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Blood, Life and the Soul - Acts 15 - The Jerusalem Council

Acts 15:1-6 sets the stage for the Jerusalem Council.  Certain men of Judea who were Jews but not Christians (as they did not hold to the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith – see Paul’s defense in Galatians 2) came to the Church of Antioch and began to spread the lie that the men must be circumcised, as prescribed by the Mosaic Law (Genesis 17:10-17), or they could not be saved.   After much dissension, Paul and Barnabas go to Jerusalem to settle the matter before James and the apostles who were residing there at that time.

In verses 7-12 Peter makes a defense of two key points for the early church.  First, that God had directed the gospel to be preached to the Gentiles as well as the Jews.  The example of Cornelius in Acts 10 verifies this.  Secondly, the gospel of salvation by grace had removed the distinction between Jew and Gentile.  Peter adds the important point that no one in history had been able to bear the burden of the law (vs. 10). 

Once believers place themselves under any element of the Mosaic Law as relevant for their salvation, they have placed themselves under the burden of the whole law, and have made the grace offered by Jesus Christ of no effect. (See Galatians 3:10-13  and 5:1-4)   

It should be added here that the miracles God performed through Paul and Barnabas were of great encouragement and excitement to the believers in Jerusalem.  The power of God is a necessary element in His service. (1 Thessalonians 1:5, 2 Timothy 3:5)

It would be good to note the purpose of Councils had some very good reasoning behind it.  Leaders of the faith as called and appointed in their lives by God were most likely to understand not only the best way to resolve issues relating to living out the Christian faith, but their word would have great authority as the church spread into new regions.  A council of godly leaders may be of great profit to the people of God
Acts 15:13-35 is the summary reasoning and determination of James in particular and the council as a whole.  James first makes the case from scripture that the spreading of the gospel to the Gentiles is in fulfillment of prophecy.  He specifically quotes Amos 9:11-12.
Beginning in verse 19, James refutes the need for circumcision among the Gentiles.  He then asks that new Gentile believers seek to follow four admonitions.  To avoid eating food sacrificed to idols, fornication, eating the blood of animals (or the animal with the blood in it) and from eating animals strangled. 
These things seem like peculiar requests today, but the Lord had forbidden all of these things in the Old Testament for the good of His people.  Let’s be sure to make the distinction here with what James is saying.  He’s not saying these are new commandments, but these are four things that Gentile believers would do well to avoid.

-         Fornication was a problem for Gentile converts because it was often a prescribed practice of pagan worship.  It had become so engrained in Gentile culture that it was a serious problem for new believers.  (Leviticus 18:6-23, 1 Corinthians 5:11, 6:9-10, etc.)
-         Food sacrificed to idols is mentioned because it was also commonly practiced among pagan religions.  Paul voiced concern over this issue because it could cause those weaker in their faith to stumble.  (1 Corinthians 8) It also was commonly used in pagan worship with the intent of encouraging the god or goddess to possess the one submitting the sacrifice.  1 Corinthians 10:20-28 and Revelation 2:12-17 reveal the general sense of this idea.  It was important to avoid eating food sacrificed to devils for reasons of public perception and for spiritual health.
-         The blood of animals and those that had been strangled to death have a similar connection to food sacrificed to devils.  This was forbidden by God going back to Genesis 9:4.  An animal that had been strangled is by definition one that died in its own blood.  As though the creature was “smothered” by its own blood.
There are two reasons for this referring to sinister pagan practices.  One practice of pagan religions was to take the blood of an animal and put it in bowl, offering it as a sacrifice to demons while the animal was consumed.  In this way, the offering was a type of shared communal meal with devils.
Another pagan practice was the belief that by consuming the blood of an animal or man, the one who partakes of the blood gains the power of the life/soul of the animal or man.  This is still practiced today among pagan cultures, especially by those steeped in witchcraft.  The scriptures strongly support the idea that the soul of a man is in the blood.
The scripture describes man as a tri-partite being.  That is, mankind consists of a body of flesh, a soul and a spirit.  (Job 7:11, Isaiah 26:9, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12)  It’s clear from the scriptures that spirit is separate from the flesh, yet there must exist some connection between spirit and flesh, that the spirit would remain within a man until death.  It would appear the most likely solution is that the soul is the point of intersection between body and spirit.
The term soul in the New Testament is translated from the Greek word psuche.  Modern English terms like psychology are derived from this word.  Psuche refers to the mind of man, the seat of the will.  It is the place where a person makes choices every day.  It is also the origin of emotional thought and feelings.  The Hebrew word for soul is nephesh.
If the soul is the connection between body and spirit, the soul must also have some place of connection within the human body.  While it would seem logical this place might be the brain or heart, the scriptures tell us something else. 

Leviticus 17:11 states “The life (nephesh) of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls (nephesh); for it is the blood that makes an atonement for your souls (nephesh).”
It is clear from this passage that the Hebrew term nephesh is synonymous for both the life of man and the soul.  Nephesh is the result of what happened when God breathed life into Adam in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:7)
Deuteronomy 12:23 is even more specific.  “Only be sure that thou eat not the blood, for the blood is the life (nephesh), and thou mayest not eat the life with the flesh.”  Jesus’ parable in Luke 12:16-21 also demonstrates that life and soul are equated as being the same thing.  In the parable psuche is used to refer to the soul of the man who would forfeit his life that night, but soul and life are synonymous in this passage.
So this much is clear from the scripture.  The blood of a person is the life and the soul.  While this may be difficult to comprehend, it is stated quite plainly.  This explains why James felt it important to tell the Gentile converts not to eat the blood of an animal.  To do so was to partake of the soul of the animal that was sacrificed, a practice not just detestable to God in ideal, but one that in some way that is not fully clear to us at this time was detrimental to the souls of men. 
That it was something more than simply an undesired ceremonial issue is evident from the commands of God in Leviticus and Deuteronomy and James and Paul’s statements in the New Testament. 

