Dec 1, 2012

Apollyon Rising 2012 - Part 3

Continuing discussion on the occult plans for the "return of the gods" (fallen angels). 

The 2012 Ouroboros Doomsday Clock - Part 4

Some detail here on the Nephilim and their history.

The Madness of a Lost Society

I've included all 3 videos here, as the total time is only around 20 minutes. Lots of good truth here. One thing that is well explained here is how we are being driven financially by the world's largest private bank, the Federal Reserve, into a financial disaster and likely chaos in our nation. It's time for us to prepare spiritually for the dark days ahead.

Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate
Al Gore Says the Science of Global Warming is Settled
By Harold Saive
It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in Climate Warming Weapons Technologies for more than twenty 20 years.
TITLE: “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification”

This set of documents from 1966 reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration with each other and the military to Modify the Global climate.

Created by the elitist National Academy of Sciences – decades of an inter-agency culture of secrecy explains why the issue of covert aerosol Geoengineering is a taboo topic to be degraded to the status of “conspiracy theory” by a matrix of complicit bureaucrats at every opportunity.

This is why your local TV “meteorologist” will rarely make a helpful comment about an unusual sky filled with persistent jet trails.

TITLE: “The Evolution of a Weather Modification R&D program Into a Military Weapons System”. A 1986 Critique of the 1966 initiative.

This document appears as an anonymous draft intended as a critique of the US Weather Modification Program that the author characterizes as hijacked into a military weapons system.

Jules Verne wrote about geoengineering the earth’s climate in 1889 in a sequel to “From the Earth to the Moon” called “The Purchase Of The North Pole”.

Verne writes that the Baltimore Gun Club purchased large tracts of the Arctic then used the famous canon from the earth-to-the-moon to tilt the Earth’s axis. The goal was to establish a tropical paradise as a profitable tourist attraction at the North Pole while “improving” the entire global climate.

If Verne correctly predicted that man would travel from the earth to the moon, it should be no surprise that he also predicted that a small group of influential men would consider warming the climate for profit.

Verne could have been inspired by Harvard geologist Nathaniel Shaler who proposed diverting warm Atlantic water into the Arctic back in 1877 – a dozen years before Verne’s “fantastic”story was published.

Warming the Arctic with large-scale Geoengineering projects has been the vision of industrialists for 100 years – and still is.

Remember when People Thought Arctic Warming was a Good Idea?

VILLAGE VOICE: “ Hey, remember when climate change was a swell idea? Coconuts were in the offing.”

“Imaginations ran wild, and The Washington Post envisioned Manhattan becoming a tropical paradise” … “People would be gathering oranges off the trees in Central Park, or picking cocoanuts from palms along the Battery, [and] hunting crocodiles off the Statue of Liberty.”

The prospect sounded so splendid to New Yorkers that Senator William Calder (1917-1923) tried to get $100,000 appropriated for a study of the idea. Village Voice

Remember when Scientists Thought Arctic Warming was a Good Idea?

1962 Harry Wexler (March 15, 1911- 1962) was an MIT graduate and PhD in meteorology. Wexler had been researching the link connecting chlorine and bromine compounds to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layers, but died of a heart attack while on vacation in Woods Hole, Mass.

Wexler had already accepted an invitation to deliver a lecture entitled “The Climate of Earth and Its Modifications” at the University of Maryland Space Research and Technology Institute. (Source)

Wexler’s was last in a long line of ambitious proposals to warm the Arctic. Coincidently, his proposals were made at the same time the National Academy of Sciences was working to create a national weather modification program – a direction in which the military had already embarked in 1958.

“Global Warming” initiatives proposed by Wexler:
  • To increase the global temperature of the Earth by 1.7°C, “by injecting a cloud of ice crystals into the polar atmosphere by detonating 10 H-bombs in the Arctic Ocean – the subject of his 1958 article in Science magazine” (Wexler H., 1958, “Modifying Weather on a Large Scale,” Science, n.s. 128 (Oct. 31, 1958): 1059-1063).

  • To diminish the global temperature by 1.2°C could be doable, “bylaunching a ring of dust particles into equatorial orbit, a modification of an earlier Russian proposal to warm the Arctic”.

  • To destroy the ozone layer and hence increase abruptly the surface temperature of the Earth, by spraying “several hundred thousand tons of chlorine or bromine” with a stratospheric airplane. Fleming, 2007(a), pp. 56-57; Fleming, 2007(b), “note n° viii” p. 9 & p. 5 (source)
The decision to reverse direction from warming the arctic to cooling the arctic was announced in 1963 - the year following Wexler’s death when the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Atmospheric Sciences recommended appointment of a Panel on Weather & Climate Modification. pg 2

Read the full article at -

Nov 30, 2012

Veterans Today Editor Claims U.S. Military Has Planned a Coup

In the first part of this interview he claims that nuclear threats are imminent in the United States, but does not specifically name the source of the threat.  In the second part, he goes into the threat of a coup, which is not shocking in itself, as witnessed by the sacking of five major generals or admirals in the last month, along with new executive orders threatening extreme punishment for internal threats.

This is not the most credible guy in the world, as his site has run some stories that are spurious at best, but the coup info is very credible based on facts at the moment.  Clearly something was going on in the military that has caused a break with the White House.

Apollyon Rising 2012, With Tom Horn - Part 2

The 2012 Ouroboros Doomsday Clock - Part 3


Who Is Allah?

Good info here...

Tornado Destroys Italian Steel Plant

Not a common occurrence for Italy...

Mammograms a medical hoax, over one million American women maimed by unnecessary 'treatment' for cancer they never had

The title seems sensational, but it's from a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigious in the U.S., and possible the world.  When they say over a million women were diagnosed with cancer that they didn't have, you have to believe not only that it's true, but perhaps there were even more, as they are extremely conservative with such studies.  This is horrifying, wspecially for the many women maimed unnecessarily.

Breast cancer ads have generated massive profits for the medical industry

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Mammography is a cruel medical hoax. As I have described here on Natural News many times, the primary purpose of mammography is not to "save" women from cancer, but to recruit women into false positives that scare them into expensive, toxic treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

The "dirty little secret" of the cancer industry is that the very same oncologists who scare women into falsely believing they have breast cancer are also the ones pocketing huge profits from selling those women chemotherapy drugs. The conflicts of interest and abandonment of ethics across the cancer industry is breathtaking.

