Jan 2, 2015

The Shinar Directive -- Part 5 - The Size and Perspective of the Coming One World Kingdom

by Dr. Michael Lake

Does the Word of God in Daniel give us a hint that the Antichrist will be able to reproduce the dark magic and scale of Nimrod's empire?
Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. (Daniel 11:37)
Some have speculated that this refers to the Antichrist being a homosexual. Although it is true that most within the occult are bisexual (for use in ritual magic), I believe this is a prophetic clue linking the coming man of sin with Nimrod. This powerful working of dark magic and esoteric wisdom will be reproduced one more time in human history. The coming transmogrification of a man will invite Lucifer himself to come and coinhabit this enhanced man-god. He will become the reincarnation of Nimrod—the Antichrist!
Babylonian and Egyptian mysticism are still the leading spiritual forces within the winding currents of the mystery religions today. Egyptian Sex Magic, a product of Egyptian mysticism, is prominent in the teachings of Aleister Crowley, as well as the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Golden Dawn. It is also interwoven in the esoteric teachings of Freemasonry. In his internationally acclaimed book, Zenith 2016, Dr. Tom Horn reveals the Lost Symbol of Freemasonry:
Unrecognized by the vast majority of peoples around the world is the greatest conspiracy of all time, sitting right out in the open in Washington DC and at the Vatican. It is an ancient, magical, talismanic diagram—the Lost Symbol—which waits its final use by the hidden, occult hand guiding the Secret Destiny of America.[i]
It would seem that the Lost Symbol was designed utilizing ancient Watcher knowledge, handed down through the line of Ham, and was embedded in the occult religious practices of Egypt. Could the Lost Symbol be a Watcher-inspired spiritual/technological device designed to replicate the transformation of Nimrod? Will it one day produce a new man-god: Gibborim/Nephilim (Osiris made flesh)? The truth is that the physical occult symbols/devices have been in place for centuries, and practitioners of the occult have been going through the prescribed rituals with absolute devotion. Yet, through all of the centuries of faithful rehearsals, the equal to Nimrod has yet to be reproduced. Perhaps the realization of the next Nimrod will require intervention by the Watchers through a stargate (or dimensional portal) into our reality. On the other hand, maybe the last piece of the god-maker puzzle is still just waiting to be discovered in one of the world’s pyramids or ziggurats.
The Elite of the world are working behind the scenes with secret government agencies around the globe and the Transhumanist Movement community to unlock the secrets of Nimrod.

