Sep 11, 2014

William Lane Craig on Heaven is for Real

In the book Heaven is for Real, a young boy claims to have died in surgery and gone to heaven. William Lane Craig evaluates the popular story biblically and offers some fascinating theories on what may be taking place during Near Death Experiences.

World Health Organisation says Ebola will claim 20,000 lives in next six months

This figure seems low, considering the talk of a global pandemic....

THE World Health Organisation has issued a terrifying warning: Ebola will claim 20,000 lives within the next six months. 
The virus, which is spiralling out of control in Western Africa, has already claimed 2300 lives, the international health body reports. More than half of that figure have died in the past 21 days alone.
Originating in Guinea earlier this year, more than 4200 people have since been sickened in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal.

“As soon as a new Ebola treatment facility is opened, it immediately fills to overflowing with patients, pointing to a large but previously invisible caseload,” WHO said in a statement. “Many thousands of new cases are expected in Liberia over the coming three weeks.”

A Doctors Withour Borders statement was equally blunt, saying the virus was moving “catastrophically through the population much faster than new facilities are being created.”

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Transhumanists Start Taking Workshops To Churches To Help "Religious" People Prepare Selves For A Posthuman Future

Conversations abound about what it means to be human

Call it transhuman, posthuman or digital evolution, technology raises new questions

Rand and Rickarts: The Fed is Insolvent

There are lot of article everyday talking about financial collapse, but I'm not a believer.  I see a financial migration towards a new system (or systems).  However, the noise in the background is getting louder, as noted by this article....


There’s been a strange cluster of articles on the net lately, regarding the usual financial memes: the Fed is insolvent, near bankruptcy, everything’s going to collapse on such-and-such a date, the dollar is doomed, and so on.
This time, however, it’s coming from some unusual sources. One is, of course, Kentucky US Senator Rand Paul (son of US Congressman Ron Paul, for those in our international readership). There’s nothing unusual about that, for the Pauls – both Ron and Rand – have been wanting to audit the Federal Reserve for years (and for that matter, so have most Americans). What is unique about the more recent news, is that now the CIA is weighing in, in the form of financial analyst Jim Rickards:
Senator and CIA Insider Accuse Federal Reserve of Covering Up Secret Bankruptcy
Here’s the crux of the matter, according to the CIA financial analyst :
“Rickards shared an alarming collection of charts in the discussion that proved our country has secretly reached, or exceeded, crisis levels in our stock market, with our dollar, and banking system that are more severe than in 1929.
He examined two charts in particular that specifically place much of the blame for this on the Federal Reserve.
“‘What you can see from this first chart is that for over a decade the Federal Reserve steadily grew its capital reserves. Even after the recession struck, on the surface at least, they kept strengthening their financial backing,’ he explained.
“‘And today they have over $56.2 billion of cash on hand. $56.2 billion sounds like a lot of money, but it’s not the full picture.’”

“‘You have to compare the cash the Federal Reserve has on hand with the debt they’ve taken on since the recession. And when you do the picture becomes a lot scarier, because that figure is $4.3 trillion,’ Rickards continued.
“‘So you have $56.2 billion propping up $4.3 trillion worth of debt. That means the Fed is leveraged 77-1. Prior to our 2008 meltdown that was only 22-1.’”
But there’s another huge fly in the ointment: systems analysis, and cycles:
Here’s Why the Market Could Crash–Not in Two Years, But Now
I hope you caught it, but if you didn’t, here’s the crux of it:
“One ontological feature of complex systems is that they are not entirely predictable. An agricultural monoculture is a good example: we can control all the visible inputs–fertilizer, seeds, water, pesticides, etc.–and conclude that we can completely control the output, but evolution throws a monkey wrench into our carefully controlled system at semi-random times: an insect pest develops immunity to pesticides or the GMO seeds, a drought disrupts the irrigation system, etc.
The irony of assuming that controlling all the visible inputs gives us ultimate control over all outputs is the more we centralize control of each input, the more vulnerability we introduce to the system.”
And thus:
“If the economy and the market are indeed systems, then we can predict that any level of control will fail no matter how extreme, and it will fail in an unpredictable fashion that is unrelated to the power of the control mechanism.
“Indeed, we can posit that the apparent perfection of central-bank engineered stability (i.e. a low VIX and an ever-rising market) sets up a crash that surprises everyone who is confident that central-bank monocultures never crash. In the real world, manipulated stability is so vulnerable to cascading collapses that crashes are probabilistically inevitable.”
Now, factor into all of this two other things, for remember, neither Senator Paul, nor Mr. Rickards, nor Mr. Smith, are dealing with (1) the role of the hidden system of finance and black budget in their analysis, and hence, with the role of factions within both the finance-capital world nor in intelligence, that deal with that system on a daily basis, and (2) none of the men are focused on the extraordinary reliance of international financial clearing, and for that matter, modern securities and commodities markets, on electronic networks and high frequency trading.
What I am suggesting is that these two factors – the first of which is almost never reckoned with in any financial or economic analysis of the makro-system – or rather, the absence of these two factors, will fundamentally skew and flaw any conventional analysis, and that this, in turn, is why the Fed will never permit a genuine audit, for that would reveal the role of these two factors, and their interconnections.
Indeed, Mr. Smith is correct: we are dealing with a complex system, an organism, and like most organisms, the real functions, the real organs, are not what you see, but what you don’t see, the functioning organs beneath the skin, hidden from view.  For contemporary financial analysis to begin to make sense, it will, like the grave-robbing Renaissance anatomists of old, it will have to start looking at the corpses of similar systems in the past