Now, a new scientific study has confirmed exactly what I've been warning readers about for years: most women "diagnosed" with breast cancer via mammography never had a cancer problem to begin with!

93% of "early detection" has no benefit to the patient

That's the conclusion of a groundbreaking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

"We found that the introduction of screening has been associated with about 1.5 million additional women receiving a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer," writes study co-author Dr. Gilbert Welch.

Now, at first, you might think that's a good thing. You might think, "Well, early detection saves lives, just like we've been told by Komen and the cancer non-profits."

But you'd be wrong. As Dr. Welch's team discovered, there was virtually no reduction in late-stage breast cancer from all this "early" diagnosis, meaning that most women who were told they had breast cancer after a mammogram were being lied to.

As he explains:

We found that there were only around 0.1 million fewer women with a diagnosis of late-stage breast cancer. This discrepancy means there was a lot of overdiagnosis: more than a million women who were told they had early stage cancer -- most of whom underwent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation -- for a "cancer" that was never going to make them sick. Although it's impossible to know which women these are, that's some pretty serious harm.

Yep, it is. In fact, if you do the math and calculate 0.1 million fewer women with advanced-stage cancer out of 1.5 million who were diagnosed, 93% of the "early detection" cancer cases studied were false positives, meaning that they would never have gone on to cause advanced-stage cancer anyway.

Chemo, radiation, cancer surgery largely a hoax

According to these scientists, "Breast cancer was overdiagnosed (i.e., tumors were detected on screening that would never have led to clinical symptoms) in 1.3 million U.S. women in the past 30 years."

That's 1.3 million women who were told by their lying oncologists: "If you don't agree to treatment, you'll be dead in six months" (or two years, or whatever fraudulent scare schedule they use).

Under the threat of this fear, most women cave in and agree to start "treatment" -- often on the very same day they are falsely diagnosed. This so-called "treatment" consists of a highly toxic injection of deadly chemicals that the oncologist makes a small fortune selling to the very same patients he falsely diagnosed. Yep, that's right: Cancer clinics and oncology treatment centers make huge profits on the chemotherapy drugs they sell to patients -- the very same patients they scared into treatment through a false positive mammogram.

Despite the near-total failure of mammography from a scientific point of view, the propaganda push for mammography is downright deafening. As Dr. Welch explains in his New York Times article:

...No other medical test has been as aggressively promoted as mammograms -- efforts that have gone beyond persuasion to guilt and even coercion ("I can't be your doctor if you don't get one"). And proponents have used the most misleading screening statistic there is: survival rates. A recent Komen foundation campaign typifies the approach: In short, tell everyone they have cancer, and survival will [statistically] skyrocket.

Komen for the Cure, of course, has been caught blatantly lying about the supposed "benefits" of mammography. Their statistical deception fools most women, sadly, convincing them to undergo toxic chemotherapy for a "breast cancer" they never really had.

The quackery of modern oncology

Once women begin the chemotherapy for a cancer they don't even have, they begin to experience what the quack oncologist calls "symptoms of cancer." Their hair falls out. They lose their appetite. Their muscles atrophy. They become weak, mentally confused and chronically fatigued. The cancer doctor then tells the woman, "You must be strong to pull through this while the medicine is working."

Pure quackery! You could do much better invoking voodoo or even just wishing to be cured. Because everything about the cancer experience in modern medicine -- the diagnosis, the "treatment," the medical authority -- is utterly and maliciously fabricated for the purpose of generating cancer industry profits.

Learn more:

Here Come The Volcanoes

A series of volcanoes have erupted.  What's interesting here is that they are all over the place, not just in one region.  The increased earthquake activity is a precursor to the volcanoes.  Especially watch for the volcanoes on America's west coast, from Washington down through Southern California.  It's coming.

Upswing in earthquakes in the Long Valley caldera region of California

November 29, 2012 CALIFORNIAAn upswing in California earthquakes has some people questioning the health of the fault lines. Long Valley Caldera to Mammoth Mountain are swarming at the same time. Earthquakes are the normal in California, however within the last week an upswing in activity has been noted. The Long Valley Caldera is showing signs that magma is indeed moving down there. The Long Valley Caldera is something that is dismissed due to the Yellowstone Super Volcano. There is evidence in the past that the Long Valley Caldera is more dangerous than Yellowstone, and just a stone’s throw away from the populated regions of Southern California. The caldera is just north of Ridgecrest off of Highway 395 and activity has been spiking within the last week. “We don’t think much is going on there, but it is being monitored,” said the USGS. “We have teams in the area and have just recently finished a study on the area.” So while no one can predict what will happen, just as Yellowstone, the Long Valley Caldera is considered a super volcano that can go off at anytime. “We’ve notice an increase in 2s and 3s across California as well, with poppers across Southern California,” said Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin. “This usually means we are going to have the stress released soon in the area. What is also interesting is Long Valley and Mammoth Mountain activity is happening at the same time. This is real interesting.” According to Jim Berkland, a retired geologist, Full Moons usually generate large earthquakes due to the tidal forces. There is a lunar eclipse tonight so the moon can’t get any fuller. –The Weather Space

Indonesia’s Mount Lokon volcano erupts, spewing ash 3.5 km high

November 29, 2012INDONESIAMount Lokon volcano in North Sulawesi erupted on Wednesday, spewing ash up to 3.5 kilometers to the sky, without report of fatality and evacuation, officials said. Head of National Volcanology Surono said that the eruption took place at 10:05 local time (0205 GMT). He said that the agency had asked people living near the crater to be alert. “We issued warning to the people living 2.5 kilometers from the crater,” Surono told Xinhua by phone. Spokesman of National Disaster Management and Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho confirmed that there was no evacuation after the eruption. “There is still no need for evacuation,” he told Xinhua by phone. Indonesia, an archipelago country, is home to 129 active volcanoes. –Xinhua
Kamchatka’s Plosky Tolbachik volcano erupts for first time in 36 years  