Dr. Horn continues detailing the mystic meaning of these ancient symbols of Babylon’s mystery religion:
Undoubtedly the vast majority of people, when looking at Washington, DC, and at the Vatican, never comprehend how these cities constitute one of the greatest open conspiracies of all time. There, reproduced in all their glory and right before the world’s eyes, is an ancient talismanic diagram based on the history and cult of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, including the magical utilities meant to generate the deity’s return. The primeval concept—especially that of sacred Domes facing Obelisks—was designed in antiquity for the express purpose of regeneration, resurrection, and apotheosis, for deity incarnation from the underworld to earth’s surface through union of the respective figures—the Dome (ancient structural representation of the womb of Isis) and the Obelisk (ancient representation of the erect male phallus of Osiris). This layout, as modeled in antiquity, exists today on the grandest scale at the heart of the capital of the most powerful government on earth—the United States—as well as in the heart of the most politically influential church on earth—the Vatican. Given this fact and the pattern provided by the apostle Paul and the Apocalypse of John (the book of Revelation) that the end times would culminate in a marriage between political (Antichrist) and religious (False Prophet) authorities at the return of Osiris/Apollo, it behooves open-minded researchers to carefully consider this prophecy in stone, as it defines the spiritual energy that is knowingly or unknowingly being invoked at both locations with potential ramifications for Petrus Romanus, the year 2012, and beyond. The US Capital has been called the “Mirror Vatican” due to the strikingly similar layout and design of its primary buildings and streets. This is no accident. In fact, America’s forefathers first named the capital city “Rome.” But the parallelism between Washington and the Vatican is most clearly illustrated by the Capitol building and Dome facing the Obelisk known as the Washington Monument, and at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican by a similar Dome facing a familiar Obelisk—both of which were, according to their own official records, fashioned after the Roman Pantheon, the circular Domed Rotunda “dedicated to all pagan gods.” This layout—a Domed temple facing an Obelisk—is an ancient, alchemical blueprint that holds significant esoteric meaning.[ii]
(Author’s note: For more information on this and related topics, I encourage you to read Dr. Horn’s updated version of his book entitled Zenith 2016: The Revised and Expanded Edition of Apollyon Rising 2012. This book is a must for any serious student of Bible prophecy.)
Nimrod also possessed the strength, cunning, and cruelty of the children of the Watchers before the Flood. This change within him supercharged his despotic desires. What were some of those tyrannical desires? Finis Dake provides some of the answers.
Nimrod comes from the Hebrew marad (HSN-<H4775>), “to rebel.” It points to some violent and open rebellion against God. Nimrod began to be a mighty one in the earth by bold and daring deeds. His rebellion is associated with the beginning of his kingdom and suggests that his hunting and mighty deeds were related primarily to hunting men by tyranny and force. He lorded it over others, hunting and destroying all who opposed him in his despotic rule over people. This is the meaning understood by Josephus and writers of the Targums. Josephus says that Nimrod persuaded people to ascribe their happiness to him rather than God. He became a great leader, taught people to centralize, and defied God to send another flood. It is said that Nimrod hunted down wild beasts also, which were killing many people, and taught people to build walls around cities for protection against them.
The term “mighty hunter” (Gen. 10:9) could refer to a hunter of animals or of men to enslave them. Nimrod was a hunter of both human beings and animals. The Hebrew gibbowr (HSN-<H1368>), translated “mighty” here, means a powerful warrior, tyrant, champion, giant, or strong one. It is used of giants who were renown for wickedness (Gen. 6:4), and of other wicked men (Ps. 52:1–3; 120:4; Isa. 5:22; Jer. 9:23). It could refer to Nimrod as a tyrant and oppressive despot. He established the first kingdom and the first universal false religion opposing God since the flood of Noah…. This was done “before the Lord,” that is, openly: in the presence of God with all defiance. That is why God, when He came down to see Babel, took action to counteract the rebellion of Nimrod (Gen. 11:1–9).[iii] (Emphasis added)
Nimrod possessed both a demonic intelligence and a supernatural strength that enabled him to enslave people through tyranny and force. He demanded that everyone ascribe their happiness to him and him alone. He became the first ruler of the known world (the first New World Order) and established the first one-world religion. Nimrod is the perfect type and shadow in the Old Testament of the Antichrist. The Antichrist will be unstoppable as a warrior, his cruelty will know no bounds, he will enslave the world as the new leader of the New World Order, and he will establish a one-world religion to draw all men away from the True God and Creator of mankind. No other figure in history or the Bible, not even the pharaohs of Egypt, comes close to personifying the Antichrist the way that Nimrod did.
A. W. Pink agrees with this analysis of Nimrod and Babylon. In his classic work on the Antichrist, he writes:
In the first place, as Nimrod—the founder of Babel, that is, the Tower of Babylon—a savage tyrant and cruel oppressor of men, was the first person who declared open war against God; so it is meet that there should arise from the selfsame Babylon, the last and most atrocious persecutor of the saints—the Antichrist. Moreover, seeing that Nebuchadnezzar and Antiochus Epiphanes—two monsters who bore down upon the people of God with an overwhelming power of destruction, and who were the antichrists of the old Testament and remarkable types of the Antichrist which is to come; seeing, I say, that these monarchs reigned in Babylon, it is fitting that the true Antichrist of the New Testament should arise from the same Babylon.
Besides, no place can be pointed out more meet for the nativity of Antichrist than Babylon, for it is the City of the Devil—always diametrically opposed to Jerusalem, which is deemed the City of God; the former city, that is, Babylon, being the mother and disseminator of every kind of confusion, idolatry, impiety—a vast sink of every foul pollution, crime, and iniquity—the first city in the world which cut itself off from the worship of the true God—which reared the city of universal vice,—which perpetually (according to the record of Holy Writ) carries on the mystery of iniquity, and bears imprinted on her brow the inscription of blasphemy against the name of God. The consummation, therefore, of impiety, which is to have its recapitulation in Antichrist, could not break forth from a more fitting place than Babylon.[iv]
Needless to say, Nimrod set the standard for ruthlessness. In fact, his exploits were greater than all other despots in history combined. Even the practice of crucifixion did not originate in Rome; it all began in Babylon!

