody would be interested in running it.”
“I emailed Andy Davies on the 13th of June and pitched the story to him, he then called me back and we talked.”
The information released by Fellows in the last week at the very least needs to be seriously looked into and either further verified or debunked with actual evidence that does not include corporate controlled media propaganda.
A complete rundown of the claims made so far reads like a black op inspired by the popular TV show Jericho and the often speculated upon Operation Blackjack.
  • Lax security procedures that have possibly left the Olympics open to a terror attack
  • A plan for the full scale evacuation of the entire city of London
  • The purchase of 200,000 casket linings that are currently on standby.
  • G4S employees consider the public scum of the earth and routinely brag that they are above police control.
“In fact, I was asked to be a would-be terrorist on the final training day and I was given a knife, a gun and an IED, and on all three occasions throughout the day I got through the metal detector and I also got through the x-ray machine scanner,”
  • During his training he was asked to carry weapons through screening and was able to get them all past security on every occasion.
  • Most of the time in training was spent on the evacuation plans rather than the Olympics themselves
“The security guards used for the Olympics will be at the forefront of getting the public out of London.”
“They seem quite serious about it, they’ve spent a lot of time on this.”
  • Security uniforms are openly going missing
“They’re not training them properly…it’s quite open to a terrorist attack very easily and I don’t say that lightly,”
  • Employees of G4S have also been filmed taking pictures of secure areas and were just verbally reprimanded rather than further interrogated as to why they are taking pictures in a known secure area.

In a follow up interview conducted three days ago with Tony Gosling, Fellows revealed even more information as Gosling noted that this, “builds in room for a false flag operation.” (in the interview Ben is still using his pseudym Lee Hazledean.)
G4S are talking about ‘brand screening’ the spectators despite publicly saying it will not happen. Ian Horseman Sewell, MD Global Events has said they will not brand screen.
However during Lee’s training he was specifically told that if someone turned up in say a tee shirt from a company who wasn’t sponsoring the Olympics then he would need to tell them to take off their tee shirt and turn it inside out, get changed into another or go home and change, as a condition of entry.
If they turned the tee-shirt back the right way once inside the venue Lee was told they would be ejected from the Olympics.
The fact that security may be screening for people promoting the wrong corporations just goes to show how disgustingly corporate the Olympics have become.
This directly builds in room for a false flag operation. There is a sinister implication with non-British international firm G4S running the Metropolitan police force which of course is their ultimate aim as the New World Order security outfit of choice. Like the Nazi Gestapo who supplanted the German police in the 1930s.
Why have we allowed G4S to increase their contract from £86m to a staggering £284m and they still want more. There has been no proper oversight whatever by our politicians so why not?
Many questions have arisen in regards to why and how the Olympic stadium would be evacuated.
How do you evacuate the Olympic stadium? How do you evacuate the Olympic park? G4S trainers told Lee about evacuating London but not discussed what the emergency procedures are for evacuating any Stadium in the event of an emergency.
It is almost as though they want chaos. Remember Hillsborough Britain’s worst sporting disaster.
Now that Fellows has gone public and we know that the claims were at least coming from someone who so far has checked out in regards to who he is, this information needs to be further investigated on multiple fronts.

'I'm a eat you': Crazed naked man high on bath salts threatens to eat police officers as they try to arrest him on golf course

