Jun 8, 2012

Did DARPA's X-37B "Rods From God" Cause Rad. Spike, Mysterious Earthquakes In Quad-States Area?

The X-37B is a mini-space shuttle. It launches from the back of a carrier plane, is unmanned, and has multiple capabilities, most of which have yet to be discussed publicly.  I've seen three of these launched here in Central Florida last year.  Interesting stuff.

The radiation spike in the Lake Michigan area last night, now being called a glitch, may have actually been the result of DARPA's top secret X-37B spacecraft and it's kinetic energy weaponry, "Rods from God". Rods from God would not only explain the temporary radiation spike, but would also help to explain several mysterious events that have been occurring in the region recently, including unexplained earthquakes and snapped trees. We also have 100% proof as outlined below that the X-37B flies above the 'effected' area on a very regular basis; perhaps too regulary. A little bit about the X-37B with much more in the last video below.:

"As the mission of the X-37B program is classified, public commentary on the program is speculation. William Scott, coauthor of the techno-novel Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III and former Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine believes that with X-37B, the Air Force might test weapon delivery from a space plane in low Earth orbit. He mentions "Rods from God" - space-launched kinetic missiles - as a possible scenario.[11]

What is "Kinetic Bombardment", from Wikepdia: A kinetic bombardment is the act of attacking a planetary surface with an inert projectile, where the destructive force comes from the kinetic energy of the projectile impacting at very high velocities. The concept is encountered in science fiction and is thought to have originated during the Cold War."

Source: beforeitsnews.com/story/608/855/Rods_from_God_:_A_Top_Secret_Space_Operation_Exposed_Before_Your_Very_Eyes.html

Could kinetic energy cause radiation spikes? Absolutely!

Energy (E, in J or Joules) of a given object is its ability to cause (i.e. force, F in N or Newtons) a change (including inter-actions or exchanges). Energy is a scalar quantity (single real number, independent of direction in space). Energy exists in many forms and can also change form. Energy has 3 basic forms: kinetic, potential, radiation.

Radiation is wave/field-like extra-kinetic energy which is remotely transferable at very close to light speeds. Radiation exists in a variety of wavelengths (e.g. colors of light).

Observation: Physical systems tend to minimize their potential energy. Therefore kinetically less stable objects will interact to produce kinetically more stable objects thereby releasing energy (usually in form of radiation).

Source: users.aims.ac.za/~akofor/academic/GE253/KineticEnergy.htm

Recently in the Michigan area there have been several reports of mysterious earthquakes and other strange happenings. Mainstream media has no idea what the cause might be.

Below is a chart of the X-37B's daytime movements for the days of June 8th to June 10th, 2012 between 12 noon and 2 pm. The X-37B flies over the effected area at least 6 times in three days. See the chart yourself and plot out the X-37B's noncensored movements @ www.n2yo.com/passes/?s=37375

The X-37B's night time movements are classified and censored by DARPA and the US govt. One could easily venture a guess that the night time movements 12 hours later follow a similar flight path. As we've seen in the video above, the X-37B could easily be the cause of these mysterious Michigan and Wisconsin events.

Now, let's take a look at where the radiation spike occurred last night.

'End of the world as we know it': Kaspersky warns of cyber-terror apocalypse

Published by Russia Today
RIA Nobvosti/Sergey Guneev
RIA Nobvosti/Sergey Guneev

After his eponymously-named lab discovered Flame, "the most sophisticated cyber weapon yet unleashed," Eugene Kaspersky believes that the evolving threat of “cyber terrorism” could spell the end of life on Earth as we know it.

­Doomsday scenarios are a common occurrence in 2012, but coming from a steely-eyed realist like Eugene Kaspersky, his calls for a global effort to halt emerging cyber threats should raise alarm bells.

A global Internet blackout and crippling attacks against key infrastructure are among two possible cyber-pandemics he outlined.

"It's not cyber war, it's cyber terrorism, and I'm afraid the game is just beginning. Very soon, many countries around the world will know it beyond a shadow of a doubt,” Kaspersky told reporters at a Tel Aviv University cyber security conference.
“I'm afraid it will be the end of the world as we know it," he warned. "I'm scared, believe me."