Understanding the Two Faces of Nimrod

Although his ruthlessness is well documented in most biblical resources, I do think they overlook the other side of Nimrod. He was able to inspire men to come under his leadership. He was genius in military tactics; he was a consummate politician; he developed cities, honed an entire civilization, and birthed a religion that is still spreading like a cancer in the world today. Nimrod’s spiritual influence was so great that families would willingly offer their children on the fiery altars of Molech.
Nimrod would be the perfect world leader for today. He would wear a Giorgio Armani suit, have a disarming smile, possess the personality perfect for TV, have a physique like that of the Greek gods, and have a wisdom drawn from the deepest well of the ascended masters of the New Age throughout time. His words would drop like honey from his perfect, genetically altered lips, and his transhuman-enhanced blue eyes would seem to look straight into your soul. He would be able to mesmerize the masses into following him without question, and he would engineer a society that reflects his true personality: the perfect blending of sophistication and savagery. High culture and blood would run through all the streets of the cities and nations that he would build and rule. Safety, security, health, pleasure, and prosperity would be extended to those who gave unquestioned loyalty. This is also a perfect description of the Antichrist—truly, the reincarnation of Nimrod. 
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Was Agnes Ozman Speaking Chinese?

Was Agnes Ozman Speaking Chinese?
How will you spend New Year's day? Perhaps you will watch a football bowl game or write a list of resolutions for the coming year. On this day, January 1, 1901, Agnes Ozman did neither. She spoke an unknown language for the first time in her life.

You could say it was Charles Parham's doing. Parham was convinced that if the church was to meet the challenges of the twentieth century, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit was needed. He expressed his views through a bimonthly paper called Apostolic Faith. Believing that divine healing was possible, he founded the Bethel Healing Home in Topeka where those who were sick could gather to unite in prayer for healing. Around 1900, he left Topeka expressly to hear for himself what the best-known holiness preachers of the day had to say--men such A. B. Simpson, Alexander Dowie, and Frank Standford. On his brief tour, Parham encountered students who spoke in tongues.

Back in Topeka, he founded Bethel Bible School. It opened in October 1900 in a rambling house known as "Stone's Folly," because its previous owner had not been able to complete it. Among the forty students who gathered under Parham's teaching was Agnes Ozman.

Agnes' parents had homesteaded a Nebraska farm in 1871, the year after she was born in Wisconsin. The six Ozman children were reared in the Methodist Episcopal Church. As a young woman, Agnes attended various Bible institutes and participated in home mission work in Kansas City. She decided to give Bethel Bible a try.

Parham led his students through a study of the major tenets of the holiness movement, including sanctification and divine healing. Baptism by the Holy Spirit is spoken of in the New Testament and Parham wondered, what was its evidence? He asked his students to examine the issue over a period of three days, while he had to be away, and see what they thought.

Upon his return, he found the students unanimously agreed that speaking with other tongues was the proof that the Holy Spirit had fallen upon an individual. Four times in the book of Acts the Spirit is recording as falling on people. Each time, they spoke in tongues.