Newest 'cannibal': Karl Laventure apparently told police he wanted to eat their faces
Newest 'cannibal': Karl Laventure apparently told police he wanted to eat their faces
A 'zombie cannibal' was tasered by police after he charged at them wielding a golf club.
Karl Laventure, 21, was believed to be high on bath salts when he tried to attack the officers in Lilburn, Georgia.
And after they had managed to subdue him he began threatening to eat them.
Laventure appeared out of some woods and was seen running naked around a golf range near Atlanta, swinging a club around his head and screaming.
Police said that it took several officers to subdue the man who had 'super-human strength'.
'He came running at us out of the woodline,' officer Ross Hancock told local station WSBTV.
At first, they tried using pepper spray to stop him, but that left him undeterred.
'He didn't even wipe his eyes, he just kept them open,' Mr Hancock said of the pepper spray.
They then turned to their Tasers and though that momentarily shocked Laventure to the ground, it did not stop him.
Trouble: It took several police officers a significant amount of effort to subdue Karl Laventure when he was allegedly high on bathsalts
Trouble: It took several police officers a significant amount of effort to subdue Karl Laventure when he was allegedly high on bathsalts
'We had to Tase him approximately five more times on scene to get him down. It took several officers to hold him down to get him cuffed,' Mr Hancock told the station.
A video clip of the June 14 arrest shows Laventure lying face down on the ground, shirtless, mumbling seemingly disconnected thoughts and threatening to eat the faces of the officers.

'He was still talking gibberish, still cussing, still saying he wanted to eat us, eat other people,' Mr Hancock added.
The video shows him talking about the deceased rappers Biggie and Tupac, making animal sounds, and continuing to threaten the police officers.
Strong: Police sprayed him with pepper spray and shocked him with a taser five times before they were able to get him on the ground
Strong: Police sprayed him with pepper spray and shocked him with a taser five times before they were able to get him on the ground
Interrupted: Witnesses saw a naked Laventure running around the Atlanta Golf Center on June 14 'making animal noises'
Interrupted: Witnesses saw a naked Laventure running around the Atlanta Golf Center on June 14 'making animal noises'
'Among other things he said "I'm'a eat you. I'll eat you, I don't want to eat you but I will,"' one witness told Fox News.
Though they controlled him enough to force him to a nearby hospital, he attacked one of the nurses on the scene and another fight ensued.
His behavior is being blamed on the use of the synthetic drug called bath salts, which was also linked to previous violent outbursts throughout the country.
'I've never had to encounter somebody who acted like this before, so there's no telling what they may do when they are high on this drug,' Mr Hancock said.
There have been a number of 'cannibal' incidents linked to bath salts in recent weeks.
Bath salts, a synthetic amphetamine cocktail known as 'the new LSD', was the believed drug of choice for Rudy Eugene, who he chewed off homeless man Ronald Poppo's face in Miami in May.
While a man in Louisiana, Carl Jacquneaux, was arrested when he bit off a piece of his neighbour's cheek, which a friend blamed on bath salts.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2168050/Man-high-bath-salts-strips-naked-attacks-police-officers-golf-course-saying-wants-eat-faces.html#ixzz1znTpXjw9


Is Jesus Christ Reaching Out to Muslims Through Their Dreams?

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  • Is Jesus Christ Appearing to Muslims in Their Dreams? | Charisma NewsIs Jesus Christ reaching out to Muslims through their dreams and encouraging them to embrace his teachings? This is exactly the phenomenon that some former Islamic adherents claim they have personally experienced. Numerous stories about Muslims, among others, who see the Christian savior in their dreams and convert as a result are streaming out of the Middle East.
    While skeptics would certainly scoff at such a notion — and Muslims, themselves, may become incensed at proclamations affirming this dynamic, those who have experienced it swear by its authenticity.

    Take, for instance, Ali, a man whose journey is documented in a recent Charisma News article. A few years ago, he was slated to go on the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca known as Hajj. But, he claims something transformational happened along the way — something so pivotal that it stripped away the very faith he was attempting to affirm.
    “Of course when I went to Mecca I was going there in order to pay homage to the Kabba and to fulfill the requirements in Islam,” Ali explained. ”That night I saw Jesus in a dream.”

    Ali claims that Christ first touched his forehead with his finger and then said, “You belong to me.” After that, he touched above his heart and said, “You have been saved, follow me. You belong to me.”

    After the dream, Ali pledged not to finish his pilgrimage and to follow Jesus’ voice. Thus, he inevitably became a Christian.

