Nov 30, 2013

Indo-Australian Plate breakup triggering global chain reaction & NOAA wiped out buoy used as proof

This is from TheUnitedKnowledge Channel on Youtube.  He's done a great deal of research over the last two years on the fact that something approaches our Sun and planet each spring that is having a major affect on solar events, earthquakes, weather, etc.  That something being (potentially) the Sun's dark twin.  What you will get in this video is lots of info and links.  You decide...

Proof and evidence the Indo-Australian Plate is breaking up and having ongoing adjustments triggering specific seismic events in the global sequence.
Now NOAA has removed the main source of data used in putting all this together.


Thread with most info put together:

Fire in the Sky News / Dual Suns...

And the fireballs just keep coming... from somewhere...

Reports keep mounting. Stunning fireballs! People are reporting unusual sightings.

Monsanto Patents and Chemtrails

Barbara H. Peterson
While I might assume a particular position on an issue, that position is subject to change when new or more relevant information becomes available. Remember the sorghum aluminum resistance patent that we thought was created by Monsanto to counter the effects of excess aluminum found in the soil after heavy chemtrailing? Well, it turns out that we were partially right. 
Here is where we went wrong:
The patent for aluminum resistance mentioned in What in the World are They Spraying? turns out to be owned by the USDA and Brazil’s agricultural department, not Monsanto directly (although a good case can be made for Monsanto actually owning the USDA, but that’s another story) and evidently, made for acidic soil and will not be effective in an alkaline soil caused by chemtrailing. Therefore, it appears that this particular patent most likely is targeted for Africa, which seems to be a major biotech interest.
Here is where we were right:
Monsanto DOES own patents that appear to mitigate the effects of geo-engineering, that can be applied to a whole host of fruits, trees, grains and veggies. A quick patent search brings up 3,981 hits for Monsanto and Stress Tolerance. Mendel Biotechnology is partners with Monsanto in several of these patents. This is taken from one of the joint patents:
The claimed invention, in the field of functional genomics and the characterization of plant genes for the improvement of plants, was made by or on behalf of Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. and Monsanto Corporation as a result of activities undertaken within the scope of a joint research agreement in effect on or before the date the claimed invention was made.
Here is a patent titled “Stress tolerant plants and methods thereof,” that is owned by Monsanto, and seems to address all forms of abiotic stress that weather manipulation and chemtrails can cause:

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If you do not see yourself as bad then you can't see God as very good

Good stuff on how we should think on our Christian faith...

Watch the full sermon:
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If you are a Christian, God is not punishing you. Jesus was already punished in your place. But God disciplines the children whom he loves.

This clip is excerpted from the sermon "How Have You Loved Us?" the first part of our sermon series, Malachi: Living for a Legacy, preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll out of Malachi 1:1--5 at Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue and released on November 24, 2013.

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Nov 29, 2013


Great job of sarcastically pointing out how our government information sources that should have kept us updated on ISON mysteriously don't work very well.  Maybe someone could throw another billion dollars at the problem?...Is it possible professional, extremely well-paid and funded astronomers could be so stupid?  Or is it intentional...(language warning ahead) Something is rotten in Denmark. It would appear that NASA turned the cameras AWAY from Comet c2012 s1 ISON and then declared it dead disintegrated eaten by the Sun or as Phil Plait was quick to say an Ex-Comet.
The Mainstream media, who had been slow to report on the Comet ISON story all year was all over the 'COMET ISON IS DEAD' meme like stink on poop. We've heard that ISON is a headless comet, its tails are pointing in strange directions, and that all that's left is the debris field and its tail. Well the situation is SNAFU + FUBAR = SNAFUBAR and this Joker is Wild so who knows who to believe anymore? This story started insane and over the year has only grown increasingly crazy.

Nothing like a wonderful government sucker punch on Thanksgiving!
Crazy times, indeed.
ISON has made it past Pluto Uranus Saturn Jupiter Mars Earth Mercury & Venus and is now going to do it all over again. The closest approach to Earth is said to be on Christmas. I sure hope the Holiday Comet doesn't ruin the Holidays.
Oh the perihelion drama.
I'm am trying to learn about the Heavens.
Be cool.
God bless everyone,
Stay Cool,

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This is part 48 of the THOR performed THORnews series Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF NASA - EARTH - Professional Science - Dude. It almost makes you feel like they ARE trying to cover up something.