Petrus Romanus Seen Fulfilling The Prophecies Of Fr. Malachi Martin... With Rome In Danger Of Becoming An Instrument Of Antichrist’s New World Order

I scraped the title from Raiders News which picked up the story...there's been increased interest in the prophecy of Malachi Martin with each new speech the Pope gives.  This apparently is just one more brick in the new papal wall...

Don’t pick a political fight with Pope Francis? The title of Rachel Lu’s recent essay and the timidity behind it reminds me of a old Jewish joke. Max and Moishe are being escorted to the execution chamber in a Nazi prison. In a sudden gesture of defiance, Max raises his arm and gives the guards his middle finger. Horrified, Moishe pulls his arm down and blurts, “Please, Max, don’t make waves.” Under the tutelage of a pope who ascribes to himself an omnicompetency in geopolitical and scientific matters, the Catholic Church is at risk of a death walk of its own. Its descent into a left-leaning political entity is underway while we circle the wagons and measure our tones. It is a serious matter when a pope confuses political and ideological symbols for religious ones masked in a Christian idiom aligned with ideological agendas (e.g. Gaia, radical environmentalism) that impinge on democratic freedoms and the sanctity of the individual. Throughout the history of the Church, there has been tension between Peter and Caesar, between the Church and the state. Francis, raised in Argentina during the apogee of Peronism, gives every evidence of tilting toward the state.

Read the full original article here - http://thefederalist.com/2015/01/26/pope-francis-is-a-leftist-and-must-be-called-out/

Cold Fusion Alchemy: LENR Reactor Produces Gold and Platinum as a By-Product

The point, well-made here, is that it's likely that not only alternative energy sources have been secretly in the works for a century or more, but the alchemical production of precious metals, especially gold.  This would begin to help explain the many bizarre stories coming out of the precious metals markets daily...


Now here's one that prompts so much high octane speculation that, again, I don't know where to begin.

Alchemy 2.0 – Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Creates Gold and Platinum

Now here's the paragraphs that leaped out at me:
"The transmutation from lead to gold has been mankind’s dream for millennia. Lattice Energy LLC, a company from Chicago, IL, claims to have developed a process for energy production, utilizing a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) that, as a byproduct of neutron captures on tungsten, will create a mix of precious metals."
How is this done? Consider the use of combinations of nanotechnology, materials engineering, to create a lattice structure with unique abilities to engineer things at a quantum level:
"What enabled Lattice’s new approach were recent advances in nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology and LENR are joined at the hip”, said Larsen. “It is one of the reasons why this could not be done back in 1989-90. Before our work, nobody had a grasp on the theory of neutron creation from protons and electrons in tabletop apparatus; nor on exactly how to apply advanced nanotechnology to build well-performing prototype devices.”
"Combining the know-how of experts from a variety of disciplines including electro-dynamics, quantum electro-dynamics, nuclear physics and solid state physics, lead to the development of a theoretical foundation which is now ready to be prototyped, and put to the test."
And the result?
"Larsen’s theory that gold, platinum and several other metals can be created by his process is based on findings by Japanese physicist Prof. Hantaro Nagaoka who successfully transmuted tungsten into gold back in 1924. Nagaoka’s results have been verified by several institutions in recent independent experiments but so far there has been no effort to commercialize the process. “Now that the LENR transmutation process is well understood the use of nanotechnology may change all that”, believes Larsen.
“'The neutron-catalyzed LENR process follows rows of the periodic table of elements”, he went on, meaning that heavier metals than the starting targets’ will be created. The work published by Larsen and his team suggests that a tungsten target, for instance, will absorb neutrons and gradually be transmuted to gold, platinum and other platinum group metals. “And because LENR products are not dangerously radioactive”, Larsen added, “conventional metal recovery processes can be utilized.”
“Can we scale this up to a commercial process that makes money?” – Larsen is convinced it may be possible. (Emphases added)
Now, readers of my book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell will recall that I wrote about Professor Nagaoka's experiments in transumation in that book (as well as referring to it again in The Philosophers' Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter). The German physicist Walther Gerlach also reported on similar experiments that were being done at the time in Weimar Germany in a short article in 1924 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a process which he clearly and explicitly called alchemy, and which he called for further research.

The discoveries were significant, in that quantum mechanics will still in its youth, and nuclear fission had not yet been discovered, so some other process was clearly at work. What is intriguing to contemplate, however, is what happened next, particularly in Germany, where a number of patents were taken out by Siemens and other firms in the 1920s for what can only be described as "alchemical processes." These were, of course, not commercially viable at the time. Or were they? During the same time period, General Erich Ludendorff, an early supporter of Hitler and the Nazis (and the real head of the German military and Kaiserreich in the final half of World War One), a participant in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, was also a backer of a number of alchemical schemes to produce gold to the tune of a personal cost to him of 100,000 Reichsmarks, in a little known affair(today, though it was well known at the time and something of an international scandal) known as the Tausend Affair, named after a con artist by the name of Franz Tausend who claimed to be able to produce gold. Tausend was tried and found guilty of fraud in Germany, but the process, and Gerlach's own international prestige as a scientist, would not allow the idea to go away.

Indeed, Reichsfuehrer SS, Heinrich Himmler, according to one of his infamous underlings, Oswald Pohl, had the SS conducted secret "alchemy" experiments in hidden laboratories scattered around the Reich, after the Nazi assumption of power, experiments that in my books I have argued were somehow connected to the wider German research coupled with their atom bomb project and as well to the Nazi Bell project.

Read the rest of this article at - http://gizadeathstar.com/2015/01/cold-fusion-alchemy-lenr-reactor-produces-gold-platinum-product/

King Charles I on the Scaffold

King Charles I on the Scaffold
This day, January 30, 1649 was so bitterly cold that the Thames froze over. King Charles I of England was afraid that he might shiver and people think he was trembling from fear, so he donned an extra shirt. He chose his other clothes with care so that he might look his best. "I do not fear death," he said. "Death is not terrible to me. I bless my God I am prepared."