The students of Bethel Bible School and their mentor planned a New Year's eve "watch night" service to pray for the Holy Spirit. After midnight, on the first day of 1901, Agnes asked Parham to lay his hands on her and pray specifically that she might be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in another tongue as evidence of the filling. According to the others, his prayer was heard. Agnes began speaking in Chinese. Those with her reported that a halo seemed to surround her head and face. Soon afterward, the remaining students also spoke in unknown languages and later Parham himself did too. It is said that Agnes could not speak English for three days and was only able to write in Chinese characters.

Coming as a direct result of prayer, her experience convinced the other students that tongues should accompany filling by the Holy Spirit. Many Christian theologians disagree, but Agnes' New Year's morning experience was a red letter day in the modern "Pentecostal" movement.

Bethel Bible folded that same Spring. Agnes left to work as a city missionary in Omaha. In 1911, she married Pentecostal evangelist, Philemon LaBerge. They worked with struggling congregations. The Pentecostal movement gained prominence when it spread to California, and burst upon the nation through the Asuza Street Revival that began in April, 1906.

Agnes died in California in 1937, leaving behind her an unusual and notable legacy.
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Earth on the cusp of destruction - extreme weather events 2014

Extreme weather events - earth changes and biblical prophecy
This video covers some of the major extreme weather events from January 2014 through to early april 2014
earthquakes polar vortex sea level rise climate change tsunami meteors etc

Satans Alter Ego | As Above So Below: The Giver & Ultimate Transhumanist Superheroes


Innovative St. Basil

Innovative St. Basil
Suppose a newly elected President asked you to serve in his cabinet, and threatened to fine you if you refused, would you turn him down? St. Basil, who died on this day, January 1, 379 (probable date), is said to have done just that. When Roman Emperor Julian asked Basil to join his court, he refused because Julian had turned his back on Christianity. Emperor Julian was so angry, he fined Basil l,000 pounds of gold--equivalent to nearly $6 million dollars. Basil laughed off the fine as ridiculous, and reminded Julian that the two had studied scriptures together as schoolboys.

Although today less than 1 percent of the people in Turkey are Christian, in the early days of the church, Turkey, then called Asia Minor, was a center for Christianity. Basil was born into an upper-class Christian family in Cappadocia. His mother and grandmother took special care to bring him up as a Christian. Basil's family produced other famous Christians. His brother is known as St. Gregory of Nyssa, a remarkable theologian and writer; his sister was St. Macrina, who founded a Christian community on the family property and who convinced Basil to leave the law for the church.

After Basil gave himself to the service of the church, he became a hermit and founded one of the earliest communities of monks in the Mideast. Leaving his reclusive life, he joined Gregory of Nazianzus in preaching. When famine overtook Cappadocia in 368, Basil sold inherited property to help the suffering and to feed the hungry. In 370, he became Bishop of Caesarea. Here he founded hospitals, hostels, and schools, largely financed from his own funds. Children were cared for, slaves protected, and the homeless given shelter.

Even before he became the bishop of Ceasarea, Basil was an activist on important issues of the day. He staunchly defended the deity of the Holy Spirit and the doctrine of the Trinity (that God is three persons in one being).

On this day, January 1, we remember St Basil for his sound Christian theology, compassion for the poor, sick, and homeless, and as a man who was willing to stand up for his faith--even against the mighty Roman emperor.

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Year in Review: Our Top Ten Conspiracies of 2014

Guest Post: Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton21st Century Wire
With the year drawing to a close, it’s important to take inventory of some of the larger, more impactful conspiratorial stories and events in 2014.  It was a year which saw an unprecedented assault on reality, and our imaginations. Make no mistake, this is a psychic war being waged on our senses, as a media-driven synthetic reality is being advanced to consume reason and logic.

