Mar 9, 2013

Examining Rome's Status as the Great Harlot

What's really intriguing here is that a number of Roman Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and Priests have consistently led the way in these charges against the Vatican. 

By Cris D. Putnam
Exo-VaticanaPin ItTom Horn and I have suggested the next pope could be the predicted false prophet (Rev 13:11). While some find this offensive, the best sources supporting this notion have been Catholics. For example, I would like to bring to your attention today the priest, John O’Connor. In 1987, O’Connor gave a homily titled “The Reign of the Antichrist,” in which he described how changes within the Roman Catholic Church were already at work before his death to provide for the coming of Antichrist.

As this prescient sermon reveals, Catholic sources make the case for us. O’Connor’s worst fears have certainly been realized. An associate of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI who is considered one of the most important Catholic theologians of the twentieth century, Hans Urs von Balthasar, wrote a provocative essay, “Casta Meretrix,” (“Chaste Harlot”) that not only identified the Roman Catholic Church as the Great Harlot, but embraced it:

The figure of the prostitute [forma meretricis] is so appropriate for the Church…that it…defines the Church of the New Covenant in her most splendid mystery of salvation. The fact that the Synagogue left the Holy Land to go and be among the pagans was an infidelity of Jerusalem, the fact that “she opened her legs in every road in the world.”
But this same movement, which brings her to all the peoples, is the mission of the Church. She must unite and merge herself with every people, and this new apostolic form of union cannot be avoided.[i]
While the embrace of whoredom is astonishing, the convicting words of prophecy, “Come out of her, my people, That ye be not partakers of her sins, And that ye receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4), seem to forecast such apostasy. In sharp relief, Paul’s letter to the Ephesians implies that Christ’s “Bride” is the body of believers who comprise the universal Christian Church (ἐκκλησία “called-out ones”). The one’s called out in order, “That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish” (Ephesians 5:27). The stage is set for the judgment of the harlot as predicted in Revelation and the prophecy of Saint Malachy. In Exo-Vaticana we suggest a scenario for why the world will be enticed to unite under this Great Harlot spearheaded by Rome.

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Iran Deploys Snipers to Combat Cat-Sized "Mutant" Rats

Not sure what this has to do with anything, but the idea here is that these are genetically altered rats that have been unleashed to further terrorize and weaken Iran before the coming attack by U.S./Israeli and whomever else decides to join in. Let us remember, strangeness is not an obstacle to truth.

(Source: Mirage Studios)

"Mutant" rodents can grow to 5 kg, are about as big as cats, outnumber residents 6-to-1

According to a top government-owned English language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates -- The National -- the streets of Tehran have been running red with blood, as the government has deployed military troops to kill mutant rodents.

While Iran's Revolutionary Guard is typically more focused on hurling threats against its western adversaries, it's been forced to focus on the homeland amidst chaos in Tehran. The city has been plagued by an insidious infestation of an unusual breed of rats, which reportedly grow to the size of a cat.

Mohammad Hadi Heydarzadeh, the head of Tehran municipality's environmental agency told a state TV news agency last month, "It's become a 24/7 war. We use chemical poisons to kill the rats during the day and the snipers at night."

So far 2,000 of the fearsome creatures have been killed.

The problem has become exacerbated as snow from the Alborz mountains seasonally melts, raising water levels and flushing the rats out of their subterranean lairs. Researchers estimate the rats may outnumber their human adversaries six to one. And these aren't your run-of-the-mill rodents. Reportedly they grow to around 5 kg (11 lbs).

Iran wide
Iran has deployed skilled snipers to combat the rodent menace. [Image Source: ISNA]

Ismail Kahram, an environmental adviser to the city council, says the rats have changed in appearance over the years. He comments, "They seem to have had a genetic mutation. They are bigger now and look different. These are changes that normally take millions of years of evolution."

U.S. experts say this is unlikely, pointing out that even common black rats can get quite large. Dr. David Baker, a laboratory animal veterinarian at LSU tells the Huffington Post, "Nearly all genetic mutations identified across the field of biology are harmful and confer a disadvantage to the species rather than an advantage. It’s not like in the sci-fi movies. [But] during the Middle Ages, [standard] black rats in Europe reportedly grew large enough -- and children were small enough -- to carry off babies. Those had to have been some big rats."

Regardless of who is right, one thing is for sure -- these are some big rats.

Mutant Rats
One of Iran's massive "mutant" rats. [Image Source: Reuters]

The city uses tons of poison a year. The special toxin used causes the rodents to become very thirst before death, a blessing as they then go off to die in the sewers, limiting the public health risk. Still, it appears that the city is making little headway against the ever growing rodent threat.

Vatican,Third Temple,United Nations, Mark of the Beast, Al-mahdi/Anti Christ

Don't let the singing prayer at the beginning scare you off.  Lots of good research here on topics covering the temple mount, UN involvement through the Interfaith Council, the involvement of the Vatican and more.  If you are interested in the info, this is worth the watch.

Mar 8, 2013

Bizarre "Big Dog" Robot Hurls Concrete Blocks

One of the increasing number of robots who gives me the "uncanny valley" feeling everytime I see it...

Hugo Chavez, World Leaders and Cancer Deaths

Very few people today are familiar with the Church Committee hearings on CIA atrocities held in the mid-1970's. Lots of terrifying truths emerged from those hearings, including the below-pictured "heart attack/cancer" gun and the fact that the CIA had sprayed numerous cities with various toxic substances over 200 times beginning in 1951. Those were U.S. cities. And the CIA's punishment for these crimes? Nothing. Not in this lifetime. Keep that in mind before judging things as too unbelievable to be true.

