Jul 26, 2014

The 7 year Covenant is Not a Peace Treaty

More good prophecy insights here from Chris White.  Everything does point to a very Jewish Messiah (Antichrist) confirming a covenant and re-establishing the daily sacrifices of the Old Covenant. 

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The Seven-Year Covenant
Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; But in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. (Daniel 9:27a)

Here in the last verse of Daniel chapter 9, we have a reference to the Antichrist making some kind of covenant with many people. This verse gives weight to the thesis that the Antichrist will claim to be the Jewish Messiah. Even until very recently, I've assumed that this verse was referring to a "seven-year peace agreement." It has become so common for people to refer to this verse as a peace treaty of some sort that I confess I sort of took it for granted.

However, there is no reason to think this covenant is speaking of a peace treaty. In all the Bible versions I have available to me though Bible software and the Internet (a considerable number), the word "peace" is not mentioned or even implied. In addition, I suggest that whatever this covenant is that the Antichrist makes must be a covenant that was already in place, based on the underlying Hebrew text.

I believe this verse is referring to the Antichrist trying to fulfill the modern Jewish expectations of a "new covenant" that the Messiah will make in the last days. This concept is detailed in many places in the Old Testament, but a notable one is in Jeremiah 31:31, which states: "Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah."
Both Christians and Jews believe this verse is messianic, but their two views of this "new covenant" are vastly different. The Jews believe this means that when the Messiah comes, He will reconfirm the covenant they already had; that is, the Messiah will make it possible for them to once again abide by the laws given by Moses, especially regarding the daily sacrifices in the temple. The Jewish view of the phrase "new covenant" is no more than a renewed national commitment to abide by God's laws.

Another 'Blood Red River' Mysteriously Appears Overnight In China

A waterway in eastern China has mysteriously turned a blood red color.

Residents in Zhejiang province said the river looked normal at 5 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday morning. Within an hour, the entire river turned crimson. Residents also said a strange smell wafted through the air.

Confirmation - Subtle Lunar Wave Filmed In Germany

Strange and stranger...

This footage was shot in Germany on 7/7/14 and shows the lunar wave. It was not shot through a telescope so there is less detail than the captures I have provided but after analysis of the footage for 4 days I am reasonably sure it does in fact show a very subtle version of the lunar wave. You will need to view this in full screen and full resolution to be able to see the subtlety.

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The Psalm 83 "War" Debunked

Sometimes unfulfilled prophecies are nearly impossible to put into their proper place because they aren't prophecies at all...


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Ulrich Zwingli - Forgotten Leader Of Protestant Movement

October 11, 1531 • Zwingli Perished by the Sword

Ulrich Zwingli was born the first of January 1481. The world he entered was passing into a spiritual and political ferment in which he would be a prime mover. As a boy he distinguished himself at studies and music. He determined to become a priest and was ordained at the age of 23.

Death of Zwingli at Kappel

Zwingli hand-copied and memorized Paul's letters in the original Greek. Impressed by the reform writings of the great humanist scholar Erasmus, he moved toward reformation even before Luther. The use of young Swiss men as mercenaries especially evoked his ire. Having accompanied two expeditions as a chaplain, he spoke vehemently against the practice which squandered their blood. As priest of Einsiedeln, a city whose income came from pilgrimages, he preached against pilgrimages, too, labeling them a corruption. When an indulgence was sold in Switzerland, he denounced it.

The first day of 1519 Zwingli came to Zurich, the city of his life's work. There he continued his battle against indulgences. The Pope recalled the seller. Zwingli also announced that he would not read the prescribed lessons but preach the gospel of Matthew instead. He did so, pouring forth objections to the use of images in the church, to the mass and other practices of the church which he considered to be in error. Christ alone is sufficient for salvation, he said.

It is one of the interesting characteristics of the Swiss Reformation that local leaders voted on doctrine, making religious decisions for their constituents. This practice of Zurich was followed by other Swiss Protestants and was one of the stages that led toward the creation of modern democracy.

Zurich's town leaders took to heart Zwingli's teaching. It was they, not Zwingli, who ordered that the Holy Scriptures be taught "without human additions." It was they who challenged theologians to convict Zwingli of error if they could. It was they who ordered images removed from churches.