There were a number of other notable events that could have easily made this list – like the federal stand-off at Bundy Ranch, CIA Torture Report and Israel’s siege of Gaza – but we chose the ten most improbable conspiracies for this end of year omnibus special.
We hope you’ll agree, that this is the best ‘conspiracy countdown’ on the web this holiday season.
In the count down to number one, here’s our top ten of 2014…

10. Scottish Independence – Was the vote for Scotland’s independence rigged? It’s no secret that Westminster didn’t want Scottish self-determination to prevail north of the border. The Glasgow City Council confirmed that there were at least ten cases of suspected electoral fraud occurring at polling stations following the Scottish referendum vote on the September 18th. There were a number of reports indicating voter fraud, including the Sky News cameras capturing proof that ‘Yes’ votes were being placed in ‘No’ piles on the day of the referendum. The BBC wase also caught using its state-sponsored platform to effectively smear the ‘Yes’ campaign. There are plenty of financial and geopolitical reasons to ensure that Scotland would stay in the UK, and according to some, an independent Scotland could have seen as much as a 90 percent boost in income from profits derived from gas and oil reserves due to the UK’s borders being redrawn. North Sea oil appears to have been front and center when examining this seemingly fraudulent referendum vote in 2014…
Read more about Scottish voter fraud here
DC-HOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA? Actor Seth Rogen on a marketing junket for his bizarre film release.
9. Hollywood’s The Interview and ‘Sony Hack’ scandal – Despite being hyped and spun to high heaven, and getting a ton of free publicity from the President himself, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s release of The Interview failed to impress the critics, before it proceeded to flop it’s way into Hollywood’s dustbin of perennial mediocre films. While the FBI and the entire US media blamed the infamous ‘Sony Hack’ on a fictitious secret North Korean hacking unit called ‘Bureau 121′ (seriously?). 21WIRE called it from the onset for what it truly was – a ‘false flag’ hack. We also revealed how this film was actually an expensive piece of Rand Corportion and US State Department propaganda designed to weaken morale in North Korea and hopefully pave the way for regime change. That didn’t stop mindless US politicians and media charlatans from claiming that it was our “patriotic duty as Americans” to go and see this movie on Christmas Day. Another classic example of consensus reality gone Pete Tong
Read more at ‘The Interview Exposed’
IMAGE: Bibeau conceals his identity with a scarf, while Shiekh Monis plays role of ‘terror mascot’ Down Under.
8. Ottawa Shooter and The Sydney Siege – Bizarre shootings have become an almost monthly event in the west, so we’ve paired these two international terror mascots together at #8. In 2014, both Canada and Australia were thrust into America’s weird world of ‘ISIS-related’ terroresque incidents. Suspected Parliament Hill and National War Memorial assailant, aka ‘The Ottawa Shooter’, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was quickly elevated to international monster status by the media and yet, he appeared to have the perfect ‘modus operandi’ and fractured criminal résumé required to be an informant for the Canadian security services. It turns out, the authorities admit Bibeau was being ‘monitored’ (managed). Just prior to the Ottawa shooting, we revealed how the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), had pushed through a weighty anti-terror security measure called C-44. It should also be mentioned that several multi-agency drills had taken place in weeks leading up to the shooting in Canada. On the day of the shooting, Canadian SWAT officers could be seen laughing and joking while posing for cameras – indicating that this was a completely staged event. Similarly, another colorful gunman rose to brief international prominence in December – ‘Shiekh’ Man Haron Monis who starred in the Sydney Siege in December. Like in Canada, there were also a series of drills, like ‘Operation Hammerhead’, which took place prior to Monis taking hostages at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place. Like Bibeau, Australia’s Shiekh Monis had the perfect informant profile, including regular mainstream media spots given to him, and just like Bibeau, Shiekh Monis was also being ‘monitored’ (managed). The building of an ‘artificial Jihad’ has been an ongoing theme since the War on Terror was declared, and there’s been no shortage of coerced participants and mentally disturbed, low-life criminals who’ve stepped on stage to play the role of ‘domestic terrorist’, ‘self-starter’ and ‘homegrown ISIS-linked’ boogeyman…