By Charles Kong Soo

US Senators Frank Church and John Tower examine a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) poison dart gun that causes cancer and heart attacks, during the US Senate Select Committee’s investigation into the assassination plots on foreign leaders in 1975.

It was a case destined for the X-Files and conspiracy theorists alike, when Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez speculated that the US might have developed a way to weaponise cancer, after several Latin American leaders were diagnosed with the disease. The list includes former Argentine president, Nestor Kirchner (colon cancer) Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff (lymphoma cancer), her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (throat cancer), Chavez (undisclosed), former Cuban president Fidel Castro (stomach cancer) Bolivian president, Evo Morales (nasal cancer) and Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo (lymphoma cancer). What do they have in common besides cancer? All of them are left-wing leaders. Coincidence? In his December 28, 2011 end-of-year address to the Venezuelan military, Chavez hinted that the US might have found a way to give Latin American leaders cancer. "Would it be so strange that they've invented the technology to spread cancer and we won't know about it for 50 years?" Chavez asked. "It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America.

It's at the very least strange," he said. Chavez said he received warning from Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro, who has survived hundreds of unsuccessful assassination attempts. "Fidel always told me, 'Chavez take care. These people have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat ... a little needle and they inject you with I don't know what'," he said.

Unsolved mysteries

Sounds far-fetched? WikiLeaks reported that in 2008 the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asked its embassy in Paraguay to collect all biometric data, including the DNA of all four presidential candidates. Right here in the Caribbean conspiracy theorists believe that the CIA also had a hand in the deaths of T&T's own civil rights activist and Pan-Africanist Kwame Ture, Jamaica's legendary reggae icon Bob Marley and Dominican Prime Minister Rosie Douglas. During the United States Senate Select Committee's investigation into CIA's assassination plots on foreign leaders in 1975 it was revealed that the agency had developed a poison dart gun that caused heart attacks and cancer. The gun fired a frozen liquid poison-tipped dart, the width of a human hair and a quarter of an inch long, that could penetrate clothing, was almost undetectable and left no trace in a victim's body.

Kwame Ture or Stokely Carmichael, the radical former Black Panther leader who inaugurated the Black Power Movement of the 1960s went to his death claiming that the CIA had poisoned him with cancer. Ture died of prostate cancer at the age of 57 in 1998. His friend, multi-media artist and activist Wayne "Rafiki" Morris, said Ture said "without equivocation" that the CIA gave him cancer. "I knew Kwame from 1976 and for all the time I knew him he never drank or smoked cigarettes," Morris said. "He was a very good swimmer and exercised regularly, he didn't have any medical condition and was very conscious of his health."

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Rare ‘Zodiacal Light’ will be visible in night sky soon


March 8, 2012SPACEThe solar system’s small bodies have been often in the news lately. There are currently two bright comets in the southern sky, one of which, Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) will soon be moving into the northern sky. An asteroid named 2012 DA14 recently passed close to the Earth. There have been two bright meteors in the past month, one in Russia and one in California. But these types of bodies aren’t the smallest relics of the solar system visible from here on Earth. A rare and hard to spot phenomenon called the Zodiacal Light, made from tiny solar system dust particles, can only be sighted under the best conditions. And a good time to view it is coming up soon.
Most stargazers are unaware that they can actually see this interplanetary dust, when conditions are right. In some ways this disk of interplanetary dust is similar in appearance to the Milky Way. The glow of the Milky Way is the result of the combined light of millions of stars too faint to be resolved by the unaided eye. The interplanetary dust disk, called the Zodiacal Light, is the result of millions of dust particles too faint to be resolved. Unlike the Milky Way, which can be resolved with a telescope, the particles that make up the Zodiacal Light are too small to be resolved by any optical instrument. There are only a few windows of opportunity during the year to see the Zodiacal Light, and one of these is coming up over the next couple of weeks.
One factor is that the moon will move out of the evening sky, leaving it darker and making fainter objects more easy to spot. A second factor is that the ecliptic, where the Zodiacal Light is brightest, will be perpendicular to the horizon in the early evening in the northern hemisphere. Wait until the sky is completely free of scattered light from the sun, at least an hour and a half after sunset. First of all, choose an observing location with a very dark sky. It must be dark enough that the Milky Way is easily visible, because the Zodiacal Light is fainter than the Milky Way.
At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, the Milky Way is setting in the northwest in the early evening, marked by Cassiopeia and Cygnus. The ecliptic, marked with a green line in the chart, is due west, passing through the faint constellation of Pisces. In a dark sky, you will see the Zodiacal Light and the Milky Way as two distinct but very faint objects. The Milky Way gets wider and brighter higher in the sky, while the Zodiacal Light gets narrower and fainter. The first is a band, the second a cone. If you succeed in spotting the Zodiacal Light over the next few weeks, you will have observed one of the rarest phenomena in the night sky. -MNN

The Calm Before the Storm? NASA Warns "Something Unexpected is Happening to the Sun"

Anything significant occurring with the Sun has not only practical implications for us, but possibly prophetic implications. Lest we forget passages like Revelation 8:12 "And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise." And Revelation 19:17 "And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;". That there is an angel "in the sun" should be of interest to us as well.

Of the many "signs in the heavens" (Luke 21:11)the Sun may be the most significant of them all.


