Nov 10, 2012

Know Your Enemy - Part 69 Tolerance

Tolerance should not be tolerated in the church of Jesus Christ.  Watch in this video as it's demonstrated how "tolerance" falls in nicely with the satanic mantra, "Do what thou wilt", or do whatever you want.  God is not okay with this.  We need to get this clear, because it's God that we must answer to.

As In The Days Of Noah - Part 2

The Number of the Beast of Babylon 666

The ancients claimed that God works by mathematics. Their religion was a conglomeration of religion, astrology, alchemy, physical and mental science, and mathematics. Ancient astrology divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations. These were represented by different amulets called "Sigilla Solis," or the sun seal. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests, and they contained all the numbers from 1 to 36. By these figures they claimed to be able to foretell future events. These amulets were usually made of gold, yellow being the sun color. While being carried, these amulets were wrapped in yellow silk, as it was thought that the bearer would thus receive the beneficial powers believed to emanate from the jewel.

These drawings from photographs taken in 1910, show actual amulets then in the Berlin Museum. They reveal the veneration the ancients had for the sun-god. On the front side of No.1 we see the god of the sun standing on the lion. This indicated the sun's position in the constellation of Leo during the hot days of August. On the back is inscribed "Nachyel," meaning "intelligence of the sun," and in 36 squares are arranged the numerals 1 to 36 (see table 1) in such a way that adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically, and also the two diagonals crossing the square, the total is the same- 111. The sum of the six columns, computed either horizontally or vertically, is 6 x 111, or 666.
The solar seal was worn by the pagan occultic priests to honor the Basilisco KING - 666.

The second illustration is also a solar seal, but it honors the star Basilisco, which was the diminutive form of the Greek basileus (king), thus meaning the same as the Latin regulus. Now, Regulus is the only first-magnitude star in the constellation of Leo. The sun and the moon are again clearly seen on this amulet, and on the reverse side is the same arrangement of numerals, with the actual figure given of the total 666.
The question that must be asked with reference to the above is, why were the ancient Babylonians wearing sacred amulets that were focused on the number (total) 666, seeing that John never revealed this number until Rev. 13:18 hundreds of years later - how could they have known.

Therefore, I think we can rest assured that the ancient Babylonian occultists were NOT worshipping the future man AC, BUT they were worshipping the god 666 who is depicted on the amulet above as the god of the Sun standing on the Lion (Babylonian).
So what can this all possibly mean? I suggest that this 1-36 Babylonian Magic Square which totals 666 represented 36 Star constellations and the SUN was the complete master/father of the 666 STARS (Adonikim = 666 Sons, which implies 666 Stars, which implies 666 Angels - demonic), which most likely represents the true meaning behind the purpose of the NUMBER of the Beast - 666. This is no doubt something symbolic regarding the angelic members of his occultic religion and government.
The number 666 must be more than just to say OK you have used gematria, etc. and have found my name - the number 666 represents something symbolically important to the Abyss Beast, in order that he would choose to use it to represent himself. As I have suggested earlier, the demonic Abyss Beast once ruled the Babylonian Empire and I think this ancient Magic Square which is well rooted in the Babylonian occult, has a direct correlation to the Beast and the worship of him.

Thus, the number 666 has substantial historical Babylonian ROOTS and involves far more than just a mere number equated to a name.

To recap, why would I, or anyone else for that matter, choose to search the proven pagan abstract models of gematria, over the WORD itself? WHAT was I THINKING?
God did not make this prophecy so complicated that everyone would need to hold a Th.D. or be a graduate of Harvard University to understand it NOR was it beyond understanding - man does that. This prophecy is a WARNING and we need to know and share its understanding, or just simply leave a gapping hole in our knowledge of God's Prophetic Word.

In closing, How could the ancient Babylonians have possibly KNOWN about the number 666 - John did not even reveal 666 until hundreds of years later and why was that particular number so important to them? Undoubtedly, The Babylonians, (the former wounded head) were worshipping the WAS/IS NOT Beast of Rev. 17:8 - the 8th King of Rev. 17:11 at that time - the 666 Beast.

Please note the number 666 at the bottom/center of the photo example.
Therefore, the human host Man AC (the 11th Little Horn Beast) and the 8th King Scarlet Abyss Beast (Adonikam) are TWO different personages - one a mortal man and the other a demonic spirit.
This table as illustrated has the same arrangement of numbers as the above images in a 6 x 6 matrix and is also referred to in numerology as the magic square of the Sun. There are similar magic squares for Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon, all of which have been known for centuries.

The creating of amulets with this number arrangement that belongs to astrology appears to have continued well past the time of Christ. Archaeologists have found amulets with Latin inscriptions, so we know that the Romans were indulging in this practice. Therefore, the number 666 came about from pagan worship practices of the Babylonians and their practice of astrology. The symbolism of sun worship is still used in many areas of the Catholic Church today, not always obvious but often packaged discreetly as to not be noticed by the untrained eye.

When the Medes and Persians conquered Babylon in 539 B.C, they came with their own religious practices and gods, so had no need of the priests of the Babylonian religious system. Although the Persians were sympathetic towards the Babylonian god Marduk and did accommodate the priests of this god for a while, it appears from history that they eventually fired the priests and used their own. The Babylonian priests left Babylon (probably because they were out of work) and most of them went to Pergamum and some to Egypt where they taught their religious practices to the Egyptians. The Egyptians readily picked up these Babylonian religious concepts and further extended and developed some of the ideas we find in astrology.

