Jan 14, 2012

Failure and Success: Just a Small Church Upcountry

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum
of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the
sand; when I awake, I am still with You. 
--Psalm 139:17-18

No matter how insignificant he may have been before, a man becomes
significant the moment he has had an encounter with the Son of God.
When the Lord lays His hand upon a man, that man ceases at once to be
ordinary. He immediately becomes extraordinary, and his life takes on
cosmic significance. The angels in heaven take notice of him and go
forth to become his ministers (Hebrews 1:14). Though the man had
before been only one of the faceless multitude, a mere cipher in the
universe, an invisible dust grain blown across endless wastes-now he
gets a face and a name and a place in the scheme of meaningful things.
Christ knows His own sheep "by name."

A young preacher introduced himself to the pastor of a great
metropolitan church with the words, 'I am just the pastor of a small
church upcountry.' 'Son,' replied the wise minister, "there are no
small churches." And there are no unknown Christians, no
insignificant sons of God. Each one signifies, each is a "sign"
drawing the attention of the Triune God day and night upon him. The
faceless man has a face, the nameless man a name, when Jesus picks
him out of the multitude and calls him to Himself.  We Travel an
Appointed Way, 19.

Secrets of the Black Awakening - Part 1

There is a bit of speculation in this series, but it's informed speculation that should be of interest to Christians in these last days.  The Lord predicted a conspiracy would take place in the last days in an attempt by kings, rulers and the nations to overthrow Him.  While that sounds wild to us, it is written in Psalm 2, and we do see evidence of it occurring today, much of that shared in this series.

From a Time before Time
From a Land beyond the Stars
From the Age when Anu walked the earth
In company of Bright Angels.
We have survived the first War
Between the Powers of the Gods
And have seen the wrath of the Ancient Ones
Dark Angels
Vent upon the Earth

We have survived the Age when Absu ruled the Earth
And the Power destroyed our generations.
We have survived on tops of mountains
And beneath the feet of mountains
And have spoked with the Scorpions
In allegiance and were betrayed.

The accounts of the generations
Of the Ancient Ones here rendered
Of the generations of the Ancient Ones
Here remembered.
Cold and Rain that erode all things
They are the Evil Spirits
In the creation of Anu spawned
Plague gods

From the Magian Text of the Babylonian Necronomicon
(Avon Books, 1980, xx.)
Part One of an exclusive PID series from the pen of symbologist and researcher into all that ‘lies beneath’, Sue Bradley.

August 11, 2008
The Black Awakening has nothing to do with a specific human race.
The Black Awakening does however have everything to do with another race.
But what race?

The Clash of Kingdoms and
The Battle for the Ascendancy of the Satanic Presence

Author Tom Horn supplies an uncomfortable answer:
“Something alarming has been happening since the dawn of time, which has been recorded in the history, holy books, and mythos of every great civilization. Ancient rabbinical authorities including Septuagint translators and early church fathers understood it. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, the Hindus, the American Indians, and virtually all other civilizations wrote about it. Beings of super intelligence sometimes referred to as “gods” descend through openings of sky, earth, and sea to interact with this planet’s creatures.”
A pattern began ago and is chronicled by the ancients of the great civilizations of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis when the gods ruled our Solar System. Mighty in size and savage in deed whose memory seemed to be imbedded within the very blood of history. These gods with an insatiable appetite for blood, destruction and horror can be heard by ancient echoes with vague remnants still calling. And patterns, by nature, repeat.
These hybrid Nephilim, curiously known by etymologic tracing as “sons of outrageous behavior,” have experienced an unprecedented resurgence of interest, and not simply as a topic of theological speculation. They have spawned an entire genre of books, movies, television and innumerable podcast and radio shows. “Experts” seemingly appear out of nowhere, impressively but suspiciously savvy.

Is it possible that the embers of ancient confusion, contest, and conquest — smoldering through the millennia of recent recorded history and kept alive with sacrificial rituals — will soon reignite a spark to light the torch of the ancient Black Flame?
What is going on? The chaos is increasing.

Pastor Russ Dizdar
“Chaos,” says Russ Dizdar, “is a big word…We see hostility in so many ways, in the school shootings, fires, some of the biggest of those fires have been purposely set. But this is the kind of world that we are living in right now and we’re seeing the entire shaking of all kinds of levels the fabric. I think people are afraid of it, I think people are really worried now.
“People are hearing voices, there’s a dark impulse and people are pushed over the edge.” Evil is creeping in all around us and our culture is feeling the effects of it. Almost everyone is saying it, ‘What’s next?’”
Although the climate is dark worldwide, it is nowhere more evident than in the (presumably) most technologically advanced nation in the world, the United States. Preoccupation with self, events, ‘circumstances,’ have resulted in a harried society, spiritually anemic, Laodicean in character: neither hot nor cold, perhaps numb would be appropriate.

The Last Judgment - Raphael

Yet within the great borders of our national “melting pot,” political factions spar, ethnic divisions scuffle, philosophic concepts collide, and society’s moral composition degrades. A closer examination of far greater significance goes unrecognized to most: the reality of spiritual warfare and specifically territorial influences. Culture is comfortable, and familiar possessions and customs accompany the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” But what has this promise of freedom brought along? And what was already here? And what is this generation bringing again?


With the onset of the “War on Terror” staged in ancient Babylon, students of Scripture recognize the significance and strength of the Prince of Persia. So strong was this “prince,’ that Daniel’s petition was delayed for twenty-one days while a struggle between the Prince of Persia and Gabriel took place, which was subsequently resolved by the direct intervention of Michael the Archangel.
We are subsequently told of other hostile princes, principalities, and rulers who battle with mankind and among themselves. From the text, it is clear that Daniel’s petition was challenged by unseen resistance, a presence that had influence over the region, and continues today. Why is it then that we have become fascinated and so intricately linked with this region?