  • 2013 was due to be year of the 'solar maximum'
  • As this picture shows, in fact the sun is incredibly calm - baffling experts
By Mark Prigg
'Something unexpected' is happening on the Sun, Nasa has warned.
This year was supposed to be the year of 'solar maximum,' the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle.

But as this image reveals, solar activity is relatively low.

Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent, as this image shows - despite Nasa forecasting major solar storms
Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent, as this image shows - despite Nasa forecasting major solar storms


Conventional wisdom holds that solar activity swings back and forth like a simple pendulum.
At one end of the cycle, there is a quiet time with few sunspots and flares.
At the other end, solar max brings high sunspot numbers and frequent solar storms.
It’s a regular rhythm that repeats every 11 years.
Reality is more complicated.
Astronomers have been counting sunspots for centuries, and they have seen that the solar cycle is not perfectly regular.
'Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent,' the space agency says.

The image above shows the Earth-facing surface of the Sun on February 28, 2013, as observed by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) on NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.
It observed just a few small sunspots on an otherwise clean face, which is usually riddled with many spots during peak solar activity.
Experts have been baffled by the apparent lack of activity - with many wondering if NASA simply got it wrong.
However, Solar physicist Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center believes he has a different explanation.
'This is solar maximum,' he says.
'But it looks different from what we expected because it is double-peaked.'
'The last two solar maxima, around 1989 and 2001, had not one but two peaks.'
Solar activity went up, dipped, then rose again, performing a mini-cycle that lasted about two years, he said.
Researchers have recently captured massive sunspots on the solar surface - and believed we should have seen more
Researchers have recently captured massive sunspots on the solar surface - and believed we should have seen more
The same thing could be happening now, as sunspot counts jumped in 2011 and dipped in 2012, he believes.

Pesnell expects them to rebound in 2013: 'I am comfortable in saying that another peak will happen in 2013 and possibly last into 2014.'

He spotted a similarity between Solar Cycle 24 and Solar Cycle 14, which had a double-peak during the first decade of the 20th century.
If the two cycles are twins, 'it would mean one peak in late 2013 and another in 2015'.

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CDC warns health officials about deadly new virus: kills nearly 6 in 10


March 8, 2013CHICAGOThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday warned state and local health officials about potential infections from a deadly virus previously unseen in humans that has now sickened 14 people and killed 8. Most of the infections have occurred in the Middle East, but a new analysis of three confirmed infections in Britain suggests the virus can pass from person to person rather than from animal to humans, the CDC said in its Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report on Thursday.
The virus is a coronavirus, part of the same family of viruses as the common cold and the deadly outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) that first emerged in Asia in 2003. The new virus is not the same as SARS, but like the SARS virus, it is similar to those found in bats. So far, no cases have been reported in the United States.
According to the CDC’s analysis, the infections in Britain started with a 60-year-old man who had recently traveled to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and developed a respiratory illness on January 24, 2013. Samples from the man showed he was infected with both the new virus and with H1N1, or swine flu. This man subsequently passed the infection to two members of his household: a male with an underlying illness who became ill on February 6 and subsequently died; and a healthy adult female in his household who developed a respiratory illness on February 5, but who did not need to be hospitalized and has recovered.
The CDC said people who develop a severe acute lower respiratory illness within 10 days of returning from the Arabian Peninsula or neighboring countries should continue to be evaluated according to current guidelines. The health agency said doctors should be watchful of patients who develop an unexplained respiratory infection within 10 days of traveling from the Arabian Peninsula or neighboring countries. The CDC has set up a special website with updates on the infections at Symptoms of infection with this new virus include severe acute respiratory illness with fever, cough and shortness of breath. Neither the CDC nor the World Health Organization has issued travel restrictions related to the virus. –Yahoo
Meningitis outbreak in Nigeria kills 100: A fresh outbreak of suspected cerebrospinal meningitis has killed more than 100 in north-west Nigeria and dozens more elsewhere in the country. People in the town of Jabo have never seen anything like the past two weeks. They have just buried 60 people. The cause of the latest outbreak is unknown and health workers have treated people based on the symptoms they have shown. The government says medical teams have been deployed to carry out an immunization and education program and more epidemics are expected. –Al Jazeera

Mar 7, 2013

Human Auditory Perception of Radio and Microwaves and Effects on Human Health

Here’s How Strong Artificial Intelligence May Kill Us All


When we peer into the fog of the deep future what do we see – human extinction or a future among the stars?
Contemplating the deep future, in light of the past: philosopher Nick Bostrom at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Photo by Andy Sansom/Aeon MagazineContemplating the deep future, in light of the past: philosopher Nick Bostrom at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Photo by Andy Sansom/Aeon Magazine
Ross Andersen is an Aeon contributing editor, the science editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books and a correspondent for the Atlantic. He lives in Washington, DC.
Sometimes, when you dig into the Earth, past its surface and into the crustal layers, omens appear. In 1676, Oxford professor Robert Plot was putting the final touches on his masterwork, The Natural History of Oxfordshire, when he received a strange gift from a friend. The gift was a fossil, a chipped-off section of bone dug from a local quarry of limestone. Plot recognised it as a femur at once, but he was puzzled by its extraordinary size. The fossil was only a fragment, the knobby end of the original thigh bone, but it weighed more than 20 lbs (nine kilos). It was so massive that Plot thought it belonged to a giant human, a victim of the Biblical flood. He was wrong, of course, but he had the conceptual contours nailed. The bone did come from a species lost to time; a species vanished by a prehistoric catastrophe. Only it wasn’t a giant. It was a Megalosaurus, a feathered carnivore from the Middle Jurassic.