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Vote Fraud Expert: Romney Votes Not Counted in Key States

This is because it's been well documented that the voting system can be easily hacked and hijacked.  Throw in the highly suspicious elimination of exit polls and networks calling the results early (again), in some cases even before any vote counts had been released.  The real question we should ask is why is Romney rolling over so easy when these voting issues are so obvious.  Apparently he knew what role he had to play?

Florida and Ohio called for Obama before substantial number of ballots checked
Paul Joseph Watson

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris told the Alex Jones Show that a substantial number of votes for Mitt Romney in the key battleground states of Florida and Ohio, both of which went to Obama, were not even counted before the result was announced.


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Possible Asteroid-Earth Collision Articles Vanish...Well, Most Of Them Vanish

Below are listed some of the articles that were removed, followed by at least one that was not removed.  Whatever is going on, it's the most significant possible collision announcement that NASA has ever made.  Interesting it was made in Geneva and not the U.S.....

All original postings have been deleted/redacted. CNN, NBC, BBC, Aljazeera, and others reported it. I have a few screenshots of the postings.
Basically they released info that we had a 30% chance to collide with what they are calling an asteroid (pics look more like a planetoid) sometime near the end of December to early January.
BBC screenshot

Dutch website NOS

Al Jazeera screen Shot

Clearly the Russian papers were in no hurry to pull the article...

Blast it or paint it: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

A dangerous asteroid heading to the Earth was spotted by stargazers three years after it had got onto its current orbit
A dangerous asteroid heading to the Earth was spotted by stargazers three years after it had got onto its current orbit
To avert a possible catastrophe – this time set for February 2013 – scientists suggest confronting asteroid 2012 DA14 with either paint or big guns. The stickler is that time has long run out to build a spaceship to carry out the operation.

­NASA's data shows the 60-meter asteroid, spotted by Spanish stargazers in February, will whistle by Earth in 11 months. Its trajectory will bring it within a hair’s breadth of our planet, raising fears of a possible collision.
The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles). This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites.

There is a possibility the asteroid will collide with Earth, but further calculation is required to estimate the potential threat and work out how to avert possible disaster, NASA expert Dr. David Dunham told students at Moscow’s University of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM).

“The Earth’s gravitational field will alter the asteroid’s path significantly. Further scrupulous calculation is required to estimate the threat of collision,” said Dr. Dunham, as transcribed by Russia’s Izvestia. “The asteroid may break into dozens of small pieces, or several large lumps may split from it and burn up in the atmosphere. The type of the asteroid and its mineral structure can be determined by spectral analysis. This will help predict its behavior in the atmosphere and what should be done to prevent the potential threat,” said Dr. Dunham.

In the event of a collision, scientists have calculated that the energy released would equate to the destructive power of a thermo-nuclear bomb.

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And it appears to still be on NASA's own website...


Nov 9, 2012

Know Your Enemy - Part 68 Truth Vs. Unity

Great biblical lesson on truth here.  Truth is exclusive, not inclusive.  Truth will cause division, and ultimately apostasy.

As In The Days of Noah - Part 1

UN Representative Calls For Establishing A 'World Capital'--In Islamic Istanbul

By Dan Gainor

The world needs a global capital and it should be the capital of Islamic Turkey, Istanbul, according to a UN special representative. Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, wrote a Nov. 1, 2012, opinion piece for the controversial al Jazeera English site calling for a "global capital" because of integration "by markets, by globally constituted battlefields, by changing geopolitical patterns."

While Turkey is a longstanding U.S. ally and a member of NATO, its nearly 80 million population is 99.8 percent Muslim, according to the CIA Factbook. Its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has had several run-ins with Israel over access to Gaza. In March, he urged Israel to "stop the brutal attack against Palestinians and stop the massacre and bloodshed."

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey sent out an "emergency message" for U.S. citizens in September warning of "a planned anti-American march/protest" in Istanbul. The march was tied to protests against the YouTube video claimed by critics to be anti-Islamic. "The Department of State strongly recommends avoiding the march/protest location as well as any other large crowds that may gather in Istanbul to protest against the controversial video that has created other demonstrations throughout the world," explained the warning.

Falk recommended what al Jazeera called a "modest proposal" that should move the world past "the persisting tendency is to view the hierarchy of global cities from a West-centric perspective: London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles placed in the first rank." Along with his UN duties, he is the Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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How Virtual Pop Star Hatsune Miku Blew Up in Japan

This is what happens when paganism hits advanced technology.  Leave it to the Japanese to make a "goddess" come to life... 
  • By James Verini

  • When Cartoons Come To Life
    At a Hatsune Miku concert, that’s also the moment when the proceedings take a turn for the, well, the only precise way of saying it is for the Japanese. Miku is not human. She is a virtual idol, a holographic star. Miku is crowdsourced, ever-evolving, famous software. Not even her fans know, or care, how to taxonomize her. (“She’s rather more like a goddess: She has human parts, but she transcends human limitations. She’s the great posthuman pop star,” one fansite reads.) Her bandmates are all actual people playing real instruments, but Miku is projected onto the stage, singing, if that’s the word, in avian-robot trills. She was programmed to do this months before, thousands of miles away.