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Human Fetal DNA Fragments In Vaccines Are A Possible Cause For Autism – According To This Stanford Scientist

There has been ample evidence that vaccines are at least part of the problem in the dramatic rise of autism.  Finally someone is identifying another factor that is concrete in the problem.  Now, how do you stop a trillion-dollar industry that rolls in cash thanks to it's vaccines?

Theresa Deisher
Dr. Theresa Deisher, a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University, the first person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, determined that residual human fetal DNA fragments in vaccines may be one of the causes of autism in children through vaccination.
“It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child’s genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes.”
You can read the full study HERE.
She has spent over 19 years in commercial biotechnology with various companies that include Genentech, Repligen, Amgen and her discoveries have led to clinical trials for multiple diseases. For more about her and her background, you can click here.  As we can see, Deisher has a strong scientific background.

Sep 10, 2014

The King James "Authorized Version"

The King James "Authorized Version"
Have you ever attended a frustrating meeting where nothing much seems to get done? The Hampton Court conference, held in 1604, was like that. When James VI of Scotland rode south to London on the way to the coronation that would make him James I of England, Puritans presented him with a petition, pleading for freedom from man-made rites and ceremonies in worship. Since over 1,000 leaders of these reform-minded Christians signed the petition, James could not ignore it.

He called for a conference of churchmen and theologians to be held at Hampton Court, one of the royal palaces. But his attitude toward the event was signalled by the wording of the summons, "for the hearing, and for the determining, things pretended to be amiss in the Church." [our italics]
The Puritans thought that the Church of England had kept too many Catholic practices. They wanted church government put in the hands of the people, rather than a heirarchy of bishops and archbishops. But the Puritans weren’t going to get their wish. The king made that plain at Hampton Court. He recognized the democratic tendencies of Puritanism and suspected that if the people dumped bishops they one day might dump their king. James and his son, Charles I, harassed the Puritans so fiercely that many fled to America.

James and the Puritans did agree on one thing at Hampton. When Dr. John Reynolds, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, proposed a new translation of the English Bible, he found James enthusiastic. The king detested the Geneva Bible, the most popular translation in use in England. He considered its margin notes “very partial, untrue, seditious, and savoring too much of dangerous and seditious conceits.” In other words, the Geneva Bible did not support the theory that kings have divine right to rule, even if they behave badly. James wanted a Bible free of political and theological notes.

And so, on this day, January 17, 1604, the motion was carried "...that a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek; and this to be set out and printed, without any marginal notes..."

Forty-seven of England's top Bible scholars were appointed to do the work. In an effort to diminish bias, both Anglicans and Puritans were included. King James himself organized the task. The translators were counted off into six panels (three Old Testament, two New Testament, one Apocrypha). The king charged them to stick as close to the earlier Bishop’s Bible as accuracy would allow, but to take into account earlier versions. In the end, the new translation borrowed about seventy percent of its wording from William Tyndale’s vivid translation.

The procedure was to assign each translator a portion of Scripture. He had to present his work to the others in his group for approval. Each book was then sent to the five other groups for review and criticism. With this procedure, each book was scrutinized by every member of the team. A committee of twelve--two from each team--made a final review.

By 1611, the translation was complete, but it would take years for this Bible to win general acceptance. Readers who had memorized scripture from earlier versions hesitated to adopt new wordings. One scholar opposed it on the grounds he was preparing a better version! Others complained that it was not consistent and that there were spelling errors.

Because James was so closely involved with the work, the 1611 translation is often called the "Authorized Version" (in America, the "King James Version"). In time it became the most beloved English translation. Through its powerful rhythms and pleasing phrases, it shaped the language of the Bible-reading public. A few denominations consider the King James Version virtually inspired, the only acceptable translation for reading and study.