Plot’s fossil was the first dinosaur bone to appear in the scientific literature, but many have followed it, out of the rocky depths and onto museum pedestals, where today they stand erect, symbols of a radical and haunting notion: a set of wildly different creatures once ruled this Earth, until something mysterious ripped them clean out of existence.

Last December I came face to face with a Megalosaurus at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. I was there to meet Nick Bostrom, a philosopher who has made a career out of contemplating distant futures, hypothetical worlds that lie thousands of years ahead in the stream of time. Bostrom is the director of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, a research collective tasked with pondering the long-term fate of human civilisation. He founded the institute in 2005, at the age of 32, two years after coming to Oxford from Yale. Bostrom has a cushy gig, so far as academics go. He has no teaching requirements, and wide latitude to pursue his own research interests, a cluster of questions he considers crucial to the future of humanity.

Bostrom attracts an unusual amount of press attention for a professional philosopher, in part because he writes a great deal about human extinction. His work on the subject has earned him a reputation as a secular Daniel, a doomsday prophet for the empirical set. But Bostrom is no voice in the wilderness. He has a growing audience, both inside and outside the academy. Last year, he gave a keynote talk on extinction risks at a global conference hosted by the US State Department. More recently, he joined Stephen Hawking as an advisor to a new Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge.

Brown University Creates First Wireless, Implanted Brain-Computer Interface To Help With Human-BORG Integration

Wireless BCI inventors, Arto Nurmikko and Ming Yin, look thoroughly amazed by their device Researchers at Brown University have succeeded in creating the first wireless, implantable, rechargeable, long-term brain-computer interface. The wireless BCIs have been implanted in pigs and monkeys for over 13 months without issue, and human subjects are next.

We’ve covered BCIs extensively here on ExtremeTech, but historically they’ve been bulky and tethered to a computer. A tether limits the mobility of the patient, and also the real-world testing that can be performed by the researchers. Brown’s wireless BCI allows the subject to move freely, dramatically increasing the quantity and quality of data that can be gathered — instead of watching what happens when a monkey moves its arm, scientists can now analyze its brain activity during complex activity, such as foraging or social interaction. Obviously, once the wireless implant is approved for human testing, being able to move freely — rather than strapped to a chair in the lab — would be rather empowering.
Wireless BCI, installed in a monkey and a pig
Brown’s wireless BCI, fashioned out of hermetically sealed titanium, looks a lot like a pacemaker. (See: Brain pacemaker helps treat Alzheimer’s disease.) Inside there’s a li-ion battery, an inductive (wireless) charging loop, a chip that digitizes the signals from your brain, and an antenna for transmitting those neural spikes to a nearby computer. The BCI is connected to a small chip with 100 electrodes protruding from it, which, in this study, was embedded in the somatosensory cortex or motor cortex. These 100 electrodes produce a lot of data, which the BCI transmits at 24Mbps over the 3.2 and 3.8GHz bands to a receiver that is one meter away. The BCI’s battery takes two hours to charge via wireless inductive charging, and then has enough juice to last for six hours of use.
Brown's wireless BCI, exploded view
One of the features that the Brown researchers seem most excited about is the device’s power consumption, which is just 100 milliwatts. For a device that might eventually find its way into humans, frugal power consumption is a key factor that will enable all-day, highly mobile usage.

Amusingly, though, the research paper notes that the wireless charging does cause significant warming of the device, which was “mitigated by liquid cooling the area with chilled water during the recharge process and did not notably affect the animal’s comfort.” Another important factor is that the researchers were able to extract high-quality, “rich” neural signals from the wireless implant — a good indicator that it will also help human neuroscience, if and when the device is approved.

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Second Vatican state to be established in Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem will become a “special regime”. It will be an autonomous, self-governing entity. The Chief Administrator will have minimum reliance on the existing regimes and structures”.

On the left of the Pope the Commander Swiss guards Elmar Theodor Mäder to right personal bodyguard, the Pope Benedict, Domenico Giani is the Inspector General of the Corpo della Gendarmeria, the police and security force of Vatican City.
This is a policy proposal from “Jerusalem Old City Initiative”. The proposal is a fruit of the “peace process”, and inter faith dialogues between Jews, Muslims, Catholics and claimed to be “Christians”.
People are not aware that the planning of a the seat of the last antichrist has reached its final stages. This work got a booster after the implementation of the Oslo “peace accord”.

The final push for the end game, started with the formation of The Council of the Religious Institutions of the Holy Land in 2005. This council has Muslims, Jews, Catholics and claimed to be “Christians” in its governing body.

When you read their statement of faith, you are introduced to the final One World Religion. They try to tell us that all faiths leads to the same god. Now they plan the arrival of their leader.

Statement of faith:

“As religious leaders of different faiths, who share the conviction in the one Creator, Lord of the Universe; we believe that the essence of religion is to worship G-d and respect the life and dignity of all human beings, regardless of religion, nationality and gender”.
This is the councils website:

Did you know that both The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the The Islamic Sharia Courts of the PA is supporting this Norwegian proposed “inter faith initiative” in Jerusalem?

Lutheran priest Trond Bakkevig
And the head of this council is a Norwegian Lutheran priest, Mr. Trond Bakkevig. He is supported by the Church of Norway, and the World Council of Churches.