First Telescope Confirmation ISON Survived - NASA Lied (What a shocker!)

This would be the first telescope confirmation of ISON's survival of perihelion...and we believe much more to come.

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Strategic Perspectives 2013 - Tom Horn and the Prophecy of the Popes

Just a reminder that significant events have been set in motion on Earth as well as in the heavens...

This segment comes from the "Strategic Perspectives 2013" conference published by Koinonia House.

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Petrus Romanus Meets with Gog-Magog to Plot Future, Kiss the Madonna, Acknowledge Departure from Western Christianity

Pope Francis and Russian President Vladimir Putin met Monday amid high expectations that their visit could mark the beginning of the end of the centuries-old rift between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Since becoming pontiff in March, Francis has met with more than a dozen heads of state, but this meeting comes at a unique time. “What's making (this visit) different this time is who he will meet: a pope, Francis, who for the first time is not from Europe,” said Andrea Tornielli, a Vatican expert who writes for the Italian daily “La Stampa.” “And [Francis] being from Argentina, is not tied to the old idea of Western Christianity, so this could play in [Putin’s] favor,” Tornielli added.     

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Update! Proof of ISON survived & WTF is that giant thing following behind ISON?

Leave it to thornews to provide surrealistic humor and some interesting insights because he always gets an amazing amount of photos and info...whatever the "thing" behind ISON is, doesn't it look like Yoshi in 16 bit technology? NASA & ESA & Professional Astronomers declared Comet c/2012 s1 ISON DEAD after Perihelion. Then, the Stereo Lasco and SECCHI cameras started to show something emerge. Dirty Snowball dust? Dragon Skull? Who knows but as spaceweather said. SOMETHING survived. It looks big and the latest reports are that it is brightening.

Plus! WTF is that crazy unidentified shape thingy entering frame left as ISON leaves on frame right!!?!? I'm sure it's a cat galaxy or sequester swamp gas or an angelic artifact but I would like to know, ya know? Awesome!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tell Amy I said hello.

I'm am trying to learn about the Heavens.

Be cool.

God bless everyone,

ISON Survives! 'Ancient Time-Traveler' travels on!

Everyone is excited now...but comets have throughout recorded history been harbingers of change, and occasionally doom.  (Doom sounds like a comic book story doesn't it?)  Anyway, we may end up saying we wish ISON had not survived...time will tell...


Latest from Stereo A COR 2 shows Comet ISON emerging at the 1 O'Clock position! Stereo A COR 2

Fire in the Sky News/Meteor outbreak underway!/'Booms' being reported

Multiple large meteors being reported around the world rattling windows, shaking homes.
http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot... (report sightings here) (report sightings here) YT MRSTARGAZERNATION (credit) (boy struck by meteorite)

Nov 26, 2013

Russ Dizdar, Exorcism, MPD, SRA, The Black Awakening (Full Movie)

More background on the coming of the "black awakening" by Russ Dizdar.  Coming soon to a neighborhood near you...

Russ Dizdar is just a Christian, and although he has "delivered" hundreds of people from demonic possession he maintains it is just one aspect of the complete ministry of Jesus.

Nevertheless, over the past 30 years he has become an expert on Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Satanic Ritual Abuse, MKULTRA type mind control (sometimes called Trauma Based Mind Control.)

Because of his work with the victims and perpetrators of "Cult Crime" he has discovered an "underground" that most people could never imagine exists.
He says that these "Chosen Ones" are planning for something they term "The Black Awakening" and Russ and his team at (his ministry website)
Are seeking to do whatever they can to heal those involved, rescue victims, expose and bring to justice the perpetrators, and Let Them all know of the power and love of his king Jesus Christ.

This video is from Chris White's "Nowhere To Run" radio show

Our Changing World

Do you remember ever hearing about strange sounds in the sky before 2011? What are these "sky quakes" and why have they now appeared in almost every city and every community around the globe? While some can be dismissed easily as hoaxes, there are many others which lend credibility to the phenomena.

This presentation takes an emotional journey through recent extreme weather, including floods, tornadoes, and the strongest storm ever recorded - and begs the question is weather becoming increasingly severe? Are we simply becoming desensitized to record breaking weather tragedies because they are more and more frequent?