Protestant and Catholic in Switzerland remained at odds. The Protestants established a blockade, threatening Catholics with starvation. In 1531 the Catholic cantons marched against Zurich. Zurich's forces ordered Zwingli to take the field bearing their banner.

1,500 men from Zurich faced 6,000 from the Catholic cantons. Under feeble generalship, on badly chosen ground near Kappel, they made critical errors. Failing to maul their opponents at an opportune moment, they allowed them to gain the cover of a beech wood. They did not retreat to a safer line while able. About 4:00 PM on this day, October 11, 1531 the Catholics began the assault. Half an hour later the Protestants were wiped out. Zwingli was among the dead. His body was quartered and mixed with dung. Told the news, Martin Luther replied, "all who take the sword die by the sword."

1.Adapted from an earlier Christian History Institute story.
2.Dowley, Tim. Eerdman's Handbook to the History of Christianity. (Carmel, New York: Guideposts, 1977).
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Jul 24, 2014

Demons and Spiritual Warfare - Part 4 - Russ Dizdar

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

TRANSCRIPT AND RESOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/federalr...

What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? Is it part of the federal government? How does it create money? Why is the public kept in the dark about these important matters? In this feature-length documentary film, The Corbett Report explores these important question and pulls back the curtain on America's central bank.

Nihilism: the West's evil religion of idolatry, lies, and hate

By Linda Kimball

"The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions." (William McGuffey, d. May 4, 1873, professor at the University of Virginia, president of Ohio University, and author of McGuffey's Readers; earstohear.net)

Andre Comte-Sponville, one of France's preeminent atheist philosophers agrees. In his New York Times bestseller, "The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality," Sponville observes that even though Western and American civilization has become nonreligious it is nevertheless profoundly rooted in transcendent Biblical morality and traditions. That overt and implied atheism has all but supplanted Biblical beliefs pleases yet simultaneously frightens Sponville as he clearly sees that if Western civilization entirely ceases to be Christian it will fall into something like a refined nihilism. And if we believe that nothing remains,

"....we might as well throw in the towel at once. We would have nothing left to oppose to either fanaticism from without or to nihilism from within – and, contrary to what many people seem to think, nihilism is the primary danger. We would belong to a dead civilization, or at least a dying one....Wealth has never sufficed to make a civilization, poverty, even less so. Civilizations require culture, imagination, enthusiasm and creativity, and none of these things come without courage, work and effort." Without these necessities, "Good night...the Western world has decided to replace faith with somnolence." (pp. 28-29)

Sponville admits that in his younger years he had believed in the supernatural God of Revelation and been raised a Christian. Up till around the age of eighteen his faith was powerful. But then he embraced evolutionary scientism and fell away, and this falling away said Sponville, was liberating because for the liberated autonomous 'self' whose life no longer has any ultimate meaning or purpose there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do, or why his friends should not live in the way that they find most advantageous to themselves.

But the lies, amoralism and perverse license, the nihilism Sponville rejoices in becomes an unbearable source of horror and dread when reproduced in millions of souls. Sponville is right to fear the spread of nihilism, for when multiplied by millions it means there is no longer an ultimate, transcendent source of unchanging truth and moral law independent of sinful men, and as Sponville knows, therefore dreads, the lie is the father of violence:

"(The lie) is the word, act, sign of cunning or silence which makes use of wiles to deceive (all who seek) truth....the attitude of the liar, who full of subtlety, audacity and at times cruel cynicism, misleads his neighbor into the quick sands of falsity. The use of the lie reveals the liar as a person of evil intentions. He who tells lies as a way of getting ahead lacks a love of truth (he or she is) a self-centered dissimulator, cunningly manipulating his fellowmen for his own evil purposes." (The Roots of Violence, Rev. Vincent P. Miceli, S.J., p.29)

Nihilism is the satanically inverted philosophy of violence, lies and license of America's president, his cabinet, and the amoral progressive ruling class of which they are members. It is also the philosophy of the Marquis de Sade, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx and the Sophist Callicles in Plato's 'Georgias' who declares:

"The fact is this: luxury and licentiousness and liberty, if they have the support of force, are virtue and happiness and the rest of these embellishments – the unnatural covenants of mankind – are all mere stuff and nonsense." (Making Gay Okay, Reilly, pp. 31-32)

In other words, with a consensus of lies backed by force and the threat of violence, the Revelation of God, the Christian Church, virtue, true truth, marriage, gender, your children, your humanity, your wealth, your home, your business, and your Constitutional rights become whatever agents of violence and the mobs in back of them want them to be or not to be from one moment to the next.