    This, of course, could easily be dismissed by critics as a mere dream and nothing more. Perhaps Ali was experiencing questions about his faith and the journey to Mecca he embarked on. Often times, dreams are manifestations of thoughts, fears and emotions. But Ali and others reject this explanation, as they believe that Jesus truly reached out and called them.

    A documentary called “More Than Dreams” highlights Ali’s complete story. An official description of his life reads (read a longer version of his story here):
    This Turkish man in bondage to alcohol saw Jesus in a dream and his life was changed forever. Desperate, he moved to Saudi Arabia — a place where alcohol is forbidden. However, upon his arrival, he found liquor there. He then made the pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed of his addiction and to be led in the way of a true Muslim. To his surprise, he met Jesus Christ instead.
    Watch Ali story about Jesus’ apparition, below:

    As noted, Ali‘s experience isn’t the only one that has gained widespread attention. Khalil, a radical Egyptian terrorist, made a transition and accepted Christ after Jesus purportedly visited him in a dream as well. There are a number of other examples, too, from the “More Than Dreams” DVD.
    Here‘s Khalil’s story:

    Tom Doyle, author of the upcoming book “Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World,” and a staffer with e3 Ministries, says he’s seen this phenomenon before.
    “We’re seeing that all around. We’re hearing about people that have never even thought about Jesus as savior,” Doyle told Charisma News. “They‘re content Muslims and they’re having dreams over and over.”
    Doyle believes that “our God is a fair God” and that many Muslims are seeking and that they don’t know where to go. So, rather than a more overt conversion, he claims that Jesus is coming to them in their sleep. Charisma has more:
    Doyle said the dream or vision is usually the start, not the end, of a Muslim’s conversion.
    “Nobody goes to sleep a Muslim and wakes up a Christian, but it knocks down the false barriers that are inherent in Islam,” Doyle explained.
    The Doyles said beneath the current revolution in the Middle East, there’s a spiritual earthquake.
    “As things heat up politically and spiritually within Islam, man, the Holy Spirit is moving even more powerfully,” Joanna [his wife] said.
    “This is the time when hearts are open, people are desperate, governments are changing,” her husband added. “Everybody’s foundation has massive cracks in it and Jesus is the answer that can come in and fill that need.”
    Through dreams — and satellite television — more Muslims than ever are learning about the Christian savior. And, according to veteran missionaries, more than ever are also converting.
    (H/T: Charisma News)

    Unknown disease kills 61 children in Cambodia

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    July 4, 2012CAMBODIAAn unidentified disease has killed 61 young children in Cambodia in three months, the World Health Organization said Tuesday as it raced to identify the cause. “The number of deaths reported to WHO are 61 cases and they have all been in young children,” said Dr Nima Asgari, a public health specialist for the UN body in Cambodia, adding that the first casualties were reported in April. The WHO is currently working with the Cambodian Ministry of Health “to identify the cause and the route of spread of this disease,” he said. With the investigation still at an early stage, Asgari said it was difficult to specify the symptoms, which “include high fever and severe chest disease symptoms, plus in some children there were signs of neurological involvement.” There have been 62 reported cases so far, Asgari said, with just one patient surviving. The victims, all aged seven and under, were admitted to hospitals in the capital Phnom Penh and the northwestern tourist hub of Siem Reap. In separate comments sent to AFP, the WHO said there were no signs yet of contagion. “To date, there is no report of any staff or any neighboring patients to the cases at the hospitals becoming sick with similar symptoms,” it said. Asgari confirmed there was “no cluster of the cases yet” but said the high mortality rate in such a short space of time was worrisome. “WHO is always concerned about a disease which causes death in such high numbers of children,” he told AFP. Cambodian health ministry officials were not immediately available for comment. –Medical Xpress WHO