Author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell provides historical clarity.
“The doctrine of the Black Sun, reaching back to ancient Sumer and Akkadia, is that there are two suns, the “white” sun, the sun that we see at the center of our physical solar system, and the “black” sun, a “hidden sun of (spiritual) illumination…In Babylonian mythology it was also associated with the coming of the “King of kings” and the establishment of a New Babylon.”
Farrell also explains the application to twentieth century Germany, specifically the elite SS:
“Central to the secret initiation that these senior SS generals received was the real significance of the anagram “SS” itself. For the “rank and file elite” of the SS, the initials stood for the German word Schutzstaffel, a term meaning loosely, a special staff or military unit. But to the initiates, there was another meaning of “SS” altogether, a meaning with roots deep in the occult and in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, and to a certain extent, Egyptian belief. For these initiates, the letters “SS referred to die Schwarze Sonne, the Black Sun.”
Pastor Dizdar moves forward with a contemporary example:
“Look at history: the 80,000 SS troops inducted into a cult, Nazi occultism Where did they go? What did they take with them when they went around the world including the United States. A lot of our occultic depth here in the US, a lot of the Left Hand Path really flowed in the 1950’s and the second greatest proliferation of occult literature flowed in the 60s.
“So if we look, we see doorways that have been opened, even among churches. When morality is undercut and the door to the other side is opened, it is opened for deception – and that deception always brings destruction. The largest cultic movement in the history of Christianity, the New Age Movement is here.”
The ease of access to historical documents has been greatly facilitated by 21st Century electronic technology. Pre-World War II evidence is revealing multiple, disturbing insights into the origins of an esoteric and occultic Third Reich. The reunification of the German State took place on October 3rd 1990, when the German Democratic Republic (GDR / East Germany) established five states, which joined the Federal Republic of Germany while the GDR abolished its existence.

Formerly classified documents were released only to confirm long suspected occultic activity: that Heinrich Himmler sought to find pure Ayran blood, which he believed contained latent properties of a superior and supernatural race. This belief led to expeditions to the near and far east under the guise of the “Ancestral Research Bureau.” Nuremburg Trial documents record Himmler’s quest: “The purpose was to research all avenues of ancient mythology, texts, esotericism . . . for the purpose of the potential military application.”

According the Dr. Achille Delmas, the Reich’s real purpose was to perform an act of creation, a divine biological mutation which would overtake the world with the “apparition of a new race of heroes and demigods and god-men,”– a final exaltation of the human race. Interestingly, this is echoed by present day Aryan loyalists by the acronym: ORION, “Our Race Is Our Nation.”

But the strange exploration was not limited to bloodlines. A driving search for ancient technology or information was of equal if not greater importance. Expeditions to Tibet, present day Iraq, Iran and other Middle East venues were undertaken for the purpose of acquiring knowledge or artifacts that might have been of enormous value in the development of sophisticated weapons systems.

Though for some, the technical documentation necessary to dissolve the Nazi Party is incomplete, it is generally accepted that the Third Reich was officially dissolved on May 7th and May 8th, 1945. Top scientific researchers were given asylum throughout the world: to Russia, South America, the United States, Middle East and virtually every continent. Others were given new identities and secreted through Vatican Rat Lines. These same scientists would come to be senior advisors to various advanced projects in their respective ‘shelters.’

Is it possible, that with this advanced knowledge, these highly trained scientists and industrialists, while providing direction and continued development to their respective ‘adopted’ scientific and intelligence programs, also maintained inner communication? That while ironically and strategically ensconced in every continent on the Earth and beyond, they continued their horrific, ancient quest, generously funded by possibly complicit ‘host’ governors and their unsuspecting dependents?

The Throne of Satan from Pergamos, now in Berlin - Rev. 2:13

At the close of a June, 2006 interview with Peter Levenda, author of Unholy Alliance, A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, Derek Gilbert of PID Radio offered an intriguing question:
DG: Do you see any connection between this belief system and a group of European nobility, the Royal Dragon Court for example, I don’t want to single them out but will use them as a “for instance,” who may be attempting to assert a divine right of kings if you will, or a divine bloodline. Do they have any connections or are there similar goals in mind there?
Are there similar connections or similar goals in mind there?

PL: There are similar goals. I think if we look at what’s happening to the world today, going to have to make some petty hard choices in the next twenty, thirty years.
If the environment continues to deteriorate, if conditions domestically in our own country continue to deteriorate, if things continue to go wrong in too many places, you’re going to find the only people showing up with a plan are going to be the last people we want showing up with a plan.
“And I think they are going to be very effective because they’re going to say, “This is what we have to do. These are hard choices. We’re going to have to make these choices now.
“I think you’re going to have people listening to this because right now our leaders are kind of all over the place, no one seems to know what to do or what’s going on, no one’s takings decisive action.
Some people are going to react very well to a leadership that comes on the scene that says, “ We can take the decisive action, we can do what has to be done.
“ ‘Just give us the power’….and I think they’re going to take advantage of a lot of our fears and parnoias. Maybe the environment is not going to deteriorate, but it’s just going to look like that. We’re going to expect more hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes. People are going to become frightened about that. People are going to get frightened about immigration. Immigration is a big issue for these people. This is something that they love. Immigration is something tailor made for them. Immigration is a code word for racism.
“All of these things are going to come into play, the environment is being created the political environment is being created that, someone who is an ‘inheritor’ of these Nazi ideals would find very easy to come on the stage and in a very gentle and covert way still take control and still get things done that the Nazis wanted to get done sixty years ago, seventy years ago.”

DG: And offer a way to create Order from Chaos as it were.”

PL: Sure.
Order from Chaos, Ordo ab Chaos. A pre-apocalyptic counterfeit of Genesis 1:2.
Many are coming to believe that this is a very real possibility. Comparisons of US domestic and foreign policies to 1930 Germany increase daily. One cannot even begin to imagine the horrific possibilities that such a scheme would provide with the recognition that dark, spiritual forces do indeed continue to work.
But for Russ Dizdar it is reality:
“The weaponization of the satanic powers is not a bizarre movie idea. Its something that military leaders are convinced they will need. Mil-science has been and is invaded, someone is looking over their shoulders and it is not human. The dark powers have and are supervising the development of a technology that will ensure the control of the mind along with the supernatural enhancement of fierce soldiers.
“There has been and is ongoing, a weaponization of demonic ideology and power for the alteration of the human will and ability. Could this be the power of the blood of Nephilim? The weaponizaton of Nephilim blood. Did they find the Ayran pure blood? The blood with the genetics of the demon gods?”
This fusion of blood has gone from Mesopotamia to Memphis to Munich and Wewelsberg. From ‘The Ahnenerbe’ to Lebensborn to Monarch and beyond. Beyond Blavatsky, Crowley, List, Sebotendorff, Himmler, Smirnov, Dutroux and Aquino. It was before and beyond Theosophy, Thule-Gesellschaft, The Holy Vehm. And it is a current now surging through eugenics, cloning and transhumanism to the very physics of the Black Sun, Sirius, Hyperborea, and Neuschwabenland and submerged in cryptic ciphers of Nordic “Undergrounders.
“We are seeing the preparation for the most advanced, supernatural military system in the history of the world: empowered, enlarged, enlightened, transmuted, with a raging insatiable and demonic agenda. And nothing we are seeing now can prepare us for the next few years.
“The goal? To create massive anarchy and chaos for the purpose of collapsing the current structures to be replaced with the New World Order. They have been “creating” the Chosen Ones for over sixty years for the creation of the Master Race to be used in service for a 1,000 year Fourth Reich.”
“Most don’t know that it is predicted that an army will surface such as the world has never seen. An army whose leaders and soldiers will be the most fierce and evil ever. Many of them shall be birthed in satanic powers, bathed in satanic secrecy and will demonstrate supernatural strength and abilities. Forged in hell,” says Pastor Dizdar.
Others like Tom Horn seem to concur:
“Of course one might argue that this could be a gradual process. This is a tragic assumption. In fact, the process will be rapid, undertaken with surprise attacks employing plagues and hi-tech, microscopic nanomachines designed to bring about the demise of its host. This won’t be a process in which one race replaces another, slowly and peacefully, even if that is the misrepresentation that most people receive. It will be violent, bloody conflict.
“What is planned is a quick change, a coup d’etat where mankind is there one day, and in mass graves the next. The goal is to replace mankind.”
These Satanic Super Soldiers, bred to breed and raised to raze, await the clandestine trigger for “Activation.” Is it possible that the Fourth Reich could be a prelude to the Fourth Beast from the sea? Is the black boot polished and ready to fall? Or has it already?

