Sep 20, 2013

Prophecy In The Stars And The Birth Of Christ by Dr. Michael Heiser - Is September 11th the Birthday of the Messiah?

Since we have been hangin' out in the stars lately, lets have Dr. Heiser, an ancient languages genius, guide us through the signs in the stars as it related to the birth of the Messiah.  Catch the part at the end about the idea that September 11, 3 B.C. was the birthday of Jesus the Messiah.  Good stuff.

The Old Testament is all about Jesus -- Mark Driscoll

Sep 19, 2013

ISON's Coma Now 80,000 Km - (50,000 miles wide)

The monster Comet ISON continues to grow, at least it's tail.  Beginning in mid-October, we should have some great views of this character in the Northern Hemisphere.

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"Iran Prophecy" Jeremiah 49 "Hassan Rouhani" Israel War...

Paul Begley speculating on the true nature of the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy about the destruction of Damascus, tying that in with Iran's new Prez...

The Prophetic SUPER MOON of 2015!

The first I heard of the four blood moons (lunar eclipses) falling on one of the seven holy feast days as appointed by the Lord in Leviticus 23 in the years 2014-2015 was from the ministry of Pastor Mark Biltz.  Clearly these are "signs in the heavens" for all to see.  The following is an illustration of the coming lunar eclipses, and the authors speculation on just what these foretell.

Want your mind blown?

I have no doubt that much is being foretold in the signs and heavens.  The only question is, are we watching?  Good stuff.

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Sep 18, 2013

Fire in the Sky News/Major sighting CA,AZ,NM,NV/Huge Fireball!

So is the Earth's magnetic field wavering and weakening, or are we simply being bombarded with more stuff than we've ever seen?  Either way, this is a very bad sign...

Comet ISON Linked To 2009 Norway Spiral And Now Headed For Phobos?

How's that for cramming four or five major interstellar mysteries into one semi-coherent article?  My question is has anyone been able to confirm what was written in the unnamed Russian paper?  That would seem to be step 1.

The rabbi, the lost ark and the future of Temple Mount

In Jerusalem, rabbis are designing a new hi-tech temple. There's only one problem: They want to build it on the holiest place in the city for Muslims.
Palestinian Muslim men pray in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
Palestinian Muslim men pray in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem Photo: Getty

Rabbi Chaim Richman shows me into a darkened room, strokes his beard and pulls out his smartphone. He has a specially designed app that works the lights. The room illuminates. He taps the screen again, and a heavy curtain slides open. There, resplendent in brilliant gold – and rather smaller than I expected – lies the Ark of the Covenant.
“This isn’t the real lost ark,” he says. “The real one is hidden about a kilometre from here, in underground chambers created during the time of Solomon.” I look at him askance. “It’s true,” he says. “Jews have an unbroken chain of recorded information, passed down from generation to generation, which indicates its exact location. There is a big fascination with finding the lost ark, but nobody asked a Jew. We have known where it is for thousands of years. It could be reached if we excavated Temple Mount, but that area is controlled by Muslims.”
Welcome to the Temple Institute exhibition, in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. A plush, hi-tech gallery, spanning 600 sq ft, it hosts a collection of vestments and sacred vessels to be used by the Jewish high priest. This is not a museum, insists Rabbi Richman, 54, the international director of the organisation. Apart from the Ark of the Covenant, every artefact on display has been painstakingly created in accordance with Biblical instructions and is intended for actual service in a “third Jewish temple", which will be built as soon as possible.
Central to the collection is a high priest’s costume made out of azure and gold thread with a breastplate featuring 12 large gems. Cost: £160,000. There are also intricate silver trumpets and wooden lyres, pans to collect the blood of the sacrificial lamb and a large stand for the ritual bread. Outside, on a platform overlooking the Western Wall, stands an ornate 1.5-ton candelabra covered in 90kg of gold worth £1.3 million.
All have been designed in consultation with 20 full-time Talmudic scholars, who the institute pays to study the elaborate, 2,000-year-old laws governing the construction of temple artefacts. But, before you accuse Richman and his colleagues of being old-fashioned, the Temple Institute has drawn up plans for the new temple that include two very contemporary features: a monorail, to transport visitors right to the door, and a 6ft-high computerised water dispenser with 12 taps so that an entire shift of priests can wash their hands at once. This, Richman tells me, has been designed so that a twist of the tap will release the precise amount of water stipulated in Jewish law.