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November 29, 2012 KAMCHATKA, RussiaThe 3,085-meter Plosky Tolbachik volcano in Russia’s Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula is erupting for the first time in 36 years, according to reports of KVERT, the he volcano monitoring body for Kamchatka. The volcano is located on the peninsula’s eastern coast, 343 km from the region’s capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. A bulletin released Tuesday by the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT), as cited by The Voice of Russia, described a significant explosive eruption with the potential for ash explosions up to 10 km. The eruption at Plosky Tolbachik was given code orange (number three on the four-tiered USGS Volcano Alert Level), meaning it “poses limited hazards.” Scientists say the volcano is obscured by clouds at now, but lava intrusions towards the volcano’s summit caldera are also probable. An ash fall was reported in the nearby village of Krasny Yar. The eruption will be closely monitored for its impact on air travel over the eastern Siberian peninsula. The Plosky Tolbachik volcano erupted only 10 times since records began in 1740. –Novinite

EMO observes intense volcanic activity on Pagan

November 29, 2012MARIANA ISLANDSAn intense volcanic activity was monitored by the CNMI Emergency Management Office and captured through satellite images from Nov. 24, 2012, to the present. The volcano has been emitting steam and gas since Friday, Nov. 24, 2012. The vog shows that it’s heading south from Pagan volcano. A gas plume from Pagan has been observed in MODIS satellite images. Minor steam and gas plumes from Pagan have been seen as well. It is possible that the plume could be followed by an ash emission; the presence of a gas plume does not necessarily indicate that eruptive activity will occur soon. Pagan is not monitored with ground-based geophysical instrumentation and the only source of information is satellite observation and occasional reports from observers who visit the island. Also an intense earthquake was recorded at the EMO and National Earthquake Information Center yesterday at 5:34pm Saipan time. The preliminary magnitude is 5.3 on the Richter scale. It was centered some 45 km (27 miles) south of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands and 276 km (171 miles) north of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Base on all available data no tsunami is expected and there is no tsunami threat for the Marianas. –Saipan Tribune

Residents on alert, as Santiaguito volcano blows its top in Guatemala

November 29, 2012 GUATAMALA - Guatemala on alert as the Santiaguito volcano (Santa María) dumps plumes of smoke and ash over nearby communities, coating cars and houses in grey dust. –Yahoo News
Strong eruption: The Santiaguito volcano, in western Guatemala, erupted today with “very strong,” with the release of smoke and ash at high altitudes, so the agency has recommended Meteorology restrict air traffic in the area. So far there is no need for an evacuation of the villages closest to the volcano, which is located about 227 kilometers from Guatemala City. The director of the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh), Eddy Sanchez, reported that the activity of the volcano at 2,550 meters, and located in the department of Quetzaltenango, started at about 5.30 local time (11.30 GMT ). Sanchez added that the sand and volcanic ash is dispersed within at least a 4 kilometers radius of the volcano. “There is a crater collapse, pyroclastic flows, and notice has already been given to Civil Aviation to restrict air operations in that region,” said the director of the local radio Insivumeh. He also reported they warned the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad) to take the necessary precautions. Sanchez said the eruption of Santiaguito will last for several hours and urged people to stock up surrounding drinking water because the sand and volcanic ash can contaminate streams that may be harmful to health. The sand and ash has fallen in populations of the departments of Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu, where they can be affected coffee plantations, according to Sanchez. The volunteer fire departments of these two departments have declared orange alert or prevention, while experts Conrad Insivumeh and keep a constant eye on the evolution of the eruption. -EFE (translated)

Nov 29, 2012

Where I Belong - Switchfoot

As he sings about "singing these songs on the shores of Babylon", we should start to get the idea that we live in Bablylon, and judgment is not very far off.  Also, our hopes as believers lie in the next world, not this one.  We look to eternal promises and hopes, not temporary ones.   Praise the Lord!

Chinese man blows life savings on ark to escape Apocalypse

The unfinished boat built by Lu Zhenhai, a man from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, afraid that his home would be submerged in a doomsday flood in 2012. (AFP Photo)
The unfinished boat built by Lu Zhenhai, a man from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, afraid that his home would be submerged in a doomsday flood in 2012. (AFP Photo)
Lu Zhengai is so scared by the Mayan apocalypse, that’s he’s spent all his money - $160,000 - on building his very own Noah’s Ark.

The barely sea worthy boat, which he claims will save him and his family when flood waters destroy his house, was designed by Lu himself, measures 65 feet and will weigh 80 tons when finished, according to Chinese media.

Land lubber Lu, who lives in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region of China – thousands of miles from the sea, began building the boat out of fear for the “doomsday” floods, predicted by the Maya calendar for December 21, 2012.

“I’m afraid that when the end of the world comes in 2012, flood waters will destroy my house, so I took my life savings and invested in the construction of this boat. When the time comes everyone can take refuge in it,” he told the Chinese News Service.

But Lu is not alone, in August the New York Daily News reported that another Chinese man spent two years creating a very different Noah’s Ark – a tough, buoyant yellow ball, perhaps better designed to cope with tsunamis and giant ocean swells than Lu’s flat bottomed barge.
The unfinished boat built by Lu Zhenhai, a man from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, afraid that his home would be submerged in a doomsday flood in 2012. (AFP Photo)
The unfinished boat built by Lu Zhenhai, a man from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, afraid that his home would be submerged in a doomsday flood in 2012. (AFP Photo)
Meanwhile in France, believers in the apocalypse have flooded to Pic de Bugarach, a mountain in the south west of the country, convinced that when doomsday strikes a space ship may burst out of the hillside and aliens will carry them off to safety.
Hundreds of police and firefighters have already been drafted in to control access to the tiny village at the foot of the mountain.

Known as the ‘upside down mountain’it’s a geological oddity with the lower layers of rock mysteriously younger than those on top. It’s also riddled with caves and set apart from the rest of the Pyrenees range, a lone outcrop of rock. Sounds and odd light effects which apparently come from the mountain have led some to believe that its linked to aliens and doubles up as a UFO landing pad and even a “UFO underground car park,” the leftwing, independent mayor of 36 years, Jean-Pierre Delord explained to the British newspaper the Guardian.

The doomsday prediction stems from interpretations of the Mayan Long Count calendar, which is due to end on December 21st.

Read more at -

­No room in the French village for Mayan apocalypse pilgrims

Aztec Calendar, an adaptation of the Mayan calendar, consisted of a 365-day agricultural calendar, as well as a 260-day sacred calendar.
Aztec Calendar, an adaptation of the Mayan calendar, consisted of a 365-day agricultural calendar, as well as a 260-day sacred calendar.
For anyone who is still in fear of the supposed apocalypse which will come with the end of the Mayan calendar a village in France may be your refuge. The modern Noah’s Ark established ahead of December 21st has local authorities concerned.