And when the final “peace deal” almost went through in Annapolis in November 2007, The Religious interfaith Council was getting ready to party in the Norwegian Embassy in Washington.
To get the Old City of Jerusalem ready for a “special regime” to come, The “peace makers” have formed an International work shop called “Jerusalem Old City Initiative”. This initiative is sponsored by the mainly protestant Christian republic of Canada. Their head office is at The University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

The website of “Jerusalem Old City Initiative”.

When you go through this web-site, reading strategic documents, reports and plans, you will be stunned by what they have suggested.

It is a copy-cat plan of the foundation of the Vatican statehood in 1929.

And the ideas of how to rule this Old City statehood in Jerusalem, seems to be collected from the governance of the present Papal system.

The final plan will be presented to the government of Israel as an offer, they simply “have to” accept.
The new statehood in Eastern Jerusalem will have a “Chief administrator” who govern a “special regime”. His powers will be similar to the Pope of Rome.

Please take a closer look at their web-sites.

Below are some of the suggestions from Jerusalem Old City initiative.

The Chief Administrator will be lifted above the laws. He will have his own statehood, and his inhabitants will be a closed circle of faithful servants. From this seat, He can practice his lawlessness.

These suggestions are found in the summaries of the executive reports:

1. An autonomous bureaucracy
2. To have its own inhabitants.
3. A robust security force.
4. A Council, a partly democratically elected body with power of veto over actions of the Administrator.
5. Old City as a single unit under a single administrator, having executive authority.
6. Agreement between the parties, with two national capitals, Al Quds and Yerushalayim.
7. A single Old City Police service to be established.
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North Korea says it will launch nuclear attack on America

Tensions ... North Korea leader Kim Jong-un

NORTH Korea led by tyrant Kim Jong-un has sensationally vowed to launch a NUCLEAR attack on the USA.

The provocative statement comes weeks after the country conducted underground nuclear tests which caused a massive earthquake.

America’s west coast cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are feared to be in Kim’s sights.

A foreign ministry spokesman said: "Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to pre-emptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest."

The UN today has voted to implement its toughest restrictions yet on North Korea in a bid to halt its nuclear ambitions.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: "The international community will not tolerate its pursuit of nuclear weapons."
North Korea nuclear Test
Blast off ... North Korea tested missile last year

The threat from North Korea was followed by a chilling new propaganda film via its official Youtube channel.

The warped film shows the might of the North Korean military. The footage shows missiles being fired and dramatic military parades.

A convoy of North Korean missiles on trucks is also seen rolling through Pyongyang.
The UN sanctions imposed today include a list of luxury items the country's rulers will be banned from importing.

"These sanctions will bite and bite hard,” said US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice.

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Underworld saint becoming more popular in US


in this Feb. 13, 2013 photo, statues of La Santa Muerte are shown at the Masks y Mas art store in Albuquerque, N.M. La Santa Muerte, an underworld saint most recently associated with the violent drug trade in Mexico, now is spreading throughout the U.S. among a new group of followers ranging from immigrant small business owners to artists and gay activists. In addition to showing up at drug crime scenes, the once-underground icon has been spotted on passion candles in Richmond, Va. grocery stores. The folk saint's image can be seen inside New York City apartments, in Minneapolis religious shops and during art shows in Tucson, Ariz. (AP Photo/Russell Contreras)

Associated Press/Russell Contreras - in this Feb. 13, 2013 photo, statues of La Santa Muerte are shown at the Masks y Mas art store in Albuquerque, N.M. La Santa Muerte, an underworld saint most recently associatedmore with the violent drug trade in Mexico, now is spreading throughout the U.S. among a new group of followers ranging from immigrant small business owners to artists and gay activists. In addition to showing up at drug crime scenes, the once-underground icon has been spotted on passion candles in Richmond, Va. grocery stores. The folk saint's image can be seen inside New York City apartments, in Minneapolis religious shops and during art shows in Tucson, Ariz. (AP Photo/Russell Contreras) less
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A follower in New Orleans built a public shrine in her honor. An actor in Albuquerque credits her with helping him land a role on the TV show "Breaking Bad." She turns up routinely along the U.S.-Mexico border at safe houses, and is sighted on dashboards of cars used to smuggle methamphetamine through the southwest desert.
Popular in Mexico, and sometimes linked to the illicit drug trade, the skeleton saint known as La Santa Muerte in recent years has found a robust and diverse following north of the border: immigrant small business owners, artists, gay activists and the poor, among others — many of them non-Latinos and not all involved with organized religion.

Clad in a black nun's robe and holding a scythe in one hand, Santa Muerte appeals to people seeking all manner of otherworldly help: from fending off wrongdoing and carrying out vengeance to stopping lovers from cheating and landing better jobs. And others seek her protection for their drug shipments and to ward off law enforcement.

"Her growth in the United States has been extraordinary," said Andrew Chesnut, author of "Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint" and the Bishop Walter F. Sullivan Chair in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. "Because you can ask her for anything, she has mass appeal and is now gaining a diverse group of followers throughout the country. She's the ultimate multi-tasker."

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Mar 6, 2013

Third Temple Replica Built to Teach "Kohanim" (Levites)

Everything is ready...they are just waiting for that day...

Exo-Vaticana: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin Prophet Of Aliens & Their Omega Point

I've got a link at the bottom of the page to Cris Putnam's site.  There are a number of excellent articles on it.  He's done great research, and I highly encourage you visit the site to learn more about scripture.  Good stuff!