    Not that her forecoded unreality interferes with widespread adoration. On the contrary, Miku is now one of the biggest acts in Asia—as popular in her native Japan as Sega’s iconic Sonic the Hedgehog. She has devotees beyond Japan too. Last November she gave a concert in Singapore, drawing 3,000 fans—only about half of them female, not all young. They sang along in Japanese, a language many of them didn’t speak. Some came dressed as Miku. Others waved Miku dolls to the beat. One girl watched a Miku video on her phone while a digitized Miku played in front of her.

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    Nov 8, 2012

    Know Your Enemy - Part 67 The U.N. War on Parents

    This episode includes Plato's blueprint for a Republic (like the United States) and the importance of destroying the family.  This plan includes the destruction of the Biblical value of family and parental authority and teaching.  This starts in public schools, and filters into our culture with television programs that continually mock parents, especially fathers, and exalt children.  As an example try all programs coming out of Disney, and notorious adult cartoons like Family Guy and The Simpsons.  These things will help bring about the day for Christians when "you shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinfolk and friends..."  (Lk. 21:16)

    Meningitis Outbreak Deaths Increases to 31


    • Federal_Agents.jpg
      Federal agents investigate the offices of New England Compounding Center in Framingham, MA. (AP)
    Health officials announced on Wednesday that more people have died from the national meningitis outbreak, bringing the number of deaths to 31.

    Currently, there are 424 non-fatal cases in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

    The following states with meningitis-related deaths include: Florida (3), Indiana (4), Maryland (1), Michigan (7), North Carolina (1), Tennessee (13), and Virginia (2)
    Tennessee leads with the most illnesses and deaths.

    The outbreak has been tied to a contaminated steroid shot for back pain from specialty pharmacy The New England Compounding Center of Framingham, MA. It has since been shut down and their products have been recalled.

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    A Major Shift Is Occurring In Our Solar System

    Good info which will not make the nightly news.  Catch the link between ever increasing those today and changes in our magnetic field.  Good stuff. 

    Transhuman? Human Enhancement Technologies Set To Change UK Workforce

    Technologies that enhance human functions such as memory, hearing and mobility could dramatically change how people work over the next decade, according to a workshop hosted by four of the UK’s national academies.
    A new report, Human enhancement and the future of work, points out that although human enhancement technologies might improve performance and aid society, their use would raise serious ethical, philosophical, regulatory and economic issues that will need further consideration.

    The report follows a joint workshop hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society which considered cognitive enhancing drugs, bionic limbs and retinal implants among other current and emerging technologies that may revolutionize UK workplaces. The report emphasizes the immediate need for further discussion and debate around such issues as potential harm to individuals, coercion by employers and concerns related to equity and fairness.
    To date, physical and cognitive enhancements have been developed primarily with the focus of restoration of function but increasingly drugs and enhancers are being used by healthy people. For example, Modafinil – a drug prescribed to treat sleep disorders has also been used to reduce impulsive behavior Researchers from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts previously estimated that up to 16% of students in the USA use cognitive enhancers to improve performance, and that even some academics make use of enhancers to overcome jetlag and improve productivity for particularly challenging tasks.
    Future advances in technology could result in a wide array of cognitive and physical enhancers being used by healthy people. For example, visual enhancement technologies, such as retinal implants, could be used in the military, for night watchmen, safety inspectors or gamekeepers. Enhanced night vision and the extension of the range of human vision to include additional wavelengths, could even come into play.
    Professor Genevra Richardson CBE FBA, chair of the committee steering group for the workshop, said:
    “There are a range of technologies in development and in some cases already in use that have the potential to transform our workplaces – for better or for worse.
    There are a few technologies that are likely to have a big impact in a relatively short space of time but there is a lot we don’t know yet about how these advances might affect work. What is clear is that a cross disciplinary approach will be needed to get a better understanding of how best to proceed. Scientists and engineers will need to work together with social scientists, philosophers, ethicists, policy-makers and the public to ensure that the benefits are realized while the risks are minimized.”
    Further cognition enhancing technologies and issues raised at the workshop and covered in the report include:
    • cognitive training delivered by computer;
    • non-invasive brain stimulation techniques to improve learning;
    • drugs to maintain cognitive functions in the ageing workforce;
    • collective cognition using computer technologies such as internet search engines and mobile mapping applications;
    • bionic limbs and exoskeletons
    Although design of these technologies is continuously improving, several challenges remain in creating devices that even come close to mimicking the full functionality of human limbs, including control, energy efficiency and usability.
    Dr Robin Lovell-Badge FRS FMedSci, one of the chairs at the workshop, said: ”It was clear from discussions that cognitive enhancing drugs present the greatest immediate challenge for regulators and other policymakers. They are simple to take, already available without prescription, and are increasingly being used by healthy individuals. However, other forms of enhancement, including physical methods, will follow.