    Iran Goes All In With Syria - An Attack on Syria is an Attack on Iran

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    July 4, 2012MIDDLE EASTLebanese Shiite Hezbollah and Iran will fight alongside the Syrian regime if it is attacked by foreign forces, a pro-Damascus Palestinian fighter leader said on Tuesday. In the event of “a foreign attack, we discussed with our brothers (in the Syrian regime), with (Hezbollah chief) Hassan Nasrallah and our brothers in Iran, we will be part of this battle,” said Ahmad Jibril of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. In an interview with Beirut-based Mayadeen television, Jibril said that if a “Turkish-European alliance or NATO escalate… we will take to the streets and fight on behalf of all those with honour and our Syrian brothers.” Jibril also cited Nasrallah as saying Hezbollah would fight on behalf of the Syrian regime, and described the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah alliance as “one axis” that the PFLP-GC is part of. He added that he met recently with Nasrallah, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, without specifying when. He also noted that the Hezbollah chief “said he would join this battle, in the event of a foreign attack” on Syria. The Iranian regime, he said, told him it would not allow a strike on Syria. “We have warned the Turks several times not to play with fire,” Jibril said. Echoing the Syrian regime’s discourse, the PFLP-GC chief said the 16-month uprising against Assad was not a genuine local movement, but rather “a change in the foundations of this region in order to create a new Middle East,” referring to a term coined in 2006 by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Jibril described the defence of the Syrian regime as “a decisive battle.” Victory would be necessary, he said, in order to “defeat the American and Zionist projects.” –Gulf News
    Iran says missiles could destroy US missile bases: Iran has threatened to destroy U.S. military bases across the Middle East and target Israel within minutes of being attacked, Iranian media reported on Wednesday, as Revolutionary Guards extended test-firing of ballistic missiles into a third day. Iran on Tuesday test-fired in its central desert a ballistic missile capable of striking Israel as part of war games designed to show its ability to retaliate if attacked, media said. Israel has hinted it may attack Iran if diplomacy fails to secure a halt to its disputed nuclear energy program. The United States also has mooted military action as a last-resort option but has frequently nudged the Israelis to give time for intensified economic sanctions to work against Iran. “These bases are all in range of our missiles, and the occupied lands (Israel) are also good targets for us,” Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards aerospace division, was quoted by Fars news agency as saying. Haji Zadeh said 35 U.S. bases were within reach of Iran’s ballistic missiles, the most advanced of which commanders have said could hit targets 2,000 km (1,300 miles) away. ‘We have thought of measures to set up bases and deploy missiles to destroy all these bases in the early minutes after an attack,” he added. It was not clear where Haji Zadeh got his figures on U.S. bases in the region. U.S. military facilities in the Middle East are located in Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Turkey, and it has around 10 bases further afield in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. -Reuters
    U.S. increases military presence: The United States has quietly moved significant military reinforcements into the Persian Gulf to deter the Iranian military from any possible attempt to shut the Strait of Hormuz and to increase the number of fighter jets capable of striking deep into Iran if the standoff over its nuclear program escalates. The deployments are part of a long-planned effort to bolster the American military presence in the gulf region, in part to reassure Israel that in dealing with Iran, as one senior administration official put it last week, “When the president says there are other options on the table beyond negotiations, he means it.” But at a moment that the United States and its allies are beginning to enforce a much broader embargo on Iran’s oil exports, meant to force the country to take seriously the negotiations over sharply limiting its nuclear program, the buildup carries significant risks, including that Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps could decide to lash out against the increased presence. –NY Times
    Turkey recovers pilots’ bodies: Turkey on Wednesday found the bodies of two pilots shot down by Syria last month during a contested flight that pushed the neighbors’ relations to a new low almost a year after Ankara threw its weight behind the opposition to oust President Bashar al-Assad from power. The military General Staff in Ankara said on Wednesday that it was working to remove the bodies of Captain Gokhan Ertan and Lieutenant Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy from the Mediterranean. Turkey didn’t identify the location of the dead pilots or provide any additional details. The armed forces weren’t immediately able to provide comment. -WSJ