Despite the errors that brought Charles to the scaffold, there is no denying his obedience to the forms of faith. He knelt in prayer every morning of his reign, even on hunting days. But Charles could not get along with Parliament. Every Parliament sought to rebuke him before giving him money, and so he quickly dissolved them. The third Parliament, aggrieved by Charles' high-handed actions, managed to prepare what is known in England as "a petition of right," which it obliged him to sign before he dissolved it. He dissolved his fourth Parliament when it opposed taxes he levied which should have had Parliamentary approval. The king decided to rule without any parliament at all.
For eleven years he did. To raise money, he taxed ships. Calling this illegal, John Hampden, a member of Parliament, resisted paying, and the matter became a cause celebre, but a high court upheld the king, allowing him to continue the practice.

Charles raised bishop William Laud to the powerful Star Chamber and Court of Commissions from where he oppressed the king's opponents. Laud also tried to force a new prayer book on Scotland. Charles had long wanted to compel the Presbyterian Scots to accept a liturgy based on the Church of England's. Great numbers of Scots pledged to resist the changes. These "Covenanters" defeated Charles in battle.

Again Charles called a session of Parliament. It would not give him money until it stated the nation's grievances. Charles dissolved it. But after another defeat in Scotland, his financial straits forced him to call a Parliament in November, 1640. This was the famous Long Parliament that impeached Archbishop Laud and executed him. The House of Commons prepared a Grand Remonstrance against Charles. He entered Parliament with an armed force to arrest five members. The Commons called out London's militia for protection.

With the smell of war in the air, the queen fled to the Netherlands. Charles left London for York where noblemen gathered to his side. The Puritans, who had suffered much at Laud's hands, took Parliament's side. After five years of Civil war, Charles fell into Parliament's hands. He escaped and rallied the Scots to his cause, but Oliver Cromwell defeated them and Charles again became the prisoner of Parliament.

The Commons appointed a commission of sixty-seven to try Charles. Most members of Parliament were opposed to killing the king. When the death sentence was passed, only half the commissioners were present--and some of them balked at signing. There was great difficulty finding executioners. Cromwell overcame these and other obstacles and brought Charles out to be executed.

The king had planned to speak to the crowd before he died, but barriers around the scaffold prevented them from seeing him. When he saw the block, he asked for a higher one. None could be found. A bystander felt the edge of the axe. Charles pleaded that he not dull the blade. To the fifteen men who were in earshot, he read his last speech. Turning to Bishop Juxson he said, "Remember," and gave him his bedside prayer book. Then he tucked his hair under a white cap so that it might not impede the blade. "I am going from a corruptible to an incorruptible crown, where no disturbance can be," said the king.

The executioner asked pardon. Charles said, "The king cannot pardon a subject who wilfully sheds his blood," then added, "I pray you, do not put me to pain." He prayed a last prayer and lay down flat with his neck on the block. The crowd saw the axe flash high and heard its thud. With a single voice, they groaned. Their willful but brave king was dead.
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Read this article at - http://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/1601-1700/king-charles-i-on-the-scaffold-11630119.html

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The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence

For more info on the link between movies and occult symbolism, check out - http://vigilantcitizen.com/

Is Alice's nightmare world becoming a reality? Note that Alice in Resident Evil is subjected to mind control and genetic manipulation by a secretive corporation that controls governments, the Umbrella Corp.
Is Alice’s nightmare world becoming a reality? Note that Alice in Resident Evil is subjected to mind control and genetic manipulation by a secretive corporation that controls governments, the Umbrella Corp.
By: Jay

In researching the MK ULTRA programs and their various offshoots, I came across an interesting connection to the coming SmartGrid.  Under Dr. Ewan Cameron, a prison tracking device known as the Schwitzgebel Machine was utilized to monitor inmates locations, heart rate and other personal details that were reciprocally transmitted to the good doctors.  What comes to the fore is the similarity with the development of the Smartphone and its new capabilities for monitoring heart rate, health, etc., as well as basically anything else.  Is there a connection between mind control and the coming A.I. takeover?  While this may sound like the ultimate paranoiac tin foliage, I suspect more at work here.

In my analysis, the rollout of the great technological utopia we are being sold was not the result of mere organic market forces that competed to produce harder, better, faster and stronger products.  The average libertarian, for example, believes this deception, presuming the “invisible hand” of the market results in a natural advancement, while any other economic model retarded growth and “progress.”  On the contrary, much of the technological progress we have seen in the last few decades is not the result of independent, competing ideas, but is rather the strategically timed and intentional release of the military industrial tech complex, given to an idiot public for the purpose of long term enslavement and depopulation.

The connection to MK ULTRA arises in relation to experiments with jc manipulation which I have already highlighted in regard to Dr. Michael Aquino and his infamous essay, “From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory,” where the combination of ELF/VLF and various RF manipulation is discussed in detail towards the end.  A Nexus Magazine article “Techniques Used by Governments for Mind Control,” by Sid Taylor outlines the RF experimentation in the MK programs:
This was Dr. Cameron’s ongoing “attempts to establish lasting effects in a patient’s behaviour” using a combination of particularly intensive electroshock, intensive repetition of prearranged verbal signals, partial sensory isolation, and repression of the driving period carried out by inducing continuous sleep for seven to ten days at the end of the treatment period. During research on sensor deprivation, Cameron experimented with the use of Curare, (the deadly poison used by South American Indians to tip their arrow heads), to immobilise his patients.
After one test he noted: “Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation (35 days) and by repeated depatterning, and although she received 101 days of positive driving, no favourable results were obtained.” Patients were regularly treated with hallucinogenic drugs, long periods in the “sleep room”, and testing in the Radio Telemetry Laboratory that was built by Rubinstein under Dr. Cameron’s direction. Here, patients were exposed to a range of RF and electromagnetic signals and monitored for changes in behaviour. It was later stated by other staff members who had worked at the Institute that not one patient sent to the Radio Telemetry Lab showed any signs of improvement afterwards.”
When we consider the intersect with drug experimentation, the cocktail of brainwashing, “imprinting” and RF frequency technology becomes clear as something engineered by design.  Taylor continues, echoing something akin to a mondo Faces of Death flick:

“There were an enormous number of MKUltra operations. The project farmed out work to eighty institutions, of which forty-four were colleges or universities, fifteen research facilities or private companies, twelve hospitals and three prisons. The estimated total cost of the operation was 10-25 million dollars.
Prisoners were used in experiments conducted at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville State Prison by Dr. James Hamilton. Funded by another chain of front organisations, Dr. Hamilton conducted “clinical testing of behavioural control materials.” In New Jersey, testing was conducted by Dr. Carl Pfieffer at the Borden Reformatory, on similar materials. At Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia volunteers were used to test a particularly violent incapacitating drug. Around the same time as these tests were being conducted by the CIA the US Army initiated two projects, THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT. They conducted experiments both home and abroad, and at one time the New York State Psychiatric Institute was conducting research under contract to the Army. Between 1955 and 1958 the Army also tested LSD on 1,000 volunteer US servicemen at Fort Bragg and the Army’s Chemical Warfare Laboratories at Edgewood….
Alice recovers from trauma based mind control, splitting her psyche in Resident Evil.
Alice recovers from trauma based healthcare, er, mind control, splitting her psyche in Resident Evil.
In this MKSearch sub-project the isolation chamber that had been constructed earlier by Dr. Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute was rebuilt at a laboratory of the National Institutes of Mental Health. This time, instead of humans, apes were to be subjected to a cruel combination of treatments. After first being lobotomised, the animals were kept in total isolation. The radio telemetry techniques developed earlier by Leonard Rubenstein were adapted so that radio frequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the highly disturbed animals. Many were then decapitated and their heads would be transplanted onto another body to see if the RF energy would bring them back to life. The apes that were not killed in this way were later bombarded with radio waves until they fell unconscious. Autopsies revealed that their brain tissue had literally been fried. These experiments were conducted around 1965/66, so it is a frightening reality that it is around 25 years since intelligence agencies covertly started experimenting with the use of radiated energy to control behavior….

Humble Queen Bathilde

Humble Queen Bathilde
With quick fingers, the slave girl undid her hair from its long, flaxen braids. In moments, it looked as if it had never felt a comb. Hastily stripping off the attractive clothes she had worn while she attended noble ladies, she slipped into rags. When she had daubed her face with kitchen grime, her disguise was complete. From a beautiful lady's maid she had transformed herself into a dirty kitchen hand.
Bathilde was trying to escape marriage. Archimbold, mayor of the palace of the kings of France had announced he was going to take her as his wife.

Captured by Danish raiders and sold as a slave in France, the Anglo-Saxon captive, Bathilde served as a slave to the mayor's wife. When his wife died, he turned his eyes on modest and beautiful Bathilde, who had always shown herself cheerful and attentive to the needs of others. What her original name was, we do not know, for Bathilde means "Maiden of the female apartment." We would call her a maid in waiting. Archimbold learned to trust this Christian girl and made her his cupbearer.

Now Bathilde was having nothing to do with Archimbold's marriage scheme. Hiding behind her disguise, she escaped the Mayor's attention. Thinking she had run away, Archimbold married another woman. Then Bathilde breathed a sigh of relief. She scrubbed her face, changed her clothes and braided her hair. The sunny beauty of former days was back again.

King Clovis II noticed her. He asked for her hand in marriage. This time Bathilde did not hide. In 649, the nineteen-year-old girl became queen of France. This sudden rise to giddy heights did not rush to her head. Remembering her own trials as a slave, she continued in her pattern of serving others. She exerted all her energies to assist the poor and she encouraged Clovis to do good.

Six years and three sons later, Clovis died. Bathilde became regent of France. Free to do the good she would, she studied the problem of slavery and determined to outlaw it. One of her actions was to reduce the high taxes which forced poor families to sell children. Although she did not outlaw existing slaves, she made it illegal to buy or sell a slave in France; and she passed a law that any slave who was brought into the country immediately became free.

Furthermore, she hunted for children who had been sold into slavery, bought them and set them free.
In addition to this, Bathilde set out to improve French land. The best way to do this was to take unattached men and set them to cultivating wild lands and praying. Consequently, she founded a number of monasteries and these transformed the ruins of France.

As soon as Bathilde's oldest son was of age, she retired to an abbey where she served out the remainder of her life, waiting on others as she had always done. Tradition says she died on this day, January 30, 680. A humble slave, a gracious and far-seeing queen, France has good reason to honor this English-born woman. Pope Nicholas I canonized her as a saint.
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Read this article at - http://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/601-900/humble-queen-bathilde-11629736.html

Issachar Insight - Chuck Missler and Barry Setterfield Discuss Zero Point Energy and the Speed of Light Slowing Down

Interesting science facts that are rarely discussed in the media or scientific journals.  Barry Setterfield was not the first scientist to discuss the fact that the speed of light was not a constant, but actually slowing down.  However his relentless publishing and pressing the subject into the public eye makes him the most noticeable name on this subject.  ZPE is a form of what the ancients knew as aether, or the fifth element.  Fascinating stuff...

Chuck Missler had the opportunity to sit discuss Zero Point Energy (ZPE) with Barry Setterfield.
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Gildas Blamed Celtic Collapse on Sin

Gildas Blamed Celtic Collapse on Sin
Ancient church history is like a slice of Swiss cheese with more than the usual number of bubbles. Historian Hugh Ross Williamson wrote, "For every relevant fact that can be discovered, there are ten thousand that cannot." What we don't know is far greater than what we do. Even what we "know" has too little cheese and too many holes.

The only eyewitness to write the story of the fall of the Britons--the British Celts--was Gildas. He told how the Romans abandoned England, how one Briton imported the first Saxons to fight his battles, and how they seized Britain for themselves. The Britons recovered for a short time, led by Ambrosius Aurelianus, temporarily stopping the Saxon drive. But in the end, they were driven into Wales and Cornwall in western England. The pagan Anglo-Saxons became rulers of the land, which took their name, Angland (England).

Gildas was not a trained historian. His book, The Destruction of Britain, leaves out just about everything we'd really like to know. Although that was the era of the legendary king Arthur, Gildas never mentions him. In fact, he ignored all too many names and dates. Mostly he was concerned to show how the sins of the clergy and nobles weakened the Celts and made them a pushover for the Saxons.