His stark warning came soon after researchers at Kaspersky Lab unearthed Flame, possibly the most complex cyber threat ever. While the espionage toolkit infected systems across the Middle East, Iran appears to have been its primary target.
Flame seems to be a continuation of Stuxnet, the revolutionary infrastructure-sabotaging computer worm that made mincemeat of Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Natanz in 2009-2010.

As Flame is capable of recording audio via a microphone, taking screen shots, turning Bluetooth-enabled computers into beacons to download names and phone numbers from other Bluetooth enabled devices, Kaspersky is certain that a nation-station is behind the cyber espionage virus.

While Kaspersky says that the United States, Britain, India, Israel, China and Russia are among the countries capable of developing such software, which he estimates cost $100 million to develop, he did not limit the threat to these states.

"Even those countries that do not yet have the necessary expertise [to create a virus like Flame] can employ engineers or kidnap them, or turn to hackers for help.”
Like Stuxnet, Flame attacks Windows operating systems. Considering this reality, Kaspersky was emphatic: "Software that manages industrial systems or transportation or power grids or air traffic must be based on secure operating systems. Forget about Microsoft, Linux or Unix."
Kaspersky believes the evolution from cyber war to cyber terrorism comes from the indiscriminate nature of cyber weapons. Very much like a modern-day Pandora’s Box, Flame and other forms of malware cannot be controlled upon release. Faced with a replicating threat that knows no national boundaries, cyber weapons can take down infrastructure around the world, hurting scores of innocent victims along the way.

Kaspersky believes that it necessary to view cyber weapons with the same seriousness as chemical, biological and even nuclear threats. Mutually assured destruction should exclude them from the arsenals of nation states.

The apocalyptic scenario he painted is fit for the silver screen. No surprise then, that it was a film that converted him to the idea that cyber terrorism was a clear and present danger.

By his own admission, Kaspersky watched the 2007 Film Live Free or Die Hard with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in the other shouting: “Why are you telling them [how to do this]?”

The film’s plot revolves around an NYPD detective played by Bruce Willis, fighting a gang of cyber terrorists who are targeting FBI computer systems.

"Before Die Hard 4.0, the word cyber terrorism was a taboo in my company. It could not be uttered aloud or discussed with the media. I tried to keep the Pandora’s Box closed. When the film hit the screens, I canceled that ban," Kaspersky admitted.

Stores now selling 'Zombie Bullets' as police warn against new Cloud Nine drug

  • Ammunition company also offering 'Zombie Bullets' - live ammunition with a clever marketing campaign
  • Mind-altering drug available over the counter in U.S., but banned in Britain
  • Police link drug to previous cannibal attack when a man ate another's face
  • Causes heart palpitations, nausea, hallucinations, paranoia and erratic behaviour

  • by Rachel Quigley

    A growing number of stores across the nation are stocking their shelves with an unusual item – Zombie Bullets.

    After the recent stream of disturbing news reports of people eating others' flesh, Hornaday Manufacturing has released bullets that promise to ‘make dead permanent.’

    The ammunition, branded as Zombie Max offers Proven Z-Max bullets, is live ammunition, but is actually only intended for use on targets – not people.

    The Walking Dead: Hornady Manufacturing has started selling Zombie bullets, 'just in case'; it is live ammunition
    The Walking Dead: Hornady Manufacturing has started selling Zombie bullets, 'just in case'; it is live ammunition

    A violent attack in Scott is eerily similar to a case out of Florida connected to the dangerous bath salts line drug known as Cloud Nine
    Police arrested homeless Brandon De Leon on Saturday Deleon on June 2
    Attacks: Carl Jacquneaux, left, who was arrested for allegedly biting another man's face and Brandon De Leon, right, who allegedly tried to bite two policemen while threatening to eat them

    Last week Rudy Eugene - who is believed to have taken the over-the-counter ecstasy-like drug - growled at officers as he chewed off most of a homeless man's face before being shot dead by Miami police.
    Since then two further incidents have been linked to the substance, which is part of a new line of 'bath salts'.