    Some were on show at the Paralympics, some are being explored by the military, and others may become a serious option in the clinic in the not too distant future. It is good to see and to be excited by many of these developments, but there must be an equally watchful eye and care taken to ensure that the workforce can capitalize on the benefits, but not suffer the harms that could come about by their inappropriate use.”
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    Powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquakes strikes Guatemala killing at least 48


    November 8, 2012 GUATEMALAA magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck Guatemala on Wednesday, killing at least 48 people, injuring about 150 and leaving 23 unaccounted for, government officials said. They warned that the official toll was preliminary and could rise. “This is the largest earthquake we have had since the one in 1976,” President Otto Pérez Molina said at a news conference, recalling the temblor that killed about 23,000 people. The earthquake on Wednesday, centered off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, struck at 10:35 a.m., leveling houses and damaging government buildings, schools and roads.
     “It was too strong,” said Yesenia Miranda, 30, a pastor at a church in the department of San Marcos, the area hardest hit. “We’ve never lived through anything like this.” During the earthquake, the church’s walls cracked and its windows broke, said Ms. Miranda, who is helping operate a relief center out of the rooms that were not damaged. The city’s hospital, she said, had extensive damage and was operating at less than capacity. After a wall at a local prison fell, breaching security, 98 inmates were taken to a jail in nearby Quetzaltenango.
    Although no major damage was reported outside of Guatemala, shaking could be felt in buildings as far as San Salvador and Mexico City. Mr. Pérez Molina placed San Marcos, adjacent to the border with Mexico, under the highest disaster alert level and traveled there to assess the damage. Saying that aftershocks were likely, he asked people to evacuate buildings, especially those made of adobe. Shortly after the earthquake was felt, Twitter users began posting photographs of homes with deeply cracked walls, surrounded by small mounds of debris and buried cars. In some pictures, roads leading to San Marcos appeared to be entirely blocked by landslides. In a dizzying video, lamps were swinging and a panicked dog could be heard in the background. –NY Times

    6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Vancouver Island


    November 8, 2012 VANCOUVER - A 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred off Vancouver Island Wednesday night. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the quake occurred about 182 kilometres southwest of Port Hardy, B.C. around 9 p.m. ET. There were no immediate reports of any damage. No tsunami warnings have been issued. A number of tsunami warnings were issued when a 7.7-magnitude quake struck off B.C.’s coast on Oct. 27, but all were later downgraded. At that time, the coastal area from the north tip of Vancouver Island to Cape Decision, Alaska was in potential danger. The quake was felt across north-central B.C. and some low-lying communities were evacuated as a precaution. –CTV

    California-Oregon Earthquake: 4.2 Quake Strikes Off The Coast


    November 8, 2012 PORTLAND, Oregon A 4.2-magnitude earthquake has struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon and California. The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake struck early Wednesday roughly 140 miles west of Gold Beach, Ore., just north of the California border. The sheriff’s office in Curry County says there are no immediate reports of shaking or damage. –Huffington Post

    Nov 7, 2012

    Know Your Enemy - Part 66 Alice Bailey

    This particular woman is connected with so much twentieth century evil, it may scarcely be believed.  From the United Nations to the Theosophists, (the occult group that recruited Hitler), she fits the bill for occultist of the day.

    Evidence of electronic vote fraud pours in from both liberal and conservative sources

    Check out the testimony in the videos.  Powerful stuff.

    Washington's Blog
    election fraud cartoon
    Rampant Evidence of Electronic Vote Tampering

    Ron Paul supporters, progressives and the mainstream media have all discussed the potential for vote fraud.

    A global internet voting company headquartered in Spain recently purchased America's dominant election results reporting company.

    The Wall Street Journal wrote in a 2008 article entitled "Will This Election Be Stolen?":
    And then there are the e-voting machines. Since early voting started recently, worried voters have reported seeing their votes flipped from Barack Obama to Mr. McCain in West Virginia and Texas.
    We reported in 2006:

    The non-partisan and highly-respected government agency, the Government Accountability Office, verified that the electronic voting machines used in 2004 were wide open to fraud, and that fraud likely occured in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, and other states.

    The security flaws in electronic voting machines are so complete that anyone can instantaneously install software which will change the vote counts. See this New York Times' Magazine analysis, and also E-Voting Machine an Easy Hack from Wired Magazine.

    Exit polling data shows that there was vote fraud.

    And Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and leading reporter Greg Palast have shown that the emperor's cronies intentionally spoiled, rejected, purged and otherwise refused to count enough ballots to take the election away from Kerry (not that I like Kerry). See also this article.

    Moreover, And spend 10 minutes at this website and you'll realize that electronic vote fraud is not some raving conspiracy theory, but is real.

    Indeed, the following headlines from the last two weeks hint at the magnitude of the fraud:

    • Programmer was asked to help rig Florida election

  • Black Box Voting - one of the most credible organizations investigating voting issues - has received unofficial reports that political operatives have urged citizens NOT to ask too many questions and NOT to take photos or video of precinct caucus results, warning them that only "conspiracy theorists" would want to independently confirm the announced results.
  • In this 2012 election, reports of electronic vote fraud are now pouring in from both liberal and conservative sources:


    (Source; Update)

    "Experimental" software patches on Ohio voting machines may sway the vote.

    And Steve Watson notes:
    Multiple reports of electronic voting machine irregularities have begun to pour in from all over the country as Americans take to the polls today.

    Voters in Hamilton County Indianapolis were forced to wait for 30 minutes to begin voting because the machines were not working when the polling station opened.

    The AP reports that "cards used to clear tallies from machines before voting begins were improperly programmed," meaning that around 500 machines had to be "reset".

    The Toledo Blade reports that some 100 voters were unable to cast ballots this morning in Bedford, Ohio, because a voting machine was not working. Officials said that a memory card had to be replaced. Long lines led to people walking away.

    In Dubuque, Iowa, more voters were delayed when machines failed to operate for around 45 minutes after the polling station opened.