New Agers suggest the village of Bugarach at the foot of the French Pyrenees is the only place where people will be able to survive the upcoming Apocalypse, Spiegel Online reports.
The tiny village with a population of only 200 has become a Mecca for those who believe the world is about the end.
The mountain Pic de Bugarach is said to have magical powers and is believed to be a gate between worlds. Others believe that inside the mountain rest extra-terrestrials, who will come out and save humans they find on the spot.

Pilgrims have post dozens of photos and videos about their alleged contacts with the extra-terrestrials in the area to prove it’s truly a magical place.

The town's mayor, Jean-Pierre Delord, is afraid that soon the village will be overrun with Apocalypse pilgrims and make life their unsafe and disturb the locals. Residents fear mass suicides, sect meetings and the like.

"If you ask the mayor, there are supposed to be new hotels and wind turbines here soon," the owner of a local shop told Spiegel. "To attract tourists, he continues to bring us into the media, so they keep reheating the story when the rumors go cold."
The Mayor himself admitted that boosting the number of tourists to their area would be good for business, but there limits to everything.

"People who believe in the end of the world regularly write to me," Mayor Delord says. "I don't want to tell anyone how to live… but when hundreds of people storm our village, we won't be able to guarantee public safety anymore." He also says that real estate prices in the area have already risen substantially.
Bugarach, South of Carcassonne, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. (Image from / @tarball69)
Bugarach, South of Carcassonne, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. (Image from / @tarball69)

John Piper - The emergent church

A final post on RADAR frequency pulses (previously called ‘HAARP rings’ or ‘Circle sweeps’) by Dutchsinse

The end of a short-lived era on the internet, with Dutchsince sending out his last post pointing out the use of Tesla style radar pulses coursing through NEXRAD towers in your local neighborhood.  These pulses are used for the purposes of intensifying or eliminating weather in the vicinity which it is used.  Dutch has left behind the method for picking up these anomalies, and hopefully others will follow in his footsteps.  Many thanks Dutch!

I intend for this to be my final post on the subject of the NEXRAD RADAR frequency pulse phenomenon, and the weather which results from its appearance.

[originally slang termed 'HAARP rings' by myself in 2011.. subsequently referred to as 'Circle sweeps' and 'NEXRAD RADAR pulses'... as this is the proper technical terminology to use when referencing these events.]

To see all the past documented appearances of these events, and the followup weather which appeared at each location .. link here:

Final? Yes.

Aside from the coming release of the documentary on this topic, I do not intend to track these events, or further document them.
The above link represents almost 2 years of documentations regarding the NEXRAD RADAR pulses, and followups on the storms which intersect those pulses (within the allotted times stated).
Two days ago — November 25, 2012 at approximately 107 UTC .. a high frequency pulse from the NEXRAD RADAR appeared out of Lacrosse Wisconsin.
I put this watch/alert out on Facebook — watch the area for up to 72 hours for weather to develop , usually severe or odd weather conditions follow these RADAR pulse events
(click below for the full resolution version of the facebook post)

At the time of the pulse, I took screenshots of the regional forecast for La Crosse, Wisconsin, showing FORECAST CLEAR CONDITIONS .. with a ZERO to 10% chance of precipitation… partly cloudy expected.

Move forward 1 day… November 26, 2012 — just beyond 24 hours after the RADAR pulse — a rapid cooling underneath the pulsed area began to occur: (central Wisconsin 3F, 6F, and 9F.. coldest spot under the pulse zone)

Move forward to Today, November 27, 2012 – at approximately 10pm UTC — we see snow and frozen preciptiation detected in the pulse area — on a forecast clear day:

All of the above assembled into one shareable picture :
(click the picture for the full resolution version)

Link below to read a hypothesis of what I think is causing the pulse, what frequencies are being used/matched/mimicked , how NEXRAD RADAR pulses in the same frequency range as HAARP in Alaska (NEXRAD pulses 0-12.4Mhz.. HAARP pulses 0-10Mhz)…

This link below also covers how NEXRAD RADAR in full functioning 2-3GHz mode, can double as a ground based ionospheric heater / atmospheric heater — capable of targeting high frequency pulses anywhere from ground, to the ionosphere, heating a targeted patch in the sky (via a concentrated beam pulsed anywhere from 20Mhz to 3GHz.. this is documented in a patented process called the “creation of a tiltable artificial ionospheric mirror in the ATMOSPHERE using ground based RADAR or HAARP type facilities).

The White Horseman Rides to Saudi Arabia: Saudi King Abdullah clinically dead

The last nation of the middle east to see total chaos will likely see it now.  The King does not leave behind a clear line of succession.  The movie Syriana was written describing just such an event.  Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest and most powerful of all middle east nations not named Israel.  They have the most advanced American and Russian weapons systems, and an extremist majority among the people.  This could be the trigger point for all sorts of war and chaos in the middle east.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz looks on during an summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Mecca on August 14, 2012.
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has slipped into a coma and is clinically dead nearly a week after a 14-hour-long back surgery in a hospital in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, a report says.

The Saudi king, who was taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a Riyadh hospital following his surgery, has gone into a coma and has been living with the help of a ventilator over the past two days, a Saudi journalist at the London-based Asharq Alawsat said.

According to medics of the hospital, the king’s basic organs, particularly his heart, lungs and kidneys do not function and the doctors have been forced to use electric shocks to stimulate his cardiac muscles several times.

The Saudi king’s surgery aimed at correcting “a ligamentary slackening in the upper back” began on Saturday November 18 and ended at dawn on Sunday November 19.

The 89-year-old king’s health has declined over the past few years, and he has been hospitalized several times.

Apollyon Rising 2012, With Tom Horn - Part 1

I'm going to push a lot of these great video series out for the next few weeks as that's what these were written for.  Great stuff here.  We should know that many secret society and pagan groups are looking for the "return of the gods".  They will expect them to return at sacred sites, like the Giza complex in Egypt or the Mayan temples in Mexico.  And when they return, it will be the end of an old age, and the beginning of a new age, an age of spiritual enlightenment.  Of course, those old Christians who resist this new age will need to be removed for the world to spiritually progress. 