    The second occurred on Saturday when a snarling homeless man, identified as Brandon De Leon, threatened to eat two officers, echoing the Miami attack.
    A third incident took place in Louisiana where Carl Jacquneaux, 43, bit off a chunk of his victim's face. Miami police have issued a warning about Cloud Nine and told their officers to exercise extreme caution when dealing with homeless men who appear to be acting unusually.
    Police investigating the case of Rudy Eugene, who ate the face off a homeless man, say as well as being naked, he was carrying a bible.
    Some pages had been ripped out of the book and were found close by, according to CBS Miami. A preliminary toxicology examination has also found that the 31-year-old had been smoked cannabis shortly before the incident.
    They were forced to fit 21-year-old De Leon with a Hannibal Lecter-style mask after he was arrested for disturbing the peace in North Miami Beach. When put in a police cruiser De Leon slammed his head against the plexiglass divider and shouted at officers, 'I'm going to eat you', NBC Miami reported.
    He then growled, gnashed his teeth and tried to bite the hand of an officer attempting to treat his head wounds.
    'Brandon growled and opened and closed his jaw, slamming his teeth like an animal would,' the report said. Miami police said they believe he was on a cocktail of drugs, including Cloud Nine.
    In a second case Carl Jacquneaux, 43, is accused of attacking Todd Credeur at his home in Scott, Louisiana, over the weekend after he became upset following a domestic issue.


    Cloud Nine bath salts
The 'bath salts' sold under the name Cloud Nine are likely to be stimulant drugs such MPDV or ephedrine.
    'Bath salts' does not refer to a single chemical, but instead to a range of synthetic drugs that can be sold legally in the U.S. as long as they are not marked for human consumption – hence the misleading name.
    Drugs such as MPDV are highly potent stimulants, similar to some amphetamines, and in MPDV's case particularly, cause a strong compulsion to 'redose' with more of the drug.
    In high doses, such drugs can cause violent and unpredictable behaviour, and terrifying hallucinations – and the compulsion to take more of the drug continues, even once the 'high' has begun to make the user feel bad.
    Various different compounds use the name 'Cloud Nine', and it's still not confirmed which exact chemical was in the drug reported to have caused these attacks, but some reports have pointed the finger at MPDV.
    The chemical is already illegal in Florida – although other 'bath salts' remain perfectly legal in the state.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2155816/Is-Cloud-Nine-zombie-apocalypse-Police-issue-warning-new-drug-TWO-cannibal-attacks.html#ixzz1xB0ZHHs7

    10,000 fish die from unknown cause in Missouri’s Blue Springs Lake

    Posted by The Extinction Protocol

    This in addition to the massive fish kill reported on the coast of Japan near the Fukushima death trap disaster.  See the article below for that story.
    June 8, 2012BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – Missouri conservationists are trying to solve a mystery in an area lake. What started as a couple dozen dead carp turned into more than 10,000 in Blue Springs Lake. Conservationists took water samples and couldn’t figure out exactly what caused the deaths. Their samples have now gone onto a national lab for further analysis. Between 500 and 1,000 carp have been killed everyday. Jake Allman, a biologist with the Missouri Conservation, started noticing carp with lesions under their scales the last few weeks. “There’s a little bacterium on the fish, but not enough to really have caused this,” Allman said. “This feeding activity where they are brushing up against each other can actually spread whatever is making them sick.” If Allman had his way, this kill would only continue. “Their spawning activity disrupts spawning of other fish. They root around in the shallows and uproot aquatic vegetation which is beneficial to native fish,” Allman explained. But it seems the carp are now starting to recover. Lake officials are now keeping an eye on the E. coli levels in the water. They had to close a swimming area during Memorial Day Weekend because of a threat of E. Coli from of all the dead fish. –KSBH
    Apocalyptic fish kill reported off the coast of Ohara Japan in Chiba Prefecture
    Posted by The Extinction Protocol
    June 6, 2012 JAPANSomething terribly fishy is going on at the fishing port of Ohara (pronounced Oh-hara) in Isumi City of Chiba Prefecture, and it has nothing to do with espionage or political corruption. There are tons and tons of dead sardines washing up on the shore, and not only is the sight disturbing, but the huge amount of dead fish is literally smelling up the entire surrounding area. According to the news, the dead fish started washing up around noon of June 3rd, and as of early afternoon on June 4th, the situation still remained pretty much out of control. The amount of dead sardines that has washed up is thought to total several dozen metrics tons, so you can imagine how bad the smell of rotting fish must be. We’ve seen the pictures uploaded onto Twitter, and the port looks completely filled with fish – it almost looks like a carpet of sardines. It doesn’t seem likely that any fishing boats will be setting sail from this port soon. There are also, of course, the usual posts and comments on the internet on how this could be an omen, a sign of a coming great natural disaster. When we inquired with a local inn, we were told that the port was scheduled to be closed from June 1st to 5th, but given the emergency, local fishermen are currently out in full force trying to resolve the situation. Already more than 2 full days into the bizarre occurrence, the smell has to be almost unbearable, but the people of Ohara still have no idea when they will be able to get rid of all the sardines. We sincerely hope they will be able to solve the problem quickly. –Rocket News 24