Footage includes some of the best UFO sightings of 2013 found to date, including a UFO falling from the sky into an Icelandic town, a high speed orb changing trajectories above a highway, and a snake like entity floating through the clouds.

With sky quakes, increasingly catastrophic weather, and stunning UFO encounters - all of which cross lines of culture and nationality - can we now say with certainty that our world is changing?

Very special thanks to Xaviar Thunders for contributing the new SS intro animation!

Is NASA Lying About Comet ISON

The short answer is "yes, every chance they get!"

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana reveals fresh info about the size of Comet ISON also http://BPEarthWatch on YouTube channel also

Nov 25, 2013

Jesus shows us what it's like to live a Spirit-empowered life

Jesus' life and power are not just to be admired; his power is also to be experienced. Jesus didn't cheat but came to earth as a man and showed us what it's like to live a perfect, Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered, Spirit-led life.

This clip is excerpted from the sermon "Jesus Empowered by the Spirit," the first part of our sermon series Acts: Empowered for Jesus' Mission. It was preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll out of Acts 1:1--11 at Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue and released on May 26.

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Raining Stones In Sicily!!

Just a taste of what it means to live in the shadow of an active volcano like Mt. Aetna in Italy...

Another eruption from Mt. Etna causes it to literally rain stones on Sicily.

Comet s1 ISON on NASA's Fleet, Venus explodes Comet Style & Encke Lovejoy Linear are Here

Great info from Thornews, and as always, language and vid warnings for our friend.  If you have noticed of late, Venus is unusually bright of late, and Thornews picks up on that anomaly and perhaps it's relation to Comet ISON and the other comets wandering around at the moment. And also as usual, lots of great info that no one else seems to be picking up.   Great stuff! WARNING: I had extra fun with this one. Ok. We're taking a look at Comet c/2012 s1 ISON on NASA's fleet of Cameras. We've got the Secchi the STEREO HI-1 & 2 Cameras. We've got Encke & ISON in a duet. Comets c/2012 s1 ISON, c/2013 R1 LOVEJOY, c/2012 X1 LINEAR & 2P ENCKE playing the 4 tops with the Sun as their audience. ISON looks large & quick. Venus has a wonderful off camera comet like ignition? Usually when Venus does this it is a triangle like Coma, but this time. It's big and bright. Jupiter. Mercury.

This is a full episode of today's relevant space weather from the Heavens.

Happy Holy Days season, y'all!

God Bless Everyone!

4 Earthquakes Hit Iran After Deal

Some interesting news and notes from Pastor Paul....note especially that the U.S. did not care to try and remove or protect Christians that are awaiting death sentences in Iran.  Also, the earthquakes hitting Iran.  Move of God or tectonic weapons?  You decide...

SPECIAL BROADCAST TONIGHT: Will Comet ISON survive the Sun? Also China Steals land from Japan and South Korea. Also Iran Deal on Nukes and Israel reaction

Nov 24, 2013

Fire in the Sky News/More awesome Ukraine footage!/ISON Huge!

NEW ISON Stereo Movie!/Oregon Fireball?/New Ukraine fireball STUNNING vids! (ISON) (Oregon fireball?)
http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot... (Ukraine fireball)


Thornews back up on it and in it and around it, it being Comet ISON.  Language and other warnings here, but lots of interesting pics and info too.  I agree that I think Comet ISON will survive it's close pass with the Sun and we will get some amazing views come December... We're taking a look at Comet c/2012 s1 ISON on NASA's fleet of Cameras. We've got the Secchi the STEREO HI-1 & 2 Camera and the a quick look at the differential images. It's not looking good for Phil Plait as he has stakes his reputation on the Nucleus being more than 1.2 miles. But it is looking good for Amy Mainzer, because I get awesomer every day. We are T-6 Days from Perehelion and this story only gets more bizarre and interesting. We can rule out NIBIRU or PLANET X being ISON. So that's good. I'm betting ISON "lives" through perehelion and is not breaking up. We also get to see p2 encke. so that's cool I'm still trying to figure out the Bow Shock & Wings situation and the amateurs and professionals seem to be confused also. OK. Now I will get back to work on Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF NASA / EARTH ??!?! SRZLY BRO - Part 46. It's a DOOZY, yo.

The tail is huge.
The coma is huge
I am guessing the nucleus is very very big.

Thank for watching,
and learning along with me.
Hope you like the Jokes!

God Bless Everyone!