It will all work splendidly until the true Savior returns and claims His throne in Jerusalem.  Good stuff here.

The 2012 Ouroboros Doomsday Clock - Part 2

If you aren't familiar with David Flynn, he was an outright genius.  He was fascinated by things like the topics discussed here.  One of his best-selling topics is found in the book "Temple At The Center Of Time".  There he mathematically sketches out the theory that using the temple of Jerusalem as a centerpoint, different major points in world history are prophesied by charting the distance between the temple and the point of events.  Amazing stuff, and well worth the read.  I hope you will watch the whole series.  Great stuff.

Jesse Ventura Death Ray Conspiracy: Private Investigation And interview With Dr. Bell’s Family

A conspiracy behind a conspiracy behind a conspiracy?

Did a Minneapolis, Minnesota police chief resign shortly after speaking with Jesse Ventura about a secretive death ray and the death of a guest on Jesse’s recent ‘death ray’ show? Was Jesse’s meeting with former Minneapolis police chief Tim Dolan to discuss to the death of Dr. Fred Bell, who died less than 48 hours after being interviewed by Jesse for his death ray show? The private investigation below sheds some light upon some frightening facts surrounding this show; what are they trying to cover up?


Published by jeezyDJ2masses

Jesse Ventura Death Ray Conspiracy PRIVATE INVESTIGATION with Dr. Bell daughter interview preview – Created and Published 11/28/12 by
The following questions were raised: 1) What did Jesse confess to Chief Dolan? 2) Why did Chief Dolan seemingly resign after speaking with Jesse? 3) Can UFOs shoot gama rays?

Gravitational Shockwave Weapons: Patented Handgun That Can Destroy Anything

The Gravitational Shockwave Weapon could produce detonation velocities greater than that generated by high explosives. The blast can be achieved by using recently discovered gravitational technology. This possibility leads to the conception of powerful shockwave weapons. Below is shown the design of a portable gravitational shockwave weapon, which can produce detonation velocities greater than 105m/s, and detonation pressures greater than 1010N/m2. These pressures are greater than what can now be achieved with military grade explosives.
Portable Weapon of Gravitational Shockwaves

The most important single property of an explosive is the detonation velocity. It is the speed at which the detonation wave travels through the explosive. Typical detonation velocities in solid explosives often range beyond 3,000 m/s to 10,300 m/s
High explosives such as TNT has a detonation velocity of 6,900m/s; Military explosives used to destroy strong concrete and steel structures have a detonation velocity of 7,000 to 8,000 m/s.

At the front of the detonation zone, an energy pulse or “shockwave” is generated and transmitted to the adjacent region. The shockwave travels outward as a compression wave, moving at or near detonation velocity. When the intensity of the shockwave exceeds the compression strength of the materials they are destroyed. If the mass of the body is too large the wave energy is simply absorbed by the body.

The pressure produced in the explosion zone is called Detonation Pressure. It expresses the intensity of the generated shockwave. A high detonation pressure is necessary when blasting hard, dense bodies. Detonation pressures of high explosives are in the range from 106N/m2 to over 107 N/m2 .
The design of a portable shockwave weapon, which uses the Gravitational Shielding Effect (BR Patent Number: PI0805046-5, July 31, 2008) can produce detonations velocities greater than 100,000m/s, and detonation pressures greater than 1010N/m2 It is important to remember that an aluminum-nitrate truck bomb has a relatively low detonation velocity of 3,500 m/s (sound speed is 343.2m/s). The gun could rip through the strongest steel as if it were tissue paper, it could destroy anything that the shockwave hits.

Read more at -

Nov 28, 2012

MINUS 20C? Britain faces coldest winter for 100 years as Big Freeze follows floods

  • Temperatures to plummet to minus 3°C this week and could fall as low as 20°C in December
  • Fears that snow blizzards could close roads and shut down rail networks as winter takes hold
  • But torrential rain which has deluged country and swamped St Asaph in North Wales will finally ease
By Vanessa Allen

Britain will shiver tonight as temperatures plummet in the first taste of what promises to be one of our coldest winters for a century.

The cold snap is expected to last until the end of the week, creating dangerous conditions on the roads and adding to the misery of those already battling floods.

Temperatures could fall to as low as minus 3°c (27°f) in some places, with snow already falling in the Pennines. In Saltburn, North Yorkshire, northerly winds have become so strong that they are pushing water back up a cliff.
Water pouring over the edge of Huntcliff in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, was pushed back over the edge by strong northerly winds
Water pouring over the edge of Huntcliff in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, was pushed back over the edge by strong northerly winds
Water pours over the edge of Huntcliff in Saltburn by strong northerly winds
Water pours over the edge of Huntcliff in Saltburn by strong northerly winds
Walkers rap up warm as they wander across the beach in front of the dramatic scenes of the water falling over the cliffs
The torrential rain which has deluged the country for the last week is expected to ease at last but the clearer skies, coupled with northerly winds, will send the mercury plummeting.

Tonight’s cold snap heralds a freezing winter ahead with long-range forecasters warning that temperatures could fall to as low as minus 20°c (4°f) in some areas through December and January.

Now the rain has gone the UK is expecting much colder weather and snow. A walker enjoys the view from Blencathra in the Lake District
Now the rain has gone the UK is expecting much colder weather and snow. A walker enjoys the view from Blencathra in the Lake District

Snow has fallen on mountains and other areas of high ground but it is expected to fall in other areas towards next week
Snow has fallen on mountains and other areas of high ground but it is expected to fall in other areas towards next week

Hikers make their retreat downhill making fresh tracks in the snow on Blencathra as they take in the clear Arctic air view from the mountain
Hikers make their retreat downhill making fresh tracks in the snow on Blencathra as they take in the clear Arctic air view from the mountain
Snow on the hills: While much of Britain suffers flooding there was snow on the northern Pennines in a sign of the cold snap to come
Snow on the hills: While much of Britain suffers flooding there was snow on the northern Pennines in a sign of the cold snap to come

Snow flurries are expected in some parts of the UK by Friday
Snow flurries are expected in some parts of the UK by Friday
aIt is expected to freeze across most of the UK by Friday morning
It is expected to freeze across most of the UK by Friday morning
It will feel much colder in many parts as temperatures fall
It will feel much colder in many parts as temperatures fall

They fear snow blizzards could close roads and shut down rail networks across the country as winter takes hold.