    Hot rain falls on Saudi Arabia: highest temperature and humidity combo ever recorded in a rainfall

    Posted by The Extinction Protocol

    The signs of weather manipulation are everywhere.  Also affecting the weather is the shift that took place following the Chile and Japanese earthquakes.  Something is wrong with the weather patterns, and we should expect to see more strange things in the days to come. 
    June 7, 2012SAUDI ARABIA - Pilgrims to the holy city of Mekkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia must have been astonished on Tuesday afternoon, when the weather transformed from widespread dust with a temperature of 113°F (45°C) to a thunderstorm with rain. Remarkably, the air temperature during the thunderstorm was a sizzling 109°F (43°C), and the relative humidity a scant 18%. It is exceedingly rare to get rain when the temperature rises above 100°F, since those kind of temperatures usually require a high pressure system with sinking air that discourages rainfall. However, on June 4, a sea breeze formed along the shores of the Red Sea, and pushed inland 45 miles (71 km) to Mekkah by mid-afternoon. Moist air flowing eastwards from the Red Sea hit the boundary of the sea breeze and was forced upwards, creating rain-bearing thunderstorms. According to weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera, this is the highest known temperature that rain has fallen at, anywhere in the world. He knows of one other case where rain occurred at 109°F (43°C): in Marrakech, Morocco on July 10, 2010. A thunderstorm that began at 5 pm local time brought rain at a remarkably low humidity of 14%, cooling the temperature down to 91°F within an hour. Thunderstorms often produce big drops of cold rain, since these raindrops form several thousand meters high in the atmosphere, where temperatures are much cooler than near the surface. Some drops even get their start as snow or ice particles, which melt on the way to the surface. Additional cooling of the drops occurs due to evaporation on the way down. However, in the case of the June 4, 2012 Mekkah storm, I think the rain was probably more like a hot shower. Thus, the thunderstorms’ raindrops would have been subjected to 100 seconds of some very hot air on the way to the surface, likely warming them above 100°F by the time they hit the ground. With the air temperature a sizzling 109°F (43°C) at the time of the June 4 thunderstorm in Mekkah, the raindrops could easily have been heated to a temperature of over 105°F (41°C) by the time they reached the surface! On Saturday, June 2, the temperature in Mekkah hit 51.4°C (124.5°F), a new record for the city, and just 1.1°F (0.6°C) below the all-time hottest temperature record for Saudi Arabia (125.6°F, or 52°C, recorded at Jeddah on June 22, 2010.) I expect that 20 – 40 years from now, we’ll begin seeing occasional cases where rain falls at a temperature above 117°F (47°C) in the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East. –Wunderground

    Jun 6, 2012

    Asteroid or glitch? Strange glowing rock believed to be in our solar system?

    Posted on June 6, 2012 Amazing that this thing just "popped up" on google sky. No surprise that NASA of the Vatican telescopes (including the now infamous LUCIFER telescope in Arizona) would not release this info to the public. Is it coming our way? Only the Lord knows... June 6, 2012 – SPACE – A user has found a ‘huge asteroid’ while scanning the virtual heavens using Googly Sky. Youtube user planetkrejci, who has investigated other anomalies on NASA pictures, claims the object – found using the Google website which transports the heavens to desktop computers and smartphones – is an asteroid which is heading towards Earth. He says the asteroid – which, if real, has not been spotted by other scientists or astronomers – has only appeared recently on Google Sky, which receives updated images every few months. Announcing his find on YouTube, he says the black object, mottled with green spots, is so clear that it must be within the solar system. The user had been exploring the region a few months earlier, and had ‘bookmarked’ a spot just to the left of the asteroid – so he is certain the object was not there previously. One thing that planekrejci does not substantiate is his claim that the object is moving towards the Earth, as it is not apparent how this calculation could be obtained without more information than the image provides. However, if planetkrejci has found a new object, it will be quite an achievement for an earth-bound Internet user to discover a new object in our solar system before NASA or other observatories. The object is easy to find on Google Sky, by typing in the co-ordinates 5h 11m 33.74s -12 50′ 30.09″ – although conspiracy theorists might read something into the fact that the search function on Google Sky is currently down. –Daily Mail