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Sep 8, 2014

Lost Identities: ISIS, Duck Dynasty "Convert or Kill Them", "Illegal Aliens", Media Manipulation!

Doctor: Ebola virus cases may be underreported by as much ‘double or triple’ – ‘more contagious than we’re being told’

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Despite knowing that he had symptoms of the Ebola virus, a Nigerian diplomat boards a plane in Liberia and flies from that small country to his nation’s capital city of Lagos, a city with 21 million people. The man was fleeing a quarantine meant to contain the Ebola virus. Instead, his body — now a host for the disease — was transporting the highly contagious and deadly, single-strand virus to Nigeria’s largest city.
Image: CELLOU BINANI/AFP/Getty Images
Image: CELLOU BINANI/AFP/Getty Images
It sounds like a plot from a medical sci-fi thriller, but it is not fiction.
This is quite real.

The diplomat was treated by a doctor and appears to have survived. However, the doctor was not so fortunate. He died less than three weeks after the encounter.

The Nigerian doctor who visited the diplomat in his hotel room and became infected with Ebola also saw hundreds of patients — operating on at least two of them before he ultimately passed away from the disease.

Nigeria’s government acted quickly to try to stop the outbreak from engulfing the region. However, with hundreds of people who had close contact with the now-deceased doctor and several others who were infected, it may be a losing battle.

According to a recent ABC News report, the World Health Organization (WHO) claims this latest Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria has killed nearly 2,000 people and infected just over 3,600.

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Bizarre lung virus hospitalizing hundreds of kids across the Midwest

  • About 450 children have been treated at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City
  • Virus comes on as a cold before developing into respiratory distress 
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention testing whether it is an Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68, a respiratory infection with varying symptons and levels of intensity
  • There is no proper treatment or vaccine for EV-D68
  • Doctors have been treating severe cases with ventilation
  • Outbreaks also reported in Colorado, Illinois and Ohio
Hospitals across the Midwest are being inundated with children infected by a bizarre virus, which first comes on as a common cold before developing into severe respiratory distress.
In Kansas City, Missouri, about 450 children were recently treated at one facility - Children's Mercy Hospital - with at least 60 of them admitted to intensive care.
According to CNN Health, possible outbreaks have also been reported in Colorado, Illinois and Ohio.
Children's Mercy Hospital's division director for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, said the problem was 'big' and 'unprecedented'.

Close call: The parents of Will Cornejo, 13, feared their son would not make it after he struggled to breath this week and was rushed to Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver. He is one of hundreds of children being admitted to hospital for respiratory distress
Close call: The parents of Will Cornejo, 13, feared their son would not make it after he struggled to breath this week and was rushed to Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver. He is one of hundreds of children being admitted to hospital for respiratory distress
Feared the worst: Jennifer Corneyjo said she didn't know to what to expect after her son Will went white and his lips turned blue as he struggled to breath

'I've practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I've never seen anything quite like this,' Dr. Jackson told CNN.
'We've had to mobilize other providers, doctors, nurses. It's big. I would call it unprecedented.
'It's worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care.'
Dr. Jackson said the problem started around when school went back on August 17 and peaked between August 21 and 30.

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Mayflower Sailed, Taking Pilgrims to New England

Mayflower Sailed, Taking Pilgrims to New England
One of the most significant chapters in American history opened on this day, September 6, 1620. After failed attempts to sail from England, leaving behind her sister ship Speedwell, the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth for the New World. Aboard were 101 passengers. By today's standards the ship was little bigger than a yacht. Ninety feet long and twenty-six feet wide, it hardly seemed the vessel to alter world history.

Cramped in so small a space and subject to rough weather, the passengers suffered a good deal. The sailors cursed the pious Pilgrims, whom they detested. Food consisted of dried fish, cheese and beer. The only sanitary accommodation was a slop bucket. There was nowhere to bathe. Seasickness was rampant during storms. With little air below decks, the conditions were nauseating at the best. Despite this, only one passenger died at sea. However bad matters were aboard ship, they would prove far worse in the "hideous and desolate wilderness" which soon confronted them.

Two months and five days after sailing, the ship landed at Cape Cod. Before going ashore the Pilgrims signed the famous Mayflower Compact. This not only made them a completely religious entity but broke political ground, too, in that it placed them under their own governance while still paying formal respect to the king of England. The compact was essentially a church covenant, signed by most of the adult men who were aboard. It probably staved off a mutiny, for tensions were running high.