    Reports from across North Carolina, one of the key swing states, are pouring in suggesting that voting machines are flipping votes from one candidate to the other.

    In Greensboro, "a voter complained that they tried to vote for Mitt Romney three times but that the ballot cast was instead for Barack Obama. Other voters in Guilford County and in some other parts of the state said they experienced similar issues."

    In Charlotte, another voter reported the same problem.

    In Rehoboth, Massachusetts problems with voting machines were also noted. The machines officials are using are 14 years old, according to the report.Problems were also reported in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

    In Milford Township, Pennsylvania, three voting machines stopped working after just one hour of voting. After a technician got them working again, one of them broke down a second time, causing waiting voters to begin discussing their distrust of the machines and the potential for voter fraud.

    In Crawford County, problems with machines were also reported. They had not been set to the correct time, so were unable to be used for a short period of time.

    In Missouri, the Secretary of State's office has been forced to respond after numerous voters claimed that machines were flipping votes for Romney to votes for Obama.

    In Pittsburgh, voters have reported multiple problems with voting machines.

    In Sandy Springs, Georgia, hundreds of people were delayed when voting machines went down at around 11 a.m.

    In Nashville, Tennessee, technical issues with the machines were reported by many voters, while in Chattanooga, machines malfunctioned, meaning some voters had to put their ballots in the machine without them being scanned.

    In Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, hundreds of voters were turned away as all of the electronic voting machines at one polling station failed to operate. Polling workers only had 50 paper ballots available. Worse still, some voters who used the machines were told that their votes would not count if they had placed them before 8am.

    In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, voting machines have failed to work all day and election officials have twice run out of paper ballots.

    In Faulkner County, Arkansas, machines were reported inoperable.

    Some areas in Virginiareported voting machine problems.

    Voters in California have complained that voting machines switched their votes for Obama to Romney.
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    Is The Devil In The Vatican? Part - 2

    Hurricane Sandy Weather modification -- Frequency pulses to control weather

    This is from Dutchsinse, and as usual, he's got documentation for his work.  You can follow links below to read more.

    Congratulations, and many thanks to all involved in the past two years of discoveries ! Dozens of researchers contributing to the effort... r3zn8d, DAWdesign, tatoott1009, Bethanyhome7, WaronerrorDkos, the "Girls of Adepto 'er Perfectus" group, and many more from the research community.

    2 years worth of study, and documentation.....Finally culminating in the proof needed to show anyone , that indeed our weather professionals are KNOWINGLY pulsing storms with high frequency from ground based stations (such as NEXRAD RADAR stations), to have an effect on the weather.

    Full website post here -- with screenshots plus all the links

    view the frequency pulses on climateviewer: (click on the hurricane sandy/irene options)


    *Geo-engineering Frankenstorm — Hurricane Sandy weather modification proved*

    Frequency manipulation of hurricanes.. finally documented in an easy to follow format.

    In essence, what we have captured are NEXRAD RADAR pulses into Hurricanes Irene AND Sandy ( pulses formerly known as HAARP rings ) —-- additionally, multiple researchers recorded two large scale microwave events , manipulating the center of each storm ... this was done during BOTH Hurricanes (a year apart) as they passed north of the Bahamas.

    During the same timeframe of the NEXRAD RADAR pulses seen above during each Hurricane... multiple people observed the appearance of large Microwave blasts into the center of the storms (Irene and Sandy) — the microwave bursts coming from downrange near the Arecibo radio observatory.

    This year, Oct. 2012, right before the microwave blast into the center of Hurricane Sandy — we saw POSSIBLE TORNADOES be detected over Puerto Rico (where Arecibo is located — where the blast seems to come from)


    For us to see TWO frequency pulse events like this occur .... one in 2011, one in 2012 .... BOTH hurricanes (Irene and Sandy) coming up the east coast — the chances of these large NEXRAD pulses from North Carolina , and microwave blasts from Arecibo — going into the center of each storm no less — the chances of that being some kind of an accident, or some kind of an anomaly are now reduced to ZERO.

    There is a 0 % chance of anything other than INTENTIONAL weather modification using a NEXRAD and a HAARP type facility in concert with one another.

    We've seen it happen each time now, as the Hurricanes pass north of the Bahamas , they are first pulsed with a NEXRAD RADAR Frequency Pulse from a station along the coast in North Carolina , then the Hurricanes are blasted with a high frequency microwave transmission from the huge array in Puerto Rico.

    The NEXRAD RADAR frequency pulse happening each time ahead of the Hurricane ( something which I have called HAARP rings in the past) is a confirmation 100% that RADAR is being used in 'pulse mode' to have an effect on the weather directly. Each time the storm makes landfall just north of North Carolina.

    It would seem the storms are being pulled in to the ground based station by the NEXRAD RADAR pulse, and pushed/heated by the microwave burst.


    It should not be shocking, if you have followed these events at all over the past 2 years of the "discovery process", that a high frequency pulse from a NEXRAD RADAR, and a microwave burst from a HAARP facility (Arecibo) would be used in conjunction with each other to influence the weather.