    27 children die of mysterious disease in India

    First the invasion of the spiders, now this....

    Posted by The Extinction Protocol
    June 7, 2012INDIA - With three more deaths reported on Tuesday, altogether 27 children have died so far in the last 11 days in Muzaffarpur and Gaya due to a mysterious disease. It is suspected that most of the children have succumbed to brain-fever, also called encephalitis, but the health department officials in Bihar have not confirmed the cause of the death yet. “It is yet to be confirmed whether the deaths are due to encephalitis or any other ailment,” said Dr. SP Singh, Director-in-chief, Health Services. Singh has sought a detailed report from the civil surgeons of the two districts. Meanwhile, Health Commissioner Amarjit Sinha rushed to Muzaffarpur on Tuesday and took stock of the alarming situation. Altogether 19 children have died in the district due to ‘brain fever’. He assured the parents that those children admitted in Muzaffarpur hospitals would be shifted to Patna for best possible treatment. –Deccan Herald

    66-foot concrete dock washes ashore in Oregon, may be from 2011 Japan tsunami

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    June 7, 2012OREGON - A massive, 66-foot concrete dock mysteriously washed up on the Oregon shore this week. And officials are trying to figure out if the floating structure had traveled all the way from Japan after the March 2011 tsunami. Local affiliate KATU reports that the dock has a placard with Japanese writing that they are attempting to translate. In addition, the station traced a phone number on the placard to a business located in Tokyo. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department sent a picture of the placard to the Japanese consulate in Portland for review. “We don’t know where it’s from,” said Chris Havel with the parks department. “We don’t know if it’s from Japan or not but we have to eliminate those possibilities as we go forward.” Even if the dock did travel thousands of miles to reach the shores of Oregon, it did not defy physics to get arrive there. While the structure is nearly 70 feet long, 7 feet tall and 19 feet wide and made of concrete and metal, it was also reportedly designed to float. The dock was first spotted floating offshore but has now made its way to land. Kirk Tite was walking along the beach on Tuesday with his two sons and described the dock as a “massive hunk of concrete and metal covered in sea creatures.” They also found a Japanese symbol and imprint on tires attached to the dock, although those could simply indicate that the tires themselves were made in Japan. –Yahoo News

    Jun 5, 2012

    USGS Makes Gulf of Mexico/BP Earthquake Disappear

    This is close to the location of the three BP drill sites and also near repeated oil leaks that have occurred since last years ecological disaster. Interesting that only this earthquake vanished...

    Authorities move to spray area in India with insecticides to curtail spider panic


    June 5, 2012INDIA - Professor Ratul Rajkhowa of the Department of Zoology of Cotton College, holds a dead spider that was the alleged species that killed two people in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, in the department’s laboratory in Guwahati. Panicked villagers in a remote Indian state complained of an invasion of giant venomous spiders that resemble tarantulas but are unknown to local specialists. Authorities have swung into action by fogging and spraying insecticides in the area, 600 kilometres (370 miles) east of Assam’s main city of Guwahati, and a team of scientists have been dispatched to investigate. –Yahoo News

    More Steaming Volcanoes On Weather Radar

    Once again doing some of the best research anywhere, Dutchsinse comes up with the evidence. Is his theory correct? I don't know, but the info is fascinating.

    60 Foot Trees Broken Off After Mystery Booms Strike Michigan

    More mystery explosion sounds from the midwest, but this time with the added bonus of large tree tops broken off.  Stranger and stranger....