The cold, drier spell that starts tonight could be only a brief respite from the rain. More heavy showers are expected to return early next week, causing more misery to those trying to combat flood damage.

‘The weather will be much colder and drier across most of the UK today,’ said Meteogroup forecaster John Lee.

‘Northerly winds and clearer skies will make it feel much colder and we can expect widespread frost overnight when temperatures drop below freezing.

‘Wintry showers will bring sleet, snow and hail to higher ground tomorrow and there’s a risk of heavy snow showers in northern Scotland on Friday.

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Muslims Claim Netanyahu Plans to Build ‘False’ Holy Temple

A third temple is the centerpiece of all end-times prophecy.  Anything like this should get our attention.

Netanyahu’s latest building plan for Jerusalem is none other than for the Third Temple, claims Al Aqsa Foundation.
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
Overlooking the Temple Mount
Overlooking the Temple Mount
Al Aqsa officials warn that the “new Likud” is planning to build a “false” Third Holy Temple and divide the Muslim compound.

Muslim paranoia of Jews on the Temple Mount had reached panic stages even before this week’s Likud primaries that placed Jewish Leadership faction leader Moshe Feiglin in a ranking that assures his election to the Knesset in January.

Arab world media constantly report of Jewish “invasions” of the Temple Mount every time Jews try to ascend the holy site. Israeli authorities enforce the Muslim Waqf policy that forbids Jews to pray there or carry prayer books or other holy articles with them.

The Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Movement’s branch in the Galilee frequently claim that Israel is digging underneath the Temple Mount to cause its collapse.

Now, the Al Aqsa Foundation has pointed to the popular support for Feiglin and other strong nationalists of the Likud as proof that Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount will be “contaminated” by Jews.

Worst of all, the Foundation claims that the election results show that Prime Minister Netanyahu soon will announce plans for building the Third Temple, which it describes as “false," in line with increasingly popular Muslim ideology that the First and Second Temples never existed.

All of the “evidence” is “undeniable proof that the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger and that the Muslim world must shoulder the responsibility to save it,” according to Al Aqsa.

Feiglin is known for his desire to pray on the Temple Mount, and after the Pillar of Defense counter terrorist operation, he wrote, “We must expel the Muslim Waqf from the Temple Mount and restore exclusive Israeli sovereignty over the Mount – Judaism's most holy site. We must encourage Jews to ascend the Temple Mount after the proper halakhic preparations and to actualize their sovereignty over the beating heart of the Jewish Nation.”

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Russia’s Tolbachik Erupts for First Time in 36 Years

By Erik Klemetti

For the first time in 36 years, Tolbachik in Russia is erupting according to reports from Russia. KVERT, the volcano monitoring body for Kamchatka, released a bulletin describing a significant explosive eruption with the potential for ash explosions up to 10 km / 32,800 ft. With the many air routes across the northern Pacific, this eruption will need to be closely monitored for its impact on air travel over the eastern Siberian peninsula. The ash advisory from the Tokyo VAAC also mentions a report of ash at FL 330 (33,000 feet) that was spreading to the NNW. VolcanoDiscovery reported that seismicity had been creeping upwards around Tolbachik since at least early November as well. Trying to get information from some of the hastily-translated articles from Russia is, ahem, fun. One described the eruption as the “volcano’s top caldera is being filled with fresh and gushing lava” based on incandescence seen at the summit.

The last eruption of Tolbachik started in 1975 and was quite impressive, rating at least a VEI 4 with both explosive and effusive activity. However, that was a larger eruption than most over the last century at the Russian volcano and most are smaller VEI 2 eruptions. Interestingly, the 1975-76 was a mainly basaltic eruption (see above), the largest recorded in the northern Kamchatka peninsula — however, that activity did produce 13 km / 42,000 foot ash plumes as well during the creation of a series of cinder cones and a 15 square kilometer lava flow field.

Unfortunately, today’s passes by the Terra and Aqua satellite didn’t capture any plume – likely because the pass was too early, but some of the peninsula is obscured by clouds as well. However, this 2004 NASA Earth Observatory image shows the summit caldera at Tolbachik and its relative proximity to its more famous brethren, Bezymianny and Kliuchevskoi. As always, I will try to update with details as they arrive.

Update 11 PM EST 11/27: John Seach is reporting via Twitter that towns up to 35 km from the volcano have received 4 cm of ash fall from the eruption.

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America - The New Atlantis

I ran the Atlantis connection by Chris Pinto in 8 parts, but here is the full theme in a single video, for those who can go home and watch the whole thing.  Set up in the beginning by Dr. Stanley Monteith, this video is packed with important information.  The late A.W. Tozer wrote a book titled, "We Travel An Appointed Way".  We do indeed, and if you are impacted in any way by the U.S.A., this video explains the appointed way, the plan for the nation, how it is centuries old in the making, and nearing fulfillment.  Great, terrifying stuff.

The 2012 Ouroboros Doomsday Clock - Part 1 By David Flynn

 David Flynn passed away earlier this year, but he is generally lauded as being a genius in these (and many other) fields of interest.  A devout Christian, he used to close out his personal correspondce by saying "I hope you live forever".  This is a fascinating series that takes in the ancient and universal symbol of the ouroboros, the Mayan end of the age date of Dec. 21, 2012, and what the Bible and astrophysics has to say about all of this.  Part 1 begins with his venturing into the idea of aliens, demons and fallen angels.  Great stuff!

Nimrod, The Antichrist and the Cult of the Leopard - Part 2

NOAA Scientists On High Alert For 2013 Solar Maximum

NOAA scientists are on high alert as the Sun enters a period of solar maximum over the next 14 months during which we will see a burst of activity that could have catastrophic effects on global power grids and communications systems.
A solar maximum is a normal period of intense or heightened solar activity in the 11 year solar cycle of the Sun. During a solar maximum, large numbers of sunspots appear and the Sun’s power output increases with a significant upsurge in the incidence and power of solar flares. One of the best known examples of a major solar flare that affected communications system was the solar storm of 1859, known as the Carrington Event, a major solar eruption that struck the Earth with such intensity that the northern lights could be seen as far south as Rome, approximately 42° north of the equator.
This is Dr. Michio Kaku telling us to be afraid, very afraid...
This is NASA telling us in a nice, educational way that something bad is going to happen, probably leaving us without power for a long time. On the bright side, most of the world will get to see beautiful auroras at night.