The conquest of his country left Gildas gloomy. He was like Jeremiah, who wept over the fall of Judah.

Who was this British Jeremiah? We have as little hard fact for Gildas's own life as we do for the history of his time. He was born the same year that the Britons defeated the Saxon invaders at Badon Hill under King Arthur. But since no one can say for sure what year that was, scholars' best guess is 516. We aren't sure where Gildas grew up, either. Some say it was in Strathclyde, Scotland. Gildas joined the church--most likely as a monk. Even that is not certain.

Usually if we have no other date for a well-known man of the dark ages, we at least know when he died. With Gildas, we aren't even sure of that. It is thought he died on this day, January 29, 570, because the 29th is his feast day and Welsh chronicles suggest the year was 570. Apart from that we have no interesting details such as what disease he died of or whether it was in sunny day or gloomy night. Gildas isn't the only man with gaps in his story. We don't know much more about the famous St. Patrick of Ireland. Multiply Gildas many times over and you can see how hard the job of the early church historian is.

Gildas may have been a friend of St. Brigid, who founded Kildare and became the patroness of Ireland and of scholars. After spending time in Ireland, Gildas moved to France. It is almost certain that he founded the monastery of St. Gildas at Ruys, in Breton, because a monk there claimed it was so in a biography he wrote of Gildas. The people of Brittany considered Gildas a saint and gave his name to a second monastery built later.

Friends urged Gildas to write the story of the ruin of his people. At first he refused because he had no documents to work from. Ten years later he relented and began work on his manuscript. Even then, he had to rely on vague reports written by foreigners.

Although we wish there was more cheese and less holes in Gildas's book, we can be glad for what he wrote. The information he gives is better than none at all. A much more famous monk, born one hundred years after Gildas died, used his writings to prepare the first great history of England. That was the Venerable Bede. To this day, histories of England glean what they can from Gildas to fill out our spotty knowledge of his era. Monks like Gildas preserved much of what we know about early church history.
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Read this article at - http://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/301-600/gildas-blamed-celtic-collapse-on-sin-11629715.html

Jan 29, 2015

Russ Dizdar DNA Mutation: What Do The Luciferians Want ?

Many News Reports Lately Discussing How Our DNA Is Being Altered By Various Means. Russ Dizdar Gives Us Excellent Insight As To Why. Hope You All Enjoy This Video. It Took Several Hours To Make. http://www.kevinrichardsonministries....

The End of Religion: Technology and the Future

John G. Messerly

047-Old-Gods-are-DeadHistory is littered with dead gods. The Greek and Roman gods, and thousands of others have perished. Yet Allah, Yahweh, Krishna and a few more survive. But will belief in the gods endure? It will not. Our descendents will be too advanced to share such primitive beliefs.

If we survive and science progresses, we will manipulate the genome, rearrange the atom, and augment the mind. And if science defeats suffering and death, religion as we know it will die. Without suffering and death, religion will have lost its raison d’être. For who will pray for heavenly cures, when the cures already exist on earth? Who will die hoping for a reprieve from the gods, when science offers immortality? With the defeat of death, science and technology will have finally triumphed over superstition. Our descendents will know, once and for all, that they are stronger than imaginary gods.

As they continue to evolve our post-human progeny will become increasingly godlike. They will overcome human physical and psychological limitations, and achieve superintelligence, either by modifying their brains or interfacing with computers. While we can’t know this for sure, what we do know is that the future will not be like the past. From our perspective, if science and technology continue to progress, our offspring will come to resemble us about as much as we do the amino acids from which we sprang.

As our descendents distance themselves from their past, they will lose interest in the gods. Such primitive ideas may even be unthinkable for them. Today the gods are impotent, tomorrow they’ll be irrelevant. You may doubt this. But do you really think that in a thousand or a million years your descendents, travelling through an infinite cosmos with augmented minds, will find their answers in ancient scriptures? Do you really think that powerful superintelligence will cling to the primitive mythologies that once satisfied ape-like brains? Only the credulous can believe such things. In the future gods will exist … only if we become them.

Still the future is unknown. Asteroids, nuclear war, environmental degradation, climate change or deadly viruses and bacteria may destroy us. Perhaps the machine intelligences we create will replace us. Or we might survive but create a dystopia. None of these prospects is inviting, but they all entail the end of religion.

Alternatively, in order to maintain the status quo, some combination of neo-Luddites, political conservatives or religious fanatics could destroy past knowledge, persecute the scientists, censor novel ideas, and usher in a new Dark Ages of minimal technology, political repression and antiquated religion. But even if they were successful, this would not save them or their archaic ideas. For killer asteroids, antibiotic-resistant bacteria or some other threat will inevitably emerge. And when it does only science and technology will save us—prayer or ideology will not help. Either we evolve or we will die.

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The Emerging Church and the Bono-Screwtape Connection

The Emerging Church is the greatest threat to the true church in the U.S. today and in the years to come...

Many Emergents view Bono, frontman of the popular rock band U2, as their "prophet" and main icon in the Emergent Church movement. Bono has stated that his stage persona's during U2's Zoo TV tour were inspired by C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters," but in what way and for what purpose? Is this how the bible teaches us to conduct ourselves as Christians? How is Bono continuing to influence the church today? Learn why truth is sometimes stranger than fiction as we reveal the shocking truth behind what inspires this Emergent rocker.

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Helric Fredou's Family DENIED AUTOPSY ACCESS! Paris Shooting Hoax

More high strangeness surrounding the Paris shooting.  This time the chief of Police, who was investigating one of the main characters, decided to kill himself the night the shooting took place.  If that's not bizarre enough, his family is being denied access to his autopsy results...which is code for saying...we lied about his death (he was probably murdered) and we can't let you know.  Every one of these major terror events is surrounded by insane nonsense that utterly destroys the story being put out...

This is absolutely incredible! I'm all but certain they killed this guy! HOLY ****! Please share!

Slow fireball filmed over Argentina

I think if it's that slow, which this one is, then it's not really a fireball (moderately large space rock), it's something other, but what that "other" is, I can't say...