“We do not want another committee, we have too many already.
What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and
lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking.
Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

– Paul-Henri Spaak, President of the United Nations General Assembly

Deutsche Bank — Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany Source: http://www.german-architecture.info/GERMANY/G-FRA/020-Deutsche-Bank-Frankfurt-am-Main.jpg

NASA Acknowledges What They Said Was Impossible - Cold Fusion Works

The implications of this are quite staggering.  Billions of dollars have been put into the long search for nuclear fusion at incredibly high temperatures.  Now science leaders are admitting what they denied for decades, that simply mixing certain chemicals at room temperature releases more energy than goes into the experiment.  So the world energy problems are all solved now, right?   Probably not.  Only if it pleases those who hold power.

The Intel Hub
January 14, 2012
A revolutionary development in Energy production which was discovered years ago is now reality. Cold Fusion, as it was once called, is now believed to be a major source of Energy for the future. The discovery and development of this new technology which is called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is the product of many years of research originally conducted by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons.
NASA just released on January 12th 2012 a video that describes how LENR works and the practical benefits. The video is now in the process of being seen globally with theintelhub.com being one of the first to bring this information to the public – even NASA has not officially publicized this discovery.

Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR
The video is from the NASA Langley Research Center video on LENR, (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) featuring NASA senior research scientist Joseph Zawodny. The original video is titled: Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR in MHS and is available at the NASA Technology Gateway site.
Read the NASA Langley 2010 IPP Accomplishments Summary and visit the NASA Technology Gateway as well as check out the NASA Technology Gateway Media Gallery.
A simple explanation of LENR from Wikipedia describes the technology as;
Cold fusion, also called low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), is a type of relatively low temperature nuclear reaction reported to have occurred by some experimenters, but which others have not been able to reproduce. Both the experimental results and the hypothesis are disputed. The ideas gained attention after the reports of Martin Fleischmann, then one of the world’s leadingelectrochemists,[1] and Stanley Pons in 1989 that they had produced anomalous heat (“excess heat”) of a magnitude they asserted would defy explanation except in terms of nuclear processes.”
Many articles are online including the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report on cold fusion: Technology Forecast: Worldwide Research on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Increasing and Gaining Acceptance DIA-08-0911-003, 13 November 2009, and the CBS 60 Minutes reports on cold fusion on April 19, 2009. See News (“60 Minutes”).

Nuclear Fusion Reactor - just a bit more complicated and expensive than cold fusion

Widom-Larsen Theory Simplified
Lattice Energy LLC United States Patent: 7,893,414
Zawodny, Joseph. M. and Krivit, S.B., “Widom-Larsen Theory: Possible Explanation of LENR,” Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia, Steven B. Krivit, Editor-in-Chief, Jay H. Lehr, Series Editor, John Wiley & Sons, 978-0-470-89439-2 (Aug. 2011)
NASA United States Patent Application 20110255645
NASA video on LENR (low energy nuclear reactions), a clean form of nuclear energy
January 13, 2012 by Editor
NASA’s LENR Technology Video Clip Uploaded
Posted on January 12, 2012 by Steven B. Krivit
LENR Gold Rush Begins — at NASA
Posted on January 13, 2012 by Steven B. Krivit
Cold Fusion at SRI – An 18 Year Retrosperspective

Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR
Uploaded by giuliopriscotube on Jan 13, 2012
A NASA Langley Research Center video on LENR, (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) featuring NASA senior research scientist Joseph Zawodny.
Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR in MHS
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: 2.5 Million Watt-hours from a Nickel?
Theory of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions – The American Physical Societ
DARPA HR0011-05-C-0089
Second-Order Quantum Coupling Effects and Energy-related Problems
Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT
The 60 Minutes investigator said;
“And we found that the pentagon is saying it too. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, known as DARPA did its own analysis, and we obtain this internal memo that concludes there is, quote ‘… no doubt that anomalous excess heat is produced in these experiments.’”  And, “Now the pentagon is funding more experiments at the Naval research lab in Washington D.C., and at McKubre’s lab in California.”
You can watch the 60 Minutes interview at:

 Ahough this current research into LENR – Cold Fusion appears to be conclusive, it should be noted that this information being released by NASA at this time may reveal a covert reason for doing so – namely, to discredit Steven Jones’ integrity and degrade his research into 9/11 – call it a Conspiracy Theory.
Further, it is not our intent to highlight Steven Jones involvement in Cold Fusion other than to make readers of theintelhub.com aware of this historical fact.
Accordingly, the Wikipedia article on Cold Fusion states:
 In 1988, Fleischmann and Pons applied to the United States Department of Energy for funding towards a larger series of experiments. Up to this point they had been funding their experiments using a small device built with $100,000 out-of-pocket.[32]
The grant proposal was turned over for peer review, and one of the reviewers was Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University.[32] Jones had worked for some time on muon-catalyzed fusion, a known method of inducing nuclear fusion without high temperatures, and had written an article on the topic entitled “Cold nuclear fusion” that had been published in Scientific American in July 1987.
Fleischmann and Pons and co-workers met with Jones and co-workers on occasion in Utah to share research and techniques. During this time, Fleischmann and Pons described their experiments as generating considerable “excess energy”, in the sense that it could not be explained by chemical reactions alone.[31] They felt that such a discovery could bear significant commercial value and would be entitled to patent protection. Jones, however, was measuring neutron flux, which was not of commercial interest.[32] In order to avoid problems in the future, the teams appeared to agree to simultaneously publish their results, although their accounts of their March 6 meeting differ.[33]
  It’s interesting to note the chain of events surrounding the initial reaction to Cold Fusion.
On May 1, 1989, the American Physical Society held a session on cold fusion in Baltimore, including many reports of experiments that failed to produce evidence of cold fusion. At the end of the session, eight of the nine leading speakers stated that they considered the initial Fleischmann and Pons claim dead with the ninth, Johann Rafelski, abstaining.[6] Steven E. Koonin of Caltech called the Utah report a result of “the incompetence and delusion of Pons and Fleischmann” which was met with a standing ovation.[55] Douglas R. O. Morrison, a physicist representing CERN, was the first to call the episode an example of pathological science.[6][56]
On May 4, due to all this new criticism, the meetings with various representatives from Washington were cancelled.[57]
From May 8 only the A&M tritium results kept cold fusion afloat.[58]
In July and November 1989, Nature published papers critical of cold fusion claims.[59][60] Negative results were also published in several other scientific journals including SciencePhysical Review Letters, and Physical Review C (nuclear physics).[notes 2]
Interestingly enough there is a more recent update to the Wikipedia article:
In April 2011 Dennis M. BushnellChief scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, stated that LENR is a very “interesting and promising” new technology that is likely to advance “fairly rapidly.” [111] In a recent presentation researchers fromNASA Glenn Research Center expressed a great potential for LENR.[112][113][114]

The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction
Cold fusion at the Open Directory Project
“Twenty-Year History of Lattice-Enabled Nuclear Reactions (LENR) – Hiding in Plain Sight” video presentation by US Navy SPAWAR and associated researchers (slides)
Series Uploaded by kivalabs on Jan 17, 2008
Edmund Storms discusses the methods used to generate low energy nuclear reactions (LENR).

Jan 13, 2012

John Hus: Martyred by the Catholic Church for the Gospel

I would share with the reader that Hus story is a personal favorite of mine.  Of all the many Christian saints who have gone before us, something about his gift for seeing the truth past all of the lies that had infiltrated the Catholic Church has always encouraged me.  His perseverance and courage before the rigidly determined Catholic hierarchy has inspired many through the years, including Martin Luther.

The Hus Memorial in Prague

Early Life
John Hus was born in 1373 in the southern part of Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia) in the village of Husinec -- hence his surname, Hus. The name Hus means "goose," a word which Hus often used in referring to himself. While he was imprisoned in Constance, he wrote his friends in Bohemia that he hoped the goose might be released from prison and that "if you love the goose," try to secure the king's aid in delivering him from prison.
He was born of poor peasant parents, all of which meant that his early life was one of hardship and cruel poverty under the crushing heel of lords and princes. The difficulties of such a life were, amongst a peasant population, broken only by wild and riotous orgies of drinking and fornication. While it is clear from Hus' later letters that he was as riotous as his fellows, nevertheless, he earnestly insisted that he was never guilty of the immorality of his peers. From this the Lord saved him in preparation for greater work.
While his parents were not noted in any way for their piety, and apparently gave little thought to John's spiritual instruction, they did want him to go to school because they saw education as the only way for John and for them to escape their grinding poverty. In fact, they apparently considered an education for the priesthood to be the surest way to wealth, an irony that spoke volumes concerning the sad state of affairs in the Romish Church.
Although John became a highly educated man, his peasant upbringing remained with him all his life, and his enemies repeatedly taunted him for his crude and rough origins.
In 1385, at thirteen years old, John began his formal education in elementary school at Prachatice. Finishing this part of his education in 1390, he went to the University of Prague, acquiring a B.A. degree in 1393 (at the age of 20); a M.A. in 1396; and a B.D. in 1404. Until he earned his M.A., life was financially difficult; and he earned a bit of money by singing and doing manual work. But upon gaining his M.A. degree, he was qualified to teach, which also he did in the university. He was soon the most popular teacher in the university, partly because he broke old traditions by refusing to be the stern and unbending professor, preferring to laugh, joke, and socialize with his students.

John Hus
Hus, the Preacher
In 1402 John was appointed rector and preacher at the Chapel of the Holy Infants of Bethlehem in Prague. Thus John occupied two of the most strategic positions in all Bohemia -- although he was probably unaware of their importance. The city of Prague had a lengthy tradition of reform and could boast some outstanding preachers, who even preached from the Scriptures. To this tradition Hus fell heir. The University of Prague was in the very center of the reform movement and was a place of ferment as new ideas and programs for the church were constantly being discussed. The chapel to which Hus was appointed was raised in 1391 by a rich merchant as a center for reform preaching.
It was about the time that Hus began preaching that he also was converted. It seems as if his conversion was centered in his calling to preach. Prior to 1400 Hus had studied for the priesthood in the firm conviction that this was the way to escape from poverty. But when actually confronted with the task of preaching, his life underwent a fundamental change and he was overcome by the consciousness of the great task of preaching the gospel of Christ. He himself wrote of how important he considered preaching: "By the help of God I have preached, still am preaching, and if his grace will allow, shall continue to preach; if perchance I may be able to lead some poor, tired, or halting soul into the house of Christ to the King's supper."