The Prophecies of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel

Interesting stuff here, as one more hint points at the coming days and years and the return of Messiah.

Nov 27, 2012

The crimson tide: Tourists in Australia flee as Bondi Beach turns into the 'Red Sea' because of rare algae bloom

  • Beaches closed over health fears but some swimmers are braving the water
  • Phenomenon caused when tiny plants flourish due to unusual conditions
  • They can appear in various colours often with spectacular results
  • Algae is high in ammonia which can cause skin rashes and eye irritation
  • Large numbers of fish are believed to have perished
By Daniel Miller and Richard Shears

Tourists heading for world-famous Bondi Beach were left high and dry today after a rare natural phenomenon turned the water blood red.
Bondi was among several popular beaches in and around Sydney, Australia, which had to be closed after a huge algae bloom transformed the sea into something resembling a scene from a Jaws movie.
But despite the warnings a number of intrepid beachgoers were seen venturing into the water and swimming through the red surface, Ten News Sydney reported.

Bloodbath: An intrepid swimmer heads towards a patch of red algae bloom off the coast of Sydney, Australia, where the rare natural phenomenon has turned the water the colour of blood
Bloodbath: An intrepid swimmer heads towards a patch of red algae bloom off the coast of Sydney, Australia, where the rare natural phenomenon has turned the water the colour of blood
A red wave breaks off Sydney's Bondi Beach, one of several around Sydney which had to be closed due to the rare algae bloom
Closed: A red wave breaks off Sydney's Bondi Beach, one of several around Sydney which had to be closed due to the rare algae bloom

The natural phenomenon is caused when algae, a plant-like organism flourishes and large groups of the miniscule plants, which can appear in various colours, gather together often with spectacular results.

Known as Nocturnal Scintillans or sea sparkle it has no toxic effects but people are still advised to avoid swimming in areas with discoloured water because the algae, which can be high in ammonia, can cause skin irritation.

British tourists were among large groups of visitors who were told by lifeguards not to enter the water until the all-clear was given because the algae can irritate the skin and cause other health problems.

Ken Roberts, 23, from Birmingham, England said: ‘Perhaps I’m just in the wrong country – I thought the Red Sea was somewhere in Asia.’
A mother and her child look out over the 'Red Sea' of Sydney's Clovelly beach. Despite health warnings a number of defiant swimmers were seen venturing into the water
A mother and her child look out over the 'Red Sea' of Sydney's Clovelly beach. Despite health warnings a number of defiant swimmers were seen venturing into the water
High and dry: Several popular beaches around Sydney including Bondi and Clovelly (pictured) had to be shut after the algae, known as Nocturnal Scintillans or sea sparkle, flourished
High and dry: Several popular beaches around Sydney including Bondi and Clovelly (pictured) had to be shut after the algae, known as Nocturnal Scintillans or sea sparkle, flourished
Tomato soup: While the red algae has no toxic effects people are still advised to avoid swimming in areas with because it can be high in ammonia which can cause skin irritation
Tomato soup: While the red algae has no toxic effects people are still advised to avoid swimming in areas with because it can be high in ammonia which can cause skin irritation
Tourists and locals are hoping that the algae will have dissipated by the weekend, when temperatures are expected to reach 40c
Tourists and locals are hoping that the algae will have dissipated by the weekend, when temperatures are expected to reach 40c
Tourists and locals are hoping that the algae will have dissipated by the weekend, when temperatures are expected to reach 40c
Local lifeguard Bruce Hopkins said: 'It has quite a fishy smell to it.
'It makes the water look like it has a coating of tomato-sauce coloured oil.’
The algae has already disappointing thousands who had headed to the coast to cool off as the summer Down Under finally gets under way of a prolonged cold period.
The New South Wales (NSW) Office of Water has been carrying out a series of tests to discover what caused the bloom.
One theory is that it was caused by an upwelling of colder nutrient-rich water

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The Atlantis Connection - Part 8 Nazis, Iran and the Coming of Mahdi/Maitreya

Interesting connections drawn in this final part of the series.  I'll also find the full series in a single video for those who want to watch it in one sitting.  Also included is an explanation of Bush Jr.s famous quote of "an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled".  Also the coming of Plato's "beneficent rulers" or "philosopher kings", the 10 kings of Revelation that serve the Antichrist.  Excellent info.

Nimrod, The Antichrist and the Cult of the Leopard - Part 1

Israel prepares for next war in Gaza and Lebanon; successfully testing new missile system ‘Magic Wand’


November 26, 2012TEL AVIVIsrael has successfully test-fired Magic Wand, the successor to the Iron Dome interceptor that featured prominently in the recent Gaza conflict. And now, even before the aftershocks of the Israel-Gaza conflict dissipate, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have tested the next generation of anti-missile systems. The interceptor, also known as David’s Sling, was jointly developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the United States’ Raytheon.
Magic Wand, it is understood, was developed against the Hezbollah missiles from Lebanon. The country is subject to threats from the Islamic militant group, perceived as the long arm of Iran. Israel is hoping the latest system in its arsenal will be useful in intercepting a variety of short-range ballistic and cruise missiles. The interception range for Magic Wand is between 70km and 75km. Each interceptor has been estimated to have cost around $1mn (£624,000) and expected to be fully operational in 2014. Testing was originally scheduled for 2013 but the critical situation of recent weeks has seen the schedule pulled forward. The Iron Dome interceptor successfully stopped over 400 missiles from the Gaza Strip. IDF statements indicate Iron Dome has a success rate of approximately 90 percent and the latest interceptor, it is hoped, will extend the same run.
“The great success of the Iron Dome batteries during Operation Pillar of Defense proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the tremendous importance of anti-missile systems. Israel is a world leader in this department thanks to the Israeli defense industries and its developers,” said Defense Minister Ehud Barak in a statement, adding, “The completion of the program will be a significant layer for Israel’s multi-tiered anti-missile defense system.” Officials in the Jewish state are reportedly pleased with the success of the latest interceptor, as its system is much more complex. –IB Times