What nihilism has already led to in England, said Nate Steuer of Jeremiah Cry Ministries, are buildings that once served as churches that are now museums, stores and even nightclubs, a strong belief in evolution and a strong homosexual-rights movement:

"They don't want to hear the gospel. The gospel is pressed down,' and the homosexual-rights movement is so rooted in England that Christians are afraid to go 'into the streets and preach,' fearing what the LBGT community will do." ("Fate of Christianity in UK not too far from U.S., warns evangelist," Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow.com, July 8, 2014)

Evolutionary scientism is a form of nihilism leading in practice to dehumanization, demoralization, reckless irresponsibility and genocide. It is a sham science said G.K. Chesterton. It is a license by which the stupidest,

"...or wickedest action is supposed to become reasonable or respectable, not by having found a reason in scientific fact, but merely by having found any sort of excuse in scientific language." The program and attitude of scientism is a "serpent....as slippery as an eel," a "demon...as elusive as an elf," an "evil and elusive creature." (The Restitution of Man: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism, Michael D. Aeschliman, p. 43)

Evolutionary scientism has amply demonstrated itself as a virulently anti-human, catastrophically destructive, demonically murderous worldview. In just the first eighty-seven years of the twentieth century, violent spirits who love evil and devouring words and breathe out slaughter and death brutally exterminated between 100-170 million un-evolved 'subhuman' men, women, and children in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Read the rest of this article at - http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/kimball/140722

Space aliens walk among us? Indeed, claims retired Temple prof


THE WAY David M. Jacobs sees it, aliens from outer space have been kidnapping humans for aeons and sexually molesting them to create human-alien hybrids that walk among us today undetected and will soon take over Earth.

He knows that sounds crazy.

But he long ago quit caring what people think of him. As director of the International Center for Abduction Research, Jacobs, 71, has made it his life's mission to investigate claims of extraterrestrial abduction.

"What I'm doing will either be an interesting but nonessential footnote to popular culture or the most important thing that's ever happened to humankind. I see it as the latter," said Jacobs, who's now working on his fifth book, tentatively titled The New People.
While most people might write off UFO believers as deluded, conspiracy-theorist kooks, Jacobs isn't your typical believer.

He was a tenured professor at Temple University, where he taught American history for 36 years before retiring in 2011. He's a married father of two who lives in a picturesque, 134-year-old Victorian just over the Philadelphia line, in Wyndmoor. He makes his case with well-reasoned, articulate explanations and applies a scholarly approach to his research, which he has shared in four books - printed by well-known and academic publishers.

Jacobs has interviewed about 150 people who say they've been abducted by aliens, the forgotten details of their cosmic kidnappings resurfacing in relaxation sessions the self-taught hypnotist does in his home.

Citing public polls, he estimates that aliens have abducted more than a million Americans.
He readily admits that the evidence of extraterrestrial life and body-snatching is "weak," muddied by an abundance of blurry photos and confabulation (phony or misinterpreted "memories").
Yet he insists evidence exists:

* Abductees independently report similar experiences and recall common details, such as the humanlike or insectlike appearance of aliens and their mission to breed.

Many abductees told Jacobs that aliens stared deeply into their eyes, sometimes touching foreheads, in a neurological scan that enabled them to harvest human sperm and eggs. Women frequently claimed that aliens impregnated them, removed the alien-human hybrid fetuses from their wombs and forced the women to nurse the hybrid babies.

* People are physically absent during the time they say they were abducted, Jacobs said. Some families even have reported loved ones missing or seen them vanish, he added.