    All of my past forecast confirmations -- RADAR Frequency Pulses -- followed by storms hitting the pulse epicenters (usually within 48-72 hours from the point of the pulse appearing on RADAR):


    Full post on the NEXRAD RADAR Frequency Pulses causing "heating" or "plasma" to occur in the atmosphere around the pulsing station:


    Full post on HAARP and similar facilities around the world done by R3zn8d:

    Obama Won Two Weeks Ago, According To CBS

    Really amazing stuff here.  As some know, exit polling was discontinued this year for the first time in modern news age.  Why?  Because it was embarrassing to the networks when their exit polls were so far off from the announced votes during the last 3 elections that it was statistical proof of vote fraud.  Much easier without those pesky exit polls around to tell us who people really voted for.  Chaos is coming...

    Nov 6, 2012

    Know Your Enemy - Part 65 - The World Core Curriculum

    Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered – Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches

    —The Budget Obama Didn’t Want You To Know About

    By Shepard Ambellas & Avalon
    © 2011 All Rights Reserved
    Geoengineering has now been defined as: “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.” – The Royal Society 2009

    Recently, the question has been asked, What In the World Are They Spraying? The documentary with the same name answers many of those questions.
    The question the world is now asking is “Who in the World Is Spraying Us?”

    The World is Now Demanding Answers and Accountability…

    As an introduction to this article, we will first cover information to familiarize the uninformed readers as to the core facts and information so that a more complete understanding is possible, given this complex issue.

    A recent report by CBS Atlanta detailed how some local citizens are outraged that such “crimes against humanity” are being carried out right before our eyes in secret.
    In the report Sen. Johnny Isakson was interviewed on the subject of chemtrails saying quote:
    “That is a theory that some people have, but there is no evidence this is happening. This is not happening.”
    It looks as if members of the government’s upper echelon and even members of the Senate will go to extreme lengths to suppress this vital information from reaching the American people.

    Not to mention they signed off on the multi-billion dollar per year budgets in an economic crisis, with little to no transparency to the public.

    Support The Intel Hub – Berkey Light Water Filters, Storable Food, and More(Ad)
    In regards to aerosol spraying into the earth’s atmosphere, a recent update to data assembled by The Carnicom Institute reveals the chemicals used and their respective levels of concentration. The toxic levels that are being used in these aerosols goes beyond shocking – it would appear that these levels are indeed criminal by EPA Standards.
    An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins – Part 1
    By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri –
    Copyright © 2011 – All Rights Reserved
    February 3, 2011
    (Excerpt from Report)
    A new preliminary draft report by ArizonaSkyWatch shows dramatic increases in heavy metals that simply do not belong in our air. NOTE: The level of Manganese is so shockingly high that ArizonaSkyWatch also included additional information about it (see below). This report will be posted online shortly.
    This is only a preliminary overview of Arizona Air Particulates.
    2010 Air Particulates
    These figures indicate how many times they are over the allowable toxic limit:
    Aluminum: 15.8
    Antimony: 63.3
    Arsenic: 418
    Barium: 5.3
    Cadmium: 6.0
    Chromium: 6.4
    Copper: 9.0
    Iron: 43.5
    Lead: 15.7
    Manganese: 513.8
    Nickel: 10.7
    Zinc: 7.5
    Additional Research & Videos are at the &
    Interestingly enough, Monsanto has just released an Aluminum Resistant Seed which is Genetically Modified to tolerate Aluminum in high levels in the soil. Is this a coincidence, or do they know something?
    “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”Henry Kissinger
    Read more at -

    Is Jesus Lord, Liar of Lunatic? C.S. Lewis

    One of the great philosophical arguments ever made...

    Council of Nicea Myth Debunked

    Or, how you can be sure the Bible has come down to us in an accurate and reliable manner.

    Is the Devil in the Vatican? Part 1

    We are fast approaching the 50 year deadline for Satan to take over the Vatican.  That was the prophecy of Malachi Martin in his book "Windswept House".  There he stated that a ritual was performed on June 29, 1963, which gave the evil one a 50 year window in which he could take the throne of St. Peter, that is the office of the Pope.  So the deadline for this story, if true, is June 29, 2013.  Tick tock...

    Evolution Refuted

    And it's really not that hard to do...

    Know Your Enemy - Part 64 The Spiritual United Nations

    This covers ways the tentacles of the United Nations is reaching into every political sphere and every imaginable part of society through non-governmental organizations, or ngo's.  Also here we have some examination of the pagan "St. John of the Divine" church in New York, and their bizarre occult ceremonies and temple decoration.

    Nov 5, 2012

    Creation Bytes!: What do these fossils mean?

    The Real SKYFALL vs. the NWO

    Thought this might be of interest for James Bond fans.  Writers with connections to the intelligence community have written about the reality behind the Ian Fleming plots, often centered on national threats from massive criminal corporations.  The rabbit hole on these stories is very, very deep.


    Russ Dizdar, Exorcism, MPD, SRA, The Black Awakening - Part 12

    Some discussion here on the dangers of out-of-body experiences, astral travel and remote viewing.


    GMO Foods: Science, PR, and Public Backlash

    Genetically modified foods have created a massive food problem in the very near future for the U.S.  Since gmo's have taken over major food groups entirely (like corn and soy) and have made major inroads in other crops (like wheat, alfalfa, sugar through sugar beets), even if the U.S. were to make a u-turn and ban the crops, that in itself would create an unbelievably large food shortage.  We have gone so far with these crops, we lose either way.

    Voting for a Third Party Candidate Is NOT a Wasted Vote

    I have heard it said so many times, that Christians feel the need to vote for "the lesser of two evils".  Evil is evil, and it's ignorant at best to believe that choosing the lesser of two evils in any circumstance is's actually a form of madness to believe this media supported lie. 