By Cris D. Putnam
Exo-VaticanaPin ItPierre Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest and mystical philosopher who trained as a paleontologist and geologist. He is renowned for his devotion to Darwinism and he famously assisted in the discovery of Peking Man and Piltdown Man, two alleged human ancestors. The Peking Man was said to be a skull from Homo Erectus—an extinct species of hominid that supposedly lived 1.8 million years ago. While casts and written descriptions remain, the original fossils mysteriously disappeared, casting doubt on discovery. Even worse, the Piltdown Man was an infamous hoax entailing fabricated bone fragments misrepresented as the fossilized remains of a “missing link” allegedly collected in 1912 from a gravel pit at Piltdown, East Sussex, England. In truth, the remains consisted of a dog’s tooth, a hippopotamus tooth, an elephant molar, an Orangutan jaw, and a six-hundred-year-old medieval human skull, albeit the hoax was not exposed for some forty years.[1] Chardin’s role in this fraud is unclear, but many assert he was also duped.

Chardin conceived of the idea that evolution was progressing to a goal—the maximum level of complexity and consciousness—called the Omega Point (discussed later). Along with the Ukrainian geochemist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, he also developed the concept of Noosphere, a creative term denoting the numinous sphere of collective human thought. During his prime, he was condemned as a heretic because his mystical Darwinian syncretism severely conflicted with the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church, particularly regarding human origins and the doctrine of Original Sin. His primary book, The Phenomenon of Man, presented an evolutionary account of the unfolding of the cosmos that abandoned biblical theology for an occult pantheistic monism. Interestingly, extraterrestrials were an inevitable extension of cosmic evolution. Chardin wrote:
Teilhard ChardinPin It
Teilhard Chardin
In other words, considering what we now know about the number of “worlds” and their internal evolution, the idea of a single hominized planet in the universe has already become in fact (without our generally realizing it) almost as inconceivable as that of a man who appeared with no genetic relationship to the rest of the earth’s animal population.

At an average of (at least) one human race per galaxy, that makes a total of millions of human races dotted all over the heavens.

Confronted with this fantastic multiplicity of astral centres of “immortal life”, how is theology going to react, if it is to satisfy the anxious expectations and hopes of all who wish to continue to worship God “in spirit and in truth”? It obviously cannot go on much longer offering as the only dogmatically certain thesis one (that of the uniqueness in the universe of terrestrial mankind) which our experience rejects as improbable.[2]
In light of those millions of alien races, Chardin wrote, “We must at least, however, endeavor to make our classical theology open to (I was on the point of saying “blossom into”) the possibility (a positive possibility) of their existence and their presence.”[3] As we will reveal, Chardin’s theological ideas form the epistemological framework for the modernist Jesuit astronomers and even Pope Benedict XVI, himself. With Petrus Romanus assuming the pontificate in a few days, ready or not, the False Prophet of the Omega Point is near.

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If You See This In Your Church - Flee!

I ran this a few weeks ago, but I'm going to run it some more.  The makers of the video called this a "parody", but having been in a few "modern" churches in my own town, this isn't a parody.  It's a pattern.  It appeals to folks looking for spirituality, but actually contains nothing of value, nothing that leads to a real knowledge of Jesus Christ.  And the popularity of this pattern is frightening.  It's no wonder a "great apostasy" is coming.  This type of church service helps prepare the way.

The Modern Church - Chuck Missler

Trust in the scriptures.  It's the foundation of our knowledge, faith and future in our Lord.

Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation

I'm not confident of an economic collapse.  However, ANY cause for the federal government to declare martial law will be sufficient.  It's also possible the UN gun laws may attempt to be enforced on U.S. citizens.  I am certain of this, if anyone tries to take guns away from U.S. citizens, many will comply.  Many will resist.  And resistance with guns will be bloody.  The equivalent of civil war in the country.  You don't buy billions, literally billions of bullets, including millions of hollowpoint, along with tanks, unless you think you will need to use them.  To quote a Ray Bradbury book, something wicked this way comes.

Mar 5, 2013

Jesus, King of Angels - Fernando Ortega

Jews Concerned Over Petrus Romanus

Will Pope Benedict XVI’s successor forget the mutually enriching relationship of Jews and Christians?  (Are you kidding me? The mutually enriching bloodshed?)  Sorry, let's continue with our regularly scheduled story...

The future of Jewish-Catholic relations is at a crossroads; its future rests upon the new pope.


Pope Benedict XVI, right, talks with Yisrael Meir Lau the Chairman of Yad Vashem
Pope Benedict XVI, right, talks with Yisrael Meir Lau, the chairman of Yad Vashem and Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, left, May 11, 2009.Photo by AP
There is a popular Jewish folktale that opens with a young boy and his rabbinic father playing chess together. One day, the boy is kidnapped from his home and taken to live among the gentiles. He is told that his father is dead, and over time the boy forgets about his past, becomes a parish priest, and, recognized for his superior learning acumen, rises through the ranks and becomes the pope.
And so the story goes, it is at the very moment when this same pope is about to sign a papal edict against the local Jewish community that the boy's father is chosen by the Jewish community to plead their case before the pope. It is at the very moment that the two sit down to play a game of chess, the boy pope and his father realize what has happened, and the two live happily ever after.
Or so we might have thought. Because the story ends with the pope, despite being now aware of his Jewish roots, remaining the pope. In spite of his otherwise traumatic ordeal, he does not convert back and become a Talmud scholar.
This leaves us asking: Why would a Jewish folktale choose to end a story this way?
In some ways, the conclusion of the story serves as a perfect metaphor for the complex relationship that has existed for centuries between Jews and Catholics. Chess, like Israel and the Jewish people's relationship with the Vatican, has always been rather complicated. Yet, as the story sees a happy ending in the boy's decision to remain the pope, so too there has always a hope among Jewish community for a happy ending, in which the papacy (even if the pope is really a nice Jewish boy) wields its power to help improve the lot of the Jewish community.
Often throughout Jewish history the fortunes of the Jewish people would turn from better to worse or worse to better on the whim of a pope. More often than not it was the former. All of that changed when Pope John Paul II stepped into the scene. As a Polish pope who grew up with Jewish friends before and during the Holocaust, Pope John Paul II displayed a unique kindness and sensitivity to the Jewish people throughout his tenor as pope.