* Abductees sometimes are taken in groups; strangers who never met on Earth recall each other from their deep-space experiences, Jacobs said.

* People return with unusual marks, injuries or scars - including scar tissue that formed overnight, "a biological impossibility that I have seen myself," he said.

His inconvenient truth

For years, Jacobs shunned speaking locally about alien abductions.
"I knew that it was embarrassing to the university," he said, remembering one Temple donor who threatened to end his charity unless Jacobs quit teaching his UFO class, the only one like it in the country.

But he didn't quit. Still, his beliefs carried a cost: Tenured in 1981, he said he was twice rejected for promotion and never became a full professor at Temple.

"I was not rewarded for my views," Jacobs said. "But you do not often find yourself in the middle of a phenomenon that allows you to make a contribution to something that could be of unsurpassing importance in human history."

Jacobs is among a small but surprising array of well-known folks who reportedly believe in extraterrestrial life, including former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, former astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and celebrities Mick Jagger, Dan Aykroyd, Muhammad Ali and William Shatner.

Read more of this article at - http://articles.philly.com/2014-07-16/entertainment/51549419_1_jacobs-aliens-abductees

Jul 23, 2014

Demons and Spiritual Warfare - Part 3 - Russ Dizdar

Compilation of Unknown Space Objects (UFO's)

So just what is going on up there?  Are there really that many satellites orbiting the moon?  For some of these objects to appear so large, they must be really close to the camera....but if that was the case they should be moving much faster.  If they are really close to the moon, or somewhere in between, the size must be massive....very interesting stuff.

This is a compilation of unknown objects (UFO's) transiting the moon. These objects were shot over the past couple years and represent a small portion of my captures. The also show some of the similarities I have documented.

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…Meanwhile, Congress Introduces a Bill Recognizing Private Property Rights…On Asteroids

Hey, been out of work for a few years?  Worried about tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over the border?  Maybe your concerned about the loss of personal freedoms and the federal government totally ignoring Constitutional law?  Well Congress has your back.  They have prepared a bill to protect your property rights on asteroids!  Of course, only multi-national corporations care about this...which means they probably already have the ability to mine asteroids...but at least they are doing something.  Right?

by Joseph P. Farrell

While all the geopolitical-financial shenanigans have been going on “down below” here on planet Earth, Congress has its eye on the future of finance and outer space, for a bill has been introduced in Congress recognizing private property rights on asteroids:

Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights
There’s a hugely significant statement with hugely significant implications in this short article:
“The crucial part of the short piece of legislation states that the resources mined from an asteroid would be the property of the entity undertaking the operation. This language gets around the provision of the Outer Space Treaty that says states are forbidden to establish national sovereignty over celestial bodies, which would be a prerequisite to the United States allowing a private entity to own an asteroid. It rather grants mineral rights to the asteroid, something the treaty does not mention. There is no enforcement mechanism in the event of a dispute with another country, however.”
For those who’ve been following my analysis, I’ve been arguing that (1) a secret system of finance was put into place after World War Two, utilizing Axis loot (and hence the cooperation of the post-war Axis elite), (2) this was directly managed by the intelligence-finance-military-industrial complex, or, to put it more bluntly, the intelligence community was put directly into the international finance business, and (3) this whole scheme was done for the purpose of a long-term secret research project designed to develop exotic space capabilities and emulate UFO performance.

Such a scheme, as I’ve been arguing, implied as a necessary component of such a secret financial architecture the following things: (1) the participation of some prime banks or at least key individuals within them in key management and accounting/investment positions, and (2) the ability to manipulate markets (eventually through penetrated technological means, high frequency trading being perhaps one manifestation of this requirement). As a result of these requirements, and particularly of the first, some “gain” had to be present for said financial institutions to participate, and this, I have argued, was the secretive “collateralization” of whatever might be found in space, either in terms of any resources or in terms of any recovered artifacts or technologies discovered. This, for those who have followed my analysis of the bearer bonds scandals, and in particular the first one, the “Japanese Bearer bond scandal”, was in my opinion the meaning of the scandals, and the message in particular of the first one, with its evidently hoaxed “Kennedy Billion Dollar bearer bond” with its suggestive allusion to space activities on the reverse side of the “bond.”