At their destination, the Pilgrims were a long while making up their minds where to settle. The sailors grumbled and wanted to force them off ship before all the provisions were consumed. Fortunately, some of the men who first went ashore found berries and corn which could supplement their rations. The ship remained over winter. Inadequately prepared, the Pilgrims died by the dozens. Less than half survived the first winter. Shelter was lacking. The houses they built were of wattle and clay. But enough settlers survived to establish a community and to open an incomparable chapter in American history.

The idea of a social contract as embodied in the Mayflower Compact would become important in the theories of John Locke, Rousseau and others. Christian forms had a good deal of influence in shaping the character of early American governments which were largely the creation of Christian exiles.

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The Transhumanism Scripbook: "Mind to Mind Communicating Mineral Man” Coming Soon to a Shopping Center Near You


What’s all the fuss about? Well, it seems that various mad scientists have now managed to use the internet and direct brain-to-brain technologies to transmit a message without the clicking of keyboards, use of monitors, and the usual paraphernalia:

Researchers demonstrate direct brain-to-brain communication in human subjects
The actual accomplishment reads like a bad script for one of those awful SyFy channel movies (which I had the misfortune to see a few days ago, when I granted myself a rare slot of time to watch tv. Flipping through the channels I came upon something called “Sharknado”. I’ll leave it to the reader to imagine just how abysmally bad it was.):
“Previous studies on EEG-based brain-computer interaction (BCI) have typically made use of communication between a human brain and computer. In these studies, electrodes attached to a person’s scalp record electrical currents in the brain as a person realizes an action-thought, such as consciously thinking about moving the arm or leg. The computer then interprets that signal and translates it to a control output, such as a robot or wheelchair.

“But, in this new study, the research team added a second human brain on the other end of the system. Four healthy participants, aged 28 to 50, participated in the study. One of the four subjects was assigned to the brain-computer interface (BCI) branch and was the sender of the words; the other three were assigned to the computer-brain interface (CBI) branch of the experiments and received the messages and had to understand them.
“Using EEG, the research team first translated the greetings “hola” and “ciao” into binary code and then emailed the results from India to France. There a computer-brain interface transmitted the message to the receiver’s brain through noninvasive brain stimulation. The subjects experienced this as phosphenes, flashes of light in their peripheral vision. The light appeared in numerical sequences that enabled the receiver to decode the information in the message, and while the subjects did not report feeling anything, they did correctly receive the greetings.
“A second similar experiment was conducted between individuals in Spain and France, with the end result a total error rate of just 15 percent, 11 percent on the decoding end and five percent on the initial coding side.”
While an error rate of 15 percent is not all that great, one may imagine that this will come down – probably considerably – as the technology is “perfected,” and it’s that prospect that may have the boys at Google and the NSA and DARPA (The Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency, to give it the nickname a reader here, Mr. J.B., suggested we call it), rubbing their hands together and cackling with anticipation.

We’ve all seen the stories about the Ed Snowden affair and the NSA snooping on…well… everyone, and we’ve all seen the stories about the various “social media” platforms being clever plots by The Insanely Power-Hungry in such agencies and corporations being a convenient way for them to update their “control files.” It was, you must admit, a masterstroke: for those platforms allow those files to be constantly updated, by the individuals themselves. Now, imagine for a moment, bringing down that error-transmission rate, wiring up your brain-to-computer interface, calibrating your home Walmart EEG machine, and sending your message to your friends on the other side of the world. It can even be marketed as a safe alternative to texting and such while driving: “stay in touch with your friends safely while driving….just THINK your message and they’ll get it!”

But computers, like the internet, can be hacked, and spied on, by big multi-billion-dollar agencies and corporations… So before you buy into the latest gimmickry of alchemo-mineral-man that is barreling down the pike, just remember, those brain waves of yours could just as easily be read and the “data stored,” and can just as easily be manipulated as well right down – possibly – to your memories and the emotions associated with them:

Bad Memories Turned to Happy Ones in Mice Brains

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think that the transhumanist light at the end of the tunnel is a train…

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New Developments In Brain Implants For Super Soldiers

Neuro-Modulation 2.0: New Developments in Brain Implants, Super Soldiers and the Treatment of Chronic Disease             

Brain implants here we come. DARPA just announced the ElectRX program, a $78.9 million attempt to develop miniscule electronic devices that interface directly with the nervous system in the hopes of curing a bunch of chronic conditions, ranging from the psychological (depression, PTSD) to the physical (Crohn’s, arthritis). Of course, the big goal here is to usher in a revolution in neuromodulation—that is, the science of modulating the nervous system to fix an underlying problem.
We have known for a while that neuromodulation is effective. Cochlear implants, for example, use electricity to modulate the auditory nerve (really the whole auditory system), while deep brain stimulation has proven itself effective at regulating erroneous neuralelectrical activity and mitigating everything from the tremors of Parkinson’s to the terrors of chronic pain. The potential is there. But so are the issues.
As the folks at Extreme Tech recently pointed out:
So far, these implants have been fairly big things — about the size of a deck of cards — which makes their implantation fairly invasive (and thus quite risky). Most state-of-the-art implants also lack precision — the stimulating electrodes are usually placed in roughly the right area, but it’s currently very hard to target a specific nerve fiber (a bundle of nerves). With ElectRx, DARPA wants to miniaturize these neuromodulation implants so that they’re the same size as a nerve fiber. This way they can be implanted with a minimally invasive procedure (through a needle) and attached to specific nerve fibers, for very precise stimulation.
What makes all of this so much more interesting is the fact that, unlike all the other systems of the body, which tend to reject implants, the nervous system is incorporative—meaning it’s almost custom-designed to handle these technologies. In other words, the nervous system is like your desktop computer— as long as you have the right cables, you can hook up just about any peripheral device you want.
English: Complete neuron cell diagram. Neurons...
English: Complete neuron cell diagram. Neurons (also known as neurones and nerve cells) are electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that process and transmit information. In vertebrate animals, neurons are the core components of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And that’s  exactly what DARPA is doing here: they’re giving us the right cables.

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Petrus Romanus, The Family, And Other Builders Of The Final Church -- "Mystery Babylon"

(Excerpted from Zenith 2016, by Thomas Horn)                                                                                

Despite a series of ever-changing explanations as to why George W. Bush was stubbornly resolved to take the U.S. into Iraq/Babylon even though Iraq was not connected to the events of September 11, 2001, years later, if you asked twenty analysts to define the true nature behind the U.S. entering that war, they would probably give you twenty different answers.

Some say it was strategic placement of U.S. military resources against what the administration saw as a growing threat from Islamic radicals. Some say it was an effort to seize and maintain control of Iraqi oil reserves. Others contend that 9/11 was itself either a convenient or orchestrated event (false flag) allowing the Bush administration to extend a global domination project. Still others believe something unusual connected to biblical sites in Babylon had been uncovered during Saddam Hussein’s reconstruction of the ancient city, and that the administration went there to capture it. But according to the British press, Bush let his real reasons slip during a meeting with Palestinian leaders in June 2003, when he admitted he had committed the United States to enter Babylon because “God told me to invade Iraq.” [i]The same year, while lobbying nations to join his “Coalition of the Willing,” Bush startled France’s president, Jacques Chirac, by telling him that supernatural forces known as “Gog and Magog” were rising in the Middle East and that his administration had been “willed by God…to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age [novus ordo seclorum] begins.”[ii] In 2009, it emerged that not only was this Bush’s state of mind, but that Donald Rumsfeld, as defense secretary, had followed up by routinely adorning top-secret memos concerning the Iraq war for cabinet members and the president, using prophetic quotations from the Bible.
Did a voice from God instruct the leader of the world’s most powerful nation to begin what quickly resulted in, at least on the surface, a debacle? One disturbing possibility is that the president was delusional. On the other hand, if God did tell Bush to invade Iraq, given other “signs of the times,” we tune our ears to the prophets who foretold an end-of-days event when Babylon would be overthrown by a foreign invader, followed by the release of apocalyptic forces—powers known by the prophets as the descendants of fallen angels who went into hell “in full battle dress.”[iii] When the prophet Jeremiah prophesied the future of Babylon, he specifically foresaw the catalyst for its destruction as happening when the God of the angel-armies (LORD of hosts) sends a warning that “evil” (ra in Hebrew) is to be unleashed upon the nations of the world by “a great whirlwind” that is raised up from the coasts of the earth (Jeremiah 25:32). The people of earth are afterward viewed as hopeless and in need of a savior.
Forebodingly, the end of Bush’s second term witnessed such civil clamor for renewed “hope” amidst widespread messianic fervor surrounding the election of America’s current president, Barack Hussein Obama. Bush’s angel in the whirlwind administration was indeed prophetic in that it accomplished exactly what elite occultists wanted: a fire burning in the minds of men, fanned by multinational chaos and desperation, resulting in universal entreaty for an inspirational and political demigod—a savior—to arise on the global scene promising a New World Order. Obama has magnificently played his role in the scheme as well, and, as the reader will learn later [in the book Zenith 2016 FREE!], the lead-up to the election of 2016 will most assuredly manifest the terrifying culmination of their Ordo ab Chao.
Did Bush Know What He Was Doing?
It is entirely possible that Bush’s understanding of his calling as the catalyst of end-times events was a revelation that grew on him over time. In the beginning, many of his ties to evangelical Christianity appear to have been simply for the purpose of producing political advantages. While still in his second term as governor, Bush actually hired influence-peddler Karl Rove to help strategize how he might endear himself to the fundamentalist base in anticipation of a presidential run. Not long after, the highest-ranking members of the nation’s politically enthused church leaders were summoned to the governor’s mansion, where the hand-picked movers and shakers, selected for their proven power to sway religious voters, were encouraged to conduct a “laying on of hands” to anoint the future president. As the executive mantle was vicariously conferred on Bush, he surprised the group by suddenly evoking the prophetic commissions of the prophets, telling the attendees that he had been “called” (by God) to become the presidential candidate.
Most people, including even perhaps Bush himself, were blissfully unaware of the ancient signature these events represented, especially as it involved the language of Bush’s two inaugural speeches following the precedent-setting “anointing” by “holy men” in the state-owned mansion. For a few adepts of history and secret orders, the ritualistic parody was deliciously staged. The term “inaugurate” is from the Latin inauguratio and refers to the archaic ceremony by which the Roman augurs (soothsayers) approved a king or ruler (or other action) through omens as being “sanctioned by the gods.” As with Bush, the ancient “inauguration” of the leader occurred after the priestly blessing and magical words were uttered, which assured the congregations and heads of state that the course of action was endorsed by the gods. The omens that the augurs used in determining the will of the gods included, among other things, thunder and lightning, as reflected in Bush’s “angel in the whirlwind” statements. In modern times, the date on which the U.S. inauguration occurs is also important for occult astrological reasons. January 20 is when the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius, an important fact tied to the presidency of Barack Obama, who likewise rode the “whirlwind” into the White House with equally telling symbolism and commentary. 
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Obadiah Holmes Whipped for Baptist Beliefs

Obadiah Holmes Whipped for Baptist Beliefs
Thud. The whip's three cords slammed onto the bare back of Obadiah Holmes, who stood tied to the post. Thud... Thud... Thud. Thirty times the executioner struck with all his force. It was on this day, September 5, 1651 in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to witnesses, Obadiah did not groan or scream. Instead, he preached to the crowd. When the whipping was over, he said, "You have struck me as with roses." To observers, it was obvious that he was badly wounded. As a matter of fact, he was so hurt that he had to stay in Boston for several weeks while he recovered, and could only eat while kneeling on his elbows and knees.
How could he take this punishment so bravely? Obadiah was filled with joy because he considered that the Lord Jesus Christ had counted him worthy to suffer for the sake of truth. The beating came about because he crossed into Massachusetts from neighboring Rhode Island merely to help a sick old man and held a Baptist service in a private home in Puritan New England. Arrested with him were the Rev. John Clarke and another man. If Obadiah had been willing to pay a fine of 30 pounds he could have escaped the whipping. (30 pounds was a large sum of money for a poor man in those days; Obadiah's whole estate at his death was valued at only 130 pounds.) But he was so sure that he was right that he even refused to help his persecutors to unbutton his shirt, much less pay the unjust fine.
Like the majority of inhabitants in New England, Obadiah was an immigrant from England. He did not become a Baptist until he settled in Massachusetts. Unable to bear the civil restrictions in Salem, he moved to Rehobath. There his teaching split the local church and he became leader of a small Baptist group. The colony's leaders ordered him "to desist, and neither to ordain officers, nor to baptize, nor to break bread together, nor yet to meet upon the first day of the week..." And so Obadiah and his wife moved to Rhode Island, setting up house for the third time since coming to America.

In 1652, Obadiah succeeded Clarke as pastor of the Newport Baptist Church. He was only the second pastor of that congregation, which was the second Baptist Church in the New World. He led them for almost exactly thirty years--until his death in 1682.

To the very end, Obadiah kept his eyes on the things of God. He had nine children and 42 grandchildren when he died. Seven years before the end, he wrote urging them to remember the meanings of their Bible names, given to them to help them stick fast to Christ. He urged them to square their lives with scripture and to meet, support, strengthen, and reprove one another.

Obadiah's testimony lived on long after the punishment was past. Henry Dunster was one of the best-educated men in Massachusetts when he was given the job of founding Cambridge College (now Harvard University). When it appeared to him that the state could not answer the claims of John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes and Mr. Crandall, he studied his Bible and came to the conclusion that the persecuted men were correct. Shortly afterwards, he publicly refused to have his own newborn child baptized. Because of this he was dismissed from the leadership of Harvard.

In Boston itself, Obadiah's suffering impressed others who established a Baptist church there, regardless of the colony's disapproval. Holmes' Last Will and Testimony is a highly regarded piece of Baptist exhortation.

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JayAnalysis Vindicated: Staged ISIS Vids Exemplify Fake News

ISIS, ISIS, baby!
ISIS, ISIS, baby!

By: Jay

This week’s media circus witnessed the upstaging of the celebrity boob hack with a new ISIS “beheading” video of “journalist” Steven Sotloff.  If you follow me on FB or Twitter, you know I immediately called the Foley video as a fake, not because I have some secret inside source or because of any advanced technical analysis of digital imagery, but because the videos are cartoonishly fake.  Unlike the comical North Korean “space program” photos, which apparently no one but JaysAnalysis has questioned, this time around, people are catching on, as both ISIS videos have begun to be seriously questioned by major media and experts.  Readers will recall that I have been on the forefront of calling out fake, staged news for several years now, with little appreciation.  Sadly, rather than utilizing their own minds and critical thinking, the public will only consider questioning a major story’s validity when “experts” (whoever they are) tell them it is orthodox to do so.

Since the first Foley video has emerged, it has come to light that Foley the “journalist” was originally embedded as an intelligence officer as a USAID worker, a classic, obvious intelligence cover, as the Weekly Standard reported.  The Washington Post reported in 2010 on this as follows:

“The most common, official CIA cover, is provided by the State Department, which permits operatives to carry out diplomatic duties in an American embassy by day and their real jobs by night: trying to get local officials and other foreign nationals to turn coat and secretly work for the CIA.Other U.S. government agencies provide cover as well. In South Vietnam, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided cover for CIA operatives so widely that the two became almost synonymous.

In recent decades the agency has often said it was deploying more “NOCs,” or officers under non-official cover. U.S. multinational companies — banks, oil companies, airlines, construction firms — are generally happy to help the CIA, on patriotic grounds, with legitimate-looking jobs for its operatives.”

GlobalResearch explains of this front, which uses the classical phony promotion of “democracy”:
London battles Moscow.
London battles Moscow.

“They were even involved in Russia during the neoliberal Yeltsin disaster. USAID funded Chubais through public-private organizations and a Harvard program that was so patently corrupt, Harvard and its program directors including economist Andrei Shleifer were sued by the US Department of Justice for “conspiring to defraud” the US government (not to mention Russians). USAID also paid public relations giant Burson-Marsteller to sell the disastrous voucher program to the Russian public, in a mass media advertising blitz that promoted Chubais’ political party on the eve of parliamentary elections. It was this USAID funded privatization, and the USAID-backed Russia “democrats,” which soured Russians on market capitalism and democracy (renamed “dermokratsia” or “shitocracy” in Russian). Pando Daily

This USAID effort in Ukraine is nothing new. They’ve been at this trick for years and years going back to a time when President Peace Prize was a toddler at his mother’s side in Indonesia working for another IMF/World Bank creation; one of the most brutal dictators in human history, Suharto (an argument can be made also for our “darling dictator” of Rwanda, Paul Kagame).”

I guess the Washington Post is now a conspiracy rag, since this is something alt media sites like JaysAnalysis have been saying – and it’s no different from the staged Malaysian plane “attack” in Ukraine or Bowe Bergdahl or Kony or any other ridiculous mass news fable.  It’s not an arrangement that pleases legitimate State Department diplomats, who complain that they’re put at risk by the practice.  The video itself demonstrated all the hallmarks of intelligence scripting: cheesy lines, low production value, over the top antics and no actual killing!  The key indicator is that no one is actually killed in the video, all that is shown is a picture of some body or dummy.  Furthermore, all such videos do is justify Washington’s invasion force!  They accomplish nothing but the goals of the present administration – they do nothing to further some existential caliphate threat to Amerika (setting aside for a moment that the “caliphate” is Western-funded). The second video was also linked to the Western intelligence-connected agency SITE, which appreared to have the video before ISIS.

Recall also that the Washington Post discussed the staging of Bin Laden videos:
“The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory,” the article states. “The actors were drawn from ‘some of us darker-skinned employees.’”

In its never-ending propaganda spew, Washington and its intelligence agencies (read “journalists”) foist endless staged scenarios on the ignorant public with tireless energy.  Once your eyes are opened, it is genuinely an amazing sight to see – how does anyone continually fall for this?  The videos and the operations aren’t even well made, which, though hard to believe at first, is also done on purpose.  It is a fundamental doctrine of psychological warfare that the propaganda must necessarily be dumbed-down and goofy.
Rehash the same script.
Rehash the same script.
It is also important to remember the context for this whole Al Qaeda fiasco, which is the Great Game of the last hundred years of British intelligence espionage, where radical Jihadis were created under the tutelage of Lawrence of Arabia and the lords of London.  The Empire carved up the Middle East, creating many of its modern states, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.  The goal of all of London’s chess game was, and still is, the shadow control of all nations through its banks and operatives, and the crippling and containment of Russia.  The Soviet engineering was a London/Wall Street export, as was the dialectical opposite, Al Qaeda in 1979, to subvert Russia from within and destabilize from without.  This is the larger context for all the geo-political machinations we see at work today, all the way up to the ISIS crisis. And now, as the attempted attack on Syria was foiled, Washington and London seek to attack again, under the guise of the very group they funded.

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Ordination of Extraordinary E. R. Baierlein

Ordination of Extraordinary E. R. Baierlein
Edward von Valseck was born into a Catholic family in Poland. When he became a Lutheran, his outraged father disinherited him and forbade him to use the family name any longer. And so Edward took the name Baierlein, "Little Bavarian." If you've heard of him at all, it is almost certainly by that name.

Edward was a soul-winner. On this day, September 6, 1849, he was ordained and installed by his denomination as a missionary to America. Originally Edward had planned to go to India, but sickness kept him from sailing at that time. Instead, he was reassigned from the Mission House in Leipzig, Germany to work among a different Indian race on the other side of the world: the Chippewa (Ojibwa) Indians, not far from today's little city of St. Louis, Michigan. (You can find it on a map near Alma, about 45 miles west of Saginaw.)

At his first meeting with the Chippewa on their home ground, Edward (whom the Indians called Black Coat) promised two things: to teach the tribe about eternal life and teach its children reading, writing and arithmetic, so they could read the Bible for themselves and so that they could keep accounts and no longer be cheated by traders. He also asked two things: that they send their children to his school and that they appear in church each Sunday. The Indians thought about it and agreed, shaking his hand so long and hard that his arm ached for days afterward!

Unlike most missionaries, Edward and his wife (a cousin) didn't expect the Indians to adopt white ways. On the contrary--the pair went to live in a bark hut with the Indians. They ate the Indians' food and shared their own supplies with the red men. His idea was that if he lived with the Indians, he could demonstrate at first hand what it meant to be a Christian and draw them into a Christian atmosphere. This attitude was so different from the normal white snobbishness (as expressed, for instance, by the critical attitude of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman in Oregon) that they were deeply loved by the Indians, who inducted them as members of their tribe.

Edward quickly learned Chippewa and translated and printed parts of the Lutheran catechism in the language. He also taught the Indians practical skills, such as how to build log cabins. He cleared land at a place he named Bethany, and built a cabin, but it had only one room to live in; the other room was for church use. He set apart part of the cleared land as "God's acre."

Michigan's climate undermined Edward's health. After working with the Indians for five and a half years, he had to leave. Now he fulfilled his original plan and went to sunny India, where he labored for many years. The man who replaced Edward had little sympathy for Indian ways. He made his home ten miles from the tribe which was suffering a great deal because of hard times. Edward would have shared his resources with them, but the new missionary did not, saying they were just "bread Christians" (that is, people who pretended to be Christians just so that they could get food). The tribe had to scatter to hunt for food and many died. The mission work closed.

Edward wrote an informative little book titled In the Wilderness with the Red Indians. He died in a retirement home in France on October 12, 1901.

  1. Baierlein, E. R. In the Wilderness with the Red Indians. Translated by Anita Z. Boldt. Detroit: Wayne State University, 1996.
  2. Various short internet articles and book reviews.
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Delighted in God

       Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.     NIV

     Notice that first word: “Delight yourself.” I heard someone once ask this question of a group of people: “Do you enjoy your religion, or do you endure it?” I think that to the majority of people religion is something to endure. It’s a kind of painful duty that they have to go through with, but that’s not the way God wants us to experience Him. He doesn’t want us to endure Him; He wants us to enjoy Him.

     The Westminster Confession, which is the basic doctrinal statement of the Presbyterian Church, says this: “The supreme duty of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” Have you ever thought of enjoying God? God says, “Delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.” That doesn’t mean simply that God will do for us everything we might wish or think. It means that He’ll put in us new desires – godly desires, beneficial desires, the kind of desires that God has Himself. And then He’ll satisfy those desires because He’s put them there in our heart in the first place. And all that comes when we delight ourselves in the Lord. When we find real joy and pleasure and satisfaction in our personal relationship with the Lord. Then out of that comes that blessed peace that He will put into our hearts – those desires which He Himself has and which He wants to share with us, desires that are beneficial in their fulfillment.

—Derek Prince