Huffington Post UK       
argentina fireball
A bystander has caught video of a mysterious floating fireball that appears to hang over the sky in Argentina. With no explanation available many are claiming it to be a UFO.

The video was actually taken at the beginning of January but has only just been uploaded onto the internet. According to UFO Sightings Daily, local residents in Frías spotted the fireball and at first believed it was nothing more than a meteor.

Of course meteors move at very high speeds when entering the Earth's atmosphere and so tend to appear and disappear in seconds.

Read this article at - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/01/28/unexplained-floating-ball-of-fire-ufo_n_6561314.html

Poland Didn't Listen Long to John Laski

Poland Didn't Listen Long to John Laski
If you were asked to name the countries of the world that are most strongly identified with the Roman Church, Poland would surely be one that came to mind. Pope John Paul II is a notable representative of Polish faith. Yet there was a time when it seemed Poland would follow other northern European nations into Protestant reformation. Why didn't it?

Reform ideas first came to Poland in the fifteenth century through Bohemian followers of John Hus. Then, after the Lutheran reformation began in the sixteenth century, exiles from European countries took refuge in Poland and made converts. Lutheranism itself never became popular, however. Calvinism appealed more to the Polish nobles and commoners because it was more democratic in form. Several nobles and even King Sigismund II favored Calvinism.

One of the noblemen who favored Calvinism was John Laski. His uncle was a powerful archbishop. Like the uncle, the nephew trained for the church. He traveled to France to further his education, but turned in disgust from the scholasticism of Louvain and came to Zurich. Zwingli encouraged him to study the Bible direct, which Laski did. Hitting it off with Erasmus in Basle, he spent a year with the brilliant educator and made friends with a number of reformers who crossed his path.

Uncle Laski did not like this at all. He ordered John home and demanded that he recant his "heretical" beliefs. John obeyed and was made an archdeacon. His duties brought him into contact with the Roman Church and papacy and he witnessed deep corruption at first hand, becoming convinced that the church must reform. At this juncture he was offered a bishop's mitre. Not only did he refuse it, but he openly declared for the Reformation.

He had to flee from Poland, and wandered across Europe. Invited to direct the churches of Friesland, he applied Calvin's methods to the job and reformed the church. In England, he hit it off famously with Cranmer, and influenced the Book of Common Prayer. When he finally returned to Poland, he brought Calvinistic reforms and translated the Bible into his native tongue.

Many Poles turned from the Roman Church, winning a measure of religious freedom. Some church buildings were put to Protestant use. Laws forbade the execution of Roman Church decrees by the government or the collection of Peter's pence (a Vatican tax). But when John Laski died on this day, January 28, 1560, Protestantism was no nearer dominating Poland. The Protestants were too divided. Lutherans, Unitarians, Hussites, Anabaptists, and Calvinists could not agree on common policy. The Roman Church remained the single largest Christian bloc and Roman clergy retained special rights in teaching religious doctrines. In the seventeenth century, religious toleration virtually ceased when the Roman Church reasserted its supremacy.
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Read this article at - http://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/1501-1600/poland-didnt-listen-long-to-john-laski-11630000.html

Jan 28, 2015

I Will Follow Christ - by Clay Crosse, Bebe Winans & Bob Carlisle & Rich Mullins - Creed

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration, and that little inspiration can carry us a long way...


Why have so many scientists been mysteriously killed over the last 24 months?

(NaturalNews) A number of experienced scientists have died, often under mysterious conditions, over the past couple of years, the latest being a NASA expert in robotics who worked on space missions.

As reported by Britain's Daily Mail, the latest scientist casualty is Alberto Behar, 47, of Scottsdale, Arizona, who was killed instantly when the small plane he was piloting recently crashed into a Los Angeles intersection in a nosedive shortly after take-off.

The paper said the plane took off from Van Nuys Airport, according to the LA County Coroner. Behar, the paper continued, worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena for 23 years and was also a research professor at Arizona State University. He worked on a pair of Mars missions and had spent years researching how robots would work in hard conditions and environs, like volcanoes and deep underwater.

The Daily Mail further reported:

As part of the NASA team exploring Mars with the Curiosity rover, Behar was responsible for a device that detected hydrogen on the planet's surface as the rover moved.

"His career was dedicated to better understanding Earth and the other planets," JPL Science Division manager Michael Watkins in a statement.

Just the latest in a long line of dead scientists

His research with the Mars missions helped discover that at one time there was water on the planet.

Behar's additional work seems innocuous enough. In 2010, he assisted in designing a camera that was able to capture a miniscule, shrimp-like sea creature swimming deep below the Antarctic ice sheet, a discovery that was highly unexpected. His colleagues and research associates said he was especially notable for narrowing the divide between scientists attempting to study inhospitable environments and engineers whose robots are able to survive such conditions.

"From his submarines that peeked under Antarctica to his boats that raced Greenland's rivers, Alberto's work enabled measurements of things we'd never known," NASA scientist Thomas Wagner told the Mail in a statement. "His creativity knew few bounds. He is, and will forever be, sorely missed."

The cause of the crash is, as of this writing, still under investigation.

The New York Times further reported that Behar ran Arizona State's Extreme Environments Robotics and Instrumentation Laboratory, and that he "had a passion for creating autonomous craft" that contained "sensors or cameras that could probe places no human could ever go." One of those was "down the great roaring watery drain pipes, or moulins, that pepper the Greenland ice sheet in summertime."

The Times further reported:

By coincidence, Behar's death came just three days before publication of the latest study on which he is a co-author -- a detailed analysis of the melt-water rivers and moulin drains across a 2,000-square-mile portion of the vast Greenland ice sheet. The paper, "Efficient meltwater drainage through supraglacial streams and rivers on the southwest Greenland ice sheet," was posted online by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [January 12].