    Washington’s Blog

    Preface: Many Americans are waking up to the fact that the Republican and Democratic candidates are incredibly similar. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this.
    Many people are starting to realize that Obama and Romney are virtually indistinguishable on war,jobs, freedoms and favoring fatcats instead of the little guy.
    Many of us want a third party candidate to win … but are afraid of “wasting our vote”.
    Leading conservatives and liberals say that we should vote for a third party candidate.
    Judge Napolitano explained today why voting for a third party is not wasting one’s vote:
    Can one morally vote for the lesser of two evils? In a word, no. A basic principle of Judeo-Christian teaching and of the natural law to which the country was married by the Declaration of Independence is that one may not knowingly do evil that good may come of it.
    So, is a vote for [a third party] or no vote at all wasted? I reject the idea that a principled vote is wasted. Your vote is yours, and so long as your vote is consistent with your conscience, it is impossible to waste your vote.
    On the other hand, even a small step toward the free market and away from … central economic planning would be at least a small improvement for every American’s freedom. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    (Conservatives like Jon Huntsman, Sarah Palin have spoken favorably of third parties as well.)

    Read more at -

    Nov 4, 2012

    Russ Dizdar, Exorcism, MPD, SRA, The Black Awakening - Part 11

    Deliverance ministry is not part of a specific calling.  It's never referred to as a specific gift in the scriptures.  Discernment of spirits is a gift (1 Cor. 12:10), but deliverance is not.  Deliverance ministry was given as an expectation for all the faithful (Mark 16:17).   

    Strange Sky Phenomenon Before Hurricane Sandy Recorded Across The Eastern U.S.

    These were all recorded a few days or less prior to Hurricane Sandy making landfall.

    NASA solar physicist David Hathaway captured the above photo in Huntsville, Alabama two days ago after seeing the strange rings surrounding the afternoon sun.

    NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office head Bill Cooke says that he had, “never seen anything quite like it.” Another onlooker, Kyle Winkleman, called it a “once-in-a-decade event.”

    Spaceweather writes that the extremely rare apparition was “almost certainly connected to Hurricane Sandy”

    Read more at -

    'It's like the Wild West': Lawlessness and fear take over the outer boroughs

    • Residents claim they are the 'forgotten victims' of Sandy
    • Also say that lack of power and law enforcement means more looting and violent crime
    • Those in stricken areas stockpiling weapons like kitchen knives, machetes, and bats to protect themselves
    • Coney Island residents say they are forced to 'scavenge for food like animals'
    • Power unlikely to be returned to Brooklyn, Queen's and Staten Island until sometime next week
    By Rachel Rickard Straus and Snejana Farberov

    As lights have begun flickering on in Lower Manhattan, residents of the Rockaways in Queens continued struggling without power, heat or food for a sixth day as their neighborhood slowly descended into chaos.

    With little police presence on the storm-ravaged streets, many residents of the peninsula have been forced to take their protection into their own hands, arming themselves with guns, baseball bats and even bows and arrows to ward off thugs seeking to loot their homes.

    It has been reported that crooks have been disguising themselves as Long Island Power Authority workers and coming by homes on the peninsula in the middle of the night while real utility workers were nowhere to be found.

    What remains: Julie Traina tries to recover some personal items from the destroyed home of her parents in Staten Island yesterday
    What remains: Julie Traina tries to recover some personal items from the destroyed home of her parents in Staten Island yesterday
    Vigilante justice: A sign is seen outside a home in Long Beach in Long Island on November 2 gives a dire warning to would-be looters
    Vigilante justice: A sign is seen outside a home in Long Beach in Long Island on November 2 gives a dire warning to would-be looters
    Under protection: A warning message seen written on a door to keep away looters in a street in Freeport, Long Island as they try to return to normalcy following the hurricane
    Under protection: A warning message seen written on a door to keep away looters in a street in Freeport, Long Island as they try to return to normalcy following the hurricane

    Wild west: People walk through the heavily damaged Rockaway neighborhood in Queens where a large section of the iconic boardwalk was washed away
    Wild west: People walk through the heavily damaged Rockaway neighborhood in Queens where a large section of the iconic boardwalk was washed away

    The hunger games: Two women look into the window of a flooded deli while searching for food in Coney Island, four days after Sandy
    The hunger games: Two women look into the window of a flooded deli while searching for food in Coney Island, four days after Sandy

    Aid: A boy watches as members of the U.S. Army National Guard unload food and supplies in the Rockaways section of Queens
    Aid: A boy watches as members of the U.S. Army National Guard unload food and supplies in the Rockaways section of Queens
    'We booby-trapped our door and keep a baseball bat beside our bed,' Danielle Harris, 34, told the New York Daily News.

    The woman added that she has been hearing gunshots likely fired in the nearby housing project for three nights in a row.

    Meanwhile, local surfer Keone Singlehurst said that he stockpiled knives, a machete and a bow and arrow.

    ‘I would take a looter with a boa if a felt threatened I would definitely use it,' he said. 'It's like the wild west. A borderline lawless situation.'
    City Councilman James Sanders said he fears that things are going to get even worse.

    'We have an explosive mix here,' he said. 'People will take matters into their own hands.'

    Sanders has directed much of his anger and frustration at LIPA, calling on the City Council to investigate the utility for ignoring the Rockaways for so long.