    People are buzzing over what could have possibly caused a loud boom and violent shaking last night and this morning throughout West Michigan. The reports came in from people in Calhoun, Branch and Kalamazoo Counties. People from all over say they felt and heard it, but Newschannel Three has only heard of one case of actual damage happening during the same time. John Nieuwenhuis, who lives in Oshtemo, says that he felt and heard the explosion, which shook his entire house. "Where the two trees are parallel and something completely scrapped both trees off at the same height and laid them to the west," said Nieuwenhuis. Nieuwenhuis called the fire department but after extensively searching, they couldn't find the source of an explosion. "I've never seen anything like this, we cut down trees, we log trees and what could have taken this down I have no idea," said Nieuwenhuis. Newschannel Three tried to search into what might have caused the explosions but, it was a clear night and there was no earthquake activity reported anywhere in the Midwest. Air Traffic Control in Kalamazoo says no planes were in the area that might have broken the sound barrier.

    Jun 3, 2012

    Hiding God’s Word

    Psalm 119:9, 11
    How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.     NIV

     The psalmist there asks a very practical question. Is it possible for a young person really to lead a pure life? And there are many schools of thought, many forms of psychology and sociology, that write that off as impossibility. They say it’s natural in man to indulge his sexual life and indulge his fleshly desires and there’s nothing to be done about it. But I want to tell you that that’s not true.

     It is possible for a young person to lead a pure life and there’s still a great reward for those who choose chastity and purity as a way of life. How is it possible? The psalmist answers his own question: By living according to God’s Word.

     Then he goes on to say, “I have hidden God’s word in my heart that I might not sin against God.” That’s the secret of purity. It’s hiding God’s Word in your heart, because one or other of two things is going to happen:

     Either God’s Word will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from God’s Word.
     So don’t just flow with the current like a dead fish. Be willing to be a live fish and swim against the stream. God’s Word will give you the strength if you hide it in your heart. It is possible to lead a pure life even in today’s world.

    - Derek Prince

    New World Order: Europe hammers out plan for new financial confederacy of Eurozone states

    Posted by The Extinction Protocol
    June 3, 2012EUROPEWhen Jean-Claude Trichet called last June for the creation of a European finance ministry with power over national budgets, the idea seemed fanciful, a distant dream that would take years or even decades to realize, if it ever came to be. One year later, with the euro zone’s debt crisis threatening to tear the bloc apart, Germany is pushing its partners for precisely the kind of giant leap forward in fiscal integration that the now-departed European Central Bank president had in mind. After falling short with her “fiscal compact” on budget discipline, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pressing for much more ambitious measures, including a central authority to manage euro area finances, and major new powers for the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice. She is also seeking a coordinated European approach to reforming labor markets, social security systems and tax policies, German officials say. Until states agree to these steps and the unprecedented loss of sovereignty they involve, the officials say Berlin will refuse to consider other initiatives like joint euro zone bonds or a “banking union” with cross-border deposit guarantees – steps Berlin says could only come in a second wave. The goal is for EU leaders to agree to develop a road map to “fiscal union” at a June 28-29 EU summit, where top European officials including European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will present a set of initial proposals. European countries would then put the meat on the bones of the plan in the second half of 2012, several European sources have told Reuters, including a timetable for overhauling EU treaties, a step Berlin sees as vital for setting closer integration in stone. “The fundamental question is relatively simple. Do our partners really want more Europe, or do they just want more German money?” a government official in Berlin said. If European countries go ahead, the steps would represent the most significant policy leap since they agreed to give up their national currencies and cede control over monetary policy 13 years ago. But the hurdles are daunting. “The world is not coming to an end; rather, it feels as if we are on the doorstep to another major European integration move,” said Erik Neilsen, chief economist at Unicredit. “But why do these initiatives only come when we are on the edge of the cliff where the risk of an accident is so much higher?” Spain, whose banking troubles have made it the latest target of financial markets, signalled over the weekend that it was on board with a key element of the plan. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy backed the creation of a new euro-wide fiscal authority of the kind Trichet sketched out in a speech in Aachen, Germany last year. But other states, including the bloc’s second-biggest member France, have deep reservations about ceding so much sovereignty. –Reuters

    Who, or What is Babylon? The Symbols In Coins

    Interesting video researching the symbol of the goddess holding a torch which has been used by many kingdoms through the ages. Including the U.S.A.