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048408_scientists_mysterious_deaths_assassinations.html#ixzz3Q61wUDnH

Demons and UFOs: Final Events Update

Back in 2010, Anomalist Books published what is – beyond any shadow of a doubt – the most controversial book I have ever written. It’s title is Final Events. To summarize, for those who haven’t seen the book, it deals with a loose-knit, think-tank-style group in the U.S. Government that, for decades, has quietly investigated the UFO phenomenon from an intriguing perspective. I don’t know their real title (if they even have, or had, one), but they nicknamed themselves the Collins Elite.
The group utterly believes in the existence of a UFO phenomenon that is non-human. They do not, however, have any belief, at all, that the phenomenon has its origins in outer space. Rather, they are of the opinion that the entire mystery falls under the banner of what can only be termed a satanic deception.

They conclude that a demonic agenda is at work, one which uses the UFO phenomenon as a kind of camouflage (as, they believe, it did in times long gone, and still does, with respect to such enigmatic “things” as goblins, fairies, Marian apparitions, and even the Men in Black, and strange creatures assumed by many to be of a cryptozoological nature).

Reportedly, it’s a camouflage that helps the alleged demonic ones – referred to by those in-the-know at the Pentagon as Non-Human Entities, or NHEs – to get their grips into us, and lead our souls not only astray, but into enslavement and even some strange form of recycling and… wait for it… digestion. For the Collins Elite, the human soul is energy and fuel for the NHEs, in much the same way that the human body is fuel for the machines in the Matrix movies.

It’s a story I was put onto eight years ago, when I spoke with an Anglican priest who also happened to be a former state-director of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. His name is Ray Boeche. Ray had a face to face meeting with two members of the group (a pair of physicists, working with the DoD) in late 1991, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In January 2007, Ray very generously shared his information and recollections with me, something which led me further down the rabbit hole. And what a rabbit hole it was. It was filled with tales of military attempts to conjure up the NHE’s via ancient ritual and rite, of supernatural gateways being recklessly opened, and of much more of a dark and menacing nature.

The reason I bring this up now is because I quite often get inquiries from people wanting to know if I will ever do a follow-up book to Final Events. Well, the answer is “no.” Or, at the very least, it’s probably “no.” I don’t have any plans – at all – to do something along those lines, chiefly because the new data I have uncovered could not justify it.

Put simply, it’s intriguing, but it’s not in-depth and extensive enough to justify doing much with it, right now. In that sense, the finished body of work would look like padding, rather than a full-length sequel.

But, that’s not to say there has been a lack of new data and sources on this story. Quite the opposite, in fact. And I thought I would share some of that data with you, and which at some point I will likely expand into what will probably be a 15 or 20 page paper.
orange flame pentagram isolated on black
Back in 2012, I spoke with a theologian from Michigan who had read Final Events, and who told me he had been asked to deliver a lecture on demonology for a military intelligence group in the summer of 1993. There was nothing sinister about the situation. The invite was made directly, he was asked not to talk about it with friends and family (albeit certainly not in a threatening manner), and he and gave a presentation that was received warmly, and which was followed by an extensive, lively Q&A. No reason was given for why the presentation was requested.

Moving on, for quite some time I have been in regular contact with a woman whose grandfather worked in the field of intelligence in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and who was involved in an official, secret investigation of the activities of legendary rocket-pioneer and occultist, Jack Parsons. Parsons was a man who pops up on many occasions in Final Events, and who the Collins Elite came to believe helped the NHEs to open certain paranormal doorways that most of us would never, ever, want opening. Reportedly, the file focused heavily on Parsons’ late 1930s/early 1940s connections to the equally legendary Aleister Crowley, and to Parsons’ links to certain people in the early years of Ufology.

I’m also aware that two people in Ufology – one extremely well known, and the other significantly less so, unless you know where to look – were approached, some years ago, by representatives of the Collins Elite to join their ranks. They both declined the offers. Wise decisions or not, I’m far from sure.

I also have fragments of several stories of intelligence agency interest in lore and beliefs relative to the human soul and its manipulation and even separation – interest that, in part, has links to some of the early remote-viewing programs of the 1970s.

There are probably another fourteen or fifteen additional stories and snippets I’ve uncovered (or which have come to me, direct, from people who read the book). And so yes, I probably will do something with this one day. Final Events Part II? No. But almost certainly a published paper that may well assist in giving someone else a kick-start to look into aspects of the Collins Elite saga that may have eluded me…

Read this article at - http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/01/demons-and-ufos-final-events-update/

Left Behind or Led Astray? [Official Trailer]

Left Behind or Led Astray?: Examining the Origins of the Secret Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a new DVD by Good Fight Ministries which examines the origins of dispensationalism.

What if the Church is not raptured before the tribulation?
What if the church has been left ill-prepared to face Antichrist?
What if millions become part of the great falling away when the rapture doesn't happen when they expect?

The first in a series, we examine the claims and teachings of Dave MacPherson, Dr. Walter Martin, Charles Spurgeon, C.I. Scofield, John Nelson Darby, Emmanuel de Lacunza, Edward Irving, Tim LaHaye and others.

Features Joe Schimmel, Joel Richardson and Jacob Prasch.

Please Note: We believe that this is an in-house debate and not something that Christians should divide over. However, we also believe that this is a very important issue for millions of Christians who may not be prepared for the end times. Our heart is to lovingly share the Word of God in order to prepare the Church.

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Hollywood CIA – A Dark Cult Marriage Revealed