Hus the Preacher

The Reformer
The teachings of John Wycliffe had come to Bohemia as early as 1390. A close alliance had been established between England and Bohemia because England's king, Richard II, had married Anne of Bohemia, the sister of Bohemia's king. Scholars had traveled between the countries, and one eminent scholar, Jerome of Prague, had spent some time in Oxford, Wycliffe's school, where he had absorbed the teachings of Wycliffe. On his return, he had spread Wycliffe's writings and teachings throughout Prague and the university.
Although reform had been in the air for many years, the spread of Wycliffe's teachings gave it direction and a doctrinal foundation. John Hus had become thoroughly familiar with the teachings of Wycliffe and, convinced of their truth, he had himself begun to teach them in the university and preach them in the pulpit. it is not surprising that the full fury of the Roman Catholic Church was soon turned against him. When general reform, especially of clerical corruption, was preached, even many Roman Catholics supported the reform movement. But when Hus and others began to preach doctrinal reform as well as moral reform, Rome turned in a rage against the reformers, and especially against Hus.
It seems as if from the time Hus began preaching, Hus was under suspicion. A curious document turned up near the end of Hus' life which was a collection of quotes from Hus' preaching and teaching, taken secretly and obviously with the intent of using them to charge Hus with heresy. But the more Hus emphasized that at the root of Rome's evils lay doctrinal error, the more Hus lost the support of the church, of the politicians, and of most of those in authority. It was the students Hus taught in school and the common people who loved his preaching, who continued to support him.
As the opposition to Hus grew, pressure of many kinds was put on him. First 45 statements, purported to be Hus' teachings, were condemned. Then preaching was forbidden in all the chapels. Then, when Hus refused to stop preaching, he was excommunicated by the archbishop. Soon he was summoned to Rome for trial; but, knowing that he would never escape Rome alive, he refused to go and was excommunicated by the pope. Even this was not enough; Prague was put under the interdict so that no religious services could be performed in the entire city. Gradually the might of Rome was squeezing Hus into a corner.
In pity for the citizens of the city, and so that the interdict could be removed, Hus left and returned to the area of his hometown. But his new residence soon became a center for preaching in all the surrounding countryside and it gave him the quietness that he needed to write. Perhaps this move did not lessen his effectiveness, but was God's means of spreading Hus' teaching beyond the confines of Prague.
At any rate, Rome could tolerate Hus no longer. He was summoned to the Council of Constance in 1414, a council meeting called to settle the papal schism. Three popes were all claiming to be the legitimate pope, and the outrageous situation was making a mockery of the claims of the church.

The Martyrdom of John Hus
Trial and Martyrdom
The Emperor Sigismund promised Hus a safe-conduct both to and from Constance regardless of the outcome of Hus' trial. And it was for this reason that Hus determined to go, although he was not at all certain that he would emerge from the trial alive. He told his friends, however, that a faithful testimony to his Lord and Savior required that he go.
Hus would have been safe in his hometown. He testified to this in Constance before his accusers when he told them: "I have stated that I came here of my own free will. If I had been unwilling to come, neither that king (Wenzel) nor this king (Sigismund) would have been able to force me to come, so numerous and so powerful are the Bohemian nobles who love me, and within whose castles I should have been able to lie concealed."
For one month, while in Constance, Hus was permitted to move about freely, even administering the Lord's Supper daily in his lodgings, the home of a widow whom he called his "widow of Zarephath." But Rome's godless and treacherous clerics could not permit Hus to remain free, and so he was imprisoned on the trumped-up charge that he had attempted to escape the city in a wagon.
Three months he was in a dungeon in a Dominican convent with a cell alongside the latrines. On March 24, 1414, he was chained and transferred to a castle dungeon at Gottelieven, where he was handcuffed and bound to a wall at night, while free to walk around in chains during the day. After 73 days, he was transferred to a Franciscan friary where he was subjected to cruel and heartless hearings in efforts to make him recant. Through all his imprisonment he was permitted no books, not even his Bible. He was nearly starved to death at times, and throughout he was so cruelly treated that he suffered from hemorrhage, headaches, vomiting, and fainting spells.
When finally he was brought before the council, he was permitted to say nothing, although repeatedly he made an effort to give the testimony to his faith he longed to give. God did not will that his testimony would be that of a confession of his mouth; his testimony was to be the far more powerful testimony of martyrdom.
The trial was a joke, a violation of every rule of justice, a farce of the worst sort. But during its proceedings, Hus was repeatedly made the object of mockery, derision, humiliating treatment of the worst sort, and a cruel deposition when he was stripped of all his clerical clothing and publicly defrocked.

Finally he was sentenced to burning at the stake, and the council, afraid of spilling the blood of a man, turned him over to the secular authorities to carry out the sentence.
One interesting sidelight gives a glimpse into the magnificent wisdom of God. When Hus was sentenced to death, he appealed to the Emperor Sigismund, who was present, to rescue him, reminding Sigismund of his promise of a safe-conduct. While Sigismund did not have the courage to keep his promise, he did have the grace to blush a fiery red at Hus' rebuke. All this would not mean so much in itself. But just over 100 years later, Luther went to Worms under the safe conduct of Charles V, emperor of Germany, and made his courageous stand for Scripture. Then too the Roman Catholic Church wanted Luther killed, but Charles insisted that the safe conduct be enforced. When Charles was later asked why he permitted the dastardly heretic, Luther, to escape, Charles replied that he remembered all too well the blush of shame on the face of Sigismund, when Sigismund treacherously went back on Hus' safe conduct. God used the blush of a shamed king to save Luther's life.
Several times on the way to the place of execution, Hus attempted to speak to the people, but was in every case silenced. Finally, when the crowd arrived at the stake, Hus, with tears in his eyes, kneeled in prayer. It was noon. Hus' hands were tied behind him and his neck bound to the stake with a sooty chain. The straw and wood were piled around him up to the chin and rosin was sprinkled on the wood. When he was asked to recant one last time, his response was: "I shall die with joy to-day in the faith of the Gospel which I have preached." As the flames arose around him, he sang twice: "Christ, thou Son of the living God, have mercy upon me." Praying and singing until the smoke began to choke him, he died a faithful martyr of Jesus Christ. To remove all possible opportunities for his relics to be preserved, his clothing were thrown into the fire and all the ashes were gathered and thrown into the Rhine River.
So died this faithful man of God sealing his testimony with his blood.
Hus was a godly man throughout his reformatory career, and he won the grudging praise of his enemies. A Jesuit testified: "John Hus was even more remarkable for his acuteness than his eloquence; but the modesty and severity of his conduct, his austere and irreproachable life, his pale and melancholy features, his gentleness and affability to all, even the most humble, persuaded more than the greatest eloquence." Another Roman Catholic, later a pope, wrote: "He was a powerful speaker, and distinguished for the reputation of a life of remarkable purity."
Hus was not the original thinker that Wycliffe was, and indeed borrowed most of this thoughts from Wycliffe -- especially Wycliffe's views of the church as the elect body of Christ and the sole authority of Scripture. But Hus became what Wycliffe never was, a powerful preacher of the gospel. By preaching he moved a nation. And by preaching he established a church in Bohemia which Rome could never destroy, but which joined the Reformation just over 100 years later.
Rome has the blood of countless people of God on her hands. She has never expressed one word of sorrow or regret for this. The blood of the martyrs still cries from under the altar against Rome: "How long, O Lord, holy and true, wilt thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?"
But to Hus, along with the other martyrs of Christ, was given a white robe and the testimony that they should rest a little while until their brethren should be killed as they were.