Within this context, it appears that Congress might be posed to make it “official,” and that carries with it some huge implications, for by “recognizing” mineral rights of private companies purchasing such things on, say, an asteroid or other planet such as the Moon or Mars, then this ipso facto extends – in a very imperial fashion – the standards of American jurisprudence and law to outer space. And as the article also avers, it creates the potentiality for conflicts over those resources. The model that we are watching emerge is the creation of all the fundamentals to create space-based versions of the “East Indies companies” that so dramatically drove European expansion and imperialism from the 1600s to the early 1900s. One may think in terms of the “American Asteroid Indies Company” or the “Franco-German Planetary Mining Consortium” and so on.

In short, what this bill is also really about is the eventual weaponization of space(which I personally believe has already been long underway).

It remains to be seen how the rest of the space-faring powers will deal with it, but if recent announcements are any indicator, they already know the nature of the imperial game that is now emerging in space.

Read this article at - http://gizadeathstar.com/2014/07/meanwhile-congress-introduces-bill-recognizing-private-property-rights-asteroids/

Geopolitics and the Faustian Bargain

This is a longer interview but really interesting stuff with Jay Dyer and Mark Hackard.  Very deep discussions on a theological/philosophical plane.  Topics include:  Ukraine, the downed Malaysian Plane fiasco, false flags, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Eurasia, ideologies and traditionalism, theology, metaphysics and redemptive history, satanic inversion and its relation to alchemical processing and materialism, controlled chaos and destabilization, and a host of other issues related to deep politics and covert agendas.  Whew!


Expect Civilian Aircrafts To Fall From The Sky Soon As ISIS Acquired Stinger, Cobra and Strela Sophisticated anti-Aircraft Missiles

Very few entities could supply such weapons in that region.  In the center of Iraq, the most likely culprits are the U.S. or Saudi Arabia funding this mystery threat.

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Last month, A Fox News report titled “US-made Stinger missiles have likely fallen into ISIS hands, officials say” warned that “U.S. officials with access to the latest U.S. intelligence on Iraq told Fox News it “appears likely/probable” that U.S.-made Stinger missiles have fallen into the hands of Sunni insurgents.”

And today Middle East sources confirm that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters acquired “Cobra”, “Strela” and “stinger” sophisticated heat missiles from army bases they have taken over in recent days, the source said (start at 2:00 and then at 3:00 which doesn’t need translation “Strela” and “Stinger”):


And if the U.S. failed to heed the warnings before 9/11, that terrorists plan to blow up planes and buildings, it seems they are not paying attention. While they focus on Russia over its handling of the downed Malaysia Airlines jet, they focus little on Islamists, our sources show that terrorists have obtained such weapons from as far back as 2012 which we can easily obtain footage showing videos released by the terrorists on the use of Cobra anti-aircraft missile fired at Mig jet fighter:

Read more of this article at - http://shoebat.com/2014/07/22/expect-civilian-aircrafts-fall-sky-soon-isis-acquired-stinger-cobra-strela-sophisticated-anti-aircraft-missiles/

Military To Scan Soldier’s Brains For Signs Of Disloyalty?

A new system, dubbed HandShake by its developers, may scan the brains of U.S. soldiers and their allies in combat theaters to asses signs of disloyalty, potentially protecting them from insider attacks.
HandShake was developed by a company named Veritas, according to Activist Post, and is indicative of a larger trend in neuroscience that sees brain research applied in areas of predictive behavior. The technology utilizes specialized brain scans which can be used to monitor both U.S. troops and our allies for signs of disloyalty

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1359510/military-to-scan-soldiers-brains-for-signs-of-disloyalty/#T8vpHvhlDM6Rasgq.99

Jul 21, 2014

BBC Sherlock: Malaysian Airlines False Flag Scripting

This is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the thinking of covert agencies and how they love to drop hints about bad things they are about to do.  This is a well known concept in witchcraft, as mages believe that they gain power when they announce what they are about to do and are still able to accomplish the work.  Check out the bizarre numerology speech given by Christine Lagarde of the IMF near the end of the article. 