    How Would You Like to Wear Your Joy?

    by John Piper

     Isaiah prophesies:

      The ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.
    “Everlasting joy shall be upon their heads.”
    Upon their heads as a crown — because joy is the mark by which we share the rule of God.
      Upon their heads as a wreath — to signify the reward of victory over every sorrow in this life.
      Upon their heads as a helmet — because the joyful mind is unassailable with Satan’s dark thoughts.
      Upon their heads as oil — because of God’s anointing, his consecration, his approval.
      Upon their heads as a hood — to protect from the searing heat and the soaking rain.
      Upon their heads as an insignia — to show whose they are. They belong to the God of all joy.
     You will not have to choose. The everlasting joy of the redeemed is complete. It satisfies every longing, every holy desire. This joy was in the fellowship of the Godhead before the creation of the world. And in the end, it will rest upon us, and make us able to enjoy him with his own joy. And then joy will have its immeasurable effects forever.

    Jul 4, 2012

    The Martyrdom of Paulo Uchibori and His Children

    A wave of harsh persecution took place in Japan in the early 1600's, during which many Christians were martyred.

    On February 20, 1627, church leader Paulo Uchibori, his wife and three children were arrested for harboring missionaries.  On that day, Paulo and 37 other Christians were beaten, paraded naked through town and imprisoned in Shimabara Castle.

    The following day, the Christians were tortured.  The government wanted to avoid making martyrs, but used the cruelest methods to force Christians to deny their faith.  One of the soldiers teased Paulo as he held a knife, saying, "How many of your children's fingers should we take?"  Paulo replied, "It is up to you."

    The soldiers cut off all of the children's fingers except their thumbs and little fingers, saying Christians should have fewer fingers than an animal.  Paulo's two oldest children, Antoniao and Barutabazaru offered their fingers to the soldiers, without crying or showing pain.  The last child was Paulo's youngest, Ignatius, age five.  He also showed no pain as his fingers were cut off.  He raised his bleeding hands to the sky, offering them to God.  Those who were watching were surprised by what they saw and were deeply moved by the children's bravery.

    Stained glass windows in Shimabara Catholic Church depict the torture and death of Paulo and his children.

    The soldier then bound the hands and feet of 16 people including Paulo's children and threw them repeatedly into the ice-cold water of Shimabara Bay.  Still the Christians would not renounce their faith.  Antoniao's last words before he disappeared into the ocean were, "Father, we should thank God for giving us such a great blessing."

    After his children were drowned, Paulo's face was branded with the three Japanese characters of the word "Christian."  He was thrown out on the streets with a sign on his kimono reading, "Punished for being a Christian.  It is forbidden to help this man or give him shelter."

    A week after the martyrdom of his children, Paulo was sent up Mt. Unzen with 15 other Christians to experience "torture in the hells of the Unzen volcano."  Paulo was hung upside down and lowered into the boiling sulfur waters many times.  He prayed out loud each time, realizing he was part of the Body of Christ, "The Eucharist should be hallowed."  Finally, his body was thrown into the boiling spring.

    The faith of Paulo and his children encourage us today.  We know that they, along with many other unnamed Japanese Christians, were welcomed into Jesus' presence and now wear robes of white. 

    Dark, satanic mills of Industrial Revolution take centre stage at Olympics opening ceremony

    By Rob Cooper
    The £27million Olympics opening ceremony will feature smoke stacks, pits and steam power as it showcases Britain's industrial past, new aerial photographs suggest.

    Danny Boyle is expected present a grim picture of Britain's satanic mills with a towering factory chimney the centrepiece of a scene showing off the country's coal-powered past.