Use of RFID Tracking Technology To Be Mandatory In US Food Stamp Program

By Michael Parker

Food stamp welfare individuals must soon be chipped

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-17)

In a little while, the above scene in Revelation 13 will become a global reality. People can no longer buy or sell without the mark of the beast. And sometimes that would mean no longer being able to eat!
The USDA is now considering biometric identification for all individuals who will want to benefit from their Food and Nutrition Services. The RFID chip may just soon be a must for everyone who does not want to starve!
The following is an excerpt of the executive summary of the FINAL REPORT of the Use of Biometric Identification Technology to Reduce Fraud in the Food Stamp Program:
Biometric identification technology provides automated methods to identify a person based on physical characteristics—such as fingerprints, hand shape, and characteristics of the eyes and face—as well as behavioral characteristics—including signatures and voice patterns.
Although used in law enforcement and defense for several years, it has recently been used in civilian applications and shows some promise to reduce the number of duplicate cases in the Food Stamp Program (FSP) and other assistance programs .
Already operational in some states
Biometric identification systems are currently operational at some level in Arizona, California (under county initiative, first by Los Angeles County), Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. Finger imaging is the principal form of technology used in all eight States, though alternative technologies have simultaneously undergone trials in Massachusetts (facial recognition) and Illinois (retinal scanning). By the end of 2000, new systems are expected to be in place in California (statewide unified system), Delaware, and North Carolina. Other States are currently in the initial planning stages, including Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. However, there is little information available at this point regarding the specific course and trajectory these States will follow in terms of system types, implementation schedules, and the benefit programs in which they will implement the new requirement.

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Middle East turmoil ping pongs from country to country: Egypt in chaos


November 26, 2012 CAIRO - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is due to meet with the country’s Supreme Judicial Council, as judges try to persuade the president to limit the sweeping powers he granted himself last week. The decree has sparked protests by opposition activists, who continued to camp out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a fourth day Monday demanding Mr. Morsi reverse his decision. Opponents and supporters of the president have called for rival mass rallies in the city on Tuesday. Mr. Morsi’s decree says his decisions cannot be appealed by the courts, and bars Egypt’s judiciary from dissolving the upper house of parliament and an assembly drafting a new constitution. Critics say Mr. Morsi is taking on dictatorial powers like those of his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted from power by a popular uprising.
The president says his decree is “temporary” and will last until Egypt elects a new parliament under a revised constitution. A spokesman for his ruling Freedom and Justice Party said Sunday the decree will likely last for two months or less, and characterized the move as a bid to “secure stability” in Egypt. In Washington, influential U.S. Senator John McCain criticized Mr. Morsi’s decree as “unacceptable,” in an interview with the television network Fox News. “We thank Mr. Morsi for his efforts in brokering a cease-fire (between Israel and Hamas), which by the way is incredibly fragile, but this (decree) is not acceptable. This is not what U.S. taxpayers expect. Our dollars (should) be directly related to the progress toward democracy which you (Morsi) promised the people of Egypt when your party and you were elected president.”
The Obama administration has proposed a $1 billion debt relief package for Egypt to help revive its struggling economy. Egypt also has received billions of dollars in U.S. military aid over three decades of close relations. The U.S. State Department said the Morsi declarations “raise concerns for many Egyptians and for the international community.” It said one of the aspirations of the 2011 revolution was “to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution.” Reformists and liberals fear the Islamist-dominated assembly revising the charter will produce a document with an Islamist slant. -VOA

Nov 26, 2012

The United Nations Agenda 21 Made Simple - Coming to a Small Town Near You

By the way, those things listed here as "unsustainable" means, according to Agenda 21, those things must be eliminated.  This includes things like human beings, water systems, etc.  It's already being implemented in numerous areas of the U.S., and is spreading daily.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus - Newsboys

What a beautiful hymn.  Timeless, just like our Lord whom it honors.

Ugandan President Confesses Sins of the Nation and Repents

This still happens in the world today, but admittedly, it is quite rare. Let us pray for and encourage the president of Uganda for his honesty and desire to seek the Lord in most difficult times.
For the sins of Uganda,I repent — Museveni
Christians dedicate Uganda to God during the National Jubilee prayers last week

At the National Jubilee Prayers in Namboole, President Yoweri Museveni made history when he openly repented his sins and the sins of Uganda, a move that has excited many religious leaders. Moses Mulondo brings you the prayer verbatim

Father God in heaven, today we stand here as Ugandans, to thank you for Uganda. We are proud that we are Ugandans and Africans. We thank you for all your goodness to us.

I stand here today to close the evil past and especially in the last 50 years of our national leadership history and at the threshold of a new dispensation in the life of this nation. I stand here on my own behalf and on behalf of my predecessors to repent. We ask for your forgiveness.

We confess these sins, which have greatly hampered our national cohesion and delayed our political, social and economic transformation.

We confess sins of idolatry and witchcraft which are rampant in our land. We confess sins of shedding innocent blood, sins of political hypocrisy, dishonesty, intrigue and betrayal.

Forgive us of sins of pride, tribalism and sectarianism; sins of laziness, indifference and irresponsibility; sins of corruption and bribery that have eroded our national resources; sins of sexual immorality, drunkenness and debauchery; sins of unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and revenge; sins of injustice, oppression and exploitation; sins of rebellion, insubordination, strife and conflict.

These sins and many others have characterised our past leadership, especially the last 50 years of our history. Lord forgive us and give us a new beginning. Give us a heart to love you, to fear you and to seek you. Take away from us all the above sins.

We pray for national unity. Unite us as Ugandans and eliminate all forms of conflict, sectarianism and tribalism. Help us to see that we are all your children, children of the same Father. Help us to love and respect one another and to appreciate unity in diversity.

We pray for prosperity and transformation. Deliver us from ignorance, poverty and disease. As leaders, give us wisdom to help lead our people into political, social and economic transformation.

We want to dedicate this nation to you so that you will be our God and guide. We want Uganda to be known as a nation that fears God and as a nation whose foundations are firmly rooted in righteousness and justice to fulfil what the Bible says in Psalm 33:12: Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord. A people you have chosen as your own.

I renounce all the evil foundations and covenants that were laid in idolatry and witchcraft. I renounce all the satanic influence on this nation. And I hereby covenant Uganda to you, to walk in your ways and experience all your blessings forever.

I pray for all these in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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