    ‘LIPA has failed the people of the Rockaways,’ he said. ‘It’s a question of class... serving the richer areas of Long Island and ignoring the Rockaways.’
    Barbecue: Collins Wimbish cooks food over a fire in a barrel in the Rockaways neighborhood of Queens
    Barbecue: Collins Wimbish cooks food over a fire in a barrel in the Rockaways neighborhood of Queens
    Keeping in touch: People charge cell phones at a police generator in Rockaways
    Keeping in touch: People charge cell phones at a police generator in Rockaways
    Destroyed: This Rockaways boardwalk that was pushed off of its pilings by storm surge
    Destroyed: This Rockaways boardwalk that was pushed off of its pilings by storm surge
    Making do: Large areas of New York outside Manhattan are still without power or functioning stores to buy food and water following Hurricane Sandy
    Making do: Large areas of New York outside Manhattan are still without power or functioning stores to buy food and water following Hurricane Sandy
    Ruins: A silhouetted man walks past a strip of destroyed buildings in Rockaways
    Ruins: A silhouetted man walks past a strip of destroyed buildings in Rockaways
    Reception: A man makes a phone call next to discarded storm garbage in Coney Island Friday
    Reception: A man makes a phone call next to discarded storm garbage in Coney Island Friday
    Walter Meyer, 37, told the Daily News that the Rockaways of today bears little resemblance to the peaceful place where he has surfed so many times in the past.
    Shooting looters: A toy dog wearing a military helmet sits atop a car holding a sing warning off looters in a resident's driveway in the Rockaways
    Shooting looters: A toy dog wearing a military helmet sits atop a car holding a sing warning off looters in a resident's driveway in the Rockaways
    'After sunset everyone locks their doors,' he said. 'They're trying to find whatever weapons they can find. Some people are even using bows and arrows.'

    Along with mounting safety concerns, homeowners in the beachfront community hit hard by Hurricane Sandy that has left 109 dead continued to face hunger, complaining that federal officials have left them to fend for themselves.

    Read more:

    Exceptional floods leave more than half of Venice under water


    November 3, 2012 VENICE, ItalyVenice has been hit by its highest winter floods in two years with water rising to 140cm (56in) above sea level and meteorologists are warning that heavier flooding will be the rule rather than the exception in the coming years. About half of the city is currently underwater. Tourists have had to wade through flooded parts of the city in Wellington boots and cross the landmark St. Mark’s Square via wooden walkways after days of torrential rain. The square was said to be under 60cm of water. The phenomenon, known as “acqua alt” or “high water” is common in Venice at this time of year but levels are higher than last winter and experts say things will get worse in the future.
    The city experienced its worst flooding in decades only four years ago when 160cm of floodwater was recorded. Italian news agency Ansa classified the situation as “exceptional,” with shops, basements and buildings flooded. While the canal city is used to high waters, they are putting its fragile infrastructure under heavy stress. The administration has put in place a system of moveable barriers, the Mose, which will rise from the seabed to protect Venice from high tides. The system will not be operational before 2014, however. “Italy is currently under a nationwide rainstorm and autumn marks the beginning of the high-water season, which has been particularly severe this year,” reported Gazzetta del Sud online. “The causes are both natural and man-made. Decades of pumping groundwater caused significant damage to the delicate foundations before the practice was called off.” Weather experts say the high-water threat has been increasing in recent years as heavier rains have hit northern Italy. –Telegraph

    Court Upholds Law That Could Imprison Pastors For Preaching Biblical Doctrines



    In 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law. The law was pushed by every gay rights organization in the country. They claim that anyone who says anything negative about homosexuality is guilty of bullying them and therefore constitutes a hate crime.

    Under the strictest definition of the law, any biblical preaching against sin in general, especially that of homosexuality could be considered hate language and therefore a hate crime. If convicted of the felony offense, a person could spend as much as 10 years in prison.

    In 2010, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act’s constitutionality was challenged in court by the American Family Association of Michigan along with several Michigan pastors, Levon Yuille, Rene Ouellette and James Combs. The pastors and AFA of Michigan president Gary Glenn actively preached against homosexuality and that it was a sin according to the Bible. They saw the Hate Crimes Prevention Act as a violation of their constitutional rights for free speech and religion. Their federal lawsuit was filed against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Later that year Holder filed for a dismissal of the lawsuit on the grounds of standing and ripeness. Standing and ripeness are legal terms that have to do with their legal ability to file the suit for future circumstances that may or may not ever happen. A federal district judge granted Holder’s request and dismissed the lawsuit.

    The dismissal ruling was appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit by Robert Muise, Senior Counsel and Co-Founder of AFLC Co. Muise argued his case before the court in January of this year. The Sixth Circuit also dismissed the case claiming that the plaintiffs did not have proper legal standing to challenge the law.
    After the disappointing news of the dismissal, Muise commented:
    “There is no doubt that this federal criminal statute violates the First Amendment on its face. Thus, the Act chills the exercise of free speech, specifically the free speech of our clients, who speak out against homosexuality. This chilling effect is sufficient to confer standing to challenge the Act as a matter of law.”
    David Yerushalmi, another Senior Counsel and Co-Founder of AFLC offered this statement:

    “Criminalizing religious opposition to homosexuality while elevating those who engage in homosexual acts to a protected class under federal law is a clear violation of the Constitution and a frightening abuse of federal power.”
    Read more at -