    The organisers have already revealed how they will show off cricket on the village green, dancing happily around the maypoles and singing for joy in the background. But they are expected to show a darker side to our past in the second scene.
    Industrial heritage: A new aerial photograph of the Olympic Stadium as preparations for the opening ceremony continue shows a selection of props including cauldrons, chimney stacks and cotton looms
    Industrial heritage: A new aerial photograph of the Olympic Stadium as preparations for the opening ceremony continue shows a selection of props including cauldrons, chimney stacks and cotton looms

    This dramatic image of what the opening ceremony is expected to look like was caught by a cameraman in an airship which passed near the Olympic Stadium in East London.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2164312/London-2012-Olympics-Dark-satanic-mills-Industrial-Revolution-centre-stage-opening-ceremony.html#ixzz1zdEp7zl5

    BBC Broadcast Points to Planet X - A Brown Dwarf Star Being In the Neighborhood

    The first "discovery" of this planet/brown dwarf dates back to 1983.  There is little doubt these days scientifically as to it's existence, but as to it's location, that's another matter.  I have wondered why all of the super-cooled telescopes (like the Vatican operated LUCIFER telescope on Mt. Graham in Arizona) have been built, including at least two currently in orbit via NASA.  These telescopes are designed to find interstellar bodies that emit little to no hear and light.  Which would seem to contradict some of the pics we've seen on the internet of Planet X (sometimes referred to as Nibiru).  Whatever the case, here's a collection of evidence gathered over the last two years.

    Jul 3, 2012

    Mid-Atlantic power outages could last days

    By Ben Nuckols

    FRANCONIA, Va. (AP) - A day after seeking refuge at shopping malls and movie theaters, hoping the lights would be back on when they returned, nearly 2.7 million residents faced a grim reality Sunday: stifling homes, spoiled food and a looming commute filled with knocked-out stoplights.
    Two days after storms slammed the mid-Atlantic region, power outages were forcing people to get creative to stay cool in dangerously hot weather. Temperatures approached 100 degrees in many storm-stricken areas, and utility officials said the power will likely be out for several more days.
    "If we don't get power tonight, we'll have to throw everything away," Susan Fritz, a mother of three, said grimly of her refrigerator and freezer. Fritz came to a library in Bethesda, Md., so her son could do school work. She charged her phone and iPad at her local gym.
    The severe weather that began Friday was blamed for 17 deaths, most from trees falling on homes and cars. Three people were killed Sunday in eastern North Carolina when sudden storms hit there. Meanwhile, Coast Guard officials say they have suspended the search for a man who went missing early Saturday while boating during the storm off Maryland.

    On Sunday night, federal and state officials in the mid-Atlantic region gave many workers the option of staying home Monday to ease congestion on the roads. Federal agencies will be open in Washington, but non-emergency employees have the option of taking leave or working from home. Maryland's governor also gave state workers wide leeway for staying out of the office.
    The bulk of the damage was in West Virginia, Washington and the capital's Virginia and Maryland suburbs. At least six of the dead were killed in Virginia, including a 90-year-old woman asleep in her bed when a tree slammed into her home. Two young cousins in New Jersey were killed when a tree fell on their tent while camping. Two were killed in Maryland, one in Ohio, one in Kentucky and one in Washington.

    On Sunday night in North Carolina, a 77-year-old man was killed when strong winds collapsed a Pitt County barn where he was parking an all-terrain vehicle, authorities said. In neighboring Beaufort County, a couple was killed when a tree fell on the golf cart they were driving. Officials said trees fell onto dozens of houses, and two hangars were destroyed at an airport in Beaufort County. The damage was mostly blamed on straight-line winds.
    From Atlanta to Baltimore, temperatures approached or exceeded triple digits. Atlanta set a record with a high of 105 degrees, while the temperature hit 99 at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport just outside the nation's capital. With no air conditioning, officials urged residents to check on their elderly relatives and neighbors. It was tough to find a free pump at gas stations that did have power, and lines of cars snaked around fast-food drive-thrus.
    States worked to make sure the power stayed on at water treatment plants so that people at least had clean water. Chain-saws buzzed throughout neighborhoods as utility crews scrambled to untangle downed trees and power lines. Neighbors banded together.