BFFs 4-Ever.
BFFs 4-Ever.
By: Jay

One of the more fanciful, or thought to be fanciful, topics I’ve been covering for a good while now is the subject of the relationship of the CIA to Hollywood.  Recent blockbusters like Zero Dark Thirty and American Sniper focus on the military and intelligence agencies in supposed “based on true events” scenarios, but is more at work here?  The film industry has always loved tales of espionage, but in reality, the creation and manufacturing of a completely alternate reality and history is far more extensive than most would assume.  While many films have nobly challenged assumptions about war in figures like Kubrick or Stone, for the most part, film has functioned as one of the most powerful forms of propaganda in the western establishment’s arsenal.
Watching some old G.I. Joe cartoon episodes for an upcoming analysis, I was not surprised to find Harvard psychological consultants as part of the production of the show, as reaching the youth with propaganda is central to creating cubicle dwelling automatons later in life.   Likewise, researching this as a thesis topic was also instrumental in making these connections, as was the mass of information in Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces trilogy.  More recently, a plethora of news articles have surfaced that highlight this deep relationship, as this rabbit hole never ends.  The coalescing of intelligence agencies, secret societies and Hollywood in reality is more sensational than any incestuous cult a pulp crime fiction writer could dream up.
Author John Rizzo has recently published a book titled Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA, which is an amazing admission of this scandalous affair between intelligence and the film industry.  The L.A. Times comments:
“The CIA has long had a special relationship with the entertainment industry, devoting considerable attention to fostering relationships with Hollywood movers and shakers—studio executives, producers, directors, big-name actors,” John Rizzo, the former acting CIA general counsel, wrote in his new book, “Company Man: Thirty Years of Crisis and Controversy in the CIA….
Rizzo's "Company Man." Image: amazon.com
Rizzo’s “Company Man.” Image: amazon.com
The CIA also recruits actors to give more visibility to propaganda projects abroad, such as a documentary secretly produced by the agency, Rizzo said. And the agency sometimes takes advantage of the door-opening cachet that movie stars and other American celebrities enjoy. A star who met a world leader, for example, might be asked for details about that meeting.
The CIA has officials assigned full-time to the care and feeding of Hollywood assets, Rizzo wrote.  Other former CIA officials added that some of those operatives work in the Los Angeles office of an agency department called the National Resources Division, which recruits people in the U.S. to help America spy abroad.”
Britney's infamous meltdown.
Britney’s infamous meltdown.
With that in mind, recent news regarding Brittney Spears may reveal much more than the headline suggests.  Researchers have opined that “rehab” centers may actually be used for “programming” the “stars” for various mind controlled objectives (as John Marks hints at in his Search for the Manchurian Candidate, pg. , whether as sex slaves or spies as Rizzo discusses.  Author Dave McGowan has detailed the military and intelligence connections to Laurel Canyon, the home of the budding counter-culture rock movement in the 60s, which spawned acts like Zappa and the Doors.  Military and intelligence connections thus come to the fore here with Brittney’s ex, who “coached her through rehab” being killed transporting “dignitaries” in Afghanistan – obviously an intelligence cover.  Was Sundahl her helpful boyfriend, or was more at work here?
The notion of mind controlled sex slaves and DID/MPD actors and singers is something still far-fetched for the masses, yet more and more information supporting this idea continues to come forward.  In regard to Lady Gaga and Amanda Bynes, I recently wrote:
“The potential for abuse here is quite obvious. In my old article, I also relate how the modern psychiatric “bible,” known as the DSM-V still cites Dr. Estabrooks’ old essay, showing the present establishment views all this as authentic, as well as a host of films that portray mind control themes.  In fact, it seems as if mind controlled assassins and alters is appearing in countless productions with increasing frequency.  Remember – it was Hollywood that was making films about MKULTRA before it was even known to the public as a real program, as we see in the 1962 The Manchurian Candidate.
With this direct Hollywood connection in mind, we can see the likely possibility of the abuse of pop stars, who become high-priced commodities for the same establishment.  I have written before about Candy Jones, and all the way up to the present, top stars are now alleging they were abused by their “handlers” and/or producers.  While some cases may be publicity stunts, it is hard to believe they all are.

USDA Claims Pesticide Residues in Food Is Safe—Here’s Why They’re Wrong

By Dr. Mercola

Research has demonstrated that pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are neurotoxic, capable of damaging your nervous system. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 60 percent of herbicides, 90 percent of fungicides, and 30 percent of insecticides are also carcinogenic.
All of these toxins are permitted on conventional farms, and any number of them can end up on your plate when you conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables. The increased use of genetically engineered plants1 and soil insecticides also increases the chemical load in food—particularly processed foods.
The answer, of course, is to limit your exposure as much as possible, giving your body a chance to eliminate the toxins you do inadvertently ingest. Certain foods, such as fermented foods, can also help detoxify some of these chemicals.
Yet despite all the known risks, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) insists pesticide residues on food are no cause for concern.
According to the agency’s latest report, more than half of all foods tested last year had detectable levels of pesticide residues, but most, they claim, are within the “safe” range. However, there are a number of factors you need to be aware of before you swallow such assurances hook, line, and sinker...

USDA Does Not Test for Glyphosate

Most notably, as reported by Reuters,2 the USDA does not test for one of the most pervasive and one of the most harmful agricultural chemicals of all, namely glyphosate:
“As has been the case with past analyses, the USDA said it did not test this past year for residues of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide and the world's most widely used herbicide.
A USDA spokesman who asked not to be quoted said that the test measures required for glyphosate are ‘extremely expensive... to do on an regular basis’...
Many genetically modified crops can be sprayed directly with glyphosate, and some consumer and health groups fear glyphosate residues in foods are harmful to human health, even though the government says the pesticide is considered safe.”
Meanwhile, one of the most recent studies3 investigating the effect glyphosate on Americans’ health noted that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in both plants and animals.
The researchers also note that previous studies show that glyphosate “disrupts the endocrine system4 and the balance of gut bacteria... damages DNA and is a driver of mutations that lead to cancer.”
The researchers searched US government databases for GE crop data, glyphosate application data, and disease epidemiological data, and analyses revealed “highly significant” correlations between glyphosate applications and the following health problems among the US population:
Hypertension StrokeDiabetes
ObesityLipoprotein metabolism disorderAlzheimer’s disease
Senile dementiaParkinson’s diseaseMultiple sclerosis
AutismInflammatory bowel diseaseIntestinal infections
End stage renal diseaseAcute kidney failureThyroid cancer
Liver cancerBladder cancerPancreatic cancer
Kidney cancerMyeloid leukemia  
According to the authors: “The significance and strength of the correlations show that the effects of glyphosate and GE crops on human health should be further investigated.”

Read the rest of this article at -  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/01/27/glyphosate-gmo-pesticide-residue.aspx?e_cid=20150127Z1_DNL_RTLB_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20150127Z1_RTLB&et_cid=DM67623&et_rid=820164718