Jan 12, 2012

Scientists: UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Superbug to Americas

Compelling new scientific evidence suggests United Nations peacekeepers have carried a virulent strain of cholera -- a super bug -- into the Western Hemisphere for the first time.

The vicious form of cholera has already killed 7,000 people in Haiti, where it surfaced in a remote village in October 2010. Leading researchers from Harvard Medical School and elsewhere told ABC News that, despite UN denials, there is now a mountain of evidence suggesting the strain originated in Nepal, and was carried to Haiti by Nepalese soldiers who came to Haiti to serve as UN peacekeepers after the earthquake that ravaged the country on Jan. 12, 2010 -- two years ago today. Haiti had never seen a case of cholera until the arrival of the peacekeepers, who allegedly failed to maintain sanitary conditions at their base.

"What scares me is that the strain from South Asia has been recognized as more virulent, more capable of causing severe disease, and more transmissible," said John Mekalanos, who chairs the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Harvard Medical School. "These strains are nasty. So far there has been no secondary outbreak. But Haiti now represents a foothold for a particularly dangerous variety of this deadly disease."

More than 500,000 Haitians have been infected, and Mekalanos said a handful of victims who contracted cholera in Haiti have now turned up in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and in Boston, Miami and New York, but only in isolated cases.

How cholera landed in Haiti has been a politically charged topic for more than a year now, with the United Nations repeatedly refusing to acknowledge any role in the outbreak despite mounting evidence that international peacekeepers were the most likely culprits. The UN has already faced hostility from Haitians who believe peacekeeping troops have abused local residents without consequence. They now face legal action from relatives of victims who have petitioned the UN for restitution. And the cholera charge could further hamper the UN's ability to work effectively there, two years after the country was hobbled by the earthquake.

Over the summer, Assistant Secretary General Anthony Banbury told ABC News that the UN sincerely wanted to know if it played a part in the outbreak, but independent efforts to answer that question had not succeeded. He said the disease could have just as easily been carried by a backpacker or civilian aid worker.

Banbury said the UN, through both its peacekeeping mission and its civilian organizations "are working very hard ... to combat the spread of the disease and bring assistance to the people. And that's what's important now."

"The scientists say it can't be determined for certainty where it came from," Banbury said. "So we don't know if it was the U.N. troops or not. That's the bottom line."
A UN spokeswoman repeated the answer when asked again last week: "The [scientists] determined it was not possible to be conclusive about how cholera was introduced into Haiti," said the UN's Anayansi Lopez.

Scientists Trace Cholera Superbug to UN Peacekeepers

But ABC News has interviewed several top scientists involved in researching the origins of the cholera outbreak, and each expressed little doubt that the UN troop was responsible. The reason: A genetic analysis of the strain found in Haiti matches identically the one involved in an outbreak in Nepal in August and September of 2010; The Nepalese peacekeeping troops deployed for Haiti at precisely that time; Two weeks before the outbreak, Haitians had reported sanitary breakdowns at the Nepalese encampment set along a tributary to the Artibonite River, about 60 miles north of the capital Port Au Prince. The next month, the earliest cases of cholera surfaced in the same remote area, from Haitians who had been drinking and bathing in the river.
"The scientific debate on the origin of cholera in Haiti existed, but it has been resolved by the accumulation of evidence that unfortunately leave no doubt about the implication of the Nepalese contingent of the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti," said French epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux, who conducted research on the outbreak for the Centers for Disease Control.

Mekalanos agreed, saying the single strongest piece of evidence came from the genetic analysis of the strain, which he said was virtually identical to strains that caused cholera in Nepal around the time that the troops shipped out. Taken in concert with sanitation problems at the Nepalese base, which was located near the epicenter of the outbreak, he said "almost any other explanation I can think of is well behind in confidence to the likelihood that that strain was introduced by UN troops," he said.

"It's outrageous for the UN to try to deny responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti," said Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, whose group has been monitoring relief efforts in Haiti. "Was it gross negligence on their part? This is one of the questions they won't have to answer if they can sweep this whole thing under the rug."

Experts said understanding the origin of the outbreak is important. Louise C. Ivers, an infectious disease specialist and professor of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School, published a paper this week that traced spread of cholera back to the first victim, a mentally ill man who ingested contaminated river water. She witnessed firsthand the destruction it caused as hundreds of villagers started dying from an unfamiliar malady.

"It was overwhelming," she said. "There were no reported cases in Haiti before 2010, ever. Really people had no idea what was happening. To hear the fear and the suspicions and the lack of understanding about how this was happening is very, very sad. The outbreak put a huge stress on what was already a very fragile health system. I'm afraid it will be a problem for the foreseeable future."

She said what has made Haiti so vulnerable was a lack of latrines and clean potable water. She said there have been small outbreaks in the Dominican Republic, but nothing on the scale of what hit Haiti because conditions are more modern and sanitary.

Sinister Sites – St. John The Divine Cathedral

The destruction of New York city (including the Twin Towers) sculpted right on the building… Strange occult symbols on the floor… Weird rituals being performed in the sanctuary… Home of the Temple of Understanding which admittedly seeks to instate a new world religion… This cathedral is definitively “different”, as some people might say. But the “difference” lies in the fact that the cathedral is in fact a temple of Neo-Pagan-Bordeline-Satanic-the-Environment-is-more-important-than-human-life beliefs. I personally couldn’t care less about each individual’s beliefs, but to trick unsuspecting church goers into an occult house of worship is nothing less than Evil.
“The pagan intellectuals reclothed their original ideas in a garment of christian phraseology but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy”- Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Background and History of the Cathedral

This unfinished building has been claimed as being the world’s largest cathedral. It is realistic to maintain such high aspirations when your sources of funding include tycoons like JP Morgan and prominent figures like the Grand Master of the Masons of the state of New York. The completion of the cathedral was such a prized accomplishment for the Freemasons that it was featured on the front page of “Masonic World” of March 1925.
The article states:
“It is particularly fitting that the Masons, who were the principal builders of cathedrals and churches during the greatest cathedral-building period, should now have a prominent part in the movement to build America’s greatest cathedral (…) Little need be added to the story of Freemasonry during the cathedral-building period; its monuments are its best history, alike of its genius, its faith and its symbols.”
The article openly admits that masonic cathedrals represent the best legacy of the Brotherhood and the symbolism is prominently showcased. The masses are however too ignorant to recognize the meanings behind the art, so they just stare at them, thinking “it’s pretty nice”.