Season 2, Episode 1, "A Scandal in Belgravia," in 2012: Mycroft tells Sherlock Flight 007 was a false flag with already dead bodies.
Season 2, Episode 1, “A Scandal in Belgravia,” in 2012: Mycroft tells Sherlock Flight 007 was a false flag with already dead bodies.

Like Many 9/11 Examples, the Scripting of the Malaysian Plane Fiasco Matches the Plot of BBC’s Sherlock

By: Jay

Our latest media theatrical blitz is the Hollywood-esque sequel to last month’s suspicious and likely scripted airplane disaster, the mystical Malaysian Plane fiasco.  News junkies and analysts will recall the recent “loss” of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which sparked a media furor of high ratings, speculation, pundit nonsense and even the enlistment of Courtney Love’s noteworthy, famed sleuthing abilities.  In a rare anomaly, Love was  in this case, unable to solve the so-called disaster.  Followers of JaysAnalysis or my Twitter or Facebook feed know that I deemed this event unworthy of any attention, and that I think it was likely staged, with a high probability of there being no plane at all.  That may seem extreme to some newer readers, but longtime readers will recall the numerous instances of known, staged and faked news casts cataloged here when RawStory attacked me.
However, with the new Malaysian Plane Flight MH17, we have what appears to be something more significant – an emerging false flag event run by western intelligence and NATO to frame Russia for the purpose of further US/EU/NATO operations in staving off Russia.  In this article, I want to present that false flag thesis and other speculations based on the evidence that has emerged so far.  I will investigate the known facts to date, based on reliable sources with a good track record, the motives for the so-called attack, and the more esoteric and speculative connections that may also be relevant to seeing the “calling card” of who might have been behind the event.

The first and most obvious suspicion is that this is Malaysian Airlines, part deux.  I am not saying anything ridiculous like they are the same planes, but rather that two Malaysian Airlines flights become “diverted” to become center stage media foci within a month as mere coincidence stretches credulity.  One recalls immediately the numerous TWA flights of the last several decades that mysteriously were lost, hijacked and shot down, all of which served specific political motives advantageous to the Western establishment.  A second related question involves Malaysian Airlines itself – who owns this airline, and what intelligence agencies might be able to utilize it for such covert operations?  Hardly anyone in the media is asking this question, nor was it asked the last go around.

Malaysian Airlines was started by the Liverpool-based Ocean Group together with Imperial Airways, back in 1937.  It is crucial to note that Malaysia was a part of the British Empire, and thus associations with British Intelligence will not be far removed.  Though the company was broken up soon thereafter, it was incorporated with various shareholders holding close connections to, and positions in, offices of Malaysian government.  For example, former Malaysian Airlines CEO Idris Jala formerly held high level positions with gas giant and Western establishment megacorporation, Shell, before entering Malaysian politics.  Malaysian Airlines is a GLC, or “government linked company,” which we can translate into intelligence linked company, bringing to mind classic examples of intelligence linked airlines, such as Evergreen, the famed CIA shell company that succeeded Air America.  Consider the extent of the CIA connections to airlines according to a 1986 Time Magazine article:

“Officially, the CIA says it has no record that Doole ever worked there, but among old agency hands, he is a legend. Operating out of a small, nondescript office on Connecticut Avenue, he founded and ran a far-flung network of airlines that the agency used to carry out its covert operations all over the world. Owned by a holding company, the Pacific Corp., that was itself a CIA front, Doole’s empire included Air America, Civil Air Transport, Southern Air Transport, Air Asia and dozens of small puddle-jumper lines. Together, at their peak in the mid ’60s, these CIA “proprietaries” added up to an airline that was almost the size of TWA, employing nearly 20,000 people (as many as the CIA itself) and operating some 200 planes. Even the CIA was not sure just how many. Asked by then Deputy Director Helms to account for all the planes in Doole’s regime, a staffer spent three months on the project before confessing that he could never be more than 90% certain. The problem, explained the exasperated staffer, was that Doole was forever leasing planes between his shell corporations and changing their markings and tail numbers.”