    For more go to - http://apnews.myway.com/article/20120702/D9VOG4R81.html

    Jul 2, 2012

    Is Ron Paul Actually Winning the Delegate Count?

    I don't usually cover politics, as the evidence points to both parties being thoroughly corrupt.  However, this falls under the media lies and manipulation of public opinion category, and is one of the most amazing "in your face" cover-up of modern times.  What should be a front page political story is non-existent.  So, from the DailyBell.com, here you go...

    CNN Asks Ron Paul To Drop Out & Endorse Romney Despite His Chances To Win 5/9/12 ... Ron Paul on CNN "Newsroom." They continue to attack and ask Ron Paul to drop out. Ron Paul still has a good chance to win and continues to get asked to endorse Mitt Romney and just give up. – matlarson10
    Dominant Social Theme: Ron Paul is done?
    Free-Market Analysis: Citizen reporting continues to make the point that GOP libertarian Congressman Ron Paul has remained in the US presidential race not just to "make a point" but because he actually may have the possibility of winning the damn thing.
    This video we have presented below makes this point categorically, showing us how power elite media facilities like CNN are simply lying about Ron Paul's delegate counts.
    Turns out in these examples that mainstream GOP candidate Mitt Romney has far fewer delegates than CNN claims. The narrator of the video shows us this clearly and points out that not only is Ron Paul adding to his delegate total but that if the momentum continues he may actually have a chance – perhaps a slim one – at winning the nomination.
    Here's the video:
    (Video from matlarson10's YouTube user channel.)

    Fire in the sky: Something lights up Australian sky for 20 minutes after rock plunges into the sea

    By Rob Waugh
    A burning trail lit up the sky over Western Australia for 20 minutes after an object suspected to be a meteorite plunged into the sea, leaving a burning orange trail that mesmerised local residents.

    Beachgoers in Perth debated what could have caused the strange burning line in the sky, which persisted for 20 minutes. Most meteorite trails are only seen briefly - and seeing an object plunge into the sea is rare.
    The burning trail persisted in the sky for 20 minutes afterwards, say Perth residents, who assume that a meteorite left the flaming streak across the sky
    The burning trail persisted in the sky for 20 minutes afterwards, say Perth residents, who assume that a meteorite left the flaming streak across the sky

    A burning trail lit up the sky over Australia for 20 minutes after an object suspected to be a meteor plunged into the sea, leaving a burning orange trail that mesmerised local residents
    A burning trail lit up the sky over Australia for 20 minutes after an object suspected to be a meteorite plunged into the sea, leaving a burning orange trail that mesmerised local residents
    Local resident Gavin Trought captured a picture of the 'burning streak', saying, 'The weird streak in the sky seen from Cottesloe last night. I noticed it just before sunset.'
    Meteorites are fragments of rock that land on Earth's surface. Those that burn up - 'ablate' - in Earth's atmosphere are referred to as meteors.
    The meteorite was reported by Perth Now.
    Seeing such clear, fiery trails is rare.
    Perth journalist Pip Moir posted a photo she took at Cottesloe Beach to Twitter shortly after 6pm as puzzled onlookers debated what caused the colourful phenomena.
    Daniel Jongue, manager at Perth's The Naked Fig Cafe, said he saw ‘something on the horizon'' just before sunset.
    Jonque said that the fiery trail lasted for around 20 minutes.

    ‘It looked like vapour. It was red, orange and yellow and quite beautiful,' he said.

    Meteorites are fragments of rock and sometimes metal that survive the fall to Earth from space. Most are fragments left over from the collision of two asteroids.
    Captured by Earth's gravitational force, they are accelerated to speeds of over 11.2 kilometres per second.
    They can vary in size from a fraction of a millimetre to larger than a football pitch. It is believed a meteorite six miles across wiped out the dinosaurs 65million years ago.
    Hundreds of meteorites fall to Earth each year but only a handful are recovered.