Illuminati Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye on the Cathedral
Freemasonry and the Occult
As you might know, Masonry has been, through the ages, the keeper of the “ancient mysteries”, which are occult and esoteric teachings only communicated to the initiates. I will not explain here the mystery religion as it takes several years of studies to get some understanding. I can however say that the occultists draw their teachings from ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Kaballah and Gnostic cultures, who predate by many centuries the Christian era. Secret societies have been forced to hide the true nature of their philosophies in a veil of Christianity to avoid persecution by the Church. Freemasons and their fellow organisms, the Rosicrucian Order and the Knights Templar have all been accused of devil worship and idolatry in Europe.
While many low-level Freemasons may be practising Christians, those looking to reach higher degrees within the Brotherhood are required to study the tenants and the philosophies of the Mystery Religion.  Freemasons do not necessarily seek for the world to embrace their brand of spirituality, as it is strickly reserved to the initiates. However, people in high places, who often happen to be Masons are seeking to steer the population towards a “dumbed-down” version of their paganism, as you will read later.

The Symbols

The impressive exterior of the cathedral provokes a humbling sensation at whom gazes at it. But what are you humbling yourself to? We’ll examine the details of the artwork.

1- The Apocalyptic Pillar

On the western facade of the building, stonemasons have sculpted numerous scenes that seem oddly out of place for a Cathedral. The most striking one is the chilling depiction of the destruction of New York city and its landmarks.
Twin towers collapsing
The scene above was done in 1997, four years before the destruction of the Twin Towers.  Other recognizable skyscrapers are the Chrysler Building and the Citigroup center.
Apocalyptic New York
The scene above might be unsettling for New York residents. We see the Brooklyn bridge crumbling with cars and buses falling into agitated waters. At the right is the Statue of Liberty, which seems to be sinking in the water. Beneath this horrifying prophecy is the New York Stock Exchange, with people trading goods around it.
So, what is the purpose of this weird carving? Well, the first thing that needs to be mentioned is the actual St. John the Divine is credited for writing the Book of Revelation in the Bible, which describes in symbolic imagery the events of the apocalypse. Occultists believe that the Book of Revelation has been hermetically coded to reveal its true meaning to the initiates of esoteric teachings. This scene, carved on the west entrance of the cathedral, depicts New York as being ”Babylon the Great”, the city who gets completely destroyed by the wrath of God. The Book of Revelation mentions:
“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!
She has become a home for demons
and a haunt for every evil spirit,
a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.
For all the nations have drunk
the maddening wine of her adulteries.
The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”
-Book of Revelation 18
The artists might be on to something because there is indeed numerous similarities between the actual New York city and the description of Babylon the Great in the Bible.  The Book of Revelation mentions:

  1. A “Great Prostitute” who sits on many waters – peoples, multitudes, nations and languages – holding a golden cup. She rules over the kings of the Earth. = The Statue of Liberty
  2. Merchants of the Earth who grew rich of her “excessive luxuries”, weeping because nobody buys their goods anymore = New York Stock Exchange
“The merchants who sold these things and gained their wealth from her will stand far off, terrified at her torment. They will weep and mourn and cry out:
” ‘Woe! Woe, O great city,
dressed in fine linen, purple and scarlet,
and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls!
In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin!’

- Book of Revelation, 18
Knowing that, still today, over 70% of the world’s capital goes through the NYSE, we understand why the building was depicted on the apocalyptic pillar. It represents the “financial” aspect of the Book of Revelation, where it repeatedly refers to rich merchants and trading goods.
So, a landmark of NYC, the St. John the Divine Cathedral, predicts in vivid detail the destruction of its home city. Pretty unusual. Under the rendering of the NYSE, we a skeleton and strange creatures, who seem to represent death and destruction. Is this some sort of prophecy?

2- Pagan Sculpture

Side of the tired moon
Pretty disgusting body
This sculpture, which basically symbolizes the struggle between Good and Evil, features numerous elements we can find in paganism: Sun worship, mythical creatures and sun versus moon duality. Called “Fountain of Peace”, the sculpture borrows the fantastic, bizarre and distorted art style of the Grotesque. All sorts of animal creatures are emerging from a smiling sun, which represents the basic paradigm of Sun Worship (the Sun as giver of life).  The idol points to the east, an ancient pagan tradition. There is also weird stuff on the sculpture like a DNA symbol (a DNA symbol also appears at the entrance of the Cathedral). We all know how genetic modification is as Christian as it gets. We can also find a quote of John Lennon saying “…one day the world will live as one”. Think this is spooky? Read on.

Strange Rituals

A) Procession of the Ghouls

Every year, at Halloween, St. John the Divine is the host of a strange event called “The Grand Procession of the Ghouls”. It is basically a parade taking place right inside the sanctuary of the Cathedral where people dressed in costumes of demons, ghouls, monsters and other creepy things, walk around to macabre organ music. This thing resembles the strange rituals held behind closed doors by occult groups. Outside of the great number of costumes representing demons and Satan (already extremely bizarre for a Cathedral), some costumes seem to make a mockery out of Christianity.
Does this look like Jesus crucified to you?
Other pictures:
A priest-monster with a evil looking crucifix floating behind him
The "bishop" standing in the pulpit while the ghouls parade
Don’t satanic rituals make fun of Christian rituals by distorting them? Well that’s as distorted as it can get. Processions are a pagan tradition like the “Procession of the Prechten” in Germany, which is very similar to the one at St. John the Divine in many ways.
Procession of the Perchten in Germany
A video shot by a tourist of the event.

B) The Blessing of the Animals

Another bizarre ritual is the Blessing of the Animals that takes place in September of every year. You have a bunch of animals INSIDE and outside the sanctuary of the Cathedral “worshiping God” (in their words). Since when do animals read the Bible and such? They never did. An article published in 1996 by the California Forestry Association describes the scene:
“…goats, horses and other animals are led to the alter to receive blessings. Camels and elephants walk the aisles as worshipers march to the alter with bowls of compost and worms.”
This is another pagan ritual, taking place inside a church. Notice the white robes everybody is wearing.
Hope this horse won't poop while getting its blessing
This cow is all worshiped out
Did you notice those white robes? Look at those pictures of other pagan rituals:
Celebrating "Lucia"
Celebrating "Lucia"
Pagan ritual in Greece
Notice a similarity? Yes, white robes! Anyways, this is a video captured during the actual mass. There are UNCANNY resemblances with pagan rituals.