Malaysia is also home to a host of Western intelligence shady dealings, according to insider Peter Levenda.  Levenda claims as follows in his Sinister Forces, Vol. 3:

“Friends of mine in Kuala Lumpur-otherwise intelligent, rational people with a love for business and the easy, good life of their tropical paradise-take it for granted that the world has targeted Muslim Malaysia out of jealousy for the strength of their economy…[erroneously thinking] there was simply no truth to the reports that Malaysia was a haven for terrorists, even as one of their political parties praised the bombers of Bali, the World Trade Center, of the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta and met with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders in Malaysia in May of 2002.” (pg. 443)

Read the rest of this article at - http://jaysanalysis.com/2014/07/20/bbc-sherlock-malaysian-airlines-false-flag-scripting/#more-5492

Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth - Part 2 - The Awakened Ones, The Hidden Destiny Of America, And The Day After Tomorrow

By Mark A. Flynn

PART 2 - The Lowly Initiate

All things are implicated with one another, and the bond is holy; and there is hardly anything unconnected with any other thing. For things have been coordinated, and they combine to form the same order. For there is one universe made up of all things, and one God who pervades all things, and one substance, and one law, one common reason in all intelligent animals, and one truth.
—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, vol. VII[i]
At the end of thirty-two months of study at a college (Latin: collegium, “the connection of associates”) or university (Latin: universitas, “the whole, aggregate”),[ii] the degree candidate seldom thoughtfully considers the esoteric meaning of the graduation ceremony. All participants don academic-style caps and gowns. The cap, described as a “mortarboard,” has a peculiar flat, square-sectioned top over an eggshell-like head cover with a tasseled string hanging over one edge. During the ritual, the graduate must ascend an elevated stage from the left to meet an individual wearing a black, five-sided, Tudor-style cap. This dean or head artisan offers a scroll or diploma (Greek: δίπλωµα, “folded paper”) indicating the degree earned with his left hand, and he shakes the graduate’s hand with his right. Descending the stage from the right, participants move the tassel string from one side of the mortarboard in an arc from the right to the left, mimicking the arching path of the sun from horizon to horizon, and forming the lower portion of the Masonic square and compass symbol. 
What the new graduate may not know is that he or she is merely partaking in an initiation ceremony, and to one with understanding, the meaning of the ritual confirms the participant’s vulgar (Latin vulgus, “the common people, the multitude, a crowd, the throng”) status. This initiation is not to some higher intellectual class; it simply allows an offering of humble symbolic mortar to the artisans as a lowly apprentice or hod carrier. The priesthood of those who are able to bestow degrees considers the graduates as base laborers involved merely in carrying supplies to the more skilled bricklayers or stonemasons of the mystic “work.” 
Consider the individual symbolic components of the graduation. The hawk or hod that the graduation cap symbolizes is a tool used to temporarily hold mortar so that a bricklayer can apply it to a surface using a different tool. Like the cap, it consists of a board about nine inches square, but with a perpendicular handle fixed centrally on the opposite side. In a similar manner as the dean who hands the diploma to the graduate, the bricklayer artisan holds the hawk horizontally with the left hand and applies the material on the hawk with a tool (engages the “tool,” who is the graduate) held in the right. 
Most people today are unaware of the fortunate time in which they live. Literature, mythology, and volumes of historical research have been made available to everyone on earth. There are etymology tools available for Latin, ancient Greek, and Hebrew. The works of Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Pythagoras, Strabo, and Josephus can be rapidly searched for specific words, and the words themselves can be deciphered from their original language down to the letter. In contrast, a person fluent in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew who might have had access to all the libraries of Europe during the Renaissance would have been unable to duplicate the amount of research in a lifetime that the average person could do today from his or her computer in the course of a few months. 
Imagine how much Isaac Newton would value what most people take for granted if he had lived today. Such a wealth of freely obtainable information back in the seventeenth century would have been unfathomable. While the availability of information is miraculous in the sense of its mere existence, it is unfortunate that the activities of the average person living today are centered primarily on the base pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain.