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A Powerful Warning - Lest We Forget The Message by David Wilkerson

I never heard anyone who could encourage and exhort the poor, the weak, the struggling, the unimportant, the common people, like me, to overcome, to rise above, to strive with all my being for the Lord, for His Will, His Holy Spirit, His glory.  I pray that the late Rev. Wilkerson's words impact you as they have me.  God bless you with the truth.


Are the elite going into hiding? Pope quits. Head of DHS quits. Rockefellers flee to Fiji. Queen cancels engagements,+ more & list growing daily!


Pope “quits” first time in 600 years.
Rockefellers flee to Fiji after they “stripped the US Federal Reserve System of all major assets, just as previously they had stripped Fort Knox of all deliverable, non-tungsten, gold.”

Congress leaves town for a quote “LONG WEEKEND” with no deal struck. Sequester hits the fan.
Head of DHS “quits” unexpectedly.

“I extend my deepest appreciation to DHS Chief of Staff Noah Kroloff for his over four years of service to the Department of Homeland Security and his eight years of service to me while I served in Arizona as Governor and Attorney General. Noah has been a trusted advisor, a good friend, and a superb Chief of Staff to this department. Since January 2009, he has been instrumental in establishing and guiding many of the department’s key initiatives,” wrote Napolitano, according to the email obtained by Mike Allen. – See more at:
Queen Lizzy cancels all engagements.

Dutch Queen Beatrix announced that she will abdicate on April 30 after 33 years as head of state, clearing the way for her eldest son, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, to become the nation’s first king in more than a century.
This CANNOT be ignored. The list keeps growing.
Something IS up. Time to bring in the tomatoes.

Why an ET God Appeals to Today’s Culture – Dr. Michael Heiser

Longer video here.  You will need an ancient attention span (more than 5 minutes) to take all this in.  To those watchers with endurance, Dr. Heiser is quite brilliant when it comes to Theology, History and arcane topics.  He's worth the listen.

From the Ancient of Days First Christian Symposium on Aliens Conference, filmed in Roswell, New Mexico. DVDs available on a name-your-own-price donation basis at


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Exo-Vaticana: Examining Rome’s Great Harlot Status

Some of this concerns the prophecies or secrets of Fatima.  The Cardinal here is referring to the references of the error or evil of Russia.  This was part of the second secret of Fatima.  There was a belief that the Vatican was to acknowledge the evil of Russia (communism/Satanic communality for control of the populace) but failed to do so by the appointed date. 

What's amazing here that Cardinal O'Connor and others called out the Vatican for failure to maintain Biblical or prophetic responsiblities.  This is the equivalent of American Senators, many of them, calling out the President for following Satan.  And this has been occurring since the 60's according to my research, but possibly earlier. 

By Cris D. Putnam

Tom Horn and I have suggested the next pope could be the predicted false prophet (Rev 13:11). While some find this offensive, the best sources supporting this notion have been Catholics. For example, I would like to bring to your attention today the priest, John O’Connor. In 1987, O’Connor gave a homily titled “The Reign of the Antichrist,” in which he described how changes within the Roman Catholic Church were already at work before his death to provide for the coming of Antichrist.


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World in dangerous drift towards war: Kissinger warns world fast approaching ‘turning point in human history’

Kissinger, a long-time prophet of the "New World Order", again urges us to both war and fear. Thanks Dr. Strangeglove. Your judgment awaits...