So we’ve blessed, horses, monkeys and aunt Sylvia’s poodle dressed like a ballerina. What is there left to bless? Why not people’s bicycles while we’re at it? Oh crap, shouldn’t have said that.

C) The Blessing of Bicycles

I won’t even talk about this, its is too stupid.
The environment is our religion and we don't know it yet

D) Paul Winter’s Winter Solstice Celebration
Can't worship the Sun more than that
This famous New Age musician celebrates the Winter solstice, one of the most ancient pagan rituals. He says on his website about the consort:
In ancient times, observers watched the sun sink lower in the sky each day, and feared it would disappear completely and leave them in darkness.
People practiced special rituals intended to entice the sun’s return. Bonfires and candles, with their imitative magic, helped fortify the waning sun and ward off the spirits of darkness. These symbols live on in our modern seasonal customs: the candles of Hanukkah and Christmas are kin to the fiery rites of old, which celebrated the miracle of the earth’s renewal.
So, yes he is Pagan, he’s proud of it and he performs inside a cathedral. Here’s a video of his rendering of “Silent Night”. Tell me who/what is being worshipped?

The Temple of Understanding

St. John the Divine is the headquarters of the Temple of Understanding, an interfaith effort to steer away people from traditional religions to a hybrid kind of spirituality based on New Age philosophies, Neo-Paganism and a mix of organized religions’ traditions. The “friends” who have assisted the founder Juliet Hollister include John D. Rockefeller II, the XIV Dalai Lama, Pope John XXIII, Eleanor Roosvelt, UN Secretary-General U Thant, International Planned Parenthood and the Jewish Theological Seminary. Jean Houston, a New Age guru and supporter of the Temple of Understanding wrote in her book “Trojan Horse”:
“The Temple’s purpose is to facilitate the one world religion, through the promoting both the acceptance and the embrace of all religions, beliefs and rituals. The Temple of Understanding’s Meditation Room was to be known as the “Hall of Illumination”‘ where the Illuminati, Masters of Wisdom, Our Leaders of the Temple of Understanding will train the public in the new humanistic cult…to create a new type of mystic”
The Temple has received full UN accreditation and has been a key actor in the “spiritual” department of the UN. Twelve individuals listed as Directors or Advisors of the Temple of Understanding are also members of the UN’s Global Forum councils. Those Forums have received numerous speakers who’ve openly supported a neo-pagan world religion based on Earth worship. James Lovelock, one of the speakers mentioned that “Gaia” (an ancient term describing the Earth as a Goddess) was the giver of life and had the capacity to heal herself. He describes humans as being cancers to Gaia, an “illness too overwhelming for her to heal herself”. In other words, humans are parasites to the goddess Gaia.
Al Gore has been a guest several times at the Cathedral of St.John the Divine where he infamously said “God is not separate from the Earth“. Well, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, God IS in fact separate from the Earth (in the Heavens). If you decipher Gore’s phrase:
God = Earth = Earth is God
Gore has been repeatedly applauded by Pagan groups for his books and lectures. The Church of All Worlds congratulated the Clinton/Gore victory in 1996 by writing:
“We are Neo-Pagans — implying an eclectic reconstruction of ancient Nature religions, and combining archetypes of many cultures with other mystic and spiritual disciplines — and our beliefs and values are no different from those you describe as your own. Your book, Earth in Balance, is heralded by our People as a manifesto for all we hold dear…Know that there are half million NeoPagans out here who support you, and who voted for you, and who will rally to the aid of your policies for the salvation of the Earth and the reunification of the Great Family”.
Another member of the board of directors of the Temple of Understanding is Thomas Berry. He believes that the world is being called to a new, “post-denominational”, even a post-Christian belief system that sees the earth as a living being — with mankind as her consciousness.
Ok, so what the heck does this mean?
If you read my article about the Georgia Guidestones or the Denver International Airport, you’re already aware of unusual monuments and art placed by powerful yet secretive groups calling for a new type of global spirituality.  Key words or expressions are often used to make this religious shift socially acceptable: “Peace” , “balance with nature” or  ”harmony with the infinite”. How can you be against peace? You can’t.  Those buzz words hide however the means that will be used to obtain those objectives:  “Peace” will only happen when all there will be a single world government. “Balance with nature” will only happen when the world population will drastically decrease and “harmony with the infinite” will only happen when the world will give up traditional religions to embrace neo-pagan humanism.
The St. John the Divine Cathedral acts as a nervous center for the spiritual side of the global shift. Through numerous forums and UN summits, the Temple of Understanding reunites leaders from all major religions to devise a universal message.  This message will later be communicated to the masses  through local religious networks. In a slow yet steady manner, all religious faiths are leaning towards the same sets of values and will eventually converge into humanism.
Interfaith meeting at the Temple of Understanding
An example of this is Madeleine L’Engle’s courses given inside the Cathedral (she also is  one of the founders of the Temple). Her teachings include shamanism, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, Tarot methods of fortune telling, earth worship, psychic abilities, yoga, Tantric Toga (sexual form of Black Magic) and astrology. Almost all of those practices have have been severely condemned by Christianity for centuries yet they are being accepted within the Cathedral. Those types of courses are being promoted in various religious temples across the world.
But the main value that needs to be globally accepted is environmentalism. By creating a sense of urgency and fear regarding the degradation of Nature, it is easy to pass laws that would be otherwise unpopular, to raise taxes for the sake of environment and to shift the masses’ focus from their respective religions’ laws to the worship of the Earth. People embracing this New Age spirituality are more likely to accept controversial projects like Planned Parenthood and eugenics. When Nature is your religion, you see human life as a parasitic presence and more likely to rationalize the death of masses of population.

To Conclude

If you have take one thing from this article is that the St. John the Divine Cathedral is not Christian. In fact, it houses the very people that are working towards the eradication of religions, and they are doing a great job at it. Like I’ve said in the beginning, I do not condemn any faith, whether its Muslim, Christian or Wiccan. All faiths contain wisdom in their teachings. But messing with people’s faiths and tricking them into worshiping something else is pure, epic, biblical proportions, Cobra from GI Joe, Skeletor from He-Man Evil. Some say that Satan is the master of deceit. Well, people going to mass into that Cathedral are being deceived in ways they can’t even imagine. Paul has warned the Corinthians:
“…for such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder. For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works”
(II Corinthians 11:13-15).