Read more on the Ottawa Shooter here  +  Read more on The Sydney Siege here
TALE OF TWO SHOOTERS: Rodgers toasts his fans on YouTube, while Jerad Miller plays the role of the ‘Joker’ in Batman.
7. Isla Vista Tortured Teen Rampage and Vegas ‘Sin City’ Shooters – In 2012, we had Aurora and Sandy Hook, and in 2013 it was Aaron Alexis and LAX, and 2014 was no different. In the US, regularly scheduled and seemingly unexplainable bizarre shooting incidents have become something of a national pastime, so we’ve included this dynamic duo in at #7. In California, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger (son of a Hollywood producer) was named in an apparent drive-by-shooting near UC Santa Barbara in Isla Vista. He pulled off the improbable: twelve crime scenes at ten different locations, including three stabbings at the alleged shooter’s apartment complex – all prior to two separate shootouts with police, according to ‘official’ reports. In his well-scripted YouTube videos, Rodger craved “Retribution”, and lamented ‘being a virgin’, blaming women for rejecting his advances. It was like a plot straight out of any teen vampire movie. Similarly, the incredible narrative of the newlywed ‘Vegas Shooters’, Jerad and Amanda Miller, whose wild road adventure took them from Occupy rallies in the Midwest, to Las Vegas, where they quickly reconfigured their image from left-wing activists into that of right-wing ‘patriots’. Their apparent cross-country American adventure documented on YouTube soon turned into a double cop-killing rampage in Vegas this past June, and eerily mirrored the plot of the Hollywood classic, Natural Born Killers. After their arrival in Las Vegas, the Millers were sent to Bundy Ranch before the infamous standoff in April, where a number of major media spots were organized for them on networks like NBC, and Al Jazeera America. It turns out that the Millers have a working relationship with the Las Vegas Sheriff’s department, although it is still unknown exactly what purpose they served…
Read more about the Isla Vista Rampage here + Read more on Vegas Shooters here
A TALE OF TWO VICTIMS: Michael Brown shooting sparked protests in Ferguson, MO, while the plight of Eric Garner mobilized crowds in the Big Apple and beyond.
6. Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in NYC – A verdict was returned, and Ferguson burned. It brought back memories of similar scenes; the 1965 Watts Riots, the Rodney King verdict and the subsequent 1992 LA Riots, and was also a near repeat of the Zimmerman-Martin verdict scenario in 2013. On the evening of November 24th, in Clayton, Missouri, St. Louis County prosecutor announced that the Grand Jury had delivered its decision in the case of Officer Darren Wilson vs. Michael Brown. Five indictment charges were presented, but the jury found “no probable cause” and returned a “no true” bill for all charges. Tremors began to shake the streets almost immediately after. The Three Amigos – President Obama, AG Eric Holder, and ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton worked overtime, fomenting a national race war on the back of the incident, and it worked – racial tensions were inflamed, as the US Mainstream media continued to promote the lie that Michael Brown cried ‘#HandsUpDontShoot‘ and was somehow shot in the back while in retreat. The lie went viral in a social media explosion fueled by more Twitter #hashtags. Then lightning seemed to strike twice – a similar incident and verdict was returned in NYC, and the victim’s name was Eric Garner, who had died after an apparent ‘choke-hold’ arrest by a NYPD officer. ‘#ICantBreathe’ became the new #hashtag de jour. Anti-police street protests and march went nationwide. It all came to a thundering halt, however, when 28 yr old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, shot and killed two NYPD officers on Dec. 20th – a point-blank revenge attack for Eric Garner’s death in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy district. After the double hit, Police began to push back against Twitter mobs and against blanket accusations of racism. It was a drama and controversy like no other before it, and will no doubt take more twists and turns as the Occupy Movement finalize their plans for  renewed nationwide demonstrations in either the spring, or fall of 2015…
See the full Ferguson timeline here + See the Eric Garner case here
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