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Tribulations start date sign?

More interesting stuff in the cosmos connected to prophecy courtesy of Igo2slo4u2cme's Youtube channel.  See what you think.


Tribulation Start Date?  (A precursor to the above video.)


Does ISON Have A Little Brother? New Comet ISON Image

This picture however is looking much more like a traditional comet.  Time will tell...

Sep 17, 2013

What is Revelation 12?

Interesting observations on the coming alignment of Revelation 12 "in the stars".  He also makes the statement that he believes the great tribulation begins in 2014.  I think we will see more of these videos, just to see what the premise is.  Interesting stuff.

Four Essential Steps for the Sinner - Chuck MIssler

Russians : ISON'S Orbit Changing

We have no way of knowing if this info is accurate, but your basic comet is not supposed to be capable of making "course corrections". Considering the state of news reporting in the world today, take it as you will.  BPEarthwatch also goes into some of the strange stuff concerning Mars, one of it's moons Phobos, and the difficulty satellites have had trying to execute missions there. I'm not at all down with the alchemical wandering that goes the rest of the video, and as a theologian I have to point out the "sho-bread" was lechem paniym in Hebrew, which has nothing to do with Ormus, a mythical golden tree. You are welcome to skip the non-comet stuff.

This second short clip shows views of the Comet ISON from VATT, the Vatican superscope and also a picture taken from Hubble. In both Comet ISON is looking very traditional, for a comet that is. But extremely bright, especially for so far out in the solar system.

Media Silent as Muslims Ethnically Cleanse 60,000 Christians in Philippines

When thousands of Muslims become refugees, then you can’t get the media to shut up about it for weeks. Thousands of Muslim migrants invading Burma became “refugees” and the media has spent the better part of a year ranting about how evil the Buddhists are.

But when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian city creating tens of thousands of refugees, you couldn’t pay the media to cover the story, whether it’s in Syria, Egypt or closer to home in the Philippines.

Philippine troops have started to battle their way into coastal villages in the south where Muslim rebels have held scores of residents hostage in a six-day standoff, sparking fierce clashes that have killed 56 people and displaced more than 60,000, officials said Saturday.

President Benigno Aquino III said more firefights were expected but assured more than 62,000 displaced villagers being sheltered at a sports complex in Zamboanga city that the rebels’ capability to sow trouble has been degraded and the government was working to end the crisis soon.

Zamboanga is the 6th largest city in the country and 3/4 Christian and an obvious target for the MNLF Muslim terrorists (who are of course denying responsibility and blaming a rogue leader). It’s an obvious target because of its central influence in Mindanao. It’s the city that Muslims want. And it’s likely that the MNLF is finding shelter in the Muslim parts of the city.

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They Will Be the Most Hunted People On the Planet

The author may seem a bit over-the-top in his title, but the signs are there...Christian persecution is coming to your neighborhood, even your front door soon.  What will you do?

christians endangered speciesIt is becoming apparent that Christians, and American Christians, in particular, will soon become the most hunted people on the face of the earth. The coming persecution will make the Romans persecution of the Christians seem tame compared to what is coming. DHS policies and their subsequent actions have become an effective barometer from which to judge the direction of the tyrannical takeover of our government by the central bankers and what it will ultimately mean for Christians.