March 5, 2013 IRAN - Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has warned that a crisis involving a nuclear Iran is in the “foreseeable future.” The Nobel Peace laureate, 89, was speaking about prospects in the Middle East at the World Economic Forum. He said nuclear proliferation in the region triggered by an armed Iran would increase the chances of an atomic war – “a turning point in human history. I believe this point will be reached in a very foreseeable future,” he added. He also urged the US and Russia to co-operate in resolving Syria’s conflict. “There has emerged in the region, the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation. For 15 years, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) have declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but it has been approaching,” he said. In his assessment of the stand-off between Iran and Western powers over its nuclear program – which Tehran argues is for peaceful and civilian purposes – Mr. Kissinger called for “serious” negotiations on both sides to look for solutions. “Unilateral intervention by Israel would be a desperate last resort, but the Iranians have to understand that if they keep using the negotiations to gain time to complete a nuclear program then the situation will become extremely dangerous.” The consequences of Tehran’s program, he said, would be that other countries in the region would also want nuclear arms. “The danger is that we could be reaching a point where nuclear weapons would become almost conventional, and there will be the possibility of a nuclear conflict at some point… that would be a turning point in human history,” he said. -BBC
Russia conducts largest nuclear drills in 20 years: Russian nuclear forces conducted a major exercise last month that tested the transport of both strategic and tactical nuclear weapons near Europe, according to United States officials. The exercise raised concerns inside the Pentagon and with the U.S. European Command because it was the largest exercise of its kind in 20 years and involved heightened alert status of Russian nuclear forces. The nuclear drills were part of other military maneuvers in Russia carried out between Feb. 17 and Feb. 21. The exercises followed a recent surge in Russian strategic bomber flights that include a recent circling of the U.S. Pacific island of Guam by two Tu-95 Bear bomber and simulated bombing runs by Tu-95s against Alaska and California in June and July. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Wesley P. Miller sought to play down the nuclear exercise but declined to comment on the movement of nuclear weapons and whether nuclear forces went on a heightened state of alert. “We don’t comment on intelligence matters,” he said. Miller said the nuclear forces maneuvers were “nothing to be concerned about because the Russians, like us, have routine exercises and inspections.” However, a U.S. official said the exercise was a concern within the U.S. national security community because of the scale of the exercise and the number of weapons being moved. “Certainly it’s a concern when you have this kind of exercise going on,” this official said. The official said another worry is that Russia appears to be increasing the readiness of its nuclear forces at a time when the U.S. nuclear complex is in urgent need of upgrading and the military is facing sharp automatic defense cuts that could affect U.S. nuclear forces readiness in the future. Contractors and employees of the National Nuclear Security Administration, which runs the nuclear weapons complex, were notified of possible furloughs under automatic spending cuts that went into effect March 1, the Hill reported Thursday. Miller said the administration remains committed to a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent. “The administration will ensure continued focus on maintaining a strong nuclear deterrent as part of the president’s comprehensive approach to nuclear security,” under sequester, as the automatic spending cuts are called. He quoted past Defense Secretary Leon Panetta as saying that no decisions on how cuts will be made but that “nothing will be off the table in our review of how best to proceed.” According to the officials, the exercise involved Russia’s secretive 12th Main Directorate of the Defense Ministry, known by its acronym as 12th GUMO, the main military unit in charge of all nuclear weapons. Details of the nuclear exercise are classified, but officials said the 12th GUMO transported a large number of nuclear arms from some of its nuclear munitions depots to storage sites during the exercises. It could not be learned if the Russians provided advance notification of the strategic exercises. Declassified U.S. intelligence reports have identified three large nuclear storage facilities near Europe, including one that is located miles from the intersection of the Rusisan, Latvian, and Belarusian borders. Two other nuclear storage complexes close to Europe are located at Zhukovka, near Belarus, and at Golovchino, near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. –Free Beacon
North Korea threatens to end cease-fire: North Korea has threatened to scrap the armistice which ended the 1950-53 Korean War if the South and US continue with an ongoing military drill. “We will completely nullify the Korean armistice,” the North’s KCNA news agency said, quoting the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Supreme Command spokesman. Pyongyang warned it will cancel the Korean War ceasefire agreement on March 11 if the US and its “puppet South Korea” do not halt their joint drills. “We will be suspending the activities of the KPA representative office at Panmunjom (truce village) that had been tentatively operated by our army as the negotiating body to establish a peace regime on the Korean peninsula,” KCNA quoted the spokesman as saying. The announcement from Pyongyang comes as South Korean and US troops launched their annual joint military drills on Friday. Some 10,000 US troops and 200,000 South Korean soldiers are currently taking part in the exercises. North Korea had previously warned the US commander in South Korea of “miserable destruction” if the US military went ahead with the two-month-long exercise, Yonhap News Agency reported on Friday. The North and South are still technically at war after the civil conflict ended in an armistice rather than a peace treaty. During a visit in Qatar on Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he hoped North Korea would take part in negotiations over its nuclear weapons program rather than threaten to end the armistice. –RT
Venezuela expels U.S. diplomats: Hours before announcing that Hugo Chávez died, Venezuela’s government resorted to one of the late president’s favorite ploys to try to unite his supporters: Talk of an alleged conspiracy by the U.S. to destabilize the country. Vice President Nicolás Maduro kicked out two U.S. military attaches for allegedly plotting against Venezuela and even suggested that Washington may have been behind Mr. Chávez’s cancer. Mr. Maduro said that the U.S. Embassy’s Air Force attaché, Col. David Delmonaco, and another unnamed U.S. military official had approached members of the Venezuelan military and tried to recruit them into plans to “destabilize” the oil-rich South American nation. Mr. Maduro didn’t offer further details on the alleged plot. Mr. Maduro also suggested that the country’s “historic enemies,” a phrase long used in Venezuela to refer to the U.S. and its allies, may have caused Mr. Chávez’s cancer. He said the country would likely discover in the future that Mr. Chávez “was attacked with this illness.” –WSJ

Wealth inequality in America

When folks wonder how could a few people gain so much power over the government and almost every aspect of our lives, just pick up the message from this video. One percent controls 40% of the wealth, the bottom 40% has no control at all, therefore no political power. You are now living in the New World Order, and it's about to get ugly.
The following video presents infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Leaked Pentagon video - flu vaccine use to modify human behavior

This isn't new, in fact I carried a couple of years ago.  It is a good reminder however.  Vaccines are a devastating weapon.  Anything we put in our bloodstream qualifies, but vaccines are engineered for things just like this.  We should be prepared.

What you are about to hear is not science fiction or conspiracy theory but a glimpse of what is going on behind the closed doors of the United States Pentagon.

In a small auditorium labeled BC232 a man is presenting a discussion on how the military industrial complex can spread a virus and use a vaccine to extinguish what the pentagon calls undesirable human behavior. Specifically in this case religious behavior.

This is dark science my friends. With all the mandatory vaccine programs in the United States do not be deceived for a moment that something like this will not or possibly hasn't already been used on the American public.

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