Since the Middle Ages, mythology has been an important part of a classical education, along with the required language skills in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Pythagoras taught that thinking skills were necessary for the serious study of philosophy and theology (i.e., mythology). A student prepared by first studying grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and then moving on to the quadrivium, or the “four subjects”—arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and music.[iii] The intellectual pursuit of knowledge of the highest rank or class (classical works) was the mythology of the ancient Mediterranean world. It was the highest class of knowledge and was sacred in the sense that students could approach it only after they had proven worthiness. After this stage, the student then required an equally worthy mentor.
Today, typical college graduates complete a course of study with the singular goal of becoming sufficiently enabled to do some job. They are lucky to have received anything more than just a cursory survey of ancient mythology. Today, the serious study of these subjects is left out intentionally. It must be this way because of the fact that current information available is levels of magnitude greater than it was during the last two thousand years, and learning about and understanding the meaning behind mythology, as it was once taught, is only for the chosen few.
The great secret concerning the whole human race has been, at its quintessential base, required to be kept secret to all but those worthy. Over the centuries, Freemasons have been instructed to hide their secrets from the vulgar. The “Obligation of First Degree,” or oath to secrecy, from Malcolm C. Duncan’s Ritual and Monitor of Freemasonry written in 1866, outlines this directive:
I…do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, that I will always hail, ever conceal, and never reveal, any of the arts, parts, or points of the hidden mysteries of Ancient Free Masonry, which may have been, or hereafter shall be, at this time, or any future period, communicated to me, as such, to any person or persons whomsoever, except it be to a true and lawful brother Mason, or in a regularly constituted Lodge of Masons.
All this I most solemnly, sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the same, without any mental reservation or secret evasion of mind whatever, binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly violate this my Entered Apprentice obligation.[iv]
The belief that the study of philosophy and mythology is the highest form of intellectual pursuit has never waned; the value of the quest for knowledge of the highest class has not been forgotten. A select group has had the answers to questions and concepts that the majority of people have never once considered. The keepers of the knowledge restrain it, because its nefarious source instructs them to do so. 
Realizing the importance that the ancients attributed to the classics leads to the question: What can be gained through their understanding? A good way to prepare for the answer at this point is to pose the questions that this book will address: 
  • Is there meaning behind the various classical architectural forms used throughout the world and specifically in Washington, DC?
  • Why is the Greek goddess Athena so often represented in art and architecture? When did she first appear in history?
  • What is the meaning behind the triangle reference to Athena that the Pythagoreans so often used?
  • Why are the characters and story of the Trojan War still remembered today even though the city of Troy had been thought fictional up to its discovery in 1868?[v]
  • Why have the sacred symbols of ancient mystery religions of the Egyptian, Babylonian, and Anatolian civilizations been so readily adopted by the Greeks and Romans, and why do they remain in Freemasonry?
  • What was the Roman cult of Mithras all about?
  • How do the answers to these questions give insight to the meaning of the enigmatic symbols on the dollar bill, the currency of the United States?
We have the advantage of the information-rich time in which we live to help answer these questions. In addition, this exploration will begin with the unique perspective that there was a common beginning for every mythological legend and that there was a fundamental entity involved. The realization of the who, and the nature of the source, is extremely vital to gaining understanding of the history and destiny of our world. This source has suppressed the understanding of the highest class of knowledge, since it would be counterproductive to one of its paramount goals: to have as many as possible forget or never believe that a creator exists. Understanding the events of the past concerning man and the entity known as the “giver of knowledge” requires a belief in the God who created him. Conversely, learning that the giver of knowledge truly exists might well manifest into an unshakable faith in that creator God. 
Like a maze, the stories in myth over the many millennia have been intentionally obfuscated in order to hide the secrets from the vulgar. Often, the paths that lead to the discovery behind the meaning of the stories, characters, and ideas in myth often come to abrupt ends where the student must retrace his steps back to alternate paths in order to gain understanding. The paths of a maze mimic the method of exploration and discovery used in this book, and are consistent with the nature of the subjects covered. In the account of Theseus and the Minotaur, Theseus was given a ball of thread known as the “clue” that led him through the Labyrinth. This book will be the thread or clue through the maze, where each subject explored will add to the unraveling of confusion and lay out a path so that an escape to understanding is possible.
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