Let the Crucifixions Begin

DHS is lining itself up against Christians. The Army is lining up against Christians. Obama has always been against Christians. As Supreme Commander of the military, Obama has encouraged/permitted the United States military to participate in the persecution of Christians

A recent Army briefing, given by Lt. Col. Jack Rich, to a reserve unit in Pennsylvania, identified several organizations and movements as extremist groups.  First on the list of his slides presented in the briefing listed evangelical Christians and the list also included Catholics, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Nation of Islam and the Ku Klux Klan. Isn’t it comforting to realize that your government sees Catholic and evangelical Christians in the same light as Hamas, al-Qaeda and the Klan?
Lt. Col. Rich warned his subordinates to not back down from “bad Christian behavior” for “when they see behaviors which are inconsistent with Army values, don’t just walk by. Do the right thing before it becomes a problem.” What exactly constitutes “bad Christian behavior?” Is praying a bad Christian behavior?

Further, the warning has been given to flag Christians and put them on no buy lists for guns. Rich’s briefing dovetails with the same kind of anti-Christian rhetoric recently presented to Colorado law enforcement officials in La Junta, Colorado in which Christians were prominently displayed in as domestic terrorists if they take the Bible too literally. Of course Christians take the Bible literally, this is why Christians read and study the Bible. The word of God is not a comic book, it is the Bible. And as such, all Christians have just been declared to be enemies of the state. Below is a screen shot of a page out of Rich’s anti-Christian PowerPoint presentation. Please note the repeated references to various types of Christians. Interestingly, I did not see the official religion of the United Nations, GAIA, listed as a domestic terror group.
Look at the last item on the list, “Islamaphobia.” Isn’t it telling that “Christianphobia” is not listed as an area of concern thus, making it clear that the government only sees Christians as the problem and never the potential victim. This is precisely the point. At the risk of beating a dead horse, your central banker hijacked government has just told you that you Christians are an identified enemy of the state. You Christians are not an enemy of the state because you might plant an IED in a public place. You Christians are not an enemy of the state because you support terrorism. You Christians are an enemy of the state, because you are Christians and you possess spiritual weapons which could dismantle the entire New World Order.

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The Restless Church (Part 16 - The Challenge)

Calling for a new reformation, a final one, as the time grows short before the Lord returns...

How To Pass From Curse to Blessing by Derek Prince - Part 10

Sep 15, 2013

Coming to Skies Near You: EPIC Comet Trifecta Of Astronomical Proportion (ISON L-JOY ENCKE)

A follow up to the video two days ago where a second comet named Lovejoy, not the same one that was visible in the Southern Hemisphere last year, joins ENCKE and the mysterious ISON for a trio of night-time visitors.  If one comet is a harbinger of change, and perhaps doom, what are three comets appearing simultaneously?

Pole Shift News, Crustal Displacement and Slippage

Great info here.  I know the video's a little long, but it's worth the watch.  The demos used here are a bit simplistic, but the point is valid.  There's ample evidence we are on the verge of something dramatic for the planet.  The magnetic pole momentarily flipped in 2011, and is approaching a more permanent flip.  In addition to likely earthquake, sinkhole and volcano issues, there is the greater issue of the Earth losing it's outer shielding for an undetermined time.  This at the same time we are seeing an unprecedented increase in fireballs, meteors, near-Earth asteroids and comets. 

And the response of the scientific establishment on this issue?  Silence.  So thanks MrMaverickstar for your time and effort.  People get ready...

The Restless Church (Part 15 - Get In The Arena)

Roughly 150 videos later, we see a chance we can all get involved.  I've rarely come across anyone that so thoroughly stands for the truth as seen in scripture that they can be openly backed in any way possible.  The Fuel Project is a great option to the growing poison of the Emergent church in first-world countries, and a tempting example (much like the rapidly expanding poison of the health and wealth movement in Africa) of false success in third-world nations.  Let's fight for what's good, true and right.  Let's fight for the gospel, for the Name above all names, for the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.  The good news?  In the end, all the overcomers win.  (Rev. 12:11)

How To Pass From Curse to Blessing by